Sunday, March 08, 2009

Need to get my FLW Fantasy Fishing act together.

The FLW Tour tournament on Table Rock is this week and I haven't done a single thing about putting my line up together for Fantasy Bass Fishing. I think I am gonna put Luke Clausen on my team and that is about all I have right now. Thanks to Players Advantage I shouldn't have trouble getting my line up done by the Wed. night deadline.

This week is also the Elite Series opener at Lake Amistad. I wish that FLW and BASS didn't put tournaments on top of each other at least not this early in the year when I am not fishing and devote more time to tournament watching. I would say there is a pretty good likely hood that I will be watching the FLW weigh-ins rather than listening to the Elite Series weigh-ins hopefully on the final day the weigh in won't be on top of each other to much.

I put that fantasy line up together for Amistad over a week ago. A dark horse for this tournament might be Jami Fralick as he has fished Amistad a lot and usually fishes it well, I am not sure if he has cracked a top 10 but his consistency on the lake could make him dangerous.

Full Disclosure: Jami is not on my fantasy team.

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jasonp said...

Live chat going on there now
Some interesting info about favorites, conditions etc.