Sunday, March 29, 2009

Elite Dardanelle BassZone Wide Open- Live blogged

I don't know how much blogging will get done, because I am eating dinner right now too.

They have tournament winner Mark Menendez. Didn't fish clean today was a little concerned his weight today wouldn't be good enough. The aluminum boat was the big difference maker for him. Is confident about Wheeler, thinks he has something that is going to work. The volume on Menedez's mike isn't loud so I can hardly hear what he is saying. Said he used Internet satillite photo's to find his key area. Said a local came into his area, but when he realised Menedez was there the guy didn't fish and just watched. Menendez

Talking KVD, he struggled in the morning moved and ended up with the best bag of the day. Had some boat problems, needed back up boat. The sunlight today helped him out and he got dialed in. Caught 2 big fish while he was waiting for back up boat.

The BassZone guys are happy that they didn't have to talk about "Sexy Shad" this

Go to commercial break before final segment.

Talking Chris Lane also made a move today to stay on the fish.
Cliff Pace who dropped big time just didn't have any other area's.
They say Roumbanis "Boom Boom" fishes fast like KVD
Not sure if KVD or Alton will be in the lead of AOY points.
Someone commented that KVD is on top, had the points calculated.

Into end of the show silly season.

Will be there Wide Open next week at Wheeler.

Legend predicts a mix of cranks and plastics for Wheeler.

Saying Thank You's and goodbye.

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