Friday, March 27, 2009

The Quest for 2000!

March 2009 is going to set a new record for "visits" to my blog as tabulated by Sitemeter. Right now I am at 1963 visits for the month. I will most likely break the 2000 visits in a month barrier tomorrow. Visits are recorded everytime someone loads Bass Pundit; A single person can be counted for more than 1 visit in a given day. I don't know the reason, but Bass Pundit has seen a huge surge in visits from the normal range of 2009 (1100-500) in the past 2 months. Last month I set a new record of 1753 visits which was a 500 plus visit jump from the previous record month.

A couple of days ago I purchased a couple of books about Blogger on
Google Blogger For Dummies
The Rational Guide to Google Blogger.

I have been at this blogging thing since November 2004 but there is a lot about blogging that I don't think I know or understand, so hopefully these books will give me a clue. I like the fact that The Rational Guide to Google Blogger is an older book because this blog is in the older Blogger Template mode. With fishing season rapidly approaching I don't know where I am going to find the time to read and blog at the same time.

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Clif said...

Better start catfishing if you want to get those books read.