Saturday, June 24, 2023

My Snatcher North Long Tournament Recap


Caught Me A Good Speck on a Dark Sleeper

Tourny Champ Keith Tuma

Conditions: 60-78℉, Cloudy with occasional light rain, 3-15mph SE 

The Day:
We started on the South end of the Lake to the West of where Nate started fishing cabbage beds. We stayed in the same 150-yard or so stretch until about 11 AM. I had my limit in the first hour and forty minutes. Al put the first 3 bass in the boat. I'm pretty sure my first fish was a pike on the Big Blade Chatterbait. That Big Blade Chatter was my hot bite in the morning. I think I lost one quality bass after it buried me in the weeds. After I got my limit. I struggled to get bites from keeper bass, getting pike, and a couple of dinks. I should have thrown the Dark Sleeper as the fish Al was getting on the Craw Tube were better quality on average than my Chatterbait fish, with one or two exceptions.

We then went to 371 Bay when the wind was howling around 11AM. I got my big bass (2/15)  in 371 on the Dark Sleeper on our first pass in 371, I was a bite machine with that Dark Sleeper pulling in small pike, rock bass, dink bass, and I culled up a couple of times and one nice crappie on our second pass. We went back to the starting area. The wind calmed down considerably shortly after we arrived. Nate showed up shortly after and thought we had been there the whole time. Not much was going on until I put on a Neko Rigged Dinger, which caught me 5 bass in about 15 minutes. I culled with  3 of the fish putting all, but one fish over 2lbs on my scale. I could have sworn the second to last fish I got on the Dinger was three plus when it wallowed on the surface, but it buried me in the weeds, and when I got it in, it didn't even help me. Al got us out of there to head to Merrifield Bay. I got a dink on a buzzbait and on a Dark Sleeper, along with a couple of pike in Merrifield. We fished for about 15 minutes in 371 Bay to end things, and I got a pike or two, maybe a rock bass as well. I was hoping my fish would go 14 lbs, and indeed they did, right on the nose.

18Bass 16Pike 3Rock 1Crip 

Results: My fish weighed a respectable 14lbs, but on this day that was only good enough for 13th Place.  The winner was Snatcher Tuma with 18/05; Second Place went to Snatcher Dennis with 17/01 and Lunker (4/08), which edged out Snatcher Fields who also had 17/01. Everybody caught a limit today and the average bag was 14.94lbs.

My Thoughts: Should have gone to the Dark Sleeper at the first stop. A couple of lost fish cost me in this one I think.

Grade: B
Sure 13th Place out of 17 Anglers is C-/D+ territory, but I was just ounces behind my boater on a day when Co-anglers got stomped on and I was only one quality cull away from a Top 10.


The Plan & Rods, Snatcher North Long


North Long Plan: We both got out and did a little pre-fishing. My trip with Chuck and Lois revealed bass in main lake cabbage in about half of our stops. Conditions are going to be quite different from the day I fished with clouds, wind, and thunderstorms. The fish may be on fire or shut down due to the thunder. I guess I'll find out. North Long hasn't treated me well the last couple of Snatcher Tournaments. I am looking for a little redemption and to beat Tuma. Hopefully, Snatcher Alan of Clan Steinbauer will lead me to a good day of snatchin' 'em. He got Snatcher Checkbook, a limit last tournament here, something I was unable to accomplish due to sucking on how to hook my bites.

Rods I'm Bringing: (Yes, 10 rods, I'm in a Phoenix. I kicked myself for not bringing more the last time I was in Al's boat)
7'4" H Tatula (Frog/Slop)
7'4" H Tatula (Turbo FattyZ, could go to jigs on this setup)
7'4" H Tatula (Chatters, Wake, Traps)
7'3" MH LTB (Carolina Rig) 
7' H Avid (Texas Rig)
7' H Mojo (Texas Rig)
6'6" MH Avid (Texas Rig Pike Insurance)
6'10" MH Tatula (Jig, Sleepers, Jerkbait, Ned) Dock Rod
6'8" M Avid (jig worm, jerkbait,Ned)

6'6" MH Veritas (Neko)

Think: Jerkbait, dead sticking, prop bait, texas rig worm.
These were my thoughts this winter on what to try

Thursday, June 08, 2023

Sabine River My Fantasy Team And Results

 I didn't fall asleep. It was just a super busy couple of weeks. Picking Frazier was my downfall. I had been sitting on picking him for the Sabine, and it just didn't pan out.

My Drain the Lake results are finally picking up steam. I am looking to finish hot, as the final 3 venues will be loaded with studs on those bodies of water.

Monday, June 05, 2023

Some Frogging Success And Then I Sucked


7:45-9:30PM Sullivan
74-80℉, PC, 0-4mph ENE

I started late due to not taking my meds when I originally went to bed instead of 4 AM. I got out of bed in the afternoon but was at turtle speed through the time I headed to the lake. I decided to fish the NE INT in Sullivan. I didn't get a bite for the first 15 minutes. Then I had two fish boil and not get the frog. Put the next three bites in the boat. I then had my next 4 bury me in the reeds. They shut down at the NE INT. I tried the SW INT, but too much wind. I quickly ran to the N SPRO, which was almost entirely dead. I finished at the River Mouth, where I missed a boil. The motor got bogged down as I headed out. Then it didn't run right until I got to Platte, where I got her up to speed. Dad suggested new spark plugs.


Sunday, June 04, 2023

Snatcher Tournament Bay Lake June 4th

2/8 on Jackhammer/GOAT (Purple/Black/Blue)

The small of Nate's two smalls
(Pretty sure he weighed this one as his lunker as well)

70-84℉, Mostly Sunny to Partly Cloudy, 0-5mph ESE 
Water Temp: Low 70's

The Day:
With only 6 boats and it being a Sunday, everybody was in the water in no time, and we blasted off early. We went to the spot that won the last couple of tournaments, and it was slow. I picked up a few dinks, rock bass, and hammer handles. Nate got a few small keepers on a craw tube and maybe a jig as well. He had me down 5-0 when I got my first small keeper on the KVD 1.5. I got bit off and caught a couple of dinks, pike, and rockies on a craw tube. We fished some docks. Nate got one quality 2lber and a few dinks. I got dinks and rockies on the Dinger. We went west of where we started, probably known as an altogether different bay. I picked up a couple of keepers, including my big (2/8), and some dinks, rockies, and pike. I got two pike in a row, and the skirt on my Jackhammer came off, killing the bite for me. We returned to the starting area, where I got another keeper on the Craw Tube.

We then ran some beautiful docks and a slop bay and only ran into something once we came out to the docks on the other side of the bay. Nate was getting bit on almost every dock, and I picked up a keeper out on the inside weedling on the Bagley Crank. All I got on the docks were rockies and dinks. We ran into Nate's dad, Snatcher Chuck, and he spilled the beans that he had a good bag anchored by smallies. We returned to where we started seeing fish on the docks, and I quickly picked up my limit fish. After about 15 minutes of nothing notable as Nate looked for smallies. He asked me if I knew of any areas smallies might be in. I told him about a large sand flat with reeds, so we headed there. We saw beds but no fish. Next, we went to the rock area, and Nate hit pay dirt, getting two quality smallies on a dead sticked Senko. We ran another rock area and got some rockies and dinks. We tried a couple of other areas, getting the same. We went back to where we got the smallies. I got a rock bass and about a half-pound cull with a largemouth that fell to the Dark Sleeper. We finished on a point off an Island by Rutgers, where Nate made a small cull. I had a pike-like feeling hit that didn't hook up and got a rocky. Day Over!

Results: My fish weighed 9lbs 11ozs which put me in 8th Place out of 12 anglers.
It was a massacre for Snatcher Chuck
First Place and Lunker went to Snatcher Chuck with 19/01 and 4/03
Second Place went to my boater Snatcher Nate with 12/13
Third Place went to Snatcher Tuma with 12/06

My Thoughts: If Nate's Plan A had worked, I think I would have been right up there, but the quality and quantity were not there on this day, so we had to scramble. Me losing that Jackhammer skirt to the pike didn't help matters.  Not having my dock-skipping game on point was an error on my part as well. One would have thought on such a nice day, the fish would have been on fire, but it was just a mediocre bite for Bay.

Grade: C, Another pound would have moved me up to 5th Place. It wouldn't surprise me if I lost the fish that would have gotten me another pound on the Jackhammer, Dark Sleeper, and Craw Tube. Any way I slice it, not getting at least 10 lbs on Bay Lake is a disappointment.


Saturday, June 03, 2023

The Plan And Rods I'm Bringing, Bay Lake Snatchers Tournament

The Plan: I drew Snatcher Nate who finished 2nd and 1st the last two times the club has been to Bay Lake. Bay is a clear water, bass factory with mostly smaller fish. With the extended stretch of warm stable weather and full moon, I am expecting a spawn/post-spawn deal. I expect to throw the Dark Sleeper, Craw Tube, and Jackhammer a lot. 

The Goal: Beat Snatcher Tuma, the only Snatcher I have yet to best.

Rods I'm Bringing: 
7'4" H Tatula (Billy GOAT)
7'4" H Tatula (Chatter)
7' H Avid (Craw Tube)
7'H Mojo (Swim Worm)
6'10" MH Tatula (Sleeper,Jig)
6'9" H Tatula Elite (Sleeper, Jig, Chatter)
6'8" M Avid (Prop Bait,topwater)

6'6"MH Veritas (Dinger)