Thursday, March 12, 2009

Elite Series Battle on the Border Amistad Day 1 Part 2

Not a great day for my Fantasy Team, but it is only Day 1 which don't mean Jack Squat! My order of Angler value was the same order of today's placement.

KVD 11th with 19-9
Evers 15th with 18-05
Faircloth 21st with 17-00
Hackney 36th with 14-06
Herren 58th with 12-06

Note- It is somewhat incomprehensible to think that the top weight at the FLW Table Rock Day 1 was in the same league as the Elite Series top Day 1 weight at Amistad. No wonder David Walker was grinnin' ear to ear today.

I watched the BassZone Wide Open recap show from Del Rio and they had Matt Reed 4th and Boyd Duckett as guests. I was kind of nodding in and out so I didn't pick up a whole lot. Reed and Duckett were very vague about what they were doing. They had an interview with IKE after he had just weighed in but the video didn't hardly run on my computer. I don't know why that is but certain video's just don't work right, but the live streaming was just fine.

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