Monday, January 31, 2011

One More Day!!!

Get Ready To Rumble!!!

That's right BassFan's it's almost February and the FLW are hitting the Big O this week. Do you have your Fantasy Team set? I don't, but soon will. I had a dream that Scott Martin won a tournament on Okeechobee and I was in his boat talking to him about it. I forget the details now, but there was something that had to do with his Dad as well. I'm not sure if I will pick him for the win or not, but you can bet he will be on the roster.

I have decided I am not going to do anything about putting together an all blogger fantasy league.

Update: My fantasy roster is now picked. Going with Martin for the win. It looks like a tough field. Lots of Elite Series Pro's, but then again, I'm not sure if FLW has it's ducks in a row in terms of anglers fishing the tournaments; David Fritts name was there and I thought he was taking the year off.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Life Of Sundays- The Waterboys

The sound isn't the greatest

Hold me before I go under
hear me before I drown
Sharpen your sense of wonder
listen to what I've found
Here we are again
two old lovers,two old friends...
Just when you need 'em
A devil was standing on my shoes
Somehow I know how to defeat him
since I tumbled into you
You taught me Love and Pain
and the unsung King of Ireland says the same thing...
Wherever you find it
The same thing
from the same old cause
I'm talking about the same thing
I cannot define it
The same thing
and it always was
It struck me sad and strange
- the only thing that ever stays the same is change...
And I dreamed I wandered
wayward as restless wave
spanning from here to yonder
most spectacularly saved
Dream and life entwined
The old day cracks and crumbles and it's fine...
To be in your company
Funny to be in your day
A miracle just to be with you
Glad to be going your way
Were these unfolding plans
designed or drawn by mortal hands ?
- Never ! a life of Sundays
would I have seen me here

Written: Galway December 1989/Spiddal January 1990
Appears: On "Room To Roam"

There Is An App For That!

There are a lot of fishing log smart phone apps. I was thinking tonight that if done well a fishing log app could be a convenient way to compile fishing catching data I would be interested in tracking. One problem I don't own a smart phone and don't foresee me buying one. It is just not something I see the utility, justifying the expense for me personally. So for the foreseeable future if and when I log catch information, which I plan on doing more of next year, I will be doing it with a scrap of paper and a pen. The biggest problems with that system is that I forget the paper or pen or the paper gets wet.

What info do I want to keep? Fish numbers caught, size, and lure data, basically the details that are easy to forget/misremember.

I plan to track this stuff this year at Bass Pundit's Fishing Log Blog, of coarse.
And also with Fish Swami, which is an online fishing log that will compile statistics.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Little Waconia Crush with is the blog of MN Fishing Guide and Outdoor Entrepreneur Matt Peters who was a very successful Co-Angler on the FLW Tour last year. Matt is one guy who would give Jason Holmer a run his money in the Bass Pundit Derby, but Matt doesn't blog any detail about the hogs he is constantly catching.

It looks like they got a little Craw Tube action going. Can't say I've ever seen a Snatcher use that color.

Friday, January 28, 2011

It's Z Night

I'll blog an episode recap when it's over.

Recap: After a bunch of distractions among which was watching KVD on Pro Team Journal, watching Rick Clunn beat KVD in Ultimate Match Fishing, chickens on The Fish Fishburne Show I am now back on the computer.

Zona was fishing Coosa Spots on Lake Jordan in sweet home Alabama. He didn't have a guest. Best part of the show was when he was called over to a couple of old ladies who were fishing for catfish. Although Zona, lose the faux southern accent!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

100 Bass In A Day?

In the message board a thread was started with this question
100 Bass In A Day?:
Hey everyone I'm new to the forum. So a friend and I have been having an on going argument about whether it is possible to catch 100 bass in a day.(This was brought up over a few drinks each time we have the argument.) He says there is no way that its possible. And i disagree I think it is very possible to do. I know it all depends on the lake and many other things come into play out fishing. So my question to all of you is...have you or do you think its possible? Him and i haven't been fishing for bass as long as some of the people on here so i wanted to get a few opinions on this topic.

The poster doesn't make clear if he is talking about an individual or multiple fishermen and whether or not places outside of MN are included. I assume he meant individually because I don't think 100 bass in day for pair of anglers is that big of deal on lake or river with good numbers of fish. Individually reaching the century mark is much more difficult, but I not only think it's possible, I know it's possible because I have done it at least once with largemouth bass. I passed 100 bass in a day fishing from a float tube@ Sylvia/Twin. It wasn't a total dink fest either, most of the fish were over a pound and a fair share of them were 2lbs or more. The fishing that day was ridiculous, it only took me 3 or 4 hours and being in a float tube I obviously wasn't covering a whole lot of water. I was just on a massive school of fish; I would reel one in and sometimes 10 or more fish would come along following behind. It was a total blast. I don't remember for sure, but I was using either a Bionic Minnow or a beetle spin with with a twister tail grub.

You definitely have to have the right lake at the right time for it to be possible.


If you wanted to grow fat would you want to share your pizza with a bunch of kids?
From How to Create a Big Bluegill Lake at Nate's Fishing Blog.

Believe me, Nate knows something about creating the conditions that produce big fish.

More Wisconsin Bass Tournament Insanity

This is an excerpt from a WI Fishing Tournament Permit posted at ForumsIf I am understanding things correctly it is OK for a licensed angler in WI to keep and kill 5 bass a day during open season for bass, but a bass tournament angler in a permitted tournament from early July to early August can only box and release 3 bass per day. HUH???

I think Cheesehead bass anglers need to put down the Old Milwaukee and Cheese Kurds and get politically active.

Good Luck!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Brauer Bass Battles Minnetonka & Mille Lacs

Here are the two show Promo's for the Brauer Bass Battles on Tonka and Mille Lacs. The first one is listed as Mille Lacs and the second one is listed as Minnetonka. I think whoever listed the video's on Youtube mixed the two up. First one looks like Tonka to me and the second one looks like Mille Lacs. I would be tempted to buy the season on DVD, since I don't get the Sportsman's Channel.

Check out the Blog here...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Puppy Bowl VII (Starting Line Up's Announced!!!)

YES!!! It's almost Puppy Bowl time. Animal Planet has put up pictures of the starting line up.

See the photo's and stats here...

Here are my favorites:
Jack- Lab Mix

Little Red- Beagle Mix

Molly- Boxer Mix

True Fish Story: The Horny Toad Pike

One night a few years ago after a fishing trip my fishing buddy Mike Davis was cleaning a few of the pike we caught. He noticed something in the stomach of one of the fish and cut it open. Inside was a Zoom Horny Toad with hook, almost certainly one of mine that the pike had bit off either that night or on a previous outing. Mike gave it back to me and I caught more fish on it.

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Bass Slam, BP Don't Give A Da Ham!!!

BASS Slam: The Angler's Ultimate Challenge

Yeah, Yeah, I'm a bit behind the times as Bassmaster Magazine issued their Bass Slam challenge in the July/August Issue of 2009. Were any of my blog readers inspired to take up the Challenge or put getting the Bass Slam on the "bucket list"?

Me I could care less. I am just not an adventurous person and life lists are not my thing. I'm perfectly content to spend my life pursuing the green and brown fish in the near abroad of Minnesocold and maybe Cheesehead Land. Honestly, it probably wouldn't bother me or bore me very much if all I could fish was a single small lake, if it had a good population of bass that allowed me to utilize various presentations.

Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda

Rattletrap Ramblings breaks down his Toho B.A.S.S. Open Tournament...

June 4th Minnesota Teen Challenge 2011 Fishing Challenge on Gull Lake

The 2011 3rd Annual Minnesota Teen Challenge Fishing Challenge will take place on Gull Lake, Brainerd MN on Saturday June 4th. (Click link for details)

Minnesota Teen Challenge Fishing Challenge is basically a multispecies fishing tournament fundraiser for Minnesota Teen Challenge. Minnesota Teen Challenge is a Christian gospel based drug and alcohol rehabilitation program that really changes lives. I've helped with Minnesota Teen Challenge in the past and I encourage fisherman from all over the Midwest to consider getting involved in this fundraiser. I personally give financial support to Minnesota Teen Challenge and plan on helping sponsor a team this year. I would consider fishing it myself, but once again the date is in conflict with one of my bass club tournaments.

I think last year Al Lindner won the Bass and Walleye divisions. Sheesh!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tentative Baxter Bass Snatchers 2011 Tournament Schedule

June 4th- Platte/Sullivan: Bring It!

June 18th- Cullen: Never fished it, don't know anything about it.

July 16th- Le Homme Dieu: Never fished it, but I know it is a good bass lake, but size is on the small side.

July 30th- Gull River: Never fished it. Not sure about numbers, but I know it gives out some real pigs.

August 20th- Fishhook by Park Rapids: Never fished it, don't know anything about it.

October 1st- Birch by Hackensack: Never fished it, but have researched it as that we almost fished it a couple of years ago. Seems like a good bass like I was disappointed when we scratched it.

Dates and Lakes will be finalized after our February Meeting.

Ethanol Is Crap!!!

EPA Waives More Ethanol Restrictions - Boaters Beware

Money Quote:
With fuel prices possibly projected to top $4 a gallon this summer in some parts of the country, it has many anglers and boaters scratching their heads as to why we're using ethanol at all. It didn't lower prices significantly, it didn't provide fuel mileage gains, it's caused the price of other goods to go up as well, it damages small engines, fuel lines and more and voids warranties.

I think the Ethanol industry is an immoral scam that steals food from the world's poor and bilks the American taxpayer.

Swindle Wins, But...

Swindle's First Win in the Books

Question: Does an Open win really count?

My answer: NO! An Open is a Class AAA, not a Tour level event. Sure the Open field is made up of pretty good fishermen and some of them are full time anglers, but most are not.

When he beats the field with KVD, Skeet, Ike, Martens, McClelland and on and on, then I will give him some credit.

That's my take! Anyone disagree?

More- Well it seems some disagree and there is more I can say to make my case, so I will.

I follow tournament bass fishing pretty close and in the 194 Angler field I recognized just 34 names. Of the 34 names I know I would only consider 12 of them to be on or near the top shelf of tournament bass fishermen; Only 2 of these 12, Bobby Lane & Terry Scroggins, can be considered best of the best and they only are considered for that status because the Tournament was on Toho. It's simply NOT a Tour (top) level win and shouldn't be considered as such. Any other conclusion is "dumbing down the world."

More- B.A.S.S. Opens don't count in the World Rankings. According to the World Rankings Swindle was the best angler in this tournaments field, he didn't have to beat a single angler in front of him in the World Rankings.

True Confession: Burner Pt. 2

My True Confession was that I didn't have a 7:1 Burner Reel and don't have plans to buy any.

In the Comments Josh Douglas asks:
I have to ask why? I love fast gear ratio reels and though I understand there is times and place for other ratios, I'm still intrigued on why you have no plans?

I'm by no way saying that your wrong, it always comes down to personal preference. Just more curious for the reasoning?

It's fair question, so I'll answer it.
When it comes to baitcasting reels I am a Daiwa Man. I really like the old Team Daiwa X-103 and Team Daiwa S-103 reels. In their day, those reels had just about the best line pick up per handle turn you could get, so I consider them to be a little faster than the average 6:1 reel. All but 5 of my baitcast reels are TDX's or TDS's. Of the remaining 5, 4 are Team Daiwa Fuego's which have even more line pick up per turn than the TDX by a couple of inches. To get a 7:1 I would either have to get a Zillion or a Steez. Steez is out of my price range and that is probably the case even with a used 7:1 Zillion, although I've never seriously looked into getting a Zillion.

Basically it comes down to the fact that I am happy with the reels I have now, and my thinking that if they were fast back in the day, that is good enough.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bass Club 1st Meeting of the Year Today

Today is the Baxter Bass Snatchers first meeting of 2011. We are electing officers. I expect to be made Secretary. I think dates and lakes will also be on the agenda. I'm hoping Platte/Sullivan will be on our schedule this year. Although that is a be careful what you wish for as that Platte/Sullivan, bass tournaments, and I haven't necessarily gone together to well in the past. From the back of the boat a limit might prove tough.

Excellent Read

Quitting Time over at Pete Weighs In.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

100,000 Pageviews!

Tonight I reached 100,000 Pageviews on my Sitemeter hit counter. That is my count since I put the widget in, which I did right away when I started the blog, and not my total for one day.

B.A.S.S. Changes Angler of Year & Post-Season

B.A.S.S. has announced the Angler of the Year is going back to being just that, an award for the MVP of the regular tour season. They did not scrap the "Post-Season" however and are now calling it All-Star Week. A lucky bass fan will get to win a boat and there will be a play-off bracket style angler vs. angler format tournament for a winner takes all $100,000.

Full details here...

My initial impression, McKinnis and the boys took a negative got creative and hit a home run. Good Job B.A.S.S.!!!

Update: So far the responce I have seen has been positive except one person who thought the 9-12 Anglers are getting a raw deal. Honestly, I don't think so. It's called "All-Star Week" and I think it is good they are making room for fan favorites. I think they should let Zona and Mercer be on the ballot.

Holes For Hero's Ice Fishing (Fishing For Life)

1st annual Holes For Heroes Ice Fishing Tournament to be held Saturday, February 5th from 12:00 pm-3:00 pm on Medicine Lake in Plymouth.

The event will feature prizes for most fish, first fish, largest fish and smallest fish of multiple species, most fish caught in timed trials, door prizes and random drawings for gifts from sponsors. We will also have an education zone available for anyone who has never ice fished teaching people jigging techniques, underwater visualization, and tip-up riggings.

The event is open to the public for the nominal fee of $5, or a family of four for $18. Come on out and have fun while thanking our military and their families for the service and sacrifice they provide.

More Info here...

Register here...

Kevin Van Dam On Ice

Story at The Activist Angler.

I think he might have stole the story from B.A.S.S. but the link only goes to the website, not the Van Dam story.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mercer Says Use Loop Knot For Slop Frogs

Can't say I've ever heard this tip before, but it does make some sense. I may give it a try, but I wonder about the knot slipping with braid.

The vid is good.

Update: Asked about this on several different message boards. One guy said loop knots are weak, another said this is a common tip for topwater lures. I Googled it and there were lots of results for "Loop Knot topwater." Yes, there were people promoting it, but a couple of results talked about line breaking issues. I think I will experiment with it, next year.

Some Josh Douglas

If you haven't been to recently to read his blog, like I hadn't, it's worth the trip. If you don't know Josh, he lives here in MN and aspires to be Professional Bass Fisherman. He is laying the groundwork to make that happen. Tournament-wise, he had a tough year, which he discusses on the blog, among other things. Get to know Josh as he may very well be someone we bass fans all hear about in the future.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Amazing Wildlife Photography Blog

One of this weeks Outdoor Blogger Network Featured Bloggers of the Week is JJ Wildlife Photography. This guys work is worth checking out, some amazing pictures.

Kansas/MO Bass Fishing Blogs

Yesterday I highlighted Felix Fishing, which is a new blog out of Kansas. On the Felix Fishing blogroll I found out about these other new Kansas based bass fishing blogs. Pete is out of Shawnee, KS and aspires to be a full time Bass Pro. It looks like his blog has been around since June 2009. I think he probably also has an online journal/blog at 7/24 Outdoors.

Larry Stoafer Tournament Bass Fisherman Larry is retired military out of Leavenworth Kansas, now a civilian military contractor who obviously loves to Tournament Fish. He also has an affiliation with 7/24 Outdoors. His website and blog are done by a Bass Pro , which is a new web developer for bass fisherman. Larry tells the story of how he found out about Bass Pro in his first blog post.

Bob Greene is also retired military out of Leavenworth Kansas that is now a civilian contractor, who has his website with Bass Pro Bob is an excellent writer and very possibly could be aspiring to be a full time pro.

Keith Leftridge is from the Kansas City area, which could put him in Kansas or Missouri and his is a Bass Pro website. His blog really doesn't offer much at this point.

Tom Alsop Outdoors- I believe Tom is out of Missouri, but I suppose he could be from Kansas too. Is also connected with 7/24 Outdoors and has a Bass Pro website/blog.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Leslie Frazier has his work cut out for him. The NFC North looks to be the best Division in the NFC for the next few years with at least two of the premier quarterbacks and defences in league to be faced 2 times a year. And who knows how good the rapidly improving Lions can get.

Hate to say it, but the Vikes might be into a rough patch for the forseeable future. Huge quarterback questions, questionable offensive line talent, and a defence in decline.


Felix Fishing: More New Bass Websites.

Thanks to T Brinks Fishing blog I found another great new bass website called:
Felix Fishing: Bass Fishing News, product info, and fitness therapy.
This websites focus on fitness therapy and angler pain and injuries is unique. Check it Out.

I am not sure if this site is a blog or not. If I can follow it, I will blogroll it.

Well it seems to be a Wordpress site and I can follow it and you can leave comments, but you have to go through the Wordpress registration BS, so I'm calling it a blog. I wonder where the Felix comes from?

Florida Bass Fishing For Cash & No Tournament

This a sweet deal
No fish tale: Anglers can reap cash by reporting tagged bass

Hat Tip: Big Indiana Bass on Facebook

Somehow I don't think this will catch on here in Minnesocold, not even with the gravel lizards.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bass Factory: Another Good Looking Bass Site

Bass Factory- Building Better Bass Anglers

It looks like this is a relatively new bass fishing website (In fact, it's official launch was today). Here is what they say about themselves: has been designed from the ground up with the concept of providing in-depth knowledge to angler's of all skill levels. From the novice to the touring pro BassFactory promises to be a great resource:

Articles by the sports top angler's

Technique and instructional videos coming soon.

Discussion forum to get advice and share with others. will help you become a better angler no matter what your skill level.

They do have blogs and right now they have 3 Bloggers on their team. Here is what is said about where they hope to go with the blogs.

Check back often as we will be adding many industry experts to the blog list. Professional Angler's, Tackle Manufacturers, Guides plus much more.

You will get previews of Pro Angler practice periods, what they expect for upcoming events and post tournament thoughts.

Manufacturers will provide you with news on what is coming soon, new colors and other news within their company.

Guides will provide insight on various bodies over water across the country. Including fishing reports, tips and techniques and other relative information.

It certainly looks like Bass Factory wants to focus on bass fishing education and information.

Good Luck to them with the website!

A Little Mad Maxxtion

I gave the Mad Maxx a try this year, thanks to an incredible deal at Bass Tackle Depot and I was pleased with them. I wonder how much cha-ching it took to convert Boom Boom to Maxx?
All my Mad Maxx Posts...


From Ripped From the Headlines from Pete Weighs In

IMO rest weren't that good, but this one made me chuckle.

Friday, January 14, 2011

BAM!!! 2011 FLW. Fantasy Bass Fishing Open For Bid-Ness

The FLW Fantasy Bass Fishing Game is now open!!!

They gave the game a whole new look, which I think is aesthetically ugly. If you played last year and can remember your log in email and password then your info and leagues will carry over. Once again they have the pay service Players Advantage, which costs 5 bucks (worth it in my opinion). I don't know why, but it seems my Players Advantage membership carried over from last year.

They will have 10 Tournaments to play (All the FLW Majors and Opens)

Here is the FLW Prize structure per tournament
The following prizes are to be awarded per each tournament:
◦1st Prize: US$15,000
◦2nd Prize: US$5,000
◦3rd Prize: US$1,000
◦4th Prize: US$500
◦5th Prize: US$450
◦6th Prize: US$400
◦7th Prize: US$350
◦8th Prize: US$300
◦9th Prize: US$250
◦10th Prize: US$200
◦11th - 20th Prize: US$100 Walmart gift card. Gift card is subject to terms and conditions stated on card.
◦21st-30th Prize: US$50 Walmart gift card. Gift card is subject to terms and conditions stated on card.
◦31st - 40th Prize: US$25 Walmart gift card. Gift card is subject to terms and conditions stated on card.
◦41st - 50th Prize: US$10 Walmart gift card. Gift card is subject to terms and conditions stated on card.

These are the end of the year prizes:
◦1st Prize: US$100,000
◦2nd Prize: a Ranger Z-520 boat and Ranger Trail Trailer, 250 Mercury Outboard, Minn-Kota Maxxum 80 Trolling Motor, Lowrance x-135 at Console, Lowrance x-135 at bow cranking, and trolling motor batteries. ARV US$54,000.
◦3rd Prize: a Chevy 1500 Silverado. ARV US$38,000.
◦4th Prize: a FinCraft 17 Dual Console, 115 Evinrude Outboard ARV US$27,000.
◦5th Prize: a BRP Can-Am Outlander 400 All-Terrain Vehicle. ARV US$8,000.
◦6th Prize: US$9,000 Walmart gift card. Gift card is subject to terms and conditions stated on card.
◦7th Prize: US$8,000 Walmart gift card. Gift card is subject to terms and conditions stated on card.
◦8th Prize: US$7,000 Walmart gift card. Gift card is subject to terms and conditions stated on card.
◦9th Prize: US$6,000 Walmart gift card. Gift card is subject to terms and conditions stated on card.
◦10th Prize: US$5,000 Walmart gift card. Gift card is subject to terms and conditions stated on card.

Note: I plan to start a FLW Fantasy Bass Fishing League just for Bloggers and possibly with B.A.S.S. if they let us play unlimited leagues like FLW.

BAM!!! 2011 B.A.S.S. Fantasy Bass Fishing

Looks like B.A.S.S. will have the best top prizes they have ever had. Hopefully they will also have solid prizes down the line about 25 places.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Wired2Fish reports that neither Marty Stone or Byron Velvick will be on the Elite Series this year.

Bass Zone On Facebook

As I wrote yesterday Bass doesn't have a Facebook Page, but I learned they do have a Facebook Group.

I received a nice message on Facebook from Matt Pangrac who is one of the guys behind Bass and Bass Talk Live

Here is some of what he told me about Bass Talk Live:

What we have tried to do is take the best features from “The BASS ZONE” and “BASS ZONE LIVE” radio programs and with the help of WebcastTV, create the first interactive show that allows fans to ask questions and call in toll-free each day during the hour-long program.

Basically, BTL allows fans of professional fishing to watch daily live broadcasts and get information as it happens – not the following day or three days after it happens.

Terry Brown of Wired2Fish actually has a segment every Tuesday on the Live BTL show called “Terry’s Tuesday Tidbits,” where he calls in and talks with the BTL hosts, and Kent Brown of Ultimate Bass Radio also joins the show every Friday to offer his West Coast perspective on tournament bass fishing.

Bass Talk Live wasn’t created to replace BASS ZONE’S “WIDE OPEN” programming that takes place on-location during the Elite Series events. Each weekday that we are in the home studio in Oklahoma, BTL will air live. When we are on the road covering the 2011 Elite Series season, WIDE OPEN will take the place of the Bass Talk Live show.

The goal here is to provide fans with the opportunity to watch LIVE programming with the latest information on a daily basis – not just once or twice a week.

I'm sure the Bass Talk Live show is good, but I have yet to see it. When I try to watch the archived shows I get a "Service Error" message in the player. Don't know if the problem is on my end or theirs. The website doesn't mention what you have to have software wise to see the show.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Out of the Loop (Not Really)

I'm chalking this one up to poor promotion and the fact that I don't pay much attention to Bass
BTL or Bass Talk Live
If you want to know what it is all about Get Hook'd has the press release:
Z3 Media Offers New Experience for Anglers

I wonder if they sent the press release to and Wired2Fish and neither covered it because of the competition. Doesn't make sense as Wired2Fish has an add on the site.

Just checked and doesn't have a Facebook page.

Also just checked and doesn't either. Are you kidding me!!! My blog has a Facebook Page for goodness sakes.

Brent Chapman Is A Lucky Man

Bobbi Chapman is featured at in their Beyond the Pond article.

Go read it!

This Ain't Right

It's been a while since my last "This Ain't Right" Post.


Moreau Baits 3" Topwater Frog - $61.00

"the Moreau Baits 3” Topwater Walking Frog looks and swims just like the real thing"
I can't imagine how something like that "swims just like the real thing"

Saturday, January 08, 2011

A Website that Highlights Professional Co-Anglers

Back Deck

Give it a look.

Blast From the Past

Kickin' Some Bass! is an article in the SI Vault, which must be an archive of Sports Illustrated articles. This article is from December 5, 2005 and is focused around Iaconelli and the Pittsburgh Classic.

It's a good read.

Zona's Awesome Fishing Show

I need to get with it. I keep missing Zona's show. Forgot about it last night and this morning I caught the last couple of minutes. Something about a double raindbow and Jeff Kriet.

Yesterday the B.A.S.S. Facebook Page had a great interview with the Z.

Friday, January 07, 2011

Adrian Peterson Ice Fishing Contest@ Lake Waconia

(Click to Enlarge)

This event looks like a lot of fun.

More Info at: In Towne Marina News Feed blog

Adrian Peterson All Day Blizzard Blitz For Better Hearing

Turn Up the BASS!

Turn Up the BASS! is a post over at BASSEAST blog by spencer that gives a top 10 list of pre-tournament pump up songs.

I think like most tournament guys I have my own "pump up" music.

I don't have an MP3 player with a mix of songs, so I listen straight through on a CD. The length of the drive determines how many CD's I listen too.

Over the past couple of year my go to music has been:
#1 Fisherman's Blues by The Waterboys

#2 October by U2

This year I think I might substitute out October for The Waterboys Fisherman's Blues Part Two.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

The Yellow Emperor

From the Lucky Craft Blog: The Daily Flash Minnow:
"I decided to use the new “Smasher” lure designed by the yellow emperor! – Skeet Reese."

I guess it's a better moniker than The Yellow Belly.

Breaking: Bassmaster Classic News

Tucked away in the comments on the official B.A.S.S. Facebook Fan Page I found this nugget from Angie Thompson, the B.A.S.S. Online Media Guru.
I am taking this to mean that people will no longer be shut out if their ISP doesn't carry ESPN360, because the live Classic weigh in will now be streamed for everybody at the website.

I am 100% behind this change as that I don't get ESPN360 and missed out on watching the previous two years.

In other Classic News Bass Parade blog will be blogging at the Classic and they want bass fishing blog readers input on their coverage. So go to Bass Parade and give 'em your thoughts.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

How I Came Up With the Name Bass Pundit

Outdoor Blogger Network is asking it's member bloggers to share how their blogs came to be named with this weeks Outdoor Writing Prompt I can't say that I've ever blogged about this before and I am one of Outdoor Blogger Networks featured bloggers this week, so I figured I'd tell the story.

I think many who are up on the development of the "Blogosphere" can probably figure out where Bass Pundit comes from:
One of the very first blogs that I ever read was Instapundit by Glenn Reynolds. He used to have a graphic that claimed Instapundit was the Grand Central Station of the Blogosphere or something to that effect. Since to me "Pundit" and blogs where so synonymous I went with Bass Pundit rather than my nickname of Basspastor.

When I first started Bass Pundit I envisioned Bass Pundit being sort of like an Instapundit for bass fishing information. The problem with that being when I started Bass Pundit there just were not that many bass fishing websites and there were basically no other blogs centered around bass fishing with which I could frequently link; To go the Instapundit route I would basically always be linking to the same couple of websites. It really has not been until the past couple of years that blogging has begun to catch on among bass fishermen and the number of bass fishing bloggers that write frequently is still quite low. Still, one of the aim's of Bass Pundit is certainly to promote other bass fishing blogs and that will always be the case.

Mostly Bass Pundit to me is a hobby that I do whatever I feel like with and the fact that others care to read it and enjoy it gives me some personal satisfaction.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Another Year Older, Another Year...

All things considered year 40 was OK, but there is much room for improvement whereby 41 can be even better.

Of Note- Today I decided to publish a long autobiographical post entitled:
"What do I want from this life?"- 41st Birthday Lament at my blog Bass Pundit Preach. Go read it at your own risk.

In the mail Birthday edition:
In light of my 41st Birthday Lament post, appropriate. This album was recorded in 1985 and has many inspirational songs my favorite of which has to be Dawn Chorus:
Have I got enough love?
Have I got enough hope?
Enough strength to face the world each day?
I know there is an answer somewhere in this night
I see it each time I look in your eyes

Also arriving today:
In a Tami Curtis Facebook Page contest I won two custom made lures from Snakebite Baits. I chose to get a "female gil" and "breeding gil" California Shaker, which is a spinnerbait with a chatterbait blade in front of the wirebend attached by a Norman Speed Clip. They are a nice looking bait and I'm guessing they will be especially deadly in the Fall.

New Bass Fishing Website Heavy Hitter

A couple of weeks ago thanks to Elite Series Pro John Murray's Blog I found out about Advanced Anglers, which is a bass fishing website that is officially launching today. I was impressed with what I saw. Naturally I am especially interested in the blogs they will have from John Murray, Dave Lefebre, James Niggemeyer, Skeet, Mike McClelland, Jarrett Edwards, Ish Monroe, Fred Roumbanis, Mark Zona, Chad Morgenthaler, Justin Kerr, Brent Ehrler, Team Lucky Craft, and sports psychologist Charles Plott.

They are going to have a combined Elite Series/FLW Tour Fantasy Bass Fishing League with a Stratos bass boat going to the winner. I must say, that is one heck of a promotion. I am hoping they will have other prizes as well.

If that doesn't get you bass heads excited to check out there website, I don't know what will.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Vikings- Crazy Play Ends Crazy Season

If you didn't catch the last play of the Vikings game today you missed out. It was a backward passapalooza and a fitting end to this eventful season. Hopefully it will be posted on You Tube by somebody.

Personally I am glad we lost to Detroit because we will get a better draft pick because of it. The Vikes need all the talent we can get. As of right now I don't think the outlook for next season is very bright. Our Division seems to be getting tougher (Oh to be in the NFC West). Huge question mark at quarterback and aging defence that took a couple of steps backward this year. We have key free agents in Sidney Rice and Chad Greenway. Who knows what the future will bring.


Well I did it. I changed the look and operation of Bass Pundit. The process wasn't smooth, but it wasn't terrible either. Unfortunately some things in the change over on blogrolls got screwy. The blogrolls were one of the few things that automatically transferred from the old Template format to the new Layout format. I was expecting and hoping that the blogrolls would transfer. It would be a mountain of work to have to rebuild those suckers from scratch. As it was I did have to do one of them all over, but most transferred. In some of the transferred blogrolls not all of the URL's listed individually like they are suppose to do. Some of the sites wound up stacked up on one another. It looks fine outwardly to you the reader or if you click on a link, but in terms of my organization of things it's going to be a royal PITA.

In my first attempt to convert the blog I discovered that the glitch in appearance I was getting with Internet Explorer on the blogrolls wasn't going to go away if I kept my old "Son of Moto" look. The change made it worse and I aborted that attempt. I decided I would go with an all new look, but keep green as the main color scheme. Like I said, not everything has gone hunky dory. Hopefully some of the things that aren't quite working right for me now will straighten out.

One of my favorite little features so far is my new Archives which shows how many posts have been made in a given year or month. I also now have the "older" and "newer" option at the bottom of my visible blog posts.

The blog seems to be loading just a touch slower in Internet Explorer.

Saturday, January 01, 2011


And I'm not talking about the stuff Berkley Makes.

1 for the $
2 for the show
3 to get ready
And 4 to Go!

Update: The first attempt to upgrade this blog went very badly. I'm going to try again. Hopefully I learned some things.

Something Neat for the New Year

I was over at the blog Journal of a Minnesota Angler where his latest blog post is a bunch of fishing statistics for him for 2010. The visual presentation of the statistics came from the online fishing log website Fish Swami, which I had never heard of before. As you can probably tell I was impressed by Fish Swami. I blogged most of my fishing trips in 2010, so I think if I'm bored this winter I may go back and log those trips at Fish Swami. If nothing else I will probably start utilizing Fish Swami when I go fishing in 2011.

Happy New Years Day 1/1/11!!!