Friday, March 27, 2009

An Experimental Catch & Release Program for Minnesota Bass in the Spring???

Big Indiana Bass is one of several very good bass fishing blogs out of Indiana and Illinois. Brian Waldman of Big Indiana Bass blog is on top of developments of science as it relates to bass fishing. His March 14th post, Bass Fishing On Beds: An Indiana Perspective links to a PDF file of a report/study from the Indiana DNR about whether allowing bass fishing in the Spring or having a closed season is best for the resource and it's users.

In the PDF file is this tidbit:

Minnesota is currently the only state with a statewide closed season on bass even though an advisory counsel recently recommended moving towards a catch-and-release at a few lakes on an experimental basis.

I am not aware of any such advisory counsel, but if this is true I am all for it and hope that the DNR listens and tries it out selecting bodies of water from every region in the State. We have so many lakes with bass and so many lakes with special regulations already that I think it is a no brainer to open a few lakes up for catch and release fishing for bass during the Spring closed season. It just isn't right that bass fishermen in Minnesota are prohibited from catch and release fishing for bass during the pre-spawn on every body of water in the state except the Mississippi River from Pool 2 on South. At a bare minimum a few lakes sprinkled throughout the state should allow catch and release bass fishing in the Spring.

From my blog to God's and the DNR Commissioners ear.

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Unknown said...

Agreed, I also read a suggestion from someone to have a special season, where you would buy a stamp or different license for catch & release bass fishing. He said he would pay $10-20 to fish bass early, I know I would too!