Saturday, March 14, 2009

FLW Tour Table Rock Day 3 Weigh-In Live Blogged

Hmmm for the TBF Championship I had to go through the mothership FLW website to watch the FLW Live weigh-in and I was able to blog that without things locking up. I am going to go through the mothership rather than through the Fantasy Fishing site and see if I just might be able to live blog it.

Introducing Al Lindner
"FLW Outdoors changed this sport forever."
Al's son Troy fished in the TBF Championship

I won't bother with the Co-Anglers except the final two and Zac Cassill who is "bass addict" at the message board. Zac was in 3rd place after the 1st two days. They zero the weights for the final day but he got to fish with Scotty Suggs.

As it stands Zac needs to weigh 14-3, which is some serious weight.

Zac is from Fairfax Iowa
Only got 1 moster smallmouth 5-7
"I live near LaCrosse WI were there is awesome smallmouth fishing"

The guy with the lead is Patrick Majors from Rogers Ark.
The last guy to weigh is James Watson from MO and he has 3 for 6-11 so Majors WINS!!!
He wins $20,000.
"I was really lucky the first two days, only weighed 4 fish but they were all big"

Pimp N Fantasy Fishing and Players Advantage (What has PA done for me?)
The Pro's are Up:

Scott Canterbury last years rookie of the year
"Never seen this lake before and you run out of fish" then he pulls his limit fish.
5 for 16-00
"I like to keep moving a lot"
"I lost the biggest fish I've had all week, maybe I'll get him tomorrow"

Greg Bohannan
3 small fish 5-11
"Our area got a bit crowded today"
Fishing near Bennett
"This is my favorite lake, you can legitimately catch a 4lb spot, smallmouth, and largemouth"

Gags (Former AOY)
5 for 14-06
"Your never out of it on a lake like this"
Fishing a Lucky Craft jerkbait.

Dan Moorhead (Former AOY)
5 for 12-09
My partner caught the big fish (Co-Angler won)
"Never got the quality bite like I got yesterday"
Throwing a jerkbait, might go to a jig.

Brent Ehler (Former Forrest Wood Cup Champion)
4 for 9-08
Special Guest:
Brent Ehlers wife shows up from Cali. Booked her ticket last night. "Had to lie to him this morning and tell him I was in bed while I was at the airport"

Shinchi Fukae (3rd FLW Angler of the Year to weigh-in)
5 for 9-02 into 5th place
"I'm 5 years old in the United States"
"I just run up the river and keep cranking"

Chad Morganthaler
"It's always great to come to Table Rock and fish this great fishery"
1 for 2-04
"I took a chance and it didn't pay off"
"I had 11 bites the first 2 days"

Scott Suggs (2nd Forrest Wood Cup Champ to weigh)
5 for 15-13
"I was wanting the pressure to be on somebody else, there is a lot of money riding on this tournament, think about it Canterbury"
"Shin has whipped our tails for 5 years, think about it Canterbury"

Michael Bennett (3rd Forrest Wood Cup Champ to weigh)
2 for 4-01
"Things went South pretty quick"
"I didn't do anything different, I think the cloud cover hurt me"
"Unlikely, but feasible" on chances

David Walker (4th FLW Angler of the Year to weigh-in)
This is one solid Top 10
5 for 11-08
"Suggs isn't gonna get much sleep tonight"
Everybodies weight is down and we are all in it.

1. Canterbury
2. Suggs
3. Gagliardi
4. Moorhead
5. Walker
6. Ehler
7. Fukae
8. Bohannan
9. Bennett
10. Morganthaler

At this point any Exacta's for me are long shots, the closest at this point is Fukae for 10th.

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