Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bass Zone Wide Open from Amistad Day 3 Recap


They are not on yet. Will Duckett show his face again? Will anyone else show up?

Dean Rojas
Hands are beaten up.
"They ate and they ate good"
Giving Ike a hard time about puking with the big fish.
"Practice was totally different from what I am doing now"
Livefeed goes dead
Back on with Echo.
Talking Kermit
"No lead is safe"
Apparently Rojas had a Marshal hold onto the dock to long and ended up going in the water.
I wonder if they are broadcasting and I am not getting anything. They have been off for quite a while.

Kenyon Hill
I haven't heard a good part of his interview, tech problems.
Is fishing transition spots.
Will be throwing a jig tomorrow, thinks it gives him the best shot.
"A good attitude is the best lure in your box"
Apparently Kenyon and Mark J. are gonna do an online show.

Zona is up next.

Mark Zona
"The sun is going down and Jekell and Hide are coming out of me"
"How much more does this lake have?"
"It will be interesting to see who caught big bags today can do it again tomorrow."
Picks Klien to win.
"Some guys are fishing dirt shallow"
"Here is what I have learned in Texas, anything can happen on the final day."

Apparently there is No Boyd Duckett tonight, I'll have to check his blog.

Kurt Dove
"You've got some inconsistancy at the top, except Alton Jones"
He picks Klien for the win.

Wrap Up:
Legend goes with Alton Jones
Mark predicts 2 bags over 30.
Tommorrow the Legend will be on the water.

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