Friday, March 20, 2009

Kevin Van Dam writes...

The State of the Sport Address

I think it would have been nice if KVD would have thrown in a paragraph or two about the wealth of information and opportunities for sharing community on the Internet. Between , his message board, and the blogs he writes for Bass Insider KVD is one of the Pro anglers that is doing an excellent job of leveraging the Internet for the benefit of the bass angling public. Obviously, he was writing for BASS on their website which might have made directing people towards other sources of new media a no go. There could also be the assumption that anyone who reads the article is familiar with online bass fishing resources. Under the circumstances what I wanted to hear is something beyond what anyone could expect.

Boyd Duckett has a new blog post up along with a voice blog...

Elite Series Pro Scott Campbell is doing voice blogs... (My question: Scott Campbell who?) Never heard of him before I saw the BassFan Dock Talk talk about his voice blogs. His bio says he has been in the Elite Series for 3 years. Maybe I knew about him one time and forgot who he is.

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