Friday, March 13, 2009

Elite Series Battle on the Border Amistad Day 2

Don't miss Bass Zone Wide Open web broadcast from Del Rio today from 10-Noon. (Actually I have missed the 1st hour)

Update: I just went to watch and they were not broadcasting.

Update: They are on as of 11:18AM

Looks like there is no Bass Cast live streaming or Bass Trakk unofficial standings at the BASS/ESPN site. From what I understand there was some Bass Cast transmission early in the day, yesterday but it didn't last very long and I am unsure if the video that was there was from Amistad or not. Apparently they had Skeet idling around at the take off and KVD fishing.

The Live Leaderboard now has the standing but whether it will work or not come weigh in time is anyones guess.

On BassZone Wide Open "The Legend" Harold Allen is reporting good fishing conditions. It is warming up, cloudy, with a light wind. Apparently Fralick and Snowden are fishing the same water which they also did in the 09 Classic. Reporting that Jamie Fralick has about 10lbs, Evers has a little over 10lbs, Bobby Lane has 12-14lbs.

BassZone Wide Open is supposed to be on again sometime pretty soon just after noon.

BassZone Wide Open next on just after 1PM Central.

Word is Amistad has gone slick, the BassZone guys are saying weights may go down today, but in the morning they were saying weights would go up.

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