Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Breaking News: (pun) BassFan is reporting that Mike "IKE" Iaconelli has been dumped by Ranger Boats for his behavior at the just concluded BassMasters Classic despite an apology by Ike.

For those who do not know: Ike forgot to turn on his livewell and his fish were near death with possibly a couple having expired. Ike went berzerk and kicked the transom light post, which also had an American Flag attached; The light post bent badly. Ike then proceeded to rip it out of it's hole, break the pole in two, and throw it down in the middle of his boat all the while yelling profanities. He also may have thrown a dead fish or two back in the lake which would have been a tournament rule violation. Anyhow Ike had his weight disqualified for the day for violating the Sportsmanship Rules. Ike ended up finishing last.

FYI-He was fishing out of a Triton, not a Ranger at the time

Basically I haven't spoken out about the incident because I didn't care that much. I see it as a case of Ike the attension whore extrodrinaire doing what an attension whore will do for money. Looks like this stunt will actually cost him, beyond that DQ and last place. Probably deserves it for leaving his Fantasy Bass owners hanging in the wind like that. And no, he was not one of the Posse's picks. Actually I don't think being dropped by Ranger is that big of a deal so long as he keeps most of his other sponsors, which he probably will. Ike is an elite pro and has to have had accumulated quite a bit of wealth at this point. He won $200,000 at the Potamac River FLW Chevy Open just last year. Ike is an obnixious and arrogant pud, maybe this will knock him down a peg or two.

More on IKE at Ezods

FLW Fishing Challenge Deadline Tonight

FLW covering Luke Clausen's Bassmasters Classic win, and why not he's their Team Chevy/Ranger Angler.

Daily pro Site-ING:
Pick a Pro, any Pro

Pick your own for today on the BP list (scroll down on right side bar).

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Super Luke Clausen Bassmaters Classic Champion

I think "Super Luke" is a good name for this 27year old who has now won the $500,000 Bassmasters Classic Championship and a $500,000 FLW Tour Championship. Luke is more of a FLW pro than BASS/ESPN guy and to my knowledge will not even be fishing the BASS tour this year. His main Sponsorship obviously comes from Chevy and Ranger, not Toyota or Triton, Ouch!
Here is his website.


Classic Top 25 Breakdown this one is interesting and lists the Top 25 in order.

Day 3 Notes

BassFan Story
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Full On Classic Coverage Day 3 BP Style

Posted by PicasaPhoto:Bassmaster
Can Terry Scroggins bag a huge sack and close the 5lb gap between himself and Luke Clausen to complete the biggest comeback in Classic History?

#1 Espn "On the Water" Live Leaderboard
#2 Odds on Favorites
#3 TV coverage of the final weigh in starts at 5:30 Eastern on the ESPN Flagship.
#4 For comprehensive Day 3 coverage, go here.

Classic Bloggers Update: Ezods is BMC Blogging

For Classic Conversation
Bass/ESPN Fantasy Bass Board
Fishing Minnesota- Bass
The Ultimate Bass Resource Guide
Uglo Klunkasaurus

Speaking of the Uglo- Someone there has cut and pasted the content off of the Official ESPN Bass Insider Classic (disgrace of a...) Blog, Way to go!

Lots of interest in this theft. For instance:
Posted 6:10 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 25, by Alan Clemons FLW Tour anglers Luke Clausen and Ron Shuffield are leading the Classic. If either one wins, it will be a public relations nightmare for BASS in the coming season. Clausen is sponsored by FLW entities and doesn't give a rip about BASS. This merely is bonus money for him. Shuffield has made no bones about his departure from BASS, through which he made his name, and has told just about anyone who will listen this week all his reasons for switching. Whoever wins, wins. So be it.

Interesting yes, worth paying for??? Put advertising on the page and a contribute button then ESPN will have a blog worth linking too.

OK More...
Damn, I just love fishing. Really. How can you not? Even if you're of the sit-on-the-bank relaxing mindset or a torqued-out monster bass guy or gal, what's not to like? You're outside. You're doing something that takes skill and refinement of those skills. You best a creature, an opponent, you cannot see. Tiger Woods, please make this 4-foot putt while blindfolded. Derek Jeter, please hit this curveball with one eye closed. Sasha Cohen, please skate the Olympic freestyle routine perfectly with dull blades on a rink that has not seen a Zamboni in two weeks. It must be ultra-quiet in the tennis court or golf course before the "pros" can make a shot. Hit the damn ball and quit belly-aching about the guy who sneezed. Anglers battle wind, cold, rain, summer heat, waves and equipment problems ... and they don't pitch hissy-fits.And fishing is an easy thing to pass on. You don't have to spend thousands on golf clubs, clothes, lessons, greens fees, the cart Junior ! ran into the lake and money for weekend tournaments. But you can teach a 4-year old to hold a cane pole or cast a Zebco 33 to catch bass, bluegill or cats. Cost for crickets? A coupla bucks. Cost for the rod or pole? Another coupla bucks. Memories made? Priceless.
Now that I've read more, the blogging is excellent. Worth having to pay up front to get, Nah! Blogging should be Freebird. One problem with this commentary, anglers definetely DO " pitch hissy fits" as Ike showed this week; I know I've pitched my share. Sometimes pitching the hissy fit is needed and part of the fun, definitely worth laughing about afterward; For instance that time I broke my rod and then spazzed out in front of a bunch of people at the Pike Creek in Kenosha Wis. That must have been hilarious to watch. Or what about that day Cyberfish went ballistic about not being able to drill all the way through the ice because he didn't have an auger extention, gut wrenchingly funny stuff. Yep some anglers do pitch hissy fits from time to time.

Well it's time to head over the Jenny's to watch the final weigh in, be back later Lord willing.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Since You've been Gone

Sorry I've been gone, but I was down in the cities and had a priority of playing with my niece Isabelle Grace over the blogging thing.

BIG NEWS (JUST LATE): Bassmasters Classic Official Blog Wait DON'T CLICK! Cause all your gonna get is this blogging BS.

Posted 11:55 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 22, by Craig Lamb
Okay, so by now everybody's heard of "blogging" on the Internet. Everybody's doing it, even a Delta Airlines flight attendant who got fired for posting "unethical" pictures of herself in uniform on her personal blog. So much for freedom of speach. So now we're giving it a go with bass fishing, and specifically on BASS INSIDER. Check out the posts in the coming days. We're going to tee off on whatever comes to mind, good, bad or ugly.
After that is an advertisement for the Bass Insider Magazine of which you must be a subscriber to access the blog. YOU GOTTA FRICKEN BE KIDDING ME, HOW LAME IS THAT! And how stupid anyone would have to be to pay for the Bass Insider content in the first place unless you really wanted the magazine. The only redeeming factor is that speech was mispelled.

For genuine Bassmaster Classic Blogging it looks like it's me, Hellabass, BassFan Big Sticks-Jay Yelas, Anyone know of anyone else?

PS-That is a sad statement about the pathetic case of bass fishing within the bloggosphere. Everybody may have 'heard of "blogging"' but bass fisherman by and large are not "doing it." The guys at ESPN/BASS sure don't get it and to charge for the content is going about it in a very non-bloggish fashion. Losers!

Can I get an Amen from the choir?

However if they link to the BP than all can be forgiven. (Anyone who has Bass Insider Know if they do? I'm far to cheap to pay for content when the web offers a lifetimes worth of excellent content freebird.)

Speaking of the BassMaster's Classic, Day 2 content here, and here.

How is the Posse doing in Fantasy Bass Fishing? Developing...
First Update BTW Congrats so far to Hellabass tied for 34th in the fishers of men league.
2nd Posse Update

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

BassMasters Classic TV Schedule

Daily Pro Site-ING Classic Edition:
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Jay Yelas

Design Denny Brauer's New Ride via Hellabass. Looks like a job for Cyberfish to me.

Kumar talks Classic Favorites Here. BP talks Classic dogs Here.

Classic practice day reports BassFan, BassFan Big sticks, More reports here and here and here and here

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Daily Pro Site-ING: Classic Edition
Posted by PicasaLarry "Legend" Nixon aka "The General"

Just as it was with Clunn's website, it's obsolete and in need of serious updating.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Daily Pro Site-ING Classic Edition:
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Rick Clunn
For those of you that don't know Rick Clunn was voted and is the Greatest Tournament Bass Angler of all time. It is amazing to me that an angler of his standing and wealth does not have a better website to promote both himself and the sport of bass fishing. The site has obviously not been updated in a couple of years. This is a sad testimony to the fact that Bass Fisherman as a demographic do not seem to understand the WWW potential as a bass fishing resource and commodity. Maybe someday, but as for now Bass Fishermen are well behind the curve.

Do you have your ESPN/BASS Fantasy Bass Fishing line up's in yet? Join the Posse at Public League "fishers of men."

Is the Bass Fishing blog of Kevin Short/Short to the Point done for? He has not blogged there since 1/11 and now he has a piece at Bassmaster.com that says he is a "Bassmaster.com analyst." Time will tell.

Also with Classic coverage this week are Bass Zone and ProBassAnglers.com

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Did I mention it's cold in Minnesocold. The only good thing about this sub-zero weather is that it can't and won't last, March is almost here.

Daily Pro Site-ING:
Posted by PicasaBernie Schultz

BassFan has Classic Pre-Practice Report

Fantasy Bass Fishing Update: The Posse league for ESPN/BASS FBF is "fishers of men" and the league for Super 6 pick'em is MINNESOTA.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Daily Pro Site-ING
Posted by PicasaKVD with BassFan Interview

HellaBass: Tougher competiton: Federation Nation or Weekend Series? My thoughts: Bass has pretty much lost the "Federation Nation" to FLW because FLW made a better offer. I hope this change will mean the Federations will adopt the Co-Angler model for Non-boaters.

FYI: My computer seems to have caught my cold and is giving me issues today. AGGGGGH.

File Under Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy: Weir Misses Bus, Gets Left Behind The 1st impression this guy made on me was not a good one. Usually I wouldn't root against a US competitor in the Olympics but this Prima Donna Wannbe rubbed me the wrong way. Good job LOSER!

Ohio Bass Fishing Blog is seeing Red, so was HellaBass.

Not in my Twin Cities.

Update: via Moldy Chum: Debate rages over world's smallest fish

BP reading assignment:
Daily Bassdozer Article: An Interview with John Murray By Russ Bassdozer

Note: Due to lame Board Nazi actions, the Daily U.B.R.G. article will not be around for a while.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Daily Pro Site-ING
Posted by PicasaLake Murray 2nd Place Co-Angler Sondra Rankin

In other Female Bass Pro News: Melinda Mize is headed into service, probably in Iraq. Melinda had a very good 2nd day at Lake Murray and finished 14th.

Thinking Smallies!
Posted by PicasaThinking Summer! AGGGGGHHHHHH!

I'm gonna go out and try and Ice Bass, wish me luck, I'll need it.
UPDATE with Pictures at BP's Fishing Log Blog

Happy Birthday to my Brother Steve!

Daily BP reading assignment:
Daily Bassdozer Article: Reminiscing about the End of a Season By Russ Bassdozer
Ultimate Bass Fishing Resource Guide Article: Are You Ready by By Bill Wilcox

Monday, February 13, 2006

Vote For the BP as a Bass Fishing BLOG ("Gotta be a 10+ easy!")

Voting is easy! Click, Rate, [ Back] to BP

Daily Pro Site-ING
Posted by PicasaThe loveable California FLW Pro Art Berry

They're calling KJ King Kong Kelly Jordan find out why.

The Posse with a mediocre start to the 2006 Fantasy Bass Fishing Season. Details

Posted by PicasaCool Runnings is all I've got's to say. Yeah if I had a zillion dollars or was a pro angler.

BASS/ESPN Fantasy Bass Fishing registration. The Classic is coming soon.

Damn Gill Nets

Gill nets are one of my pet peeves because they're prevalent in almost every body of water over here and they're decimating the local fish populations. And the really sad part is that the people who put these gill nets out aren't interested in fish like bass or bluegill so many times, instead of throwing them back in the water, they throw the unwanted fish up on shore to die. More than once, I've walked the shore of a lake only to come across hundreds of dead bluegill that were thrown on the shore by these gill net "fishermen."...

Report with Picture from the Lost Nomad (Korea)

All about Fishing Lures at the Ohio Bass Fishing Blog

In asking anybody for anything, one must be crazy! I don't know you, you don't know me. Why should I even give you the time of day? I swear the amount of begging one must do, I wonder if there are any other professions where the talent has to do the solicitations. Where the angler is the complete team,all other sports are multi person companies.
From UltimateBass.com blog on the difficulty that the average Bass Pro has in building sponsorships. Read it all.

You Go Fisher Lady:
An Oklahoma cattle rancher who volunteered in the search-and-rescue efforts after the terrorist attack on Sept. 11, 2001, has signed up to fish the 2006 Mercury Marine Women’s Bassmaster Tour presented by Triton.

Kitsy Cunningham of Eufaula, 48, said the tour provides her an outlet to release the stress of working search and rescue. “I am forever grateful to BASS for starting the WBT. It’s the best thing that has happened to women anglers.”...

Full at Lady Bass Angler News

Speaking of Lady Bass Anglers, does anyone else find this Cyberchick to be a bit disturbing. (Takes a while to load on dial up, but worth the wait. When she's done talking have her follow the cursor, STRANGE!)

Daily BP reading assignment:
Daily Bassdozer Article: The Cold Season
by North Alabama Guide Troy Jens

Ultimate Bass Fishing Resource Guide Article: Winter Technique By Dan O'Sullivan

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Daily Pro Site-ING
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It has to be $200,000 FLW Chevy Open winner Anthony Gagliardi.

“I promised my first-graders I’d buy them all ice cream if he won.”
– Kristin Gagliardi, on her plans for her husband’s $200,000 paycheck.
Send him congratulations here.

Things that make you go hmmm:
So would this mean that a 70 MPH bass boat would bea able to go 70 MPH in syrup as well? If the propeller couldn't turn it's full RPM because of the viscosity of the liquid which it had to displace, would it still be capable of the same top speeds?
See what brought this quandry about at Ezods

More on that Shark caught Ice Fishing at Muskoka Outdoors Blog

Now lets see which of these make the cut, if any:
10k Snooker Update: Leads to At the Snook Hole. both in
Curly's Fishing Blog Update same as Buc's Fishing Report.
fisherofmen Update: Already had it
Bear and Shadows Litterbox in Space Update: It's in Bass Fishing Blogs
David Churbuck/'s Reel-time Flog Update: It's in.
Blitherings of an Idiot Update: is really called Canoe, Hunt, Fish, and Fly by Otter. It's in
Utah Outdoors Update: Is Utah Outdoors Radio It's in
I'm looking for more fishing blogs if you were wondering and these are the results

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Lookie what I got in the mail today:
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The Bassmaster 2006 Pro Guide which looks to be a primer for the 2006 BASS/ESPN Tour season, especially the classic. I've been shying away from reading the Bassmaster magazines I've been getting, but you can bet this one will be read for it's fantasy bass fishing implications. BTW-ESPN/BASS Fantasy Bass Fishing IS NOW OPEN!

Daily Pro Site-ING:
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Brennen Bosley FLW pro going into Day 4 leading the Lake Murray FLW Tour Stop. He only leads Anthony Gagliardi by 2 lbs on a lake with monster bags. Who's gonna win it. Find out as the BP live blogs it.

LiveBlogging Lake Murray Final Weigh In:
They are doing angler intro's focusing of coarse on Bosley and Gagliardi who were also 1&2 at a FLW Kentucky Lake event, which Gagliardi won. Brennen Bosley was appropriately fishing out of the Banana Boat

Weigh in Started with Matt Herren elimined 16-6 for a total of 18-11.
Terry Seagraves eliminated with total of 7-5
Katsu eliminated with 12-12
Dave Smith is up, needs 12-5 to catch Bosley 5 fish limit that went 10-2 total 18-13 eliminated
Next up Jeremiah Kindy who needs 12-2 to bass Bosley, weighs 4 fish for 12-15, takes the lead.
Next up Clifford Pirch who needs 11-11 to take the lead from Kindy, Pirch weighs 5 for 10-15 so Kindy still leads, 21-1 Pirch eliminated
Next up is David Wolack of Warrior Run PA, he needs 9-1 to take the lead from Kindy
Wolack weighs in 4 fish for 9-2 so he takes the lead
Next up is Tim Carroll who is 7-3 out of the lead, he weighs 2 fish for 9-2 takes lead
Next up is Gagliardi, he needs 5-7 weighs 2 fish for 9-3
Next up is Brennen Bosley who needs 7-5, weighs in 2 that go 7-5 to retake lead
Next up is Kindy who needs 6-8, No more fish, eliminated
Next up is Wolak who needs 6-7, last fish is 3-3, eliminated
Next up is Carroll who needs 3-14, weighs in 3rd fish 6-5
Next up Gagliardi needs 2-5, weighs in 3rd fish for 5-6
Next up is Bosley needs 5-6 to retake, needs 3&4th fish for 9-7
Next up is Carroll needs 7-1 with 2 fish left, weighs in 8-9 fish to take lead
Next up is Gagliardi, needs 5-12 with 2 fish remaining, weighs 6-13 to take the lead
All anglers have 1 fish left, Gags leads
Next up is Bosley with last fish needs 2-12, weighs in last fish for 8-1 for 45-12 leads Gag's by 5-7. Broke FLW 2 day record.
Next Carroll needs 6-8, last fish weighs in 6-6, so he is eliminated
Last up is Gagliardi who needs 5-6 to take the lead and $200,000, weighs in 6-14. GAGLIARDI WINS and sets new FLW record with 2 day total of 47-4.

Note Tim Carroll weighed in 30-15 to set a new FLW 1 day record, that's a 6lb average and his 45-10 is the 3rd best FLW 2day weight ever.
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Way to go Gagliardi!

FLW Lake Murray Wrap Up
BassFan Lake Murray Final Day

Friday, February 10, 2006

Breaking News: BASS/ESPN Fantasy Bass Fishing registration is NOW OPEN.

Daily Pro Site-ING=
Posted by PicasaAndre Moore the CEO of Reaction Innovations the somewhat controversial lure company. He just finished 47th at Lake Murray and will be someone to watch in the 2006 BassMasters Classic. His website is worth a look, it has pictures of Kim Bain.

OverHeard at Lake Murray Day 1:“I have no money. Just trophy.” – Okeechobee winner Shinichi Fukae, after TV host Keith Lebowitz asked him if his wife Miyuki kept his $100,000 earnings to herself.

Chatterbait Madness on Ebay

It ain't so!, The Bass Hole Blog (Korea) is back but hibernating.

Hellabass on Trailer Hooks.

“I had to learn how to bass fish just to date him, so when I first signed up to fish professionally six years ago, he didn’t take me seriously. Now, he’s saying, ‘Go for it!’” - Cindy Hill, 50, Smyrna,Tennessee


Lake Murray FLW News: Bosley takes lead Gagliardi stays in 2nd at Lake Murray Update: BassFan Murray Story is in.

Rick Clunn talks about his involvement in the Bass Man documentary film and his perspective on the struggles with spirituality on the tournament trail.

Listen Here The BP has thoughts at Bass Pundit Preach

Chuck Norris roundhouse spin kicks into Fishing Jones.

Daily BP reading assignment:
Daily Bassdozer Article: Bass on the Ledge by North Alabama Guide Troy JensDaily Ultimate Bass Fishing Resource Guide Article: Slow Down for Winter by Jay Yelas

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Daily Pro Site-ING=
Posted by PicasaU2 steal the spotlight at Grammy awards This is fine with me. (U2 is the BP's favorite band after all; I am listening to Rock Album of the Year, "How to Dismantle...", right now.

Daily Pro Site-ING (Bass Pro)=
Posted by Picasa
David Fritts the consummate and probably ultimate crankbait fisherman. On Day 1 he came in tied for 10th at Lake Murray.Update: The wheels come off Fritts on Day 2. Full Bassfan Day 2 Lake Murray round up.

FBF Lake Murray Day 2 Update: The Thrill is gone as Fritts, Nixon, Walker, and Davis all stumble. Boo Hoo! Catch the Full Posse Day 2 round up.

Favorite Fish: Pete at Fishing Jones votes Pike.

Why? My blog will never be as good as Moldy Chum AND why I fish for fish smaller than me.

Daily BP reading assignment:
Daily Bassdozer Article: Turn Christmas Trees into Brush Piles By Paul Crawford
Daily Ultimate Bass Fishing Resource Guide Article: Cold Water Lunkers by By Dean Stroman

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Daily Pro Site-ING=
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FLW Pro Anthony Gagliardi who I switched at the last minute for Larry Nixon at the Wheeler Lake FLW on a tip from BassFan. Will that move pay or Gag's get the home lake jinx, only time will tell. He has a solid website with message board. I took the time to register and sent him a message.

FYI-Gag's is currently #7 in the Bass Fan World rankings.

Update: The Pro Site-ING is like the opposite of the S.I. curse. Gagliardi sacks 26-14 and is in second place, his Co-Angler caught 18 or 19lbs. Unless a major choke he's in the cut.

I have the Posse's line up's for Wheeler up at the FBF HQ. I believe we can and will do better than the mediocre showing at Okeechobee where the eggs were in too few baskets and JT Kenney cracked a miserable score. I've learned my lesson and diversified the Posse.

However we must remember that Day 1 don't mean jack squat. I just want anglers in the top 100 on day 1. It's day 2 that they are playing for keeps.

Update: Bp's Obro Hot on Day 1 with the BPboys in hot pursuit.

Another Fishing Blog to Check Out: Grin Fish

Daily BP reading assignment:
Daily Bassdozer Article: Modifying Jerkbaits Over the WinterBy Russ Bassdozer
Daily Ultimate Bass Fishing Resource Guide Article: Cold, Clear Water by Doug Yeargain

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Daily Pro Site-ING=
Posted by Picasa
Matt Johnson
Espn Online article featuring Matt: Don't icefish without jigs & spoons By Tom Behrens. So Matt isn't really a Bass Pro but he's a good guy and great fisherman. I wonder if I'll see him this year on the lakes or not. Among other things Matt is the commissioner of the Ultimate Panfish League.

4 Gamers

This is a fishing game that you can download and that will give you hours of fun, so why not become a real true angler with this very addictive game...

Fishing Game Download via Marks Fishing Blog

Daily BP reading assignment:

Daily Bassdozer Article: Bass Fishing in Winter by Charles Stuart
Daily Ultimate Bass Fishing Resource Guide Article:Choosing Winter Lures by Joseph Raines

A couple of sites for the ladies Lady Bass Angler and FisherGirl

Death of a Blog???? Say it ain't so!

Bish on Myth:

... the anecdotal evidence is overwheming that fish often start feeding more aggressively as barometric pressure drops, this being true in both fresh and salt water. But the myth given to explain this behaviour is just that, a myth. It may be a myth that has in fact hindered us from exploring this aspect of fishes' behaviour more fully, and more accurately.

Moldy Chum has lots of good stuff on today's docket:
A Fish Called Allah
Tied to Tradition
Fishing with a Disco Ball Part Deux
Ask Ian?
Fly-fishing with flair

Don't foget that the $5000 FLW Fishing Challenge deadline for Lake Murray is Midnight.

Win Trip With Dean Rojas from Spro

News for Co-Anglers via BassFan
Co-anglers who fish the Stren Series have a new prize to shoot for this year. Evinrude and Stren will offer the new "Ultimate Fishing Package" contingency award to the co-angler who amasses the most points this season, regardless of division. The package includes a fully rigged Ranger boat powered by an Evinrude E-TEC engine and a $1,000 tackle package from Stren.

To participate, co-anglers who advance past the cut must wear an
Evinrude/Stren shirt and cap onstage. They must also fish with Stren line.

According to FLW Outdoors, the co-angler who earns the most points at the conclusion of the season will win the award package. Points may not be added from one division to another. Largest 1-day weight will settle ties.

Posted by Picasa
Dean Rojas
Gary Dobyns

Monday, February 06, 2006

Daily Pro Site-ING=
Gotta give the Kid Props again.
Posted by PicasaPhoto: FLWOutdoors.com
John Billheimer Jr
BassFan story of the Havasu Western Stren Here

Daily Bassdozer Article: Winter Bass: Stifle the Action for Ice Colds

Kids getting in on the Classic Action! via Hella Bass R.T.B.F.B. Blog

WEATHER: No ice, no fishing. via Fishing Jones

A new fishing blog to check out TCPalm Fishing & Boating blog. Hat Tip Fishing Jones.

Moldy Chum has a new page header.

FLW hints and tips for Lake Murray Fishing Challenge Fantasy Bass Fishing. via BP's Fantasy Bass HQ.

I have finaly gotten around to reviewing my fishing goals of 2005. Go see which goals were met and which were not even close.

Newswire for Bassin Geeks (from BassFan)
SPRO signs Dobyns

2/6/2006SPRO announced that it's signed western legend Gary Dobyns to its national pro staff.

"Gary is arguably the best West Coast bass fisherman of all time," said SPRO national sales manager Tim Norman. "His years of product development experience will be a huge benefit as SPRO continues to bring exciting new products to market. Gary has already started working on two new projects for SPRO."

Other SPRO pro-staff members are Roland Martin, Charlie Ingram, Dean Rojas, John Crews and Bill Siemantel.

BP's opinion: this is a loss for SnagProof, who Dobyns used to promote. That Bronze Eye Frog does look like a winner, but the price points (scroll down) will keep me in SnagProofs corner for now.

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Check into the interview with Aaron "Spin" Martens on BassFan Radio.