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Friday, September 23, 2016

Last Snatcher Tournament of the Year Tomorrow at Whitefish Chain

Tomorrow brings to a close my 9th year fishing in the Baxter Bass Snatcher Fishing Club.  We have 19 guys fishing at the Whitefish Chain.  It will be interesting to see if the fish are on the chew tomorrow of not.  The wind will be blowing out of the East for the third straight day and it will be cloudy and a little warmer than it has been the past couple of days.

I am fishing with Mark Munson who is courageously fighting a battle against cancer.  He has fished many tournaments on the Whitefish Chain over the years.  He caught some quality bass while pre-fishing.

My goal is to get a limit and place in the Top 10 for the day.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Elite's At Mille Lacs

6AM at Eddy's
6:00-8:00AM Eddy's Jetty Mille Lacs
Conditions: 65-59 degrees, Wind Sw, Partly cloudy

I didn't get bit.

First Elite to arrive was Chris Lane

Chris Lane
I welcomed Chris to MN when he came by on the trolling motor.

Second guy to launch was Randall Tharp.
Randall Tharp
Third guy to launch was Bradley Roy.  I didn't get a picture of him.  Then came Keith Poche.
Keith Poche

After the sunrise the first one to come through was Dean Rojas.
Dean Rojas
Elites that I didn't take pictures of were Brandon Palaniuk, Adrian Avena, Andy Montgomery, Shaw Grigsby, Bobby Lane, Justin Lucas, and Brett Hite.

Friday, September 09, 2016

Elite Angler of the Year Is Almost Here

Full Info Here...

Here is the Bassmaster University Schedule on Saturday.
I plan on being at the blast off on Thurs. and at the weigh in that day as well. I don't know if I will go to more than that or not.  You would think that I would be more excited about this event, but I'm not really into schmoozing with people.  And I've pretty much stopped blogging about professional bass fishing and fishermen.  Who knows maybe I'll change my mind and go and blog the whole thing.

Thursday, September 01, 2016

I Didn't Take August Off This Year

18.75 caught 8-26
I blogged about 25 fishing trips I took in August over at the Fishing Log Blog.  That is by far a record for fishing trip blogs in August.  Why did I get out so much this year in August?

1. The fishing was good for the most part; I only got skunked on 2 trips out of the 27 I took.
2. I have the Trophy in the water at the lake place;   It's a superior platform for me to fish out of and not having to deal with the hassle of launching from the trailer is huge for me as most of my trips were two hours or less.  It's no more difficult than fishing at the GOMH.
3. They were biting on frogs, my favorite way to catch 'em.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Ruh Roh!

Teddy suffers a freak injury and is done for the season.  That pretty much bites.  But I don't think all is lost provided the other major pieces of the team can stay healthy.  I believe the Defense is going to contend for best D in the NFL this season.  If that's the case, we aren't going to need a whole lot of points.  It will be critical that our Offense does not turn the ball over.

It will be interesting to see if Spielman can conjure some magic.  I hope he puts in a call in to gauge Favre interest.  

Monday, August 22, 2016

My Snatchers Rabbit Lake Tournament Aug 20th.

17.33" Craw Tube Grn pumpkin/brown
Conditons: 65-59 degrees, Cloudy to mostly cloudy, Windy to very windy N, Light to heavy rain

Pre-tournament thoughts:  Rabbit Lake has always given me fish and my boater Dennis' confidence had me pretty confident I would get a limit.  Turned out getting there was more difficult than we thought.

The Day:
The last two boats waited until 7:30 to put in, which annoyed Dennis and me as well.  Conditions were perfect and we easily could have been fishing by 7:30, but as it was we blasted off at about 7:45.  We went straight to one of Guy's spots with Dwight right behind us.  We fished it for about 20 minutes and didn't get anything.  Dwight caught a nice one, but we didn't see it.

Next we went to a spot that was protected from the wind where Dennis got some good fish pre-fishing.  I put on the small Plopper and immediately had a 11.75" bass on.  I think Dennis first fish was a pike. He then got a couple small keepers.  I had a couple fish not get the Plopper, unfortunately all I have is the one color.

Next we  headed to the wood and Dennis got a little better keeper, but that was it.  We got to the spot where I got my best fish in pre-fish and I got an even bigger one (17.66) on a Lake Fork Craw Tube.  Unfortunately that was all we got.  We followed the road out and I got a 15.33" by where I got one in pre-fish.  I also got a pike on the Craw Tube as well and Dennis got a walleye.

I think we then went to the island and didn't get anything there.  We went back to our starting spot and Dennis got a quality fish that came off just as I got the net under it.  Dennis was quite thankful.  We spent quite a while there and Dennis got one more keeper.  I just couldn't buy a bite there except a pike that bit me off.

We left to go to the numbers spot.  Dennis forgot to put the trolling motor up and we got drenched.  We had a good laugh.  I missed a hit right away on the Craw tube and Dennis had a fish on pretty quickly as well.  I think it might have been a pike.  Dennis got a keeper and then he got his big fish.  I got bit off.  I started throwing a white spinnerbait and got a pike. Then I got a 14" and 12.75" pretty quickly as we worked back over the area.  I think Dennis got a couple more keepers and missed some bites as well getting a nice walleye.

We went back to the island and I got a big dogfish.  It put up a great fight.  Unfortunately my attempt at a selfie with it failed.
Dennis got himself a cull.  A rain storm was moving in on us, so we went to our second spot.  I missed a fish on the Craw Tube right away.  Then it started raining.  I had a bass hit the Craw Tube as I was reeling it back to the boat and I landed it (14").  It started pouring.  Dennis missed a few more bites. We got out in the wind and I cast out the Craw Tube and had an over run.  When I picked the bait back up I thought I felt a fish, so I set the hook.  My line cracked as my line broke just above the rod.

We headed back to where Dennis got his big fish.  I got a nice pike on the black blue Piranha and I got a dink on the jerk shad that was only a couple inches longer than the bait.  We got up by the pads and I got 15.5" on the white spinnerbait; the fish really thumped it.  I got my limit with about 2 hours left

We went back to our starting spot and I discovered I didn't have enough line to fish on the craw tube rod.  We didn't get anything.  We went back and tried to expand on our numbers spot, but came up empty.  We finished expanding on our second spot.  Dennis had a fish that would have culled get off just before I could reach it.  My last hit didn't get the spinnerbait and the day was over.

My limit weighed 11lbs 4ozs and put me in 12th Place out of a field of 16.  Dennis was one more big fish short of contending for the win.  His 15/11 put him in 5th Place.  Dwight "Hammer" Hammermeister took his very first Bass Snatcher victory with a 16/8 limit.  Paul Ruff had a 4lb 3oz smallmouth that took Lunker.

My Thoughts:
I wish I could have gotten rid of the 12 incher.  I would have moved up 1 spot for sure and possibly 2.  I tried a number of lures that came up empty: Super Fluke, Swim Jig, Rattlin' Rap, Baby Minus One, Fat Free Shad, Chigger Craw, Jig and Chigger Craw, KVD Sexy Dog, and RI Vixen.  For whatever reason I just cannot get in sync with the fish, it's frustrating.  I should have been able to catch more than 6 keepers.  Thank goodness I chose to bring the spinnerbait rod with as it was a last minute addition.

Next tournament is at Whitefish Chain on Sept. 24th.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Snatcher Quick Report Rabbit Lake

Big Dog
I didn't quite make it to 12lbs, but I got close.  It took almost all day to land 6 keepers.  Just couldn't get rid of a 12.75". The guys caught them pretty good so I'm pretty sure I'm in the bottom quarter of the field.  I got bit off 3 times and with a couple hours left had the line break at the rod on my craw tube rod with a lot of line out; It was unusable after that.  I couldn't get a hit on the Chigger Craw.  You can't tell from the picture, but the dogfish was a brute that put up a really good fight.  I'd say it was 7 or 8 pounds.  I didn't get a length because I tried to take a selfie holding it up with pliers, but it wiggled loose and off the back of the boat.  I'll have the full tournament report sometime later this week.
Bowfin Selfie fail.

Baxter Bass Snatchers Tournament at Rabbit Lakes Today

Will I finally break out of the slump I've been in the past two seasons?  I've got a good draw and it's a lake that has been good to me in the past.  It will be interesting to see if the cool, cloudy, windy, and rainy weather turns them on or off.  With the way club tournaments have gone this year, I'm betting on turns them off.  Hopefully I'm wrong.

My goal today is first to catch a limit and then to catch 12lbs by the end of the day.

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

August 6th Pokegama Snatchers Tournament

2nd From Last, 2nd Place, 1st Place
Dave Smith 4lb 8oz Lunker
7:40AM-4:00PM Pokegama Lake (Grand Rapids) 14 Guys Fishing
Conditions: 76-58 degrees, Light to M NW wind, Mostly Sunny to Mostly Cloudy,  Water visibility about 5'

Pre-Tournament Thoughts: 
I was due for a good tournament finish.

The Day:
We made the long run down to Sherry Arm and started on a large sunken Island with some cabbage where Bill had gotten a nice smallie in pre-fish.  Nothing was home except a small rock bass that I got on a craw tube.  We then moved to a wind blown point.  I pulled two pike on a chart/white Strike King Spinnerbait and Bill got the first keeper of the day, a small largemouth.  I had a good sized smallmouth head butt the spinnerbait right in front of me.  Why couldn't the fish bite it instead?

About an hour and a half in we went to the slop in the South end of Sherry Arm.  Bill got a couple more small largemouth.  We then worked the W shoreline and I got a 13.5" largemouth on Sweet Revenge Mad Maxx.  It showed itself and I got it on the second cast.  A little farther down I got a 13.75" out of some bulrushes on a craw tube.

We went to another point and Bill got another small keeper largemouth.  We went back to the point where I saw the smallie.  I had a couple dink bass grab the spinnerbait and get off.  Bill caught a 3-15 smallie on a jig.  That made his day.  We went back to the sunken island and didn't get anything.  With about two hours left to go we headed back towards Tioga.

I got a 14" in some reeds with rice on the craw tube.  We went into Poole Bay.  I lost a tungsten sinker to a snag in the reeds because I didn't retie my line which had been getting frayed.  Was not to happy about that.  We then moved across to the West side of the bay to some lily pads that Bill hadn't pre-fished.  I had fish miss the Horny Toad and Bill missed what sounded like a good fish just outside of the pads on his frog.  Then his trolling motor caught a bunch of braided line with a spinnerbait attached, so we lost use of the trolling motor for the final hour.

We moved into Tioga Bay and drifted with the wind along some reeds.  I had a good fish hit the Horny Toad but it swam right at me and I couldn't keep up and it got off.  Don't know what it was because I never saw it.  I had some dink bass hit the Horny Toad and had a couple good strikes not hook up. Bill got a small cull and the day was over.

My three fish weighed 4lbs 13ozs which put in 13th Place out of 14 anglers.  Bill's fish went 11-7 and put him in 10th Place.  1st Place went to Tim Benson with 17lbs 8ozs and Dave Smith had the 4-8 Lunker.

My Thoughts:
I thought for sure I was getting last place in this one, but Art saved me from that fate.  We just weren't on anything as Bill having the smallest limit of the tournament with a 3-15 kicker proves.  I should have thrown the jerk shad some, but was to lazy to switch the spinnerbait for a speed clip.  That smallmouth bumping the spinnerbait and not eating it got in my head a little bit.  They usually crush that little spinnerbait and are hooked up solid.

Next Tournament Rabbit Lake in two weeks.    

Saturday, August 06, 2016

Pokegama Quick Report

My streak of poor tournament performances continues.  I only got 3 small keepers in this one.  Amazingly I didn't finish in last place. The day started out with a 3lb plus smallmouth head butting my spinnerbait and not hooking up.  We just weren't on anything.  I'll have my full report when I get the final results.

Friday, August 05, 2016

Pokegama Lake Snatcher Tournament Tomorrow

This will be the 3rd tournament I've fished with the Snatchers at Lake Pokegma (Grand Rapids).  I've gotten a limit each time previous and the 2012 tournament was post stroke with a bad back.  I did get out to pre-fish with my boater Bill Bailey on Wednesday.  We've got a game plan.  Hopefully it works.

It's gonna be a long day, but temps are going to be mild thankfully.

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Fishing With My Brother and Nieces This Past Weekend

Hawg I got the night before they arrived, 19.9"

Brother Steve with a 16" on Mad Maxx Sweet Revenge

The only pike I could find outside of the slop
Belle and Mallory

Belle Had the hot hand

Mallory with a pumkinseed and Devin

Belle And Haley

My 19.9" Giant, it's a fish headed for 6 or 7lbs

Monday, July 25, 2016

My Snatcher Season at the Mid Way Point

The fishing funk I fell into last year has continued into this one unfortunately.  All of my finishes so far this year have been a disappointment.  First Tournament on Birch I didn't fish very intelligently and finished 2 places up from last.  Second Tournament on South Long lost fish cost me, but at least I got a limit; Finished 6 places up from last.  Third Tournament at Fishhook we just weren't on the fish and I feel fortunate I caught what I did; Two places up from last again.

So far only 1 of my goals for the season won't be reached.  I failed to catch a limit in two tournaments.  All the rest of my goals will be in play until the last tournament of the year.

I am seriously overdue for a Top 5 finish.  I haven't even cracked a Top 10 finish in the past two years and a half years. And that was with two fields of 15 or less anglers in the mix .

Draw for Pokegama is this Wednesday and the draw for Rabbit is two weeks later.  All it takes is one really high finish to get on a roll.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Snatchers Fishhook Tourny July 16th

A pod of about 8 Loons we came across
7:50AM-4:00PM Fishhook Lake
Conditions: 63-79degrees, Mostly sunny to partly cloudy to mostly cloudy, started calm then winds from 5 to 10 MPH out of the SW

Pre-tournament Thoughts:
I came into this tournament hoping for the best, but expecting it might be a difficult day.  My boater Art doesn't have a GPS and the Lakemaster Chip for mine just has generic contours of the lake that may or may not be accurate.  I didn't even think it was worth bothering putting in waypoints of spots to check out.  I did bring the GPS with though.

The Day:
We blasted off third and headed East to large point with a big weed flat.  I believe 5 other boats started on it.  I took that as an encouraging sign.   We were the closest boat in towards shore.   Dennis Lothspeich was in the closest boat to us and he had a pike break him off on his first cast.  My boater Art got a rock bass.  Herman who was in Dennis boat got himself a keeper largemouth.  I started out throwing topwater and didn't raise a thing.  I got a rock bass on the Piranha and had a pike follow in it as well.  Art got a couple more rock bass and pretty much everybody left the area after an hour and a half.  I had a pike break off my Texas rig and the wind started up.

We moved to the NW corner of the lake and I got a pike on the Pure Poison with Swim Fluke Jr. for a trailer.  We then moved in to try a few docks.  Very fishy looking water to me.  Between two of the docks there was a tree hanging over the water and I put a cast up right by shore.  Sure enough there was a good bass sitting there that took my Fluke and I hooked it.  It went 16", I wouldn't be getting a skunk for the day.  I was feeling pretty good about that.  We came up to some slop and reeds and I missed a hit on a LiveTarget Frog.  I wasn't looking at the lure when it hit.  I did get a good hookset, just don't think the fish had the frog.

We ended up going back to our starting spot.  We started catching rock bass and I had a pike break me off again.  I think I caught the next bass, a 14.25" keeper on a craw tube.  I didn't have my wits about me, as I didn't throw out a marker buoy I brought or think to put a waypoint in the GPS.  Art inexplicably decided to move us pretty much right after I caught the fish.  Art eventually did catch himself a keeper.  I didn't even cross my mind to throw the buoy or mark a waypoint.  We caught a few more rock bass.  Then we left and tried a couple other spots getting nothing.  With about an hour and a half left in the day we went back to the starting area again.  I quickly landed a 13.75" and a 14" keeper on the craw tube and Art landed his biggest fish and had one jump him off.  Once again I didn't think to throw the marker or put in a way point.  That was the last of our action other than a few more rock bass and a couple of bites that I missed.

Results:  My four fish weighed 7lbs 8ozs which put me in 16th Place out of 18 anglers.  Art's 2 fish weighed 3/11 and put him in 17th Place.  Keith Tuma won with a modest 16/10 and Lunker went to Tim Benson with a 5/2.

My Thoughts:  Who knows if I would have thrown out the marker buoy or marked where we caught fish on the GPS would have made a difference or not.  I just wish I had thought to do it.  Catching 1 more fish would have moved me up at least 2 more spots.  Other than the brain fart on the marker buoy and GPS, I thought I took advantage of what I was presented with.  The one suggestion I gave on where to fish didn't produce anything for us.  Getting bit by rock bass kept me from getting bored and I only lost two tungsten weight's to the pike.  The day could have gone far worse.  I'm just glad I caught anything.

Next Tournament:  Lake Pokegama (Grand Rapids) Aug 6th.      

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Bass Snatcher Fishook Lake Quick Report

I didn't get a limit, but I'm not really disappointed about the 4 fish I weighed.  My boater only managed to get two keepers.  Chuck Steinbauer and Jim Smith only weighed 4 fish as well.  In other words, fishing was tough.  I'll have the full report in a couple of days when I get the results.