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Monday, July 16, 2018

Snatchers Lake Edward Tournament Full Report

3/1 Chigger Craw (Sapphire Blue)
Conditions: 67-87℉, Sunny turning partly cloudy, Calm for most of the day.

My Day:
We were the 2nd to the last boat to blast off in a 14 boat field.  Unfortunately, Dennis Lothspeich had found the same school of fish and was landing a fish as we arrived.  Dennis was sitting right on the juice, but there were fish all over the place in this weed bed.  I'm not actually totally sure what we were fishing.  It was quite a ways offshore and had cabbage and some coontail.  Dennis continued to catch fish as did his Co-Beau and my boater Nate over the first 20 minutes or so.  I missed one hit on the craw tube.  I switched to a much smaller sized sinker.  Still no fish.  Then Dennis clued me in me in when he said he switched from his jig and stopped getting bit.  He went back to the jig and got bit right away.  I picked up my rod with a 1/2oz Hack Attack Jig and had my first fish on within a couple of minutes (2.64lber). Unfortunately, the hook got caught in the net and it took me a while to get it free. The fish ended up dying with about 2 hours left in the day, oh well.  I caught a couple more 2lber pretty quick.  Beau had a really good fish come off right beside the boat before Dennis could get a net under it.  Then the action seemed to slow for everyone.  I put on a sapphire blue Chigger Craw and missed a fish on my first cast.  I threw right back to the spot and got my big fish of the day.  I got another fish on the Chigger Craw.  Nate had a really good one just come off.  Dennis and Beau left.  I switched back to the Hack Jig and got my limit fish.  After having fished the spot for a good hour and a half we left.

We went to an offshore spot where Nate got a 4lber pre-fishing.  He hooked up with a good one, but it jumped right away and threw the hook.  We then went to what I assume was a weedline spot and I think Nate caught a pike.  We then moved in to try some reeds and cane.  There were a number of Snatcher boats fishing this particular area.  Nate got his limit fish in the reeds, then got a cull on a dock.  We then went to another reed bed where Nate's dad, Snatcher Chuck was just leaving.  Chuck came over to see how we were doing.  He said he had about 11 or 12lbs.  Nate got one fish in the reeds, and we didn't stay long.

We went back to the starting spot.  I think Chuck was there catching a fish as we arrived.  I switched up to a Yum Dinger and started culling up by ozs at a time.  Dave Branum and Al Steinbauer fished through the general area.  Dennis showed up again, caught a couple of fish and then left.

We went back to the spot where the good one jumped Nate off earlier.  I got a small cull on the Dinger right after Nate said this is the spot.

We went back to the starting spot.  I think Nate got a small cull or two and maybe I culled up once on the Dinger. Then Chuck showed up and both he and his Co-Bruce landed good ones right in front of us.  "That no good, low down, spot stealing son of a ...".  I did pick up a tip about a lure to throw at our next tournament at Pelican Lake from Chuck.  I started throwing a breen chigger Craw and made a couple of more small culls as well as getting a few that didn't help.

We gave the spot where the fish jumped Nate off one more quick try, but there was a boat pretty much sitting on it.  And the day was over.

Results:  My limit weighed 15lbs 2ozs minus a 2oz dead fish penalty, which put me in 7th Place.  However, I had the top weight among all non-boaters, so I won the first ever Co-Angler Challenge and $37.  Nate had 16lbs 2ozs, which put him in 4th Place 4ozs back of his dad who came in 3rd.  The tournament was won by Dennis Lothspeich with 17/15.  Lunker weighed 3/11 and was caught by Conrad Bye.
What my scale says I had for the day. 
 My Thoughts:  If I had any idea about how the day would probably play out my rod selection would have been quite different.  I also wish I had thought to throw out the 1oz Hack Jig I had tied up in the boat with me.  I also could have experimented some with swimbaits and football head jigs which I had in the boat with me.  A big thank you to Dennis for letting the bit about how well they were biting on jigs out.  That spot truly did hold a super school.  Thanks to Nate for such a great day on the water.

Final Tournament Standings:
Next tournament is just up the road at Pelican Lake.


Saturday, July 14, 2018

Snatchers Lake Edward Quick Report

Longtime Snatcher Chuck Fields had the idea to do a non-boater only side pot and call it the Co-Angler Challenge. He made up all little plaque to go with whatever money the winner gets.  Today I was fortunate to be the first ever Co-Angler Challenge Champion thanks to the super school my boater Nate Steinbauer found.  I think I came in 6th or 7th Place overall.  It was such a fun day I hardly noticed the heat.  Full report later this week once I have the official results.

Friday, July 13, 2018

My Snatchers Lake Edward Tournament Preview

Tomorrow I will be fishing a tournament on a lake I've never been on in my life, Lake Edward in Crow Wing County.  My boater Nate Steinbauer has been on the lake many times over the years and had a pretty decent pre-fish.  This will be the third time I've been paired with Nate.  I got a limit in both of the previous two. We have got warm/hot stable weather with light winds, but there isn't supposed to be a cloud in the sky tomorrow.  I'm really hoping there will be a topwater bite going on in the reeds;  I guess the lake is acres upon acres of them.  I'll just have to see how it goes.

The rods I'm bringing:
7'6" H LTB (Heavy Jig)
7'4" H Zillion (Jig)
7'4" XH Zillion (Frog)
7'4" H Tatula (Frog/Spinnerbait/Buzzbait)
7'4" H Avid-X (Sprinker Frog)
7'3" MH Lamiglas (Swimbait/Dinger)
7' H Avid (Texas Rig)
7' MH Mojo (ChatterJig)

6' MH Techna AV (Dock/Fluke)

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Full Lake Minnewawa Tournament Report

1st Place my boater Keith Tuma 19lbs 11ozs
The Plan:  Hope that the rice fish were going and that we wouldn't have too much company.

The Day: We blasted off right around 7:30AM and Keith beelined for the SW rice bay.  He was shocked that we were the only boat to come into the bay.  Several boats stopped in the cane and rice outside of the bay.  Keith wondered if we had missed something.  Seeing how nobody else came into the bay, we didn't head right to Breanne's Secret Spot.  We started on a point with arrowhead pads just inside the bay.  Keith had a good bass in the boat in less than 5 minutes of fishing out of the arrowheads.  I had a fish strike at my new just out of the package Bluegrass Mad Maxx and not get it.  Keith put the Power Poles down.  The fish struck at me again but didn't get it.  Several more casts with nothing and the Power Poles came up.  I made a couple casts back and finally the fish committed and it was a solid 2lber (2.62lbs).  We then didn't get a hit for about 20 minutes.  We went in by a dock and Keith got a couple of dinks.  I had a fish hit me in the rice, but not get it.  On about the fourth try the fish nailed Maxx and stole it. Damn pike.
I don't think we got another bite for about half an hour.  As we were in that lull I went to make a cast, but my line got caught in the hook keeper and I slammed Maxx straight down resulting in a catastrophic overrun.  I decided to just switch Maxx onto my X-Heavy Frog Rod, not switch rods and reels.   We came into an area that really held some big fish on Keith's first-day pre-fishing.  The wind made presenting frogs difficult, but Keith got himself a good one.  After he brought that fish in he decided to switch out reel handles on the Revo Rocket.  We then got to an area where we had access to the bank.  Keith got a couple of small bass and I had a couple of fish hit, but not get the frog.  We then got into an area with a little more rice.  I got a couple of dinks on a Yum Dinger, before getting a 1.47lber on Maxx.  I also missed some hits on the Dinger.  We came up to another big bank of rice and Keith got himself another quality fish.  Unfortunately, that was the only one we could raise.  I tried pitching a craw tube and got a couple of pike.

Right around noon, we got to Breanne's Spot.  It wasn't but one or two casts and Keith is bringing in a good one.  It jumped and I'm thinking 5lber.  I got it in the net and we high fived.  A couple minutes later and Keith make a good cull.  I missed a couple of hits from fish that didn't get the frog.  Keith got a couple that didn't help.  I ended up getting a line burner, a few shorts, dropping a decent one that got me in the arrowheads and missing another one in the arrowheads in Breanne's Spot.  I should of had my limit when we left.  We headed back to the first big fish area.  Keith got a couple that didn't help and I got a pike or two.  We were working our way out of the bay when I got another line burner out of the rice on the Frog.  With about 2 Hours left, we left the Rice Bay for some slop on the eastern side of the lake.  Keith got a couple of dinks on docks.

For the last 45 minutes or so we worked docks in the public access bay.  I got lucky and got my big fish (3/11) on a bubblegum Zoom Super Fluke off of a dock.  I got a couple pike as well.  And then time ran out.

Results: My 5 bass weighed 10lbs and put me in 6th Place.  Keith blew everyone away with 19lb 11oz, putting him 5/11 over Nate Steinbauer in 2nd Place.  Keith's big bass went 4/14.  The club really struggled in this one and only 4 limits were brought in.  I'm pretty sure

My Thoughts:  I kind of blew it.  I had the ideal partner for getting a top 3 finish and was on water that held big fish and I just couldn't make it happen.  I didn't even get a limit for goodness sakes.  If only it was a little warmer and the wind was half of what it was I'm pretty sure I would have had a pretty good sack.  The tournament was a day late for that to happen as the weather was ideal on Saturday.  Me deciding not to switch a working reel onto my favorite frog rod was a mistake.

Well, on to the Lake Edward.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Snatchers Lake Minnewawa Tournament Quick Report

It was a tough tournament out on Lake Minnewawa today, not very many limits were caught.  I came up one fish short myself.  I had a freak early in the day catastrophic backlash put my #1 frogging combo out of commission for the day. That combined with the wind made for difficult casting on a day where casting accuracy and proper frog presentation were critical.  In hindsight not switching the X-Heavy Frog rod out for the Heavy, the one with the backlashed reel was a mistake.  My boater Keith Tuma took the time to switch out a reel handle after the first hour and went on to win the tournament and got big bass as well.  I think I came in 6th.     

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Bass Snatchers at Lake Minnewawa Tomorrow

Tomorrow my bass club the Baxter Bass Snatchers are fishing at Lake Minnewawa near McGregor. The club has never held a tournament there in its history so it's pretty much a new lake for everybody.  I liked what I saw when we pre-fished.  It's a slop fisherman's paradise with acres upon acres of rice.  I'm a little nervous about how the cooldown and wind will affect the bass.  Today, the weather was ideal for frog fishing, tomorrow not so much.  I guess we will see.

The rods I'm bringing:
7'4" XH Zillion (Frog)
7'4" H Tatula (Frog)
7'4" H Avid-X (Sprinker)
7'4" H Zillion (Jig)
7'3" MH LTB (Senko/Swimbait)
7'1" MH Tatula (Bladed Jig/Jig)
7' H Avid (Craw Tube)
6' MH Techna AV (Dock Rod: Flukes)

Thursday, June 07, 2018

Snatchers Bay Lake June 2nd

Photo credit: SarahJean Fishing Bay Lake 6/2/18

Conditions: 47-64℉, Cloudy with fog for several hours, light and heavy rain after the first couple of hours, Windy ESE.

The Day:
The guys weren't in a big rush to launch the boats on this blustery foggy morning.  I think we blasted off a minute or two after 7AM.  Chuck took me to his starting spot where a couple of loons were milling around.  Chuck got a couple of small keepers in the boat and a pike or two and a rock bass. I think I got a pike and missed a couple of bites.  After fishing the area for around half an hour or so we moved on.  Chuck got a little turned around in the fog for a second, but quickly got back on track.

We next went to a large weed flat where Tuma and Sarah were fishing.  Chuck said they were on the juice.  I got a couple of pike to start things off on the Pure Poison and Chuck landed a couple of small keepers and a pike or two.  It was pretty clear to me at this point that the bass were not in a chasing mood, so I went to the craw tube.  It wasn't that long and I had my first keeper in the boat, a solid 2.18lb fish.  I quickly followed that up with a 1.71lb bass.  Then it was a pike fest for a while and Chuck filled out his limit with little keepers.  Tuma left.  I noticed a fish swirl on the surface.  I picked up a white Pure Poison/RaZor Shad and got a 1.14lb keeper on it.  We got a few more pike and it started to rain.

We headed South to try some docks.  Chuck got a rock bass.  We headed back North.  I got pike on three consecutive casts on the Pure Poison/Craw Fatty.  I also got 1.21lb and .88lb squeaker along with a few more pike.  We fished along Malkerson Island and got some more pike and a rock bass or two.  We went back to the large weed flat where Bailey/Herman were now fishing. I think Chuck got a couple of bass that didn't help and I got a few pike and missed some bites.  I also had a pike bite off my Texas Rig, so I downsized to 3/16oz sinker from 3/8th.

It started to rain harder just as we headed South and West.  We were fishing an offshore point.  Chuck and I both quickly got a small keeper.  Chuck invited me up to the front deck to fish next to him.  I had a fish pick up my Texas rig, but when I set the hook the fish had dropped it and the rig flew out of the water with the sinker nailing Chuck right in the eye.  I saw the whole thing as it happened, quite scary.  Chuck was in quite a bit of pain for a couple of minutes, but then he recovered fairly quickly after that.  I was a gun shy for a little while after that and missed some bites due to a poor hook-set because of it.

We moved back into the central part of the lake and I got some pike on a Whopper Plopper and Chuck got a small bass off of a dock.  We then went back up to the Northern part of the lake to try the starting spot getting nothing,  Chuck asked me if I had any ideas and I did, which paid off in me getting 2.50lber, my biggest of the day during the heaviest downpour.

We went back to work the large weed flat again.  I missed several fish as they bit on the upswing of my jigging motion.  Also caught a few more pike.

We tried a spot over by Chuck's starting spot and I got a very minor cull along with a rock bass and a pike or two.  We tried his starting spot one last time and then the day was done.  It quit raining during the last hour or so.

The Results:
My Fish weighted 10lbs 1ozs, which put me in 14th Place out of 28 anglers.  I jumped 2 places due to some anglers getting to the weigh-in a bit late.  Chuck had 9/14 and finished right behind me in 15th. Jim Smith won with 13/10 and Dave Branum caught a 5/01 hawg for "Lunker".

Thoughts: Both Chuck and I just didn't put enough two-pound fish in the boat.  One more 2lber would have jumped me into the top 10 and another one probably Top 6.

Final Results:


Saturday, June 02, 2018

Bay Lake Quick Report

Man, that was a super soaker tournament.  Thankfully, the forecasted thunderstorms never materialized, but boy did it rain.  I learned that if ever rain is in the forecast that I should bring an extra pair of socks and shoes to put in the car.  Driving home with dry feet sure would have been nice.  I only managed to get two two pounders in the boat, which was one more than my boater Chuck Steinbauer had, so I managed to beat him by a couple of ounces.  That is the first time I've beaten him out of 5 tournaments fished together.  I'll call this tournament a win for that reason.  My 10lb bag will hopefully put me in the top half of 28 guys, but if past tournaments are any indication I'll land on the bottom half of that line.  I'll have my full report sometime after the official results are released. 

Friday, June 01, 2018

Bass Snatchers at Bay Lake Tomorrow

My tournament year kicks off tomorrow at Bay Lake.  It's supposed to be cool, windy, and wet.  Hopefully, it will turn the bass on because when we pre-fished it on Tuesday in hot, windy, and dry conditions the bass were not exactly on fire.  My boater is Chuck Steinbauer, so I'm confident I'll be around fish all day.  If Bay Lake tradition holds getting 2lb fish is golden.

Here are the rods I'm bringing:
7'4" H Tatula (Frog Rod) (Not likely to be used, but one never knows)
7'2" H Tatula (Jig Rod)
7'2" MH Tatula (Bladed Jigs/Topwater/ Spinnerbaits)
7' H Avid Craw Tubes
7' MHM Mojo (Bladed Jigs)
6'10" MH Crucial (Buzzbait/Spinnerbait/Swimbait)
6'8" M Avid (Topwater)

6' MH Techna AV (Dock Rod/Flukes/Dingers)

Friday, May 25, 2018

Bass Opener Tomorrow

Bass season opens in a few hours.  There is going to be a 16 boat tournament on Platte/Sullivan and a couple of Snatcher boats are fishing it.  I sure hope those guys have the bass more figured out than I do right now.  I am going to do my normal routine, start by fishing from shore at the GOMH around 5AM then head out in the Trophy when the fish quit or people show up.  I think I'm going to head to the river first thing and see if anybody is fishing there. 

Good Luck Tomorrow!

Friday, May 18, 2018

Steve Got His First Ever MN State Fish Tonight

18" on an Ultimate Jerk Shad (Crackle)
4.78lbs Jerk Shad (Crackle)
Goal Achieved on 5-18-18
 The wind was supposed to blow out of the SE this evening instead it diminished and was out of the South, bummer.  But with the way the weather was, I thought the eyes would really be snapping anyway.  I don't think 4 eyes between the two of us counts as snapping, but I'll take it.  Steve might have had a couple of hits in a Rippin' Rap as well.  We would have undoubtedly caught more, but that stupid 10PM night ban cut us off as they started to bite and Steve figured out what they wanted.  No bugs at all.  Such a pity we couldn't fish until 11 or midnight.  Too bad, I didn't suggest stopping at the Grumpy Old Man Hole before I took him home as there was practically nobody there when I went to check it on my way home.  I didn't fish it either, doh.

Good job, Steve!   

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Trophy Is In the Water for 2018

We dumped the Trophy into Sullivan Lake around 7:30PM tonight. I wanted to fish the Sullivan Platte River Outlet (SPRO) area so I put in at the NE Sullivan Access.  Everything worked, but the jury is out on pretty much everything about the trolling motor (battery, pull cord, and the trolling motor itself); It worked fine for tonight, but it was dead calm.
15.25" Teckel Sprinker Frog
I caught my first fish on the real Teckel Sprinker Frog Tonight. My frogging skills are a bit rusty as I caught 3 fish out of about 15 blow ups or follows between the Sprinker, Zoom Horny Toad, and Mad Maxx.
Sunset over the Platte River Outlet
Last years rice beds in the SPRO are thicker than I would prefer, basically, treble hook topwaters and buzzbaits are out in this part of the lake. I will be back and better prepared next time.

But that won't be tomorrow most likely.  East wind

Monday, May 14, 2018

Sun/Mon At Eddy's Jetty

24.5"/4.93lb Grass Pig
11:45PM-3:30AM Eddy's Jetty
Conditions: 50's, Clear, No Wind, Water Level Low and Clear
My arsenal tonight
I was pleasantly surprised to see no ice at Eddy's.  The low clear water made for some awesome fish viewing.  I went to the North Jetty harbor mouth.   There were suckers and walleyes swimming together in the harbor.  On my first cast, I had a small pike follow the grass pig.  Also, a small dogfish checked it out.  On about my fifth cast, I got the 24 incher.  I thought this could be good.  It wasn't.  I was about to give up at 1:30AM when I got another eye on the Grass Pig.
18" Grass Pig
The rest of the night was spent watching fish not bite.  Saw a couple of ski's dozens of suckers and many eyeballs swimming around.  When I was packing to leave a SW breeze came up.  I didn't think it would turn them on and I needed a break, so I went home.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

The Dock Is In

Todd and Mallory came up today and Todd did some needed work to reinforce the dock.  After that was done.  Dad and I came down and we put the dock in.  Steve and Kim's help wasn't even really needed. Turns out all that is needed is one person, a level bar, and the rolling pipes underneath once the dock is at the bottom of the hill, easy peasy.