Saturday, March 14, 2009

Elite Series Battle on the Border Amistad Day 3

Catch the Bass Zone Wide Open Broadcasts today 10-Noon.

The Legend is reporting that Niggemeyer and Ike are fishing right on top of each other. Within 30 feet of each other. Niggemeyer fishing with baitcasting gear and Ike with spinning gear with both fishing vertically.

Conditions: Windy NE to 15mph and sparce cloud cover

Saw Steve Kennedy drop-shotting. He had 1 small fish and broke off 4 using 6lb test.

Boat traffic is light for a Saturday.

Heard Gary Klien is struggling so far.

Apparently yesterday Jami Fralick took off without his rods in the boat.

Water Temp 56.1 main lake.

Legend Just saw Aaron Martens fly up to the area Niggemeyer and Ike are in take a look and then take off again.

They think most anglers are on the Texas side and with the way the wind is, the Mexican side is getting beat up.

Doesn't seem to be a whole lot of boat movement.

Legend says the Marshals in Ike and Niggemeyers boats are talking to each other but Ike and Niggemeyer are not.

Niggemeyer has 4 and lost a big one that broke him off.

Legend is now on Kevin Short- Kevin just caught a 3lber or so on a swim bait. He did not cull. He has 3 fish as of 11:30am Central.

Looks like it is clouding up a bit on the water rather than clearing out.

They didn't answer my question about whether or not Marshals are allowed video camera's.

Now watching Skeet Reese who gave the Legend a thumbs down. Is covering a lot of water. Not a whole lot of boat traffic.

Legend tells story about hitting seagull on Champlain after report that Bill Lowen got hit by a bird yesterday.

Now with Todd Faircloth, who is struggling today but does have a limit. He is now fishing a big swimbait (1:10pm Central)

Rumors are that the fishing has gotten tougher today. Lots of boats are running and gunning. Wind about 10mph so it is not as strong as it was in the morning.

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