Thursday, March 12, 2009

I Won, I Won!!!

Actually this is kind of old news that I am just reporting now. Over at The Bassholes Bulletin Board they had 4 Contests for forum participants about the Bassmasters Classic. There was a guess the weight contest, guess the winner contest, and two separate guess the top 12 contests. As luck would have it I won both of the top 12 contests. In one of the contests I won a jig or two. In the other contest I struck gold.

The big prize is a large Reaction Strike spook signed by most of the top finishing Pro's in the 2009 Bassmasters Classic.

In case you can't tell the lure is signed by Classic Champ Skeet Reese, 2nd place finisher Mike Ike, 2008 Classic Champ Alton Jones, 2007 Classic Champ Boyd Duckett and 2009 Classic Top 25 anglers Dave Wolak, Kelly Jordan, Aaron Martens, Kevin Wirth, Terry Fitzpatrick, Brian Schmidt, Casey Ashley, Greg Hackney, Greg Pugh and Edwin Evers. I haven't received the lure yet so there may be a couple more.
Here is the total package of things that I won:

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BassFishingDem said...

Pretty sweet. I noticed it at one point and wondered why you hadn't posted anything. Can't really remember why I was browsing their site. Must have been searching for something. Anyway, congrats.