Sunday, April 29, 2007

Guntersville/ Norman Final Day

GOMH Fishing Report...

Dogfish News: From Bass Fishing Home PageTM-Can Bowfin bite off 40lb Power Pro Line?

Tournament News: I am watching the Guntersville Live Leaderboard on-line.

And the winner is KVD! He lands 25-5 to take it all. Way to go Kevin!

G-ville BassFan Story...

G-ville BassZone Story...

Congrats to Larry Nixon on his FLW Lake Norman Win!

BassFan Norman Story...

Fantasy Bass Fishing Notes:
BASS G-Ville:
BP 1
rocks with KVD and Horton 12=Total Pts 426 for 221 place thats a 145 place up grade. #1 in MN Fantasy Bass League.

BP Boys do OK with Jordan 6th and Miyazaki 7th=Total points 346 for 2229th place, 16 spot upgrade, #10 MN Fantasy Bass League.

FLW Norman:

Name, Norman Pts, place, Overall place
1 Bp's Mommy 850, 60, 566
2 Bass Pundit 1 705, 1695, 647
3 BPObro 683, 1990, 208
4 BP's Dad 651, 2731, 1333
5 Schmenzig Bassmen 634, 2552,1249
6 Minnesocold BP's Boys 609, 2745, 606
7 Cyb'sBboys 541, 3004, 1142

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Guntersville 2/ Norman 3/GOMH Report

Morning Fishing Report: I got up at 5:30 and headed to the GOMH. Don W. was there already, but he hadn't gotten anything. I managed to get skunked, but I missed a few bites and had a jumpin bullhead. Don caught one Silver and a bunch of little oranges on waxies. By 7am, I had enough and left. Two guys arrived at the same time as me that fished the NE side and were catching some kind of bullhead over there.

GEM outing at Rush Lake... Nobody told the BP about it. Oh well doesn't look like they needed me.

Evening Fishing Report: I headed to the GOMH at 6:30. The SE side was open, so I took that. Once again, Lee Ander was there with family, and Willard was on sight too. Lewis appeared later, so all the Grumpy Old Men were accounted for. There was lots of coming and goings on this night, and boats were fishing both sides (N&S) of the GOMH. I started out fishing with maggies and a glow Cubby Mini-mite. It was slow at first, but as the night progressed, the action got faster. My first fish was an orange bullhead, followed by a small jumpin bullhead.
I missed several bites but eventually got dialed into a zone to the East of the current. Around 7:30, I got my first Silver which I gave to Lee Ander. About 20 minutes later, I had another Crappie on and missed it at the bridge. I was sporadically hooking several oranges by now. I then caught a couple more silvers, switched to minnows, and got hit immediately 3 times catching 2 nice fish. After another silver or two, I had one on that collided with the weeds, and my line broke. I switched to a glow Ratso with a big hook and kept working minnows; I got my last two silvers on this.
All in all, I went home with 7, having released a few small ones and given 1 to Lee Ander. It was a nice night to be out, 75 degrees, slight SW wind. I did as well as anybody because the SW side was not fast and furious with the silvers.

Tournament News:
Basszone On the Water Blog...

April 27 Tour Notes and Blog SMG... Jay Yelas has a great big fish story.

G-Ville day 2 Bassfan Story...

BassZone G-ville day 2 story...

BassFan Big Stick John Murray G-ville...

Norman FLW BassFan Story...

Fantasy Bass Fishing Notes:
BASS G-Ville: Both Teams have 2 anglers in the top 12 KVD & Horton, Miyazaki, and Jordan. Mason was a no-point stinker for BP1. IKE rallied and got points on the board for BP boys. The success of this tournament hinges upon those top 12 performances tomorrow.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Guntersville 1/Norman 2

Fishing Report 4/27/07: I got one measly orange bullhead, missed a few bites; I fished the SE side for most of the night with maggots. I think I should have saved some of the dead minnows I threw away when I first got to the GOMH. Lee Ander and Willard were there with 1 of Lee Anders sons and two grandsons. They caught silver bullheads and jumpin bullheads. It was pretty slow for the most part.

Dad and I are gonna get up early tommorrow and give it a try, with minnows.

Tournament News:

Basszone On the Water Blog Gunterville...

BassZone G-ville day 1 story...

BassFan G-ville day 1 story...

BassFan Norman day 2 story...

Fantasy Bass Fishing Notes:
G-Ville BASS

BP1: has KVD in 3rd but the rest of the line up isn't that great.

BP boys: Duckett and Miyazake in the top 10 the rest not so great. IKE in 82nd, Ouch!

FLW Norman:
1 Bp's Mommy 856
2 Bass Pundit 1 705
3 BPObro 683
4 BP's Dad 657
5 Schmenzig Bassmen 634
6 Minnesocold BP's Boys 609
7 Cyb'sBboys 541

Overall it was a good moving day for the posse with all teams increasing in points except BP's Obro.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Elite Guntersville/FLW Norman Day 1

Fishing Report 4/26/07: Got to the GOMH after 7PM. There were 6 guys on the SW side including Lee Ander and Don W. was fishing the SE side. Someone on the SW side caught a dogfish just as I arrived. Shortly after that Don nailed a silver bullhead. I took up a spot where the dogfish had been thrown at the W end of the SW side. I managed to catch a few orange bullheads including a nice keeper I gave to Lee Ander. I also got 1 small perch. Eventually the guys to the east of me started busting silvers. I was shut out until a couple of guys left. I stayed long into the darkness (10PM) and only managed 2 silvers and an actual bullhead. There was no bite after dark to speak of. Don went home with 10 and got 6 on the SE side. He said he missed quite a few fish. The guy immediately to my left for most of the night was catching orange bully's on waxies and a small jig. He missed a dogfish and eventually managed to catch 4-5 silvers. After everyone left I threw the still alive dogfish back in the water.

Tournament News: In case you haven't heard day 1 of the Elite Guntersville was cancelled due to the threat of severe weather. As it turned out I don't think the weather was that bad, but I agree with the decision, better safe than not.

FLW Norman Day 1 BassFan Story...

BassZone Norman Day 1 Story...

BassFan Big Stick John Murray at G-ville...

BassFan Big stick Jay Yelas at Norman

Fantasy Bass Fishing Notes:
FLW w/the Posse: Nearly half the field (95 anglers) is within 5 pounds of the lead.
This note from BassFan shows just how important Day 2 is going to be. The vast majority of the posse picks are in 1st 100 anglers (15) with 8 of those in the top 50. The best pick so far is Brent Ehrler in 17th and the worst pick is Wendlandt in 174th.

Here how it shakes out:
1 Bp's Mommy 782
2 BPObro 713
3 Bass Pundit 1 695
4 BP's Dad 598
5 Minnesocold BP's Boys 588
6 Schmenzig Bassmen 523
7 Cyb'sBboys Mike Thompson 459

All in all a mediocre Day 1, but since the weights are so compacted there is room for a great deal of movement on day 2.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

GOMH Fishing Report, More "Bacon"

Fishing Report 4/25/07: I made an early trip to the GOMH from 3:30 to 5:30. GOM Lee Ander was there with two other guys. 1 of those guys was fishing the SE side in a boat, and he caught several bullheads on a large twister tail. The guy to the west of me tangled with a couple of bullheads. I tangled with a couple of bullheads, catching a small one. Lee Ander caught a 4lb plus bullhead on a waxie and jig. He also missed an orange bully. At about 4:45, Willard arrived and started talking more about "bacon." At 5:30, I went over to get Jenny for the fish fry.

After the fish fry, dad and I hit the GOMH, arriving around 7:15. It was 60 degrees and dead calm. The silver bullheads were just starting to hit. It was our good fortune that Willard had started fishing, thus effectively saving the SW side for us to fish. The silver bullheads were hitting good tonight, nice and steady; I helped five different people fill out limits, including GOM Lee Ander and Willard. I also threw several (4-5) silvers back. Dad's bobber was barely visible on the surface or was just beneath the surface. Dad missed several fish. Fish were hitting on waxies for Lee Ander and minnows for everyone else. I used both maggies and minnows; some of the minnows were dead ones. The later it got, the more the fish seemed to prefer minnows. We quit fishing when everyone had their limit; it was dark, but I could still see my bobber. All in all, it was a lot of fun at the GOMH tonight.

Lee Ander told me that the channel by the golf course on Mille Lacs was giving up big crappies from 5-7pm. The main body of ML is still a sheet of ice.

Fantasy Bass Fishing Notes: I finished my lineup for Norman and Guntersville, did YOU?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Good Evening at the GOMH (GOM Willard "Bacon" Night)

Fishing Report: Headed to the GOMH at 6:20PM. There were three anglers fishing the SW side. Also at the GOMH was grumpy old man Willard. If he said bacon once, he said it a hundred times over the evening.

Since the SW side was covered with anglers I took the not nearly as nice to fish from SE side. In the first hour I fought two big bullheads but they both jumped me off by slightly bending the cubby hook out. The first hook up was at least a 4lber that jumped numerous times. A lady fishing the SW side said if I gave her the bass to keep, she would give me a couple of brewski's. I think she was half kidding, but then again maybe not.

I landed my first fish, which was a 2lb jumpin bullhead after I had been there about an hour. I was fishing a busted Cubby body with a minnow. I landed two more jumpin bullheads, a 2 and then a 3lber. About 8PM the people on the SW side started getting some action with orange bullheads then by 8:20 some silvers started showing up. I caught an unlucky break when a slimmer broke my line sending my Wing-It bobber into Sullivan Lake. However soon after that my luck changed because the guy and the girl fishing the SW side caught enough fish and packed it up. I immediately took their place.

For the next 20 minutes or so I proceeded to whack and stack silver bullheads on Dad's set up from last night (Chart flu flu and a minnow). Another guy showed up while the action was hot and he immediately started catching them too. As it was starting to get pretty dark the 1st guy left and the action slowed. I put on my lighted bobber and got about 4 more fish. The action slowed the darker it got. I got my last couple of fish on another set up with a Glow Demon. All in all I kept 9 (see pic) and released 3-5.

Word on the street is that Santa Claus Don woke up early and smacked em good in the morning around 6am. He said he also got a 5lb jumpin bullhead.

Classic Bass Pundit: Goings on at GOMH

April 2006 Fishing Log Blog archives...

April 2005 Fishing Log Blog archives...

More Closed Season Vigilanteism at Targeting Bass before they are open (Duffman takes a shot at the BP in his post) and Lawbreakers

Hey Duffman, in case you aren't paying attention, I actually do fish for Dogfish. I am the 2004 and 2006 Minnesota Bowfin Club Grand Champion. I will try and repeat again this year. I think I may have missed a my first doggy of the season the other night. FYI I was fishing for Crappies at the time.

Fishing With Dad at the GOMH

Fishing Report 4/23: It was a nice night of fishing with my Dad at the Grumpy Old Man Hole. There were 2 Grumpy old men (Lee Ander and his brother Lewis). Dad had quite the time chatting with Lee Ander. The weather was a mild 60 degrees with a slight breeze out of the west. We arrived at the GOMH around 6 pm, and several trucks were parked. I thought we would get shut out of the good spot, but as it turned out, only Lee Ander was fishing, and he wasn't catching anything. Dad and I headed down to the SW shore of the GOMH and set up shop.

Dad had a yellow flu flu with a minnow, and I was fishing a white Cubby Mini-mite. Things were slow for the first hour, with Dad missing a couple of bigger fish, probably bass. Eventually, I gave in and tipped my jig with a minnow, and after about 15 minutes, I reeled in a jumpin bullhead of about 15 inches. Not long after, Dad tied into the Jumpin Bullhead in the first picture. It was about 16 inches. I had a fish steal my minnow and Cubby tail. At about 7:45, Dad landed the first silver bullhead. I had a problem with my rod tangled, and before you knew it, Dad had landed three fat specs. When I got my rod situation straightened out, Dad lost his bobber for the 2nd time. This time the bobber was out in current and went bye-bye; we were able to retrieve the bobber the first time it came off. I let Dad use my rod while I rigged his pole. Around the time I was getting Dad's pole ready, our friend Don Weinmeister showed up. Don was using waxies and started catching Silver and Orange bullheads straight away. Dad and I were still catching them but not as fast as Don. I eventually switched to maggies, and the bite for me picked up a little bit between the silver and orange bullheads. The bite was steady until it got too dark for me to see my bobber. We brought home 11 silvers and 1 orange, with a few small silvers and oranges released. Don managed to get 9 silvers. A guy came to fish just as we left; it was quite dark by then.

The Suckers: Stopped by the Rum River, where it runs into Shakopee lake. The suckers are running thick and spawning like crazy. It was a cool site.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Clarks Hill Day Final

Fishing Report: The GOMH comes alive in a steady rain. Windy out of the north pushing current through. I started it off with 11 jumpin bullheads and 1 marble eye bullhead. Then I caught 6 orange bullheads and 5 silver bullheads as it got dark. I fished until I couldn't see my bobber anymore. And that is why I have been showing up every night since ice out.

Mike McClelland Wins! Congrats!!! on the water blog.

BassFan Story...

BassZone Story...

Fantasy Fishing Notes: Clarks Hill was not kind the BP teams. I dropped Ish, Martens and Roumbains For Kriet, Ike, and Williamson. 243 was the average score at Clarks Hill both teams were below that standard.

BP 1: Dropped 149 places overall with 221pts to put me in 366th. Dropped to 2nd in MN Fantasy Bass League.

BPboys: Only mustered 208 pts dropped to 12th in MN Fantasy Bass League and down to 2245 Overall which is a drop of 686 places. Ouch!

In Super 6 pick'em BP 1 blanked and the BPboys scored all of 4 points. The worst showing of the year by far. BP 1 wasn't even close.

Cool Site: Toyota Fishing Team

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Clarks Hill Elite Day 3

Fishing Report: Caught a pike at the GOMH, nothing at the Rock Dock. Saw loons on Rock.

BassZone on the water blog... Sounds like it's tough out there today.

BassFan Day 3 story...

BassZone Day 3 Story...

Fantasy Notes:
Bass Pundit 1: Poor tournament. Best angler Lintner in 16th. 221Points dropped nearly 100 places to 312.

BPboys: Need Ashley to rally, he's dropped to 6th.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Clarks Hill Day 2

Fishing Report: Skunked, nothing at the GOMH not even a Grumpy Old Man; fished it in the afternoon and dusk. Two boats at the GOMH, nothing.
Rock Dock zero.
Got bites from a minnow at Bulldog Outlet.

Basszone On the Water Blog...

Clarks Hill Real-Time Leaderboard
Kriet sacks 13-15
KVD sacks 14-12 hopefully this will mean some fantasy upward mobility, however it looks like weights are up today for everyone just about. Still Early

Bassfan Day 2 story...

BassZone Day 2 story...

BassFan Big Stick John Murray misses $10,000 by an ounce...

SMG Tour Notes and Blog...

Fantasy Bass Fishing Notes:
Bass Pundit 1 Kennedy sucked 83rd, KVD moved up to 55th so he's out of the cut, Lintner dropped 1 spot, Kriet up 14 to 39th, Williamson up 12 to 34th.

BPboys: Rough day Ike dropped 30places, Hite dropped 34 places no limit bonus no points, Kennedy 83rd, Ashley drops 2, Williamson is only gainer. BAD DAY!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Platte/Sullivan Ice Free & More

Platte/Sullivan ICE FREE!
Rock Lake Ice Free

Let the Dogfish chase begin!!!!
Got my first fish of the 2007 Open water season today. It was a 17" Larry Bass from the Rock Dock on lure X. Nothing happening at the GOMH yet.

Weather: Mid 60's breezy out of the SE.

Clarks Hill Elite Real-Time Leaderboard...

Basszone Clarks Hill on the water blog day 1...

BassFan Clarks Hill Day 1 Story...

BassFan Big Stick John Murray Day 1...

BassZone Day 1 story...

Fantasy Notes:
Bass Pundit 1 DISASTER KVD 4 fish 82nd, Kennedy 86th Total Points for the day 127! Lintner in 17th is best angler.

Minnesocold BP Boys: Picked day 1 leader Casey Ashley so that alone saves this team. Right now the average score for all players is only 158. After Ashley it is down hill fast: IKE 34, Williamson 46 no limit bonus, Hite 50, Kennedy 86. I need Ashley to hold on.

Hopefully Day 1 don't mean Jack Squat! except for Ashley

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ice Check: Bulldog Ice Free
Long Ice Free
Rock 80% Ice Free
Platte 70-80% Ice Free
Sullivan 60% Ice Free

Stopped at the Rock public access to do some fishing. The ramp has been fixed and the dock was out. Also fished the GOMH, nothing. Platte Lake public access dock out even though there were ice bergs all around it. Sullivan NE public access dock not in.

BP archives April 2005...

BP archives April 2006...

BP Clarks Hill Fantasy Rosters Picked.

Bassfan Bigstick John Murray on Clarks Hill...

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Weather, Notes, and Whiners

Weather: Sunny and 65. Nice! Allergies were bugging the heck out of me this afternoon. AhhhhChoo! Eyes watering to tears and nose running like a faucet. I finally gave in and took a generic Claritin and now I am Caritin Clear.

Picked up the 2007 fishing licence today, I was going to get it yesterday but both of the local bait shops closed up before 6PM and so I couldn't get it. Today I also ordered a pair of Cocoons Sunglasses from Bass Pro Shops (Thanks Steve and Kim for the gift card). This spring I have been unable to find any of the three pairs of amber polarized Sunglasses that I wore last summer. I believe Cocoons used to be called Fitovers. I had a pair of Fitovers and loved them, then I lost them sometime last year, so it will be nice to have a new pair. I also discovered where the propane Coleman Lantern was plus a 5 gallon bucket/livewell for Spring time Crappies; Yeah for me!

On the down side, my boat mechanic (aka BP's Dad) informed me that I won't be able to use the Trophy (the boat I use) until he inspects and probably does something to fix the transom. I am not totally sure what he thinks is wrong. There is a spot on the back port corner of the boat were there is some cracking on the top of the boat. It doesn't look serious to me, but what do I know. I'm not even sure if that is what Dad is concerned with. With the trophy out of commission I will be forced to use the "Slop Slip" (10' Coleman Crawdad Jon Boat). Out of the slop slip I would probably try some Spring Crappie fishing at Bulldog, something I've not done before.

At the armchair anglers patrol is out in full force whining about the suspected "targeting" of out of season fish. I look forward to this annual rite of Spring that is the armchair angler patrol crying their eyes out till they are red in the face and steam comes out of their ears about anglers who they suspect of "targeting" out of season fish.

This weekend I sat and watched a boat fish for "slabs" with their plugs. They caught fish after fish and were having a ball...yet not ONE that was the "right" fish. When I finally called them on it "Oh, we are just fishing for big slabs".
At least some people are giving the offending anglers the benefit of the doubt.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Weather: Today was a beautiful 70 degrees and sunny. Now that's what I'm talking about. This evening we even got a bonus thundershower.

Ice Check: Tonight I headed out to do my first open water fishing of the year. First I headed to the Grumpy Old Man Hole (GOMH) and the water there has opened up considerably on the Sullivan Side all the way to the Platte River Outlet (Pro) and well into the "Crossroads." There were several acres of water on the Platte Side. Water Level is decent and current was running at a moderate clip under the bridge. No Grumpy old man sightings or bullheads to report; It shouldn't be long now for either. I am guessing that the ice will be off Platte and Sullivan by the weekend. I did hear a loon calling. Cool!

Bulldog: I would say this lake is now 1/8th ice-free especially at the access and south end. I would guess Bulldog will be ice-free Wed. the 18th.

Rock: At the rock access the ice has receded a good 40 feet from shore all along the west side of the lake. I threw a few casts here as well, but no luck. I'm guessing Wed. or Thurs. for ice out.

Remember those Fantasy Bass Fishing rosters with the Clarks Hill Elite this week!

I guess this is a kind of Bassin Blog: The Brushpile Here is an excerpt:

I Never Fish For Spawners!-I love this comment made by those "holier than thou," when it comes to tournaments where bed fishing may be a factor. Arizona Pro, Mark Kile once said something to me in an interview that has left a lasting impression on me. "If you fish for bass in the months of February through May, you are fishing for spawners. It is an activity that consumes their entire life for that Springtime period."

I guess the moral of that story is that if you find it "beneath you" to fish for spawning bass, then you shouldn't go fishing during that three month period because even if a fish is eating, it is doing so to support itself for the spawning cycle. Pre spawn is for gaining the energy it will take to go through the ordeal, the spawn is the actual "bed fishing phase," and post-spawn is where the bass tries to regain it's energy after the dropping of four pounds worth of eggs or fighting off enemy Blue Gil, round the clock for several weeks. It is all part of spawning.

You can add June to the time frame because a lot of bass spawn in June in Minnesocold.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Weather: Spring had to start making itself known again and now it has. Temps today were near 60F and the sun makes it feel even warmer. The weather is supposed to be like this for the forseeable future. I will be checking out lakes tomorrow and hope to be on open water by next weekend.

BassFan Toyota Texas Bass Classic Day 2...

Sean Hoernke blog has some new news...


BP vs Cyberfish Labor Day Weekend Mille Lacs. For Full Story Click Here!

Friday, April 13, 2007

The Professional Anglers Association (PAA) is having the Toyota Texas Bass Classic on Lake Fork Texas this week. The tournament has a unique format in that the fishermen are put into teams of 4 and their fate is decided by the output of the whole team.

More information on the TTBC including leaderboad here...

BassFan Day 1 Coverage TTBC...

I kind of don't like the team fishing format, it's a little bit hard to follow. Maybe they should of had two man teams and that would have made it easier to follow.

Nobody makes a Berkeley prototype like Rapala!!...
More Classic Basspastor from archives, this from 04/17/01 on the topic of bass closed season angling.

The Basspastor says there is a fine line here between the sin'en and grin'en. I think fishing soft plastic worms, big tubes, and bass jigs are a no no and yes you could get flagged by the DNR. These are plain and simply bass baits where a pike or walleye on them would be an incidental catch. Crankbaits, spinnerbaits, walleye and crappie size grubs, beetle spins, and the like however can be primary baits for the other species. Which reminds me of a story from an opener a few years back. I was fishing weed flats with a spinner bait and floating Rap for pike. Naturally I was catching as many if not more bass then pike. The lake has a much larger bass population than pike pop. Anyway, I was working my way down the flat when some guy on a dock starts harassing me about how bass season doesn't begin for another couple of weeks. This guy wouldn't stop and was being a jerk. I proceeded down the way without saying anything back. Later that night while fishing another weed flat I caught a 10lb pike on the same floating rap that this guy was yelling at me about. On this same flat the same night I was throwing a muskie size spinnerbait and could not keep the bass off it. Go figure. I have seen and caught some big pike on opener or the week after using a bass sized spinnerbait or rapala. IN fact in the last few years I have caught a fair number of pike over 7lbs and the majority have all been on bass size lures (Crankbaits, Spinnerbaits)
Follow up post:
My last post reminded me of another opener from a few years ago, but this time it was the bass opener. The weather was cool and cloudy and I was on a new lake. Naturally, I was after bass, primarily throwing bass soft plastics. What I found was Pike everywhere with a bass here and there. That day had I wanted I could have caught more than a hundred pike and I think I ended up catching more than 40 as it was. I ended up catching and releasing about ten bass. Go figure (Redux)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Me On Trophy MN Bass & Mille Lacs Report from 2002

BP Tourny HQ: Fishers of Men Mille Lacs 02...

Today I went deep into the archives just to look and see what was there. It was amazing to see how many of the original people who used that board were banned and now are listed as annonymous. Ahh the memories. For instance this post on a thread about a big bass:

Yes I would certify a 22" as a big/trophy class fish. Almost no doubt it was over 6lb.
Here's how I score em.
18" Nice Bass
19" Big Bass
20" Hawg
21" Trophy Size
22" Huge Fish
23" Get it weighed possible State Record
24" This could be the magic 10, definitely get it weighed.

PS I'm going with legitimate length: mouth closed tail pinched nose against measuring board. To hold a fish next to a ruler can be deceiving if one isn't careful.

[This message has been edited by Basspastor (edited 07-24-2002).]

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Weather: The promised snow storm is taking a more southernly track, so we are only supposed to get an inch or two of snow tonight and tommorrow. Personally, I think we might as well have got whacked because we need the precipitation up here. The weather is supposed to get nice next week, that is a relief. I'm getting itchy to go after those doggies and pannies.

From the archives of

Cyberfish vs. Basspastor

Cyberfish vs. Basspastor 2004 Ice to get the full flavor you have to open the links towards the bottom of the page 1 by 1.

Note: Anonymous is FM euphimism for the Banned Pastor. "The Banned Pastor" is a Classic Bass Pundit blog, a must read for all BP readers.

Bassfan world ranking analysis...

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

The coldest April Easter in Minnesocold since the 1950's. Yeah! We are supposed to get another snow storm on Tues. Yeah! I watched some dude from Iowa win the Masters. Yeah!


Friday, April 06, 2007

A year ago today Platte Lake was ice free and I was one happy camper. Today Platte lake is covered in snow and ice is forming or getting thicker. The past couple of days and next couple of days are going to be and have been miserable; High winds and temps in the mid twenties. says the weather should change for the better LATE NEXT WEEK! $%^&$ %%*&%$. At this rate ice off won't be until at least the 20th of April. The latest the ice has gone out since I moved up here was the 10th.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Yuck! It is snowing like crazy today, 6plus inches. The temps are supposed to be down in the low to mid 30's for the next three days. Sure we could use the precipitation, but did it have to be like this?

BassFan World Rankings...

Here's the dish on Minnesocold open water.

I found this BassFan Dock Talk interesting:
Santee-Clear comparison 4/3/2007
Just about every Bassfan knows by now that Steve Kennedy broke Preston Clark's BASS 4-day weight record at the recent Clear Lake Bassmaster Elite Series. Clark set the standard of 115-15 a year ago at South Carolina's Santee Cooper, and Kennedy shattered it with 122-14 over the weekend in California.

Here are a few more numbers comparisons between the two tournaments:

> Day 1 limits – 83 out of 102 anglers at Santee Cooper, 108 out of 108 at Clear Lake.
> Check weight (Top 50 after 2 days) – 39-07 at Santee Cooper, 41-11 at Clear Lake.
> Cut weight (Top 12 after 3 days) – 72-04 at Santee Cooper, 74-11 at Clear Lake.
> 25-pound-plus bags on day 1 – 15 at Santee Cooper, 19 at Clear Lake.
> Winner's best bag – 39-06 at Santee Cooper, 40-07 at Clear Lake.
> 100th-place weight (2 days) – 13-13 at Santee Cooper, 31-02 at Clear Lake.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Lakes Check: Today I got out to take a look at the ice conditions on Platte, Sullivan, Rock, and Bulldog. First stop was at the Platte/Sullivan channel; just as I thought this area has openned up a fair amount into Sullivan. It looked as if the water level was extremely low. I then went to Bulldog which is pretty much all iced up and not as dark as one would hope. Then I went to the Rock Lake access which got pushed up this winter; I am not sure if a boat could be launched over the big bump in the ramp or not. I will contact the DNR tommorrow to let them know about the problem. There was a little ice pull away from the shore at Rock, but the lake looks to be locked up for a while yet. My last stop was at Platte Lake which is still looking quite white as well even though there was some ice away from the shore. From our place it looked like the water levels on Platte are about back to normal. All in all it looks like it could be a while before we get open water in this area, especially with the cold weather predicted for this week. :(

Updated Angler of the Year Standings...

Sean Hoernke FLW Tour Fort Loudoun/Tellico Recap...

Team Lucky Craft Journal Cal Delta...

Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Weather: Unfortunatly Spring is taking a few steps back this week. Even so I am guessing that Platte/Sullivan and Rock may have ice out by next weekend. I have not seen the lakes to judge them, but my guess is that the warm rain this weekend has really had an effect. It won't be long now...

Yesterday saw some of the worst media photo coverage of the Elite Series. I have been unable to find a picture of Steve Kennedy's full 40lb bag and no pictures at all of Tim Horton's 12-1 giant. BOO! Update I found pictures! See Yesterday's blog.

Mark Davis wins Ft. Loudoun–Tellico FLW Tour by 2-11 over Dave Lefbre. Also congratulations to Keith Williams, who I've fished with here in Minnesocold, on a 3rd Place Finish.
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Posse Results Ft. Loudoun–Tellico & Overall pts and place:
1 Minnesocold BP's Boys 767 688thplace 1552pts 251thPlace
2 Cyb'sBboys 755 790thplace 1490pts 459thplace
3 Schmenzig Bassmen 752 817thplace 1372pts 1115thplace
4 BPObro 747 879thplace 1602pts 121thplace
5 Bp's Mommy 645 2066thplace 1321pts 1428thplace
6 Bass Pundit 1 611 2411thplace 1447pts 699thplace
7 BP's Dad 524 3110thplace 1338pts 1329thplace
Not exactly a great showing for any posse member, everybody was headed backwards pretty much.

Elite Clear Lake: Basszone Blog from the Water...

The Fat Lady has sung at Clear Lake and it's Steve "Yes he is on BP1 and BP boys rosters" Kennedy who has won and set a new Bass four day tournament record with 122-14 a full 5-8 better than Skeet. Kennedy notched the days big bag for the 2nd day in a row, chock up the bonus points baby!
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Clear Lake Fantasy Bass Results
Minnesocold BPboys: 614 7thplace MN Fantasy Bass league, Overall 1559th place
Bass Pundit 1: 545 1stplace MN Fantasy Bass league, Overall 217th place
A pretty good tournament for both teams. BPboys move up 2,592 places and BP 1 moves up 233 places on the big board.