Sunday, March 01, 2009

Found: More Minnesocold Bass Fishing Blogs

BC Bassin- Is the blog of MN Bass Tournament fisherman Brent Carlson. Brent is well known is Minnesota bass fishing circles as a good fisherman and Manager at Gander Mountain. Although I don't know if he is still working for Gander or not. He used to be the Fishing Manager at the Fridley store which closed a couple of years ago. He has the Gander Mountain logo on his tournament jersey so I would think he is still working there. Like Rich "Hellabass" Lindgren Brent has a mothership non-blog webpage: Also titled BCB Bassin.

There are a couple of new franchise blogs from Minnesocold BassNbloggers:

BASSFISHINGTODAY: Is yet another BassNblog by Rich "Hellabass" Lindgren. The content on this blog seems to be taken from his others.

MT's Art Studio: Is a blog to showcase MT Bucket's Mike "Cyberfish" Thompson's artwork which is usually fishy in nature. He only has 2 posts up so far that highlight a couple of different books he illustrated.

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