Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ice Out by Easter- Update #4

Things had been looking good but we have run into a major snag in the weather. The past few days have been farther below normal than I first anticipated and this trend looks like it is going to hold on for almost the whole week. We may even get a significant amount of snow Mon-Tues.

I hate to say it but it is beginning to look like a repeat of 2007 when the ice went off the lakes in Southern Minnesota in good time and the ice offs proceeded even up to the Twin Cities in early April, Minnetonka was ice free 4/3/2007, but then a extended cold snap hit and ice didn't go off Platte until the 19th.

A warm up to the averages and beyond by April 5th could have the ice out by Easter 4/12/09, but any kind of a set back that week and it just ain't gonna happen. At this point I am pretty certain ice will be off Platte before the 2007 date of April 19th, but I think by Easter is now looking very sketchy.

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