Saturday, July 08, 2006

BP Update- Hit A Deer

The big news is that I hit a deer this morning on my way to the Team Bass Horseshoe Lake Tournament. I was about a half hour into the trip and it did a pretty good number on the front of the truck. I was able to get turned around and limp it back to the new house. I am not even sure if the deer was killed or not because it was nowhere to be seen. Dad thinks it's fixable but that is gonna take some time and that I may have lucked into replacement parts cheap.

I was not needed at camp this past 4th of July week thanks to some campers that cancelled. I spent the week resting and spent a day pre-fishing for the Horseshoe Chain. I will not be needed for camp this week, which is fine seeing that I've have no tow vehicle for the boat.

All in all I'm pretty bummed about the hitting the deer and missing the tournament and last week of camp. I'm going to try and get over it by going down to the cities and see my niece Isabelle for a couple of days. Hopefully the little cutie will cheer me up.