Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Bass Pundit Turns 14 Years Old Today

That's right today begins my 15th year as a blogger.  My blogging frequency here at Bass Pundit has been down a slight tic this past year.  I could easily rectify that situation by just publishing a few more of my fishing report blogs here instead of only posting them at the Fishing Log Blog.  Maybe, I'll get in the habit of doing that come ice season.  If you are interested, you can easily check out every blog I have ever posted here at Bass Pundit by checking the Blog Archive on the right-hand sidebar.

Cheers to 14 years!!!

Monday, November 19, 2018

Captain Kirk Crashes the Starship

I see that I didn't blog my thought's on Vikings QB's after last season.  I was one who believed we should have re-signed Keenum and Teddy rather than spend the big money on Kirk Cousins.  Both Keenum and Teddy proved to me that they had an "it" factor that makes them tough QBs to beat in big games.  Cousin's had the opportunity to justify the huge contract tonight in Soldiers Field and came up woefully short.  He missed fired on a sure touchdown to Stephon Diggs.  He threw a lousy interception at the end of the first half when we had an opportunity to put points on the board. And with a chance to lead a long game tieing drive in the fourth quarter immediately threw a Bears game-clinching pick 6.  This doesn't mean the season is over, but that was a troubling performance to me, to say the least.

The pressure is now ramped up for next weeks game versus Team Cheese and you know who thrives on pressure?  Aaron Rodgers.  You know who has rep for folding under pressure?  You do Captain Kirk and you failed your first major test.

I'm officially hitting it.


Saturday, November 17, 2018

Vikes Season Comes Down to the Next Two Games

I haven't Vikings blogged a whole lot this year. In fact, this is only my second post for this season.  The Vikes have at times played well this season and had some serious "what the.." heck moments and games as well.  I believe the Vikes are primed to take the division lead and not let go.  All they have to do is beat Da Bears in Chicago this week and crush the Packers playoff hopes next week.  If Zim's team shows up both weeks I like our chances.

SKOL Vikes!!! 

Monday, November 12, 2018

Ice Fishing Goals for 2018-19

Last year was my first attempt at putting together ice fishing goals at this blog. Basically, I published the blog then pretty much completely forgot about it.  I only achieved 4 or 5 out of the 20 Goals I made.  Coming up with realistic fishing goals is difficult because so much of it is weather dependent.  Also, I don't know where I will be fishing.  Last year I thought I was going to do most of my fishing at Rock Lake, but because the starter went out on the Expedition I didn't fish there once.  I debated just not doing goals this year, but what harm is there in doing it.  So here are my goals for the winter of 2018-19.

Tackle Goals:
1. Have my tackle ready to go by November 24th.

Fishing Buddies:
1. Fish with at least 2 others this winter.

1.  Record all fishing trips at Fish Swami
2. Blog all Trips at the Fishing Log Blog

Fishing Goals:
1.  Catch at least 300 fish.
2. Catch at least 12 fish per outing.

1. Catch at least 200.

1. Catch at least 100.

1. Catch at least 1. (Didn't catch any last winter)

1. Catch at least 1. (Didn't catch any last winter)

1. Catch at least 1. (Didn't catch any last winter)
2. Fish Mille Lacs at least 3 times.

1. Catch at least 1.  (Haven't caught 1 in years)

1. Mille Lacs
2. Bulldog
3. Rock Lake

Saturday, November 10, 2018

How Long Until Safe Ice In The Platte/Sullivan Area

This was the question I asked here at the blog last year on November 2nd.  My guess last year was for safe ice to be available on November 11th.  I was probably wrong by a day or two and didn't take my first ice fishing trip last year until Nov. 30th.  The lakes last year locked up on November 10th.  It wouldn't surprise me if they are locked up by the end of today as well. (I am writing this at 12:30AM).   If that happens I wouldn't be surprised if we have safe fishable ice on Bulldog and Platte Lake on Tuesday the 13th with the way the forecast looks.  May or may not did out the Fish Trap this weekend.  I'd say it's 60/40 against me trying to get out ice fishing next week.  If it does warm up next Wed  & Thurs I am 80/20  about giving the Jetty a chance provided it isn't locked up.

Thursday, November 08, 2018

Jay Yelas, What Happened To Him?

I don't think it wrong to say Jay Yelas was at one time a superstar in the sport.  Classic Champion with multiple Anger of the Year titles, the last of which occurred in 2007.  He has only made the Forrest Wood Cup once in the last five years.  It seems like he rarely even finished in the Top 50 for the last few years.  I see that he accepted an invitation to fish in the Elite Series.  No question the right move for him.  I hope this restarts his career.  He was sinking down into to total irrelevance over at FLW.  Not that total irrelevance is a bad place to be if he's happy with it, but I bet he's not.

Good Luck Jay! 

Saturday, November 03, 2018

Trophy Is Out For 2018!

And in storage for the 2018-19 winter.
I would rate the fishing this year out of the boat as fair to good.  The bite was more inconsistent than I would have liked and treble hooked topwater baits just weren't happening this year for me at all.  The toad bite was pretty mediocre as well.  The sucky weather in September sure didn't help things.  Frog fishing was solid. I've never caught so many frog fish in my life.

Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour, My Thoughts:

Putting my pundit cap on and weighing in on the coming Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour.  I don't see how this idea will be sustainable.  I hope I'm wrong and this turns out to be a fantastic success, but I just don't see it.  FLW and B.A.S.S. are not what they once were not by choice, but because it's what the market dictated.  Tournament bass fishing is a niche sport with limited appeal.  I don't think the MLF BPT changes that reality.  I will be shocked if it does.

Thursday, November 01, 2018

October Gold Rush

In case you were unaware, the past few years Mile Lacs has been closed to walleye fishing in October. I respected the DNR's wishes on the matter and didn't fish for them even though I wanted too.  This year thanks to the increasing health of the fishery the walleye fishing is open to catch and release fishing from 6AM to 10PM.  I took full advantage of that in October because the bite has been consistent and rather good. I fished the Lake for 17 days over 20 trips and only got skunked twice.  I caught 167 eyes for the month, which has to make it my most successful month of walleye fishing ever.  All of the fish were caught from shore off of Eddy's Jetty.  That's right, no boat needed.  One thing I've learned in fishing is that when you get on a solid bite, run it for all it's worth because there might not be a tomorrow.  I don't know how long the weather will allow things to continue, but I pretty much guarantee my case of gold fever is going to extend into ice season.
   You can read about all my October trips over at the Fishing Log Blog.