Saturday, March 31, 2007

BassZone on the water Blog day 3...

Steve Kennedy sacked 40lbs at Clear Lake!!!! Developing...

You know you're in a big-league whackfest when you start the day in 3rd place and catch a 35 1/2-pound bag, and you don't budge in the standings.
Bassfan Clear Lake Day 3...

BassFan Big Stick John Murray...

Ft. Loudoun–Tellico FLW Tour
Official Day 3 Standings
Saturday, March 31, 2007
1. Mark Davis -- Mount Ida, Ar -- 5, 19-13
2. Jay Yelas -- Tyler, Tx -- 4, 11-15
3. Dave Lefebre -- Union City, Pa -- 5, 11-06
4. Keith Williams -- Conway, Ar -- 5, 10-15
5. Harmon Davis -- Marlow, Ok -- 5, 10-03
6. Darrel Robertson -- Jay, Ok -- 5, 9-15
7. Derek Jones -- Chicago, Il -- 3, 9-08
8. John Sappington -- Willard, Mo -- 5, 8-15
9. Shinichi Fukae -- Mineola, Tx -- 5, 7-12
10. Thanh Le -- Las Vegas, Nv -- 4, 6-02
Davis Rock-Solid, Whacks 19-13 and leads by 8...

Lake Dardanelle WBT final standings...


Fantasy Bass Fishing Notes:
Elite cut to 12 day turned out to be a mixed bag as Kennedy moved up to second, Lintner moved up to 4th but Gutierrez lost his big lead and KVD, Ish, Roumbamis and Martens all dropped substantially. It will really suck if Skeet pulls the win tommorrow in this three way horse race.

Super 6 pick em rode the suck truck as KVD, Roumbanis, and Ish all got knocked out of points range contention.

Friday, March 30, 2007

BassZone on the water blog Clear Lake Day 2...

Holy Cow Ike bags 26lbs and it isn't even good enough to get him in the cut. Ouch!
Elite Clear Lake Standings...

WBT Dardanelle standings...

BassFan Ft. Loudoun–Tellico FLW Tour...

Fantasy Bass Fishing Notes:
Amazingly enough day 2 was good to me in FLW and BASS. In FLW the posse improved a total of 130 places overall. 12 of 18 were gainers; Major gainers in Fukae +73, Strader +39, Wendlandt +34, Powers +31. Managed to get 4 FLW anglers in the cut. None of the posse line ups are stellar, but I think they all come in pretty reasonable.

In BASS it was a very good day, mostly because Steve Kennedy caught 29lbs and went from 51st to 12th. Right now BP 1 has a line up that is all within the top 12 cut. BP boys are headed by tournament leader Gutierrez, who again today sacked the big bag bonus. BP boys have 4 anglers currently in the top 12 cut; A-Mart dropped but that was more than made up by Kennedy.

In Super 6 pickem I used the same line ups:
Skeet, Ish, Lintner, KVD, A-Mart, and Roumbanis. It looks like all but A-Mart have a shot at yielding points.

I however can't get to far ahead of myself with the Bass picks, because there still can be a lot of movement with 50 anglers vying for 12 spots in such a slugfest. All my anglers in the top 12 could be out of it tommorrow.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

The next few days are a bassin bonanza with the Elite Clear Lake, FLW Ft. Loudoun-Tellico, and WBT Dardanelle.

BassZone Blog from the Water Clear Lake Elite...

Bass Real-time leaderboard...

The weigh-in at Clear Lake is over and big bags are the rule. 20lbs for 51st place!!!

Any angler who practiced at Tennessee's Ft. Loudoun-Tellico for more than a few days might as well have taken the pile of $100 bills spent on gas, food and lodging and built a mini-bonfire with it.
BassFan Ft. Loudoun-Tellico coverage...

Mark Mauldin, a local pre-tournament favorite, blanked today. He spent the whole day flipping muddy water up the river, refusing to surrender to finesse. "I can't tell you how disappointing it is," he said. "This tournament was the whole reason I signed up for the Tour. The weather didn't screw up the fish as much as it did the fishermen. I guess I fell victim to trying to catch them how I wanted to catch them. But I went down swinging. I wasn't going to go down with a shaky-head or Senko in my hand."

Lake Dardanelle WBT info via Future Bass...

BassZone Clear Lake Coverage...

BassFan Big Stick John Murray Clear Lake Day 1...

Fantasy Bass Fishing Notes:
The posse's day in FLW action wasn't so good, just mediocre. The Tenn. anglers just did not come through especially Mark Mauldin who didn't even catch a fish. However there is lots of room for improvement because Day 1 Don't mean Jack Squat.

Got off to much better starts in BASS. Steve Kennedy at 51 is the lowest player. Both teams have 2 anglers in the top 10. BP Boys got big bag and big bass bonus on the back of Greg Gutierrez. I view day 2 with much trepidation as that this tournament is a dog fight with heavy bags being common, there will probably be quite a bit of movement on the leaderboard tommorrow. In MN fantasy bass league BP1 is now in the top spot and the BPBoys moved up all the way up to 6th, too bad Day 1 don't mean jack squat!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

FLW Pundit Picks...

Just finished putting the Posse together for Lake Tellico , we are heavy with Tennesseeians.

KVD audio blogs...

KVD tour tracker for the Delta...

KVD Forum's

KVD has to have the coolest website of any pro out there.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Spring Fever: It got to 78F today, a record high temp. The snow is now 99.9% gone. I used the warm whether to play fetch with Patti, track down my fishing rods which were spread out, and spent some time in the tackle shack. Nice

Tour Notes and Blog with SMG Pro's...

Team Lucky Craft Journal Elite Amistad...

Rotico's: How to Catch more bass (a blog about hooksets)...

Hellabass: Recounts his fantasy bass fishing awesomeness and other random bass fishing ditties...

Zona has a My Space...

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Blogger has now forced me to use the new and improved Blogger which I have heard bad things about. Hopefully they have the bugs worked out now.

My back is feeling better slowly. I think I might go to see the Chiropractor again sometime this week.

Weather: Early this morning and then again in the afternoon we had the first thunderstorms of the Spring. Very nice to see, although all the snow is not gone and the lakes will be iced up for at least another couple of weeks. It may hit 70F tommorrow. Yeah!

Congratulations to Aaron Martens on his first BASS tour win at the Cali Delta. Here he is seen getting the trophy from his mother who also used to be his tournament fishing partner.

BassFan Story...

Bass Story...

Bass Zone Story...

Of Note: had a on the water blog at the Delta. Cool Beans!

Fantasy Bass Fishing Update:
Bass Pundit 1: The worst tournament of the year so far for this unit, only 345pts but that was still about 50pts higher than the average score. Currently in 4th Place in the MN fantasy bass league and 450th overall.

BP Boys: On the strength of the A-Mart win the score was a respectable 421 moving up to 17th in the MN fantasy bass league and to 4151 overall.

Super 6 Pick'em:
Bass Pundit 1: Got 36 more pts which was tops in the MinnesotaEliteVenue league. For the year 84 pts which is 660th overall.

Bp Boys: notched 26pts which was 4th in MinnesotaEliteVenue league. For the year 62pts which is 1709th overall.

This week is both a BASS Elite event and FLW tour stop. Lots of fantasy bass opportunities. I'm gonna keep my fantasy BASS line up's the exact same. I'll probably make a change or two in FLW and Super 6 rosters.

Hellabass is kicking some serious tale in fantasy, right now he is #6 of all players overall. I think he is riding Remitz and KVD for serious points. He was 15th place at Amistad.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

BP once again stands for Back Pain. Last Saturday I was getting up out of a chair and my back instantly went out of alignment. I was in major pain all weekend. Got to the Chiropractor on Monday and that has helped a little. I will be back to see him tommorrow morning. Hopefully this next adjustment will get my back, back to normal. Pain sucks!

KVD's Tour Tracker Journal for Amistad...

Friday, March 16, 2007

Found a great new Bassin Blog called Propwash

Scott Campbell's Elite Amistad Journal.. A good read, Scott was in 2nd after the first two days and caught that 12 pound giant (scroll down to see it)

Check out the other 7/24 Journals.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

NCAA March Madness: I used to really get into the "Big Dance" when I was in college and for a few years afterward. I hardly pay attention anymore. Basketball as a sport has lost my interest. The only sports I seem to care about are Pro Fishing and Pro Football.

The Bass Poacher and Cheater... An Annonymous commenter has called me onto the carpet at my Blog, Bass Pundit Preach. My guess, annonymous can't beat me in open debate and lost to me the majority of the time in bass tournaments and probably Fantasy Bass Fishing too. Can you say "sour grapes."

Thank You and Hello to all my new friends at My Space and Angling Masters.

There is an FLW Series West Tournament going on at the Cali Delta, coverage at FLW Outdoors. They are bringing in some huge sacks, but not quite as big as BASS Elite Amistad (at least not yet anyways.)

Amistad Day 2 & 3 as a Co-Angler by Hellabass

Found: The Bass Hog Blog.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Hellabass blogs: Amistad Elite Series Practice & Day 1Detailed

American Idol: Yes I am an American Idol fan, a non voting one. Actually this is the first year I've really paid attention to the show beyond an occasional watch. My favorite is Melinda Doolittle, man can she sing. I think Lakisha, Jordan, and Blake all have a lot of talent but Melinda is definitely my choice to be the next American Idol. Who knows, maybe when it gets down to the end, I'll maybe send her a vote if you can do it online.

The Weather: It was darn near 60 F degrees yesterday. The snow is melting like crazy. It still will be a couple of two three or four weeks before open water finally arrives. Hopefully I will be ready when the day comes and that it will be as warm and nice a spring as last year.

SMG On Tour...

Derek Remitz on BassFan Radio...

Monday, March 12, 2007

BP now has a My Space page. Well I've followed in the footsteps of Hellabass and invested in another site to promote the Bass Pundit Franchise. If you are a My Space Cadet I look foreward to having you be in my "Friends." I think I will probably keep the Page designed in the simple stock manner. For the most part I think the jazzed up My Space pages are ugly and a pain to navigate around on dial up.

Through Sondra Rankin's My Space page I learned about, which is a website you might want to check out. They are giving away a bass boat, however it ain't free. You first have to be a member at $100 bucks a pop. I am really not clear on what else they offer as that you have to be a member to access the content.

Do I think it's worth the $100? Depends on if you have money to burn or not. Don't count on the BP signing up anytime soon.

John Murray has his Amistad Bassfan Bigsticks report up...

New March 11 Tour notes and Blog from SMG... Has the tale of Faircloth's big day, check it out.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Amistad Day Final

Minnesota native Derek Remitz wins the Bassmaster Elite at Lake Amistad with a final day bag of 31-6, big bag of the day, for a total of 111-7; beating IKE by 7-12. Derek had the days big bass with an 8-11 kicker. Way to go Derek!

It's been a long time since a Minnesocoldian wins a tour level Bass Tournament.

BassFan Story...

BASS story...

beartrap first hand report with pic...

BassZone Report...

Hellabass Blog...

Fishing Diva has a tournament tale, complete with lost car keys...

Fantasy Bass Round UP:
Bass Pundit 1 with 468 currently in 2nd MN fantasy bass league. Fair line up with 3 anglers in the final cut Kennedy 2nd, KVD 5th, Ish 6th. Niggemeyer was the albatross.

MNsocold BPboys with 377 to move up to 25th in MN fantasy bass league. Two angler in the final 6: Kennedy 2nd, Ish 6th.

Super 6 Pickem Round UP
Bass Pundit 1: 32 Points for

MNsocold BPboys: 20 Points

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Amistad Day 3

Hellabass Day 3 Blog is up...

SMG has a March 10 Blog up...

Amistad PRO Top 12
1. Derek Remitz: 80-01
2. Steve Kennedy: 77-02
3. Mike Iaconelli: 76-04
4. Todd Faircloth: 75-01
5. Edwin Evers: 71-04
6. Davy Hite: 69-13
7. KVD 68-4
8. John Murray 67-1
8. Jeff Kriet 67-1
10. Skeet 66-14
11. Ken Brodeur 66-12
12. Ish 66-09

MN Co-Anglers Day 3
20 Joe Barnett 36-8
32 Richard Lindgren 31-7
36 David Doty 27-11
48 Wayne Lindgren 21-11
85 Jason Dudek 10-0

Team Evinrude Day 2 Journal

Liveblogging the weigh IN
I'm enjoying watching the ESPN/Bass Live Leaderboard

Right now MN boy Derek Remitz has taken the tournament lead with a Day 3 leading bag of 30-7. He also has Big Bass as of right now with a 9-2 kicker.

Other notable news at this point: IKE stays consistant with another 24lb bag, KVD may not make the top 12 cut; he only caught 17-4 today. Gary Klien only caught 8-8 and has dropped out of the top 12, so far he has low bag of the day (didn't even catch a limit).

Hellabass' pro Jason Quinn weighs 13-14
Hellabass weighs his tournament best at 13-1 (He will probably move up but is way short of the cut)
Hellabass total weight 31-7
Hellabass' Dad weighs only 1 bass for 2-6 total 21-11

Ken Cook has the new Pro low bag with 8-2
Real-time leaderboard is now stuck on Brent Chapman-I hate when that happens.

Weigh in is now over. KVD made the cut in 7th. Todd Faircloth had the days big bag 36-7 and big bass 10-11. Derek Remitz is in 1st Place.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Amistad Day 2

Halloween Machine! Grand Rapids Thunderhawks beat #1 Edina Cake Eaters 3-1 in Minnesocold State High School Hockey Tournament.

3 Questions

Excellent Amistad Coverage at BassZone

Pro's Picks to win it.

Co-Angler Report

Drats! It looks like the Real-time Leaderboard is down, therefore "No weigh in for you" Update:It's working now!

SMG Pro's On Tour March 8 & 9

Billy Harris Bass Pro has a Percy Priest Tournment blog up.

Hellabass Day 2 Blog

MN Co-Anglers Day 2
19 Joe Barnett 26-5
36 Wayne Lindgren 19-5
46 Richard Lindgren 18-6
48 David Doty 17-0
85 Jason Dudek 10-0

Fantasy Notes:
Bass Pundit 1: KVD moves up +9 into 5th Place, Kennedy holds on by the skin of his teeth, Linter backs off a little along with ISH. Niggemeyer is a disaster pick, LAST PLACE (not even a bonus point) Overall Day 2 about the same to positive.

BP boys: Martens drops like a rock right out of the cut. Ish and Kennedy see BP1, Jeff Reynolds bombs without limit, Place 106. Crews is a slight up mover +6 and in Da Cut. Overall a tough one because of Martens.

Hellabass has a fantasy team that is smokin.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Amistad Elite Day 1

Check Out Elite Rookie Scott Campbell's 12lb Amistad Beast--->

Hellabass has an Amistad Day 1 Blog

Amistad BassFan Story


Day 1 Standings

Velvick's Follies

Amistad Fun Facts: 5 Minnesocoldian's are fishing as Co-Anglers including Day 1 leader Joe Barnett of Fergus Falls with a 24-12 Catch. Hellabass' Dad Wayne Lindgren is in 11th after Day 1 with 16-06
49. Richard Lindgren Lakeville, Minn. 4 8-11 Go Hellabass!
50. Jason Dudek Excelsior, Minn. 4 8-08
57. David Doty Cottage Grove, Minn. 3 7-11

Day 1 Fantasy Bass Notes: Steve Kennedy Rocks, Ish Solid, KVD on the prowl, Lintner respectable along with Martens. Niggemeyer and Jeff Reynolds bomb, Niggemeyer didn't even catch a fricken limit thus stealing 5 bonus points from Steve Kennedy's Big Sack Bonus.

Day 1 don't mean Jack Squat! (except for those 5 missed bonus points)

Steve Kennedy Sacks 36-10!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Bassfan Big Stick John Murray has a practice report from Amistad.

Good Luck Hellabass!
If you are unaware Bassing Blogger Rich "Hellabass" Lindgren is fishing Amistad as a Co-Angler.

Hellabass has a pre-fish Update Up.

Get those Fantasy and Super 6 Pickem rosters in.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Congratulations! to Terry "Big Show" Scroggins on his come from behind win at the BASS Southern Open on the Kissimmee Chain. Story

Bassfan's weigh in on Swindle DQ
BP weighs in on Bassfan's article:
I am of the opinion that Gerald Swindle operated his boat in a reckless and unsportsmanlike manner at the Bassmasters Classic and agree that Tournament Director, Trip Weldon, made the right call. The BassFan article confirms that there are many that agree with this assessment, but not all. Those who justify Swindle's actions are flat out foolish. It is common sense that you don't run through boat traffic at a high rate of speed. All the talk about a "narrow" channel misses the mark; You don't navigate a channel at high speed if there is little room for maneuver because of other boats. It is common courtesy to not buzz by other boats especially at distances of no more than a couple of feet.

Swindle himself tried to justify his action claiming to be a "professional boat driver." If he were such a Pro he would have shut it down and idled through because that was THE ONLY sensible action.

Meet Elite Series Rookie Matt Sphar

Team Lucky Craft Journal Lake Travis

Friday, March 02, 2007

BP stands for Back Pain This time the Chiropractor was not a miracle healer and my back has been quite sore since Monday. I think I'm gonna need to see the Chiropractor again next week. However right at the moment my back is feeling OK, which is a nice change.

Team Lucky Craft Journal has it's blog about the Classic Up.

On Tour SMG pro's at BassMaster Southern Open on Lake Kissimmee and the Classic.

Rich "Hellabass" Lindgren has started himself a My Space Page.

Until I figure out what to do with this, I'll leave it here:

Just learned about Ken Cook's Elite Schedule Journal which consists of Elite Series Bass Pro Ken Cook blogging about the various stops on the BASS Elite Series. Check out the blogs of the 2006 season. Another cool thing on Ken Cook's website is the Pattern Forecast. Ooops I guess you have to pay for it, not that cool then.