Sunday, December 30, 2012

AP Just Short, But We WIN!!!

Kare 11 Facebook
Adrian rushed for 199 versus the Pack falling just 9 yards short of the all time NFL record for yards rushed in a season.  That does it, I'm getting a jersey.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

2013 Bass Pro Shops Catalog Day!!!

Photo From
I believe she arrived a little early this year, but that may be because of the way Christmas sat in other years.  Well I can't say I'm to impressed with the catalog this year.  I don't like how they got away from providing a quick look at reel spec's with the order numbers.  Also didn't care for referring us to the website for most fishing rods.  And is it just me or have fishing rods been getting uglier looking for the most part.  Didn't see any lures that peeked my interest.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Monday, December 10, 2012

Give AP The Rock! It's About Time

(Photo: Brace Hemmelgarn, USA TODAY Sports)
"68% Pass 32% rush on a day they were not shutting down Peterson. Peterson 18 carries for 106 yards. That was just absurd. He should of had 10 more carries, easily. Well there is always next week."

I wrote this two weeks ago when the Vikes played the Bears in Chicago.  Then last week Peterson had 210 on 21 carries versus Green Bay.  Once again I thought that was about 5-10 carries less than he should of had.

Finally this week we gave Peterson the Rock 31 times.  He went for 154 and 2 TD's and we beat the bears 21-14.  IT IS ABOUT TIME!!!

With Percy Harvin out for the season there is no reason why Peterson should't carry the ball on the order of the number snaps he did today.  The first game Percy was out versus the Lions Peterson carried the ball 27 times for 171 yards with 1TD and we won that game as well. Peterson is looking better than he ever has in his carrier and that's saying something.  The last seven games he has run well over 100 yards per game.  If Peterson can run at 5 yards or more per carry we've got to keep feeding him the ball. It makes no sense not to do it.

If it means that Ponder only attempts to throw the ball 21 times like he did in yesterday's game so be it.


Thursday, December 06, 2012

B.A.S.S. Federation Nation Name Change

The Federation Nation is now to be called the B.A.S.S Nation. I'm not sure this branding change will change anything.  What does it accomplish in the "era of social networking"?

If someone has a clue feel free the leave a comment.

Th name change isn't going to get me to join

Sunday, December 02, 2012

I'm at a Loss!

How can Christian Ponder suck so bad?

I have been on Ponder's side up until now.  The game today in Green Bay was brutal. It was our game to win but 2 foolish 3rd Quarter interceptions while in fieldgoal range just killed us.  For the first time today I thought Ponder should have been benched.  The first interception was yet another terrible roll out throw against the grain that was off the mark right to a defender  who was waiting in the end zone.  Talk about a buzzkill to start the 2nd half.   At a minimum we should have been up 17-10.  Instead the Packers got a fieldgoal to cut our lead to 1 at 14-13.  Then we went 3 and out twice and the Packers scored   to go up 20 to 14.

So Peterson gets us going on another drive,  when Bam another INT. That second interception was it for me.  The play should have been a run as Peterson clearly had yet another huge whole to go through. But instead it was play action pass into disaster.  The ball should have never been thrown and it totally took the wind out of our sails.  The Pack went on a very long drive, kicked a fieldgoal and it was pretty much game over at 23 to 14.

23-14, Seriously!!!  No second half points, Seriously!!!  Peterson rushes for 210 in three quarters and we get 14 points, Seriously!!!  Aggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

I hope the team takes this loss better than I have.  I'm totally deflated.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving at Bass Parade Blog

If you haven't seen it yet, you missed it because Bass Parade is no longer.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Today is my 8th Blogoversary!!!!

I apologize for the lack of blogging frequency since I hurt my back this summer.  My back is getting better but I've mostly switched to my laptop now and typing on it and doing other certain things for blogging are not  as easy to do. I only had two blogs last year in November so I'm one up on that.

Thank You to all of my readers and yes I haven't forgotten about the Derby.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Notice on the Derby

While the Bass Pundit Minnesocold Bloggers Derby 2012 is now over for the year I do not have everyone's weight for the year up and calculated yet.  Hopefully I will finish things off, sooner rather than later.  But I'm not guaranteeing anything.

Thank You Micropterus for sending me your top five.  I'll have your final weight up soon.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Vikes Disappoint Tonight

I wish tonight's game would have been in Tampa Bay because the Vikings didn't show up ready to play.  We started out down 13 to nothing and it never got closer than 6 points for a brief time in the 2nd quarter.  The Vikings have to have the Defense play better than they did for us to have a chance.  They were probably still a bit winded from Sunday when the Cardinals easily owned the time of possession. Plain and simply it looked like The Bucs wanted this one more.

Ponder seems to be getting pounded on Facebook by a lot of the fans, but his numbers tonight weren't that much different than Freeman's.  He was sacked 3 times and was knocked down several more.  The fact is he was put in poor down and distance far to many times.  I wish the naysayers would just shut up for a while and see what happens with Ponder.  It's way to early to call him a failure.  The interception at the end was unfortunate and meaningless.

The fumbles by Peterson and Simpson were just killers in the first half and the touchdown at the start of the 2nd half was the final nail in the coffin.  The Vikings were not going to come back from being down 17 points.  The game at best would have been 36 to 33 with scores on our last two possessions where we got into the red zone.

Hopefully we can bounce back and give Seattle a game.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Some Viking Blogging: Pondering Ponder

This is my first Vikings blog of 2012 and what a start to the season it has been.  Who would have thought the Vikes would have a 5-2 record at this point.  I know I sure didn't.  The Vikes got lucky to win their first game in overtime verses a poor Jacksonville team after giving up the lead on a late touchdown.  Then we lost to the Colts in Week 2 and it didn't look good.  But then we soundly beat the 49ers when a light went on in our Defense and since then our only loss was to Washington last week.  Ponder had a terrible game today but we won 21-14 thanks to a pick 6 by our Rookie Safety, some solid running by Adrian Peterson, and of coarse the play of Percy Harvin.

This season Ponder has really only had two games that were stinkers.  This game with only 58 yards passing with 2 INT's and at Detroit where he had just over 100 yards passing.  Sure he made a bad throw in Washington that went for 6, but as far as I'm concerned his second Int in Washington was on tight end Kyle Rudolph for jumping the gun on a play in which Peterson would have scored the touchdown that would have put us within a field goal of winning provided we got an on-side kick.

Ponder is going to have uneven performances just like every other young quarterback.  Personally I don't think he was getting that much time to throw in today's game especially in the 2nd Half.   Hopefully Ponder will bounce back verses Tampa on Thursday.

Fishers Of Men Club Fall Outing Pictures Sept 28&29

This 17 incher was caught on Mule Lake with a bluegilll colored Strike King Pure Poison with green pumpkin Craw Fatty Trailer on Friday.

This 28.5" Pike was caught on Saturday on the same Pure Poison at Town Line Lake.  It was my first fish of the day and I was lucky I caught it because in totally inhaled the thing and I didn't have a leader on it. I put a leader on it and caught a few more small pike.  I also managed to catch 3 decent bass.  I caught my third bass on the last cast of the day.  It bit just as Mike Thompson laid the hammer down as we were going in.  It turned out that fish along with my 3 best pike won me FallEE WallEE for the 3rd straight year.

Mike Thompson got a 19" bass on Town Line Lake

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Bass Zone Comes Up with The Golden Ticket Concept

Basically the idea is to have a lottery for B.A.S.S. Members to get 1 of 8 Golden Ticket's to fish in a tournament, where the winner gets to fish in the Bassmaster Classic.  The idea has potential to significantly raise revenue that B.A.S.S, could use to increase the payout at the Classic, in the Elite Series, for B.A.S.S. in general and for conservation.  The revenue would depend on how much it costs to get a ticket and how many are sold.  You can view the full details at Bass

I personally like the idea.  Why not have 1 more avenue to reach the Classic for B.A.S.S. Members?  It will be interesting to see what B.A.S.S. thinks.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Range Wins the 2012 Challenge Cup

Well the Bass Snatchers streak had to end sometime and this was the year.  The Tournament involving my Club the Bass Snatchers, The Range Bassmasters, and Brainerd Lakes Bassmasters for the Challenge Cup took place on Saturday on Borden Lake out of Garrison, MN.  Apparently we only had 4 Snatchers that could make it and all but 1 wasn't even in our top 10 for the year.  Had I known I could have fished, oh well

We apparently got crushed by the Range, not sure how bad Brainerd beat us as well.

Maybe I'll have the final results and a picture at some point, but that depends on what the Range Club gets to me.


Friday, September 28, 2012

I Caught A Fish And More Are Coming

I was convinced by Lowell Borgan that  I should go to the Fishers of Men Fall Outing when he offered to pick me up and told me I could fish with Dave Lindmark out of the GEM Pontoon.  Yesterday I was picked up by Lowell and Art.  When we got up to Lutherdell there was some time before dinner so I went out in the Lutherdell pontoon with Art and Jim Druk.  Art got 4 pike and I got 1 and had several follows.  I can't stand up to fish very long before I have to sit back down. Hopefully I'm not gonna be super sore from my first choice of beds.  It's 3AM, I woke up and found a stiffer mattress.

The weather is gonna be perfect!

I will have Pictures later today.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Bass Snatcher Gets Big Bass at State

Outdoors with Sam Cook
 Congrats to Chuck Steinbauer on catching this 5.41 Smallie at the Minnesota B.A.S.S. Federation Tournament of Champions.  Story at Outdoors with Sam Cook.  The tournament was won by Rich Lindgren's Father Wayne.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Congratulations Brent Chapman 2012 B.A.S.S. AOY

Brent sealed the deal today.   Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.   Way to go Brent!!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Not Fishing Bass Snatchers North Long

Tomorrow is the 5th Bass Snatcher tournament of the year at North Long Lake.  I will not be fishing due to my back.  I've got a bulging disc in my L4/L5.  It's doubtful at this point that I will be able to fish at Lake Alexander on September 22nd.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bass Snatchers Pokegama July 28th

My boater Adam had a good day getting 3rd Place and Big Bass 4.15lbs 
The fishing at Pokegama was tough for me in large part because my back/ right leg was in pain for much of the day.  I couldn't keep contact with my lure like I needed to and hooksets were an issue as well.  The weather was partly cloudy to sunny with a bit of a breeze out of the South, blowing strongest at the end of the day.

We got on the "juice" immediately in the morning.  On my 3rd cast I got a big fish, but it was the wrong kind.
It was a big bowfin that did a number on my hook.  While I was landing the fish, Adam got his first bass.  I got the bowfin off the hook and no sooner did Adam have his big bass on.  I got it netted went back to dealing with my line.  Adam had another fish on immediately.  He may have gotten one more before I got my line back in the water.  I finally picked up first bass a 13 incher on a Blue Bruiser Crawtube.  I also got a small pike.  Adam got 5 fish on the starting spot.

We headed to our second spot and got nothing.  Then we went to run some docks.  Adam got his limit fish and I missed a couple bites on a Zoom Fluke.  Adam caught his first cull and I got a 10" bass and another small pike.

We went back to our first spot and I got a  14" bass on the Crawtube.  I think I got another pike as well.  Adam got a couple more fish.   We went to another spot and Adam caught 3 or 4 and I got nothing.  Next we headed out of Poole Bay and went to Salter Bay but that was a bust.  Next we went to Sugar Bay where I got a couple of 13 inchers on a brown/green pumpkin Crawtube along with a non-keeper and a pike.  We went to 1 more spot in Sugar then headed to the river.  The river turned out to be a bust and we headed out of there stopping to fish some slop in Jay Gould.  I finally got a good bass on a Horny Toad (15.5").  I ended  up missing a couple more on poor hooksets.  Adam got 3 or 4 more bass.

Next we headed back to our starting spot and I got my limit fish (15.5") on the brown/g.p. Crawtube.  I was relieved to get my limit.  I also culled my first fish of the day with a 14" fish.  Next we headed way down to the bottom of Sherry Arm to fish slop.  Adam picked up a few fish on a frog and I missed my first bite.  Finally I got one on a Zoom Horny Toad that went 15.25".  I think I missed one more and Adam got a couple more.  We ran back up to Sugar Bay for 20 minutes than fished the last 10 minutes in Tioga Bay where I caught a dink pike to end the day.

My weight was 10-15 and got me 19th Place.  Adam's 16-6 got him 3rd Place.  1st Place was Chuck Johansen who was fishing by himself with 19-1. Apparently he was fishing docks.

I should have had over 12lbs easy, but my leg was just to much of an issue.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Eddy's Launch with Spike and Dad

This evening my old boss at Gander Mtn in Maple Grove Mike "Spike" Miller got together a group to go out on a launch out of Eddy's Resort on Mille Lacs Lake and Dad and I went along.  The weather was warm, but not to hot, mostly sunny with a bit of a walleye chop.  We started off going for smallies in some shallow rocks.  My dad's rod had a problem with the bead getting on the wrong side of the bobber stop.  Several small smallies were caught and Jessica my old roommate from when I lived in Champlin got a 17"er.

I didn't get Dad's rod in order for about 35 minutes and by then we were heading out for walleye's.

Spike got the first eye of the trip with this 26.5" which was the big fish for the launch.
It was a slow night with only about 6 or 7 walleye's caught for 20 of us.  I lucked out and got the last eye of the night as we were pulling up anchor.
I think dad might have had a bite, but am not totally sure.  It was good night to see some old friends.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Pokegama Quick Report

My right leg gave me trouble for much of the day, so I ended up not fishing my best.  My boater Adam kicked my rear end after we were pretty even in pre-fish. I did get a limit and even culled a couple of times, but it took most of the day.  Adam was culling in the first hour.  We'll just have to wait and see what my 11lb limit gets me.  Maybe if I'm lucky I'll be in the top 20 out of 29 fishing..

Friday, July 27, 2012

Pokegama Bass Snatchers Preview

It should be an interesting tournament tomorrow with the high water.  Reports I've heard is that the river area's aren't very good.  In my pre-fish we stuck to the lake and fished weedlines doing OK.  Weather forecast is for sun and 10 mph wind out of the South similar to conditions we pre-fished under..  I think it's gonna be a Crawtube kind of day.  The Crawtube was my lure in pre-fish where I got  a 17", 16", 15.5", 14.5", 14" and 14" for my best 6.  Maybe if I'm lucky I'll get a few topwater fish.

I expect weights are going to be down for once this year, but who knows.  I'll be glad if I can get 12lbs, I have a feeling that will be a good weight for this one.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bass Snatchers Whitefish Chain July 15th

We fished from about 7AM to 3PM.   It was sunny for the first couple of hours, then got cloudy until about the last hour when the sun came out again.

My boater Dave Branum and I were second boat out and we headed to the North East corner of Big Trout Lake.  I decided to start throwing a Paycheck Baits Repo Man and was rewarded on about my 3rd cast with a bass, but it jumped off just before it got to the net.  A few casts later I had another one on that got off half way back to the boat.  Dave then landed the first fish of the day.  Shortly after that I got a 12" squeaker and then I got another 12" squeaker.  About 15 minutes later I landed a quality 15.5" fish also on the Repo Man.  After that the topwater bite died and Dave was getting a few on a jig, so I switched up to a Strike King Ocho on a mushroom head jig.  I got a 13.25" and 12.75" on that.  

We moved to a sunken hump in the middle North part of Big Trout were I missed a good feeling bite on the Ocho.  We then moved to a close by weedline and I got 14.75", 13.25", and another 14.75"on a Blue Bruiser Crawtube and a couple that didn't help. We moved West to another weedline spot where we found rock bass.  Eventually we headed back to our starting spot as it sprinkled a bit.  I got a couple of shorts on the Repo Man, so I switched up to a gold Berkley Frenzy Popper and got a couple that didn't help, then I landed 16".  We moved back to the weedline in the middle North and I got a 16.25" and a 14 on the Frenzy Popper.  Caught a few more that didn't help on the Frenzy and Crawtube.  With an hour left, we headed into Middle Whitefish, then to Upper Whirefish where I caught a rock bass and a pike.  Then it was time to head in.

I ended up with 12/8 but one of my fish died so I dropped to 12/6 which put me in 12th Place.  My boater Dave only got 9/10, which put him in 25th out of 30.  The weights were up again this tournament with 12lb bags to 15th Place and 10lb bags to 24th place.  Last time we were on Whitefish two years ago in early June, my bag would have been good for 5th Place and the time before that in 2006 also in early June it would have been good for 6th Place.  Guys are catching them this year.   The winner was Dennis Lothspeich with 16/15 with an ounce more than Chuck Steinbauer.

My Thoughts:  I was a bit disappointed we didn't get any smallmouth, which I would have thought would have happened with those topwater fish up in Big Trout.  I think we might have actually seen a lake trout that came up to the surface and then swim right by us.   

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Whitefish Chain Quick Report

The weather was favorable with light wind and clouds.  It seemed like people caught 'em good today as well.  I had fun catching my best fish on topwater.  The fish bit all day long.  I caught 12/8 minus a 2oz dead fish penalty.  I think I'm in the top 12 out of 30 but then again maybe not.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bass Snatcher Whitefish Chain Preview

Honestly my head really isn't in this one with the back pain I've been having.  I think I will hold up OK.  I just hope my boater puts us on fish.  His practice sounded pretty mediocre and he doesn't have a great history at the Chain.  Sounds like we will be on weedlines all day.  If I can get 9lbs I'll be happy.

Bass Snatchers Leech Lake June 30th

Well due to my sore back  I'm getting to this a bit late, but better late than never.

We launched out of Horseshoe Bay around 7:45AM.  And we were fishing 5 minutes later down in Uram Bay.  First cast I landed a 17.75" on a white Zoom Horny Toad out of the reeds.  I thought great, I'm screwed. Getting a fish on the first cast has been bad luck for me in the past.  About 20 minutes later my boater Darren landed a 5lb 50z fish that was big bass for the tournament.  Unfortunately he was 3ozs short of our club's buy in running big bass pot.  Darren missed a couple of bites and had a pike steal his Spro he got the fish on.  We worked around the bay for a couple of hours.  As we were working our way out I spotted a fish hit something in some shallow reeds.  We moved that way.  I put a cast in the area with a Mad Maxx Big Sexy Frog and got smacked by a 15.75".  Darren ended up missing one more bite, then we headed for Sucker Bay, which took about  25 minutes to get to.

It clouded up by the time we got up there.  We started in some Rice on the West side of the bay.  I think Darren got 1 in the rice, then he broke off his other Spro Frog.  We got up by some docks and Darren got a fish on the crawtube, and I jumped off a good fish on a Spro.  On the backside of the same dock, I hooked an 18", which was my big bass.  I think Darren got a couple more among the weeds on the docks.  

Next we went to some Reeds and Darren and I doubled up on crawtubes.  My fish was 14.25".  I next got a 15.75" on the crawtube.  I filled out my limit with a 13" on a white Horny Toad.  Next I stuck a nice pike in the reeds. I missed another hit.  Darren was catching and missing fish occasionally.   We got to some undercut banks and I got a 14.5" on the crawtube.  I missed one more hit on the undercut banks before we got into rice again.  We moved across to the East shore and I missed a couple on frogs, before I finally caught my last fish, a 16.25" on a Mad Maxx "Big Sexy" after the sun came back out.  Darren got the last keeper.

My 6 fish went for 16/11, which is my best Snatcher weight ever, but was only good enough for 21st Place. The weights were crazy.  Darren got 5th with 19/7. Four bags we over 20lbs and Art caught the new Snatchers biggest bag at 22/10 and his boater Todd Berghuis caught 21/14.  An 18/7 bag was 12th place.  We blew away the club's record average bag by over 3lbs at 16.7lbs. Blew away clubs record total weight in a tournament by 127lbs.

Overall it was a fun day and I can't complain to much Darren had us around good fish.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tonight's Launch At Eddy's with Dad

Tonight Dad and I finally got out on another Launch trip out on Mille Lacs.  The weather was almost perfect, maybe a tad warm.  Dad started things off with this 23" fish.
I couldn't see the screen to know I cut it off.  Then Dad got a 24" fish.
Then Dad got a 22" fish.
Finally I got on the board with a 23" eye.  Unfortunately the setting sun is behind my head or it would have been an awesome picture.
Then I got a 24" er.
Dad closed out the night with the last fish on the Launch and the only keeper for us non- Native American's on the boat.  It was a 15inch eye.
All fish were caught on a red hook with single yellow bead.  I think Dad caught the most fish on the launch,  maybe one other lady got 4 as well.

Friday, July 06, 2012

My Sore Back...

Has kept me from blogging this week.  Haven't done any fishing either

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Leech Quick Report

Leech Lake was on Fire today.  I caught my best bag as a Snatcher and I don't know if I even made the top 20.  All time Snatcher big bag was set today and I'm sure we blew away the all time club weight record.  My boater Darin got big bass and was 3oz shy of the Big $ Bass pot.  The weather was perfect.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Bass Snatcher Leech Lake Preview

Tomorrow we fish Leech Lake.  Didn't get out to prefish.  My boater got out there a couple of times but just did so so.  He doesn't have the most experience on the lake, so we will see how it goes.  Basically I am set up to fish heavy cover, except for my dock rod.

7'11" H Flippen Stick with a Jig
7" Heavy Crawtube
7'3" MH Swimbait
7'3" MH Horny Toad
7'3" MH Slop Frog Spro Frog
7'3" MH Slop Frog Spro Poppin Frog
7'3" MH Slop Frog TT Mad Max
6'10" MH Buzzbait, Pure Poison, Swim Jig
6'3" M Fluke spining

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Morning at the PRO

This morning I fished out of the Trophy from 7AM to 10:30AM.  I fished in the Platte River Outlet area of Sullivan Lake.  I decided to hit the SE side of the Intersection on a whim.  Turned out that was a good call as I got my biggest fish there.
I think I got it on the Horny Toad, but I may have got it on a black Spro Frog.  I think I got 5 in this area.  Then I headed to the River mouth and got a small pike.  I got a couple in the River mouth, a 15",12"and a pike in the river, and a couple of 13.25 at the dam and a 10" on the Grass Pig.  I got a 13" on the way out at the River mouth.

12 bass
2 pike

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rock Lake From the Boat

Tonight I fished on Rock in the Trophy from 7:45PM to 9:30PM.  I started out in the reeds by the access and got a single 14" bass and I missed a few hits on the Horny Toad.  I worked my way into the Platte River Outlet area and got another 14" fish and missed a couple of good strikes as on the Horny Toad.  At 9PM I decided to run to the Beaver Dam.  There I got 3 fish on the Toad including this 16" and I missed about 3 more.
 I threw out the Crawtube and got 16 and a 14".  Then it was time to go.  Should have gone to the Dam,sooner.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Toad's and Big Sexy at Jenny's

Tonight I fished from 7:30PM to 9:20PM at Jenny's.  I got 5 bass on the swirl black/white Horny Toad and 3 Bass on a Mad Maxx Big Sexy frog.  Nothing over 15.75".  I also had a pike bite off a Toad.

I then went to East of the GOMH and had a few swirls but no takes on the Toad.  The mosquito's got to bad so I went up to the bridge to talk with John W.  Apparently he got a couple of nice jumpin bullheads there tonight and 1 nice one at the Culvert.  He even got a golden bullhead under the bridge.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Horny Toad Tonight

Tonight I got out at 7:30PM and it turned into a Horny Toad night when I put on Pete's waders that he forgot here last week.  At Jenny's I got 5 bass and I missed a couple.  The three biggest were about 15.5".  This was the first of those.
 At about 9PM I went to go to the Grumpy Old Man Hole, but when I saw there were people there I stopped short along where the lake is next to the road.  I climbed down into the weeds and got a 15.5" bass, then I got a little pike, then I got 13" bass,  then I missed some bites before I got another 15.5" bass.  Next I landed this little dude.
Yep I got a little Bowfin.  After that I got 2 more 15.5" bass and I missed a few bites.  I quit at around 9:45PM.

Morning I.C.G.

This morning I hit the Inlet on the South End of Sullivan, the Culvert and the Grumpy Old Man Hole.  I got a solid 16+ at the Inlet on a Crawtube.  Didn't measure cause I left the board at the GOMH last night and I forgot to get a picture. I also missed something on the Grass Pig.  I got a 14" or so bass at the Culvert on the Pure Poison.

At the GOMH I got 6 jumpin bullheads, including this 15" all on the Crawtube.

Missed a toothy bullhead and a couple more bites.  I did get my measuring board back.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Missed A Good One at the GOMH

Tonight I missed a good fish at the Grumpy Old Man Hole on a Horny Toad.  It came all the way out of the water and had it.  I just blew the hook set.  I'm going to need to work on my Horny Toad hook sets this week, with Leech Lake coming up next week.  I did catch two small bass on a Pure Poison with Craw Fatty.  I got out a bit late, so I didn't get to the Culvert or Inlet.

Yesterday I got 2 bass at Jenny's on the Horny Toad and got bit off.  And in the morning I got 2 bass at the Culvert on a spinnerbait and a Crawtube and I got 2 bass at the GOMH on a Yum Wooly Bug.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

GOMH On Fire!!!

Apparently the recent rain lit the fire at the Grumpy Old Man Hole.  I fished from 8 to 9:45PM and caught this 20, 2x 17.25, 15, 6x 14's, 4x 13's, and 2x 12's.  Plus several more missed fish.  Got most of them on a Crawtube including the 2 17's.  Got the 20" and 1 other fish on the Horny Toad, and I got a couple on the Pure Poison with Craw Fatty.

Didn't have time to hit the Culvert or the Inlet.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Monday, June 18, 2012

First Smallmouth of The Year

Today on my way back up from the cities I stopped at a bridge over the Rum River and caught a nice 18.5" smallie.  Unfortunately a couple of casts later I back-lashed and my spinnerbait was gone.  I tried to retrieve it as the line broke at the reel, but I didn't have a crankbait to catch the line with.  I also fished at Mille Lacs and at the Rum River at the Shakopee Lake bridge.  Didn't get anything there.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

BP 4 Pete 2

This morning Pete and I went out and fished from about 6 to 8AM.  Pete got his spinnerbait back at the Culvert and missed a pike.  I might have missed a fish.  Then we went to the inlet.  Pete caught a nice 18" bass on a spinnerbait and got one more.  I got 2 bass and 2 pike in the culvert area on a Crawtube.

Pete had a major meltdown over his gear giving him issues.  He finished it off by breaking the top guide on his rod and chucking the rod into the lake.  He was able to retrieve the rod.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

BP 5 Pete 4

Tonight we went out from 8PM to 9:30PM.  At the Culvert Pete got the first fish.
Pete lost the spinnerbait.

Later on I got a pike and a nice bass on the Strike King Pure Poison

That was it for the Culvert.

Next we went to the inlet where I got 2 bass and missed another out from the culvert with a Crawtube and Pete got 1.  Pete got 2 off of the access and I got 1 and missed 1 in the reeds with the Grass Pig.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Pete 3 BP 0

Tonight Pete and I didn't get out until after 9PM.  I figured we were just going to try and recover a lost spinnerbait for Pete at the Culvert.  But Pete managed 3 quick fish on a different spinnerbait..  And luckily I spotted where his lost spinnerbait was so he could put on his waders and get it, otherwise Pete had no clue where it was at.  So it was a successful trip for Pete anyway

Thursday, June 14, 2012

BP 2 Pete 1

Tonight we were out from 8PM to 9:30PM.  Didn't get anything at the Culvert or at the Platte Lake Access.

We both got a small bass at the West Sullivan Access
I got this small pike at the inlet on a Grass Pig
Pete had a pike bite him off.