Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Skunk Again

7:15-8:00PM GOMH SW NE
45℉, Partly Cloudy, 3-5mph NE

Didn't get a bullhead tonight, thought I might have a shot at something because it was sunny and in the low 50's today.  GOMH Bay is now open on the Platte side.  It will be interesting to see how much progress is made in the next couple of days.  Temps are going to be in the low 50's and we are supposed to get rain tomorrow night into Thursday.

Monday, March 30, 2020

Skunk with Swans a Swimming

7:15-8:05PM GOMH NE SW
47-43℉, Partly Cloudy, 6mph NE

I went for a walk with Steve around 4:45PM.  We talked about the Vikes and mused over Trubisky.  I went home had dinner. Dropped some paperwork off to Steve.  Checked out Bulldog, not much progress there then hit the GOMH.  I decided to give the NE side a shot.  Swans were swimming around. Didn't get a bite.  Tried the SW side, nothing there either.  With all the rain in the forecast, I'm thinking that ice out day is now in the long term forecast.  As of right now I think the 13th will be the day.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Water Level Rising

After yesterday's rain and snow, I got out to check things out.  Water levels on the rise and is flowing into Platte.  The next two days are going to be nice.  Threw a few casts.  Watched the swans fly and land.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Skunked at the GOMH Tonight, But Otters, Eagles, and Muskrats

44℉ Partly Cloudy, Calm

Saw a couple of eagles, otters, and the first muskrats of the year,  The first one spooked me.  Didn't get any bites. Depending on how much rain we get and if there is any current which is currently non-existent if we get temps in the '50s on Sunday and Monday I could see me getting a bullhead early next week.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Visited Inlet, Skunked at the GOMH

44-39℉, Partly Cloudy, 2-4mph

I helped Steve and Kim gather wood in the afternoon instead of going for a walk.  Came home, had dinner then checked out the Inlet and finished the night throwing some casts at the GOMH. I got skunked, but it was peaceful.   

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Sullivan and Bulldog Duds

9" Glow Demon Spoon/waxies

Blind Man Stood By the Road And He Cried
7:15-9:30AM Sullivan 27' Tullibee Hole
32-29℉, Foggy, 2-4mph SE

I didn't need to put on my spikes.  I walked out to the area but didn't see where my holes from the last trip were at.  So I stopped dragging the Fishtrap and went looking.  The second picture shows just how close I was to where I left the sled.  Duh! The holes weren't frozen over.  I got the camera set up first again.  There was activity down by the bottom.  Fish would occasionally act aggressively but not hit.  I got one crappie.  Nothing tullibee like.  Viewed a few perch up high and down near the bottom.  I was hungry so I headed home at 9:30 AM.

I went into Onamia to pick up Vitamin D. I stopped at Shakopee Lake.  There were 6 trucks in the lot. I talked to a guy that had just finished.  He said he was getting sunfish with an occasional nice Crappie.  Couldn't see any open water toward the inlet.
3:00-4:30PM Bulldog Lake Matt W. Spot 8'
43℉, Cloudy some light rain as I left, 5mph S

As you can see from the pick open water is intruding on the access so this will be my last trip to Bulldog.  I got out, put the camera down and saw sunnies.  They weren't interested and quickly disappeared.  The lighting wasn't great.  I really wasn't into it and it started to sprinkle so I packed up at 4:30.  I checked out the GOMH on the way home.

It's Starting, Ice Ice Out, Baby

The first lakes went out on March 20th.  Pepin and the three on the far South end of the state.
Follow MN ice-out dates here.  I think a lot of the city lakes will probably be clear by April 1.  No joke.
Here is the forecast for the cities.
I think the central part of the state is going to be way behind the cities this year.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Tullibaby Baby!

17" VMC Fly/maggots

8.90" VMC Fly/maggots
7:20-9:30AM Tullibee Hole 25'
31-29℉, Cloudy/Partly Cloudy, 13-20mph SE

I got out a little later than I should have.  There was snow on the truck and on the road.  As far as I can tell I was the second one at the access.  A couple of trucks drove on when I was unloading.  I walked out which ate more time.  It was quite windy.  I got to the area drilled three holes and put the camera down first.  Then I put waxies down on the bobber rod.  The first fish of the morning was the bull gill that bit at about 7:50AM.  I was not on point with keeping the fish. I had to fill a bucket with water using the hawg trough in hopes the fish would survive if I wanted to release it.  That took time and the fish went belly up so I had to keep it.  I'm pretty sure there were others down there that were gone by the time I got my line back down. About had an hour later the tullibee showed up.  There were at least two of them by the marks I had.  Fortunately, I got a bite and hooked it in the shoot.  Excellent fight.  I got the camera and transducer out, but I got caught up on the bobber line.  Landing these slippery things is tricky.  I was using 3lb test. After that, I might have had one more tullibee come through. But who knows I also had crappies come through that I got to see on the camera.  I watched a crappie charge the Fly and suck it in, but I didn't connect with the hookset.  I had perch messing with me by the bottom and eventually put the camera down to watch them.  It was quite windy and my right foot was cold so I called it a day at 9:30.

Fish Open Water At The GOMH Tonight

7:15-7:45PM 39℉, 4mph S

Here is what I wrote on Facebook about the trip:
I am grateful that I threw my first casts of the year at the Grumpy Old Man Hole tonight. I am thankful for all the birds that were gathered there tonight. An eagle, a couple dozen Canadians, swans, and ducks. And one lone sandhill crane calling in the distance as it flew.

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Bulldog Lake Again with A Couple Of Bonus Pic's

7.5" VMC Fly/maggots (Glow)

21" VMC Fly/maggots (Glow)

Sculpture created in 5 Gallon with water dripping off the roof last nigh 

The GOMH from today
5:00-8:00PM Bulldog Lake 7' NE Point
31-35℉, Cloudy, 3-18mph SE

I must have arrived just after Matt W. left.  I went out and put the camera down in some of the holes he drilled.  I only saw one sunfish, so I headed to the NE Point where I have been fishing.  Some guys were on the lake earlier in the day and drilling holes like madmen on the NE and N side of the lake, there dozens upon dozens of holes drilled.  I used their holes to find fish with the Aqua-Vu.  It took me a few for me to locate any fish.  Not a good sign as fish were all over the place every time I've been out.  I finally found a group of sunnies and put two additional holes there.  By the time I had any lines down the sunfish had moved off because pike were patrolling the area.  First fish was presumably a pike that broke my line at the dropper, so it wasn't a bite off.  My mistake, shouldn't have happened.  A little while after that I caught a pike on the Glow Demon and Minnow.  I then got a nice bluegill. Then I got the pike in the pictures that snuck into camera rage when I wasn't looking.  When I looked back, there he was with my jig in his mouth.  I'm was lucky I hooked him at the tip of the shoot.  I saw a couple more pike swim through and couple crappie swam through but didn't look at my lures.  I did catch a couple other decent gills and played keep-away with some small ones.  I did move out to 10' when it was too dark for the camera but didn't mark anything until I was all packed up and about to leave.

I'm probably going to fish somewhere with Matt W. tomorrow

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Fished Rock Because of the Wind

6.5" VMC Fly/maggots

There is open water in the channel
6:00-8:00PM Rock Lake 9' Sunz Spot
30-35℉, Cloudy, 15-20MPH NW

I finally achieved victory with the headlight tonight.  I didn't even need Jeff's help.  I went to Rock because the winds were hellacious and I would be protected there.  It had been above freezing the previous night so the top of the ice was a slushy mess-making pulling the sled much more difficult.  There was open water in the Platte River Outlet Bay Channel.  I drilled about 7 or so holes 3 of them being to shallow.  There is Eurasian milfoil in the lake. The ice was 6-8" thinner than on Bulldog or Sullivan.  I found sunnies high in the water column in 9'. There was small mature bald eagle chirping when I was setting up.  I told it I would throw it a fish, but I forgot; Sorry Mr. Eagle.  Lots of little sunnies around.  I caught 8 on the VMC Fly with maggots.  I lost a crappie in the hole and saw another on the camera. I saw one small pike.  I also lost something the felt really good when I first put down in the hole where the fish were.  I quit at 8PM.  The walk back was much easier as things had firmed up with the falling temps.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

No Tullibee, Saw A Few Perch

I was going to head out at 6AM but rethought that plan due to a heavy mist.

7:30-10:00AM Sullivan Lake

Trucks were out on the ice, so I drove out.  Somebody was out on the spot.  I tried a spot that looked good a little closer to the access, but the Navionics app was wrong.  It was 16' feet not 23'.  I might have had tullibee follow right away.  There were a few perch I saw on the camera.  After an hour or so of that.  I went to Sun Hole. Nothing there.  I also tried some open holes out from the point.  Didn't get to see whatever was there on the camera.  I had forgotten maggots and Waxies. 

Sunday, March 15, 2020

I Can See The Driveway!

Sunday the 15th it is.

Can drive down the driveway without running over any ice or snow.  Took a little longer than I thought it would.  Now I am waiting for the first red-wing blackbird and first bullhead in open water.

Bulldog With Crappies Engaging In Social Distancing

5" VMC Fly (Glow)
6:00-8:30PM Bulldog 6' to 10'
32-36℉, Partly Cloudy, 0-4mph S

Thanks to dealing with car issues I got a later start than I wanted.   There was a guy fishing that packed up as I was halfway there.  We talked.  He had gotten a few crips and sunnies to keep.  I drilled holes out deeper.  Crappies would spook lookie-loo it.  Missed a couple of bites.  I was surprised to bring up the rock bass.  Not as many sunfish swimming around; I caught a few small ones.  On the way back I drilled holes in the deep hole didn't mark anything.  With all my cold-weather gear on it was comfortable. 

Saturday, March 14, 2020

No Tullibee, First Bass OTY in the Evening

8" Glow Demon Spoon/Mag&Wax

7.5" VMC Fly/Maggies
6:00-10:00AM Sullivan 24'
20-16℉, Partly Cloudy, 2-4mph North

Nobody was at the Sullivan access when I arrived.  I went to my Tul Hole waypoint and drilled holes.  I got one Crappie in the first half hour.  It was annoyingly cold before the sun came up, my guides kept freezing up.  At about 6:45AM John W. showed up just to the north of me.  I saw some nice Sunfish on the camera but couldn't get them to bite.  I went and talked to John.  He had one tullibee and filled me in on how the fishing has been this winter.  I went back and caught the Sunfish, which I gave to John.  Eventually, I moved to the Sunfish spot.  There was a pike swimming around there. Nature called so I packed up and left.
10' VMC Fly/Maggies (Pink)

Half Way back to the Car

8" VMC Fly (Pink)

8" Glow Demon Spoon

5:30-8:30PM Bulldog Lake 6' and 9' NE Point
36-32℉, Mostly Sunny, 2-5mph N

There was somebody out at the NE point with an ATM fishing when I arrived.  Because of that, I needed to move the truck after I unloaded.  I forgot to take my cold-weather gear with me as I headed out to a new area to the South.  The ATV moved off of the NE point when a was about 75 yards out.  I started heading to the NE when I realized I hadn't brought the cold-weather gear with.  I wasn't happy about that.  When I finally got to the NE Island I used two holes from the guy that had just left.  One was in 6' and the other 9' right by where I had been fishing just slightly shallower.  I saw fish in the shallow hole so that is where I set up to start. The first fish of the day was the bass.  Lots of sunfish around and a few crappies most of which were swimming around out deeper where the camera was pointed.  I had a couple crappies come in and inspect my offerings and leave.  Saw pike a few times.  At 7PM I headed to the deeper holes.  Once again I could see crappies swimming out deeper.  I elected not to move.  Had a few crappies move through, but they were extremely fussy.  Only caught one.  Saw multiple fish nibble and spit. I should have moved out a little deeper both times.  The fish never moved shallower like I thought they should.