Monday, March 23, 2009

The Weather Forecast

We have had a very good run of weather for about 2 weeks now. On Wed. that comes to an end. The Forecast seems to be indicating that we will be right around to a little below the seasonal average temps for around a week. I guess I shouldn't be to disappointed if things are just going back to the average range in the high 30' low 40's. It doesn't look like we will be getting a whole lot of sun and there could be some snow in the mix. Rain good, snow bad. Anyway my mantra this year is going to be:

Open Water Before Easter!!!

At this point I think Platte lake will be open and I'll be catching fish before Easter.

Update: There has been a steady rain all night with air temps around 40 and this has been enough to seriously kick the snows butt. If this would have been snow instead of rain we would have been walloped bad and this is just the 1st night of what is predicted to be a 2 to 3 day rainfall.

The sump in the window well where the water will leak into the basement if the water gets to high got plugged up a little and it was enough of a blockage so that the pump got overwhelmed. Fortunately I checked downstairs before a whole lot of water got in. In addition to the window well sump pump I had another one running just around the corner at the back of the house. I put that 2nd sump in the window well and then got the blockage out of the original window well sump and together they pumped out the excess water at and around the window well in pretty short order. Right now the sumps are back in their original spots. This could be a messy couple of days, but on the positive side there is not a whole lot of snow left to melt.

Update: It looks like another heavier band of rain is heading right this way out of St. Cloud.

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