Friday, March 27, 2009

Elite Series Dardanelle Day 2 Wide Open liveblogged.

Matt Herren 4th place is the guest, big thunderstorms are on there way

Says Harold told him they were going to play golf. Fish were a little different today than the 1st day. Herren won an FLW Series Tournament on Dardanelle, I did not know that. Fish are in all 3 phases of the spawn, yesterday caught spawn fish, today he caught post-spawn. Thinks he will be able to adjust to what the fish will do with the storms. Not in a crowd, only getting 6-7 keeper bites a day. Backed off the fish today and spent a couple hours practicing. The tournament he won he was fishing a pattern until the last day when flood forced him to stay in one area. Doesn't think there will be a drastic change in surface temp. Thinks if the water gets muddied up that will mess the fish up. Says in the Elites practice is so short that it's hard to tell what kind of fish he is on. When he practices he tries to fish to his strengths, doesn't think there is time to get to fancy. Has not been thinking about points, "I am thinking about the money, I need some Ben Franklin's." Thinks he will be ok in the Alabama swing (Herren is from Ala). Not a light line fishermen. Enjoys having observers watching him fish. Water has risen and with more rain tonight thinks his area will be helped as far as fish coming in but is concerned about his area getting muddied up.

Cliff Pace in 2nd Place is On

Has caught all fish on the same bait. Has found that he has to pretty much fish one stretch. It is hard to find un-used water. Thinks a lot of fish have just spawned and that he is catching post-spawn fish that are looking to eat. He is fishing for 5 bites in the 8 hours. He is not worried about KVD and the other anglers on his trail. Practices with lots of rods on the deck and tries to find what the fish want rather than going into practice with a specific idea. "All patterns in the Spring are dying" you need to cover water and find good area's. Says his better days are his longer days. He stayed and guarded his area until 2pm, but when he left someone moved in. Says the water is raising in his area and it is helping the bite and thinks rising will help, but there isn' a wild fluctation.

Coming Intern Chip who was KVD's marshal today...

Says KVD talked with him all day long. Will be with Kelly Jordan tomorrow. Kelly and KVD were in the same area today. Thinks $100 for 2 or 3 days is a great deal for the Marshals. He thinks when he was a co-angler he was in it to learn and so he doesn't think he is missing much by not fishing. Says the weather for tomorrow could be brutal with wind and cold. Thinks he is learning about the need to adapt.

Live feed goes out for the second time, first time I didn't realise it right away because they went on break.

Marshals can't aid the pro in anyway. Says he would ask question about what the pro was thinking every time they made a change. KVD says the changes he makes are mostly dictated by his experience.

And that is all she wrote

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