Monday, February 28, 2005

BPC BASS Guntersville Top 10 & Teams Final

The Z-Pundit kicks serious booty and is making a serious bid at the Bass Pundit Championship! Good Job Zona!

Top 10
Z-Pundit-MI 397
MinnesocoldBPboys-MN-LSF 201 194
BP' 173
Spike's 171
Bemidji Krazy 165
haley 162
Llyod Crunch--??---??? 162
Bass Pundit 1- 160
Nuttin' Like Worms-??---???? 155
For Full Standinding go to the FBF HQ

BPC BBWebleague =15 =10 =9 =7

BPC State Championship
Team Minnesocold= 33
Team Lake Michigan=10
Team Hoosier=8

Friday, February 25, 2005

BPC Top 10 BASS Guntersville Day 2 Standings

The First score is Day 1 the second score is Day 2, which may or may not be a teams final score. Also Z-Pundit's score is not included and he is probably in the lead with 3 Pro's in the cut. 211 259
Bemidji Krazy 104 205
haley 125 202
MinnesocoldBPboys-MN-LSF 121 201
BP' 54 173
Spike's 166 171
Llyod Crunch--??---??? 155 162
Bass Pundit 1- 118 160
Nuttin' Like Worms-??---???? 154 155
NH 221 153

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Bass Gunterville BPC Top 10 results...

...don't mean Jack Squat!

Jones Entry-??--- FishingJones 240
NH 221 211
Spike's 166
Wallace Worm 155
Llyod Crunch--??---??? 155
Nuttin' Like Worms-??---???? 154
haley 125
MinnesocoldBPboys-MN-LSF 121
Bass Pundit 1- 118

Guntersville is proving to be brutal on most BASS Fantasy Fishing players. Right now the Avg. score is a meager 107 and the 1st Place score is ONLY 422! That is about the lowest I've ever seen by 100.

Check the story and Pro places at BassFan

FLW Toho Unofficial BPC Results!

Congratualtions to the Loudmouth Mark Zona and his team Z-Pundit for coming out on top. However these results are tentative as that I am not sure I've found everyone's team. Check the FBF HQ

1.Z-Pundit-MI 837
2.Spike's 786
3.BP' 782
4.Minnesota jiggin--MN--- ???? 766
5.Schmenzig 740
6.BP's 719
7.Bemidji Krazy 709
8.Bass Pundit 1- 680
9.Senko 678
10.MinnesocoldBPboys-MN-LSF 657

BPC BBWebleague Points: 13 8 6 5 3 3

Bass Pundit State Championship
Team Minnesocold 39
Team Lake Michigan 10
Team Seminole 6

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

I've been...

Under the weather.

Hope to get on track with Bass Pundit Championship standings soon.

BASS is at Guntersville starting Thursday, so get those rosters in.

Thanks Mngmnt.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

BP's been insulted...

As you must know the BP loves internet message boards, especially fishing one's. Each board has a different character and they run the gamet from G to R rated level of discourse and allowable discord. I really prefer boards that let you get after it and one another, flame wars are fun.

Over at the Uglo Klunkasaurus aka BFHP these swipes were taken at the BP.

2/16/05 7:10:00 AM Submitted by Lynn Dollar ( from OKLAHOMA says Actually pundit..........
The far majority could give a rats patoot what you think.
Maybe there should be something new started on the board, like getting over yourself.

I don't think I've ever read a positive remark from you about anyone. Its real easy to go overboard on hammering people, you can't just tear down all the time.

Al Gore has provided us a great thing when he invented the internet, you should use it wisely.
I guess she failed to notice my post immediately previous to one she ranted about where I complimented a guy I had been ripping into.

Actually, I'll now say something positive about JM in that some of his shows are very well done.
Please nobody tell Lynn Dollar the truth, I like the rep as an OGRE!

Next person jumps on the Bash BP Bandwagon with this Zinger:

2/16/05 7:52:00 PM Submitted by binkwood from MICHIGAN says Agree with Lynn....
BP you're a dope......and maybe even a nut to boot!
I actually I think I am more of a nut.....and MAYBE a dope to boot! But hey that's just me.

I'm so insulted! I think I will go and weep.

FYI the BP loves a good insult directed his way, to bad Cyberfish can only come up with LAME ones!
(I actually like them clever or lame or whatever because to take something that someone says to your over the internet personally would be... NOT me.)

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

BassPastor makes an appearance...

Over at Bass Pundit Preach
I did a little critique of a article by a Anti-War Jesuit Priest. It's ironic that someone from the order of Ignatius Loyola would be anti-war but times change or maybe not. By your fruits you shall know them and the Jesuits have an interesting track record to be sure. (But maybe that link is to conspiracy theorists)

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Latest BP Fishing Reports...

From 2/13-14 are over at the Bass Pundit Fishing Log Blog

Still no luck finding those Platte Lake Bass, but I saw a couple of toothy critters and I have enough Crappie cleaned right now for a good meal today. Yum Yum. I think the Crappie are my favorite warm water species, walleye's got nothing on ice caught Crappie. Hopefully one of these nights all run across a school with the bigger Crappie in it. Anyway go to the Log Blog for the details of how things have been going down on The Platte.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Birthday Valentines Boy!

Today my little brother Steve has turned 33, Woohoo!

I thought I would use this occasion to share with his wife Kim and their daughter Haley Jewel what Stephen looked like when he still had hair in the back of his head(or any part of his head for that matter). From 1988...
Posted by Hello

And for Steve's (and family&friends viewing pleasure) a retro Flashback to the Summer of 91

Posted by Hello
It's Stunt Kid, The White Rabbit, Schmenzig, and Cleaveng!

About to perform another dangerous death dealing or defying STUNT!
Posted by Hello
But before they do that, they must stretch first, wouldn't want to pull a muscle while cheating death...
Posted by Hello
like when the stuntmen put plastic bags over their heads.
(Take no notice of The White Rabbit turning purple and blue.)

Miraculously they all survived that stunt.

Later they want on to perform this truely daring stunt...
Posted by Hello
Schmenzig, Cleaveng, and The White Rabbit making crank phone calls
(The Skit Czar's personal favorite)
How did that go again...something about Batman and Robin but I've forgotten.

And who can forget Schmenzig bouncing off the windows and walls.
Posted by Hello

And last but not least in this B-Day tribute. This is the Bass Pundit Blog and so...
Posted by Hello
A pic of the BP with the B-Day Boy middle and Todd from 1984 when Steve was 12. I think Steve and Todd actually caught a few of those Pike out of the "back bay" if I recall correctly.

Happy Birthday Again Schmenzig!

Sunday, February 13, 2005

FBF Updates

I realize I am a bit behind on the Fantasy Bass Fishing standings at this point. I need to put together the Bass Pundit Championship scores for the BASS Harris Chain and do all the results for FLW Toho, which will take a while. Have patience. Hopefully I will have the Harris Chain BPC stuff in tonight. I'm gonna go fishing in the rain and sleet right now though.

Bulldog Contest Report

What a beautiful day. Temps were in the mid 40's and I had a to wear shades it was so sunny.
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I started the day by heading over to Bulldog lake for the annual Holy Family Church Fishing Contest and Raffle. As it turns out Don Weinmeister and I drove separately for this one, but as I was pulling down the drive way Don passed right in front of me. The contest would run from 12:30-2:00.

We headed out to the lake together, and discovered that NO ELECTRONICS OR SONAR was a rule. Needless to say I was not a happy camper. To me Ice Fishing without electronics is like having dinner without having something to drink. Sure you CAN do it, but why! I find it hard to accept that the electronics give me an unfair advantage when I've used it in two previous Ice Fishing contests this year and won nothing; last week I got skunked. Electronics won't catch you the winning fish, but they will help you catch fish or more fish than you would have otherwise. Basically, the rule excluded one of the main reason's why I enjoy ice fishing. LAME.

Anyway I headed out to what I thought would be the deepest water and when they honked the horn I started fishing. I figured I was in about 23 feet of water which was less than I wanted to be in. In Bulldog the main hole goes down 36 feet or so. I started with Maggots on a Fat Boy but got nothing. Some fish were getting caught just to the South of me. I also watched a girl fishing right by the weigh in car catching sunfish after sunfish. It appeared that lots of small sunnies and perch were being brought up. Also some people to just to the South of me brought up a couple of almost half pound Crappies. I switched to a spoon and jigging a minnow figuring a Pike would be the winning ticket. In the last half hour I switched to a minnow hoping to get a Crappie as that no pike had been brought in and there was a 3 way tie with Crappies.

With about 15 minutes left I took this pic figuring I wouldn't catch anything.
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With about 10 minutes left, I missed what appeared to be a Perch bite. With about 4 minutes left I got another bite and it looked very Crappie like so I took my time before setting the hook. It turned out to be a small Bluegill, but hey I wasn't skunked. I took a picture but apparently it didn't transfer into the memory card. I didn't win a door prize at the raffle ohh well.

For the Rest of yesterday's fishing report go to the BP Fishing Log Blog

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Well off to another Ice Fishing Contest...

Wish me luck!

(of coarse full report when it's over)

Last Nights Haul!

Posted by Hello
(Smallest one in the pic is exactly 9inches)

Yes Yes another night on the pond that I live on. Finally it was nice enough out that I drilled myself 4 more sets of holes; one to the North, one to the East, one to the West, and one to the South of where I've been the last few night.

I started in the same holes I've been fishing out of and probably made the mistake of staying there to long. I caught a fair number of small ones, but should have utilized the Prime time dusk bite to move, move, move. It was around 30degrees and I really should have tried to scare up a hot hole, but instead I spent the 1st 45 Minutes from probably 5:45 to 6:30 on that spot. Finally I went to the North hole and got into some little dudes right away. Managed to get 1 that was almost 10. After that hole slowed down or was only giving up smaller fish I went East. I got a few small one's but it was really slow. I then went to the South hole and marked a few but they wouldn't bite, so I went fairly quickly to the West hole.

On the West hole it took a little while but fish started coming in on the bottom and suspended about 12-16ft over 22ft of water. The higher up fish were bigger, but I kept dropping the better one's. I probably lost 5 good one's just before they came into the hole and the one's I did catch that were suspeded were mostly just short of 9", my minimum keeper size. I stayed at it and eventually landed 4 Keepers along with a few shorts. I stayed out past 11PM and had a pretty good bite in that Western most hole set from about 9:30 to 10:00 with even a couple of doubles.

I was using large minnows under the bobber and mid sized minnows on the jig line, of coarse with Custom Jigs Glow Demons.

For more reports on what I've been catching this week hit the BP Fishing Log Blog.

Friday, February 11, 2005

This Weeks: BP Bump Board

"The Bump Board" is a feature on the new ESPN Show Loudmouth Bass where the hosts Jay Kumar and Mark Zona* do a Top 5 list of some sort. This past show was: Top 5 things you need to be a Professional Bass Fisherman.

BP Bump Board of Top 5 things needed to be a Pro Bass Fisherman:
(My list is way better than the Loudmouth boys this week)

Posted by Hello
5. You NEED to know F+L+P=Success

Posted by Hello
4. You NEED the Current Bass Pro Shops Catalog and $100,000 in BPS Gift Certificates.

Posted by Hello
3.You Need to know how to Speak Bubba!
(Most big time pro tournies are deep in the heart of Bubba Country.)

Posted by Hello
2. You NEED a Sweet Chariot with a Sweet...
Posted by Hello
Minn Kota Maxxum Pro with 101lbs of Thrust, Lift Assist, Universal Sonar, Weedless Wedge™ 2 Prop, Maximizer™, Bowguard 360°™ Breakaway Mount, with a bow recessed pedal. (Arrh! Arrh! Arrh!)

Drummroll Please

1. And Last but certainly not least to be a Bass Pro you NEED to BLOG.
Posted by Hello

Sure it hasn't caught on yet, but it should!

(*Mark Zona has complemented the Bass Pundit Blog and is playing for the Bass Pundit Championship with the Team Z-Pundit. Currently Z-Pundit is in 8th.)

Terrorist or Pro Bass Fisherman...

You decide!
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Anglers were forced to bundle up as unseasonably cold temperatures decended on Kissimmee, Fla. early this morning. (Photo by Gary Mortenson)
For more.

Be sure to check

My Bass and I daily especially if your from MN and a fisherman. He's always got something interesting over there.

Also my nemisis and fishing buddy the Cyberfish has started a blog called GEM Fishing but I'm not gonna link to it as that he doesn't know what he is doing yet and it's kind of a disaster area right now. I may not really know what I'm doing but I know more than him about blogging (and fishing), fer sure.

Ramps, Holding Pools, and Crip Report

Before I get into the report here is pics of the holes cut in such a way as to make landing the fish easier. The 1st is the farther West hole I've been fishing and the 2nd is the father East hole; I like the 2nd set up better cause it had a "ramping" option (to the top) as well as a "holding pool" (to the left). The 1st only had "ramping" and a poor ramp at that, I think the "holding pool" is the way to do it.
Posted by Hello

Posted by Hello

For the Rest of the Crappie Report go to the BP Fishing Log Blog.
FYI that is an 8" hole, so that is a 10" Crip.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Toho Day 2 Results

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Co-angler Richard Lowitzki of St. Charles, Ill., caught this 11-pound, 3-ounce largemouth Thursday at Toho. The fish ranks as the second-heaviest bass in FLW Tour history. (Photo by Jeff Schroeder)

They have em at BassFan and FLW.

Here's the Top 10 that made the Cut.
1. J T Kenney -- Frostburg, Md -- 5, 23-10 -- 5, 17-05 -- 10, 40-15
2. Tom Mann Jr -- Buford, Ga -- 5, 18-02 -- 5, 19-03 -- 10, 37-05
3. Dion Hibdon -- Stover, Mo -- 5, 20-01 -- 5, 14-11 -- 10, 34-12
4. Toby Hartsell -- Livingston, Tx -- 5, 19-09 -- 5, 14-04 -- 10, 33-13
5. Greg Pugh -- Cullman, Al -- 5, 15-08 -- 5, 14-09 -- 10, 30-01
6. Bobby Lane -- Lakeland, Fl -- 5, 21-14 -- 5, 7-03 -- 10, 29-01
7. Warren Wyman -- Calera, Al -- 5, 23-09 -- 3, 4-07 -- 8, 28-00
8. Ricky Shumpert -- Lexington, Sc -- 5, 13-01 -- 5, 14-05 -- 10, 27-06
9. Art Berry -- Hemet, Ca -- 5, 11-08 -- 5, 15-13 -- 10, 27-05
10. Dan Morehead -- Paducah, Ky -- 5, 12-07 -- 5, 14-10 -- 10, 27-01

Remember in FLW the Top 10 Lose all their weight from Days 1&2 unlike in BASS where weights accumulate. Bummer for JT & Tom Mann Jr. BP'sObro has JT and BP's Dad has Morehead, Krazy Kat has Bobby Lane and that is all I know for fantasy players at this point. It's a bummer as that I wanted to put lane onto the Boys and Bp'sObro when I read the Bassfan preview but by the time BassFan posted it, the rosters were locked down.

The BpObro and Z-Pundit are gonna have some good scores. Everyone on Zona's roster is between the 20 and 55th which will be killer FLW points and I think will edge out the Obro cause of Nixon's poor showing.

Got Maggots...

Gone Ice Fishin!
(Click "Gone Ice Fishin" for Poem and Flash Animation)
(You will need a Flash Player to see it)

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

BPC Players

Get registered if you are not and get those FLW Fishing Challenge rosters done if they are not. Deadline is tonight at 11PM Central.

Monday, February 07, 2005

BPC BASS Harris FBF Top 10, and Team Results

1. haley 307
2. Jones Entry-??--- FishingJones 265
3. Wallace Worm 218
4. Z-Pundit-MI 156
5. tommybass00-T. Matlack---??---????? 151
6. Nuttin' Like Worms-??---???? 140
7. BP' 123
8. 119
9. Schmenzig 117
10. NH 117

The rest of the individual results at the FBF HQ

BBWebleague 10
Fishing Jones blog =9 =8 =4 =3 =2 =2

State Championship
Team Minnesocold= 22
Team Lake Michigan= 7
Team Hoosier= 3
Team Miami Vice= 2
Team New Hampshire= 2

Sunday, February 06, 2005

I could...

So care less about today's super bowl! Just thought I'd let anyone who might happen to care know.

I think I'll go fishing instead.

I also need to write about yesterday's Ice Fishing Tournament and put something into Bass Pundit preach.

Friday, February 04, 2005

I found a new bass blog called The Brush Pile. Unfortunatly it isn't a pure blog like BP, My Bass and I, or The Bass Hole. It is more along the lines of what Short 2 the Point is doing.

The problem with this type of blog is that it is grounded to something rather than left free to float into the bloggosphere; in the case of "The Brush Pile" it is tethered to the site

What is a blog that doesn't link to other blogs in the genre? A stumbling Blogk, that's what. One day I will probably organize the Blogrolls in such a a way that the Blogk's are separate from true bloggosphere blogs. That ProBassAnglers looks like a good site. I must investigate.

Aitkin Jaycees Ice Contest

I finally got around to sharing the details over at the BP Tourny HQ or if you prefer the BP Fishing Log Blog as that a day a tournament qualifies for an entry at both places.

I may actually go fishing today with the nice weather too. I took Pattie Lou for a walk yesterday on the lake and should have brought the camera. Somebody had left about a 3-4lb Dogfish on the ice for the Eagles.

BPC Harris Day 1 Top 10

Jones Entry-??--- ???? 267
haley 229
Schmenzig 205
tommybass00-T. Matlack---??---????? 195
Minnesota jiggin--MN--- ???? 182
Wallace Worm 177
Who Knows?-??--- ???? 156
NH 154
Z-Pundit-MI 150
Nuttin' Like Worms-??---???? 150

Just remember day 1 don't mean Jack Squat! Full BPC results at the HQ.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Bass Pundit Championship Results

For BASS at Toho BPC, Team State Championship, and BBWebleague
Congratulations to BP'sObro, Wallace Worm Burners, Team and the unstoppable Team Minnesocold.

Current Updated Overall Bass Pundit Championship, State Team, and BBWebleague
Congratulations to BP'sObro who's on a roll, Team, and Team Minnesocold.

And BASS at Harris Chain starts today. The boys are out fishing right now.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

BP on ESPN/BASS Fantasy Fishing's Main Page

On the ESPN/BASS Fantasy Fishing message board I have been giving tips to newbies at the game. The board admin apparently liked it so much he has hyperlinked it on the 1st page that all Fantasy Bass players see. It seems to have driven some traffic here as that I have been slumping lately on visitors.

Welcome to all the new people checking out the BP, whether that be the BassPastor or Bass Pundit, it's all the same ole BP. Be sure to check out my blogging fishing buddies such as My bass and I, The Bass Hole, Fishing Jones, and The Bassholes.

The 1st Ever BP Super BASS Pundit

Is none other than the BP with my main squad:

ESPN/BASS has this new Fantasy Bass Fishing game called Super6pick'em and the Super BASS Pundit is the winner of the Super Bass Pundit group. My team in fact did so well it was tied for 10th Best of all ESPN/BASS players out of several thousand. So congratulations to myself.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

This Weeks: BP Bump Board

"The Bump Board" is a feature on the new ESPN Show Loudmouth Bass where the hosts Jay Kumar and Mark Zona* do a Top 5 list of some sort. This past show was: Top 5 people you do want fishing in the back of the boat.

BP Bump Board
Top 5 People the BP does want fishing in the back of his boat:

Posted by Hello5. Larry Mullin Jr. (Drummer of U2)

Posted by Hello4. The Edge (Guitar player U2)

Posted by Hello3. Bono (Lead Singer of U2)

Posted by Hello2. Hugh Hewitt (Sorry Adam, but Hugh is the Zen Master of Blog)

Posted by Hello1. Condolezza Rice

(*Mark Zona has complemented the Bass Pundit Blog and is playing for the Bass Pundit Championship with the Team Z-Pundit. Currently Z-Pundit is in 8th.)