Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Derby Updated

( Josh Douglas of JoshDouglas.com blog with a pair of 4's)

Added several fish to the Bass Pundit Minnesocold Bass Bloggers Derby 2010


We are getting the World Fishing Network on free preview right now. It says on the Free Preview Channel that we are only getting it for a couple of days, but I'm hoping that is a missprint and we really are suppose to have it for a month.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

GOMH Today

Today I hit the Grumpy Old Man Hole around 5:30AM and then again after 7PM.

In the morning there was a heavy fog. I caught an 11" jumpin bullhead on a spinnerbait and a nice 26+" toothy bullhead on a white Rapala Subwalk on the NE side.

In the evening I was fishing with Pete and right off the bat I got 2 toothy bullheads on the NE side. We took a trip to try fishing at the Platte Lake Public Access but there were people fishing on the dock. We headed back to the GOMH and Pete fished the SW side and I took up the SE side. Pete had a blow up on a buzzbait but missed it. Pete eventually started fishing for sunnies and got a few small one's. I had two hits on a spinnerbait that didn't hook up.

I went to the NE side after the sun was below the trees and got this little guy.
That was pretty much it for action.

Platte/Sullivan Bass Tournament Today

Today at Noon I will get to see what the 15 boats of the Central Minnesota Bass Club can do with Platte and Sullivan. They are a team circut/club with a 5 bass limit. Provided I get them maps before blast off they should be having the weigh in at our lake place. I will really be impressed if any of the teams can top 16lbs or catch a bass over 5lbs. So far this season I think my best 5 in any one outing has been about 13lbs and my biggest fish was right around 4.

One thing is they only fish until Noon and I think they blast off is at official sunrise (about 5:30AM), so they only will fish for 6 and a half hours which is kind of a short tournament day.

Hopefully I will get some pictures of some hawgs.

The winning weight was 14.63lbs and big bass was 4+ and was the only fish over 4.
2nd was 13.87
3rd was 13.62
There were no 12 or 11lb bags.
This was big bass

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Slow Night on Sullivan

Last night I didn't get on the water until 6PM. For weather we had a pretty good rain around Noon then sprinkles and by the time I got out on the lake it was sunny and calm. I decided I was going to give Sullivan another go. Once again I stopped to fish right by the bridge as I went into Sullivan Lake, but I didn't get anything. I proceeded to fish South on the East side of the channel from the bridge all the way up to the intersection. I basically had one hit, that I missed in real close to the boat. Not sure if it was a bass or pike.

Next I headed to the SW side of the intersection to fish where I got my two big fish yesterday. In close to the bullrushes I had a pike bite off my white Spro Frog which I was able to retrieve. I had a hit from a small fish in by the bullrushes and that was it. A boat with 2 guys throwing spinnerbaits was making progress West along the Platte River Outlet and I didn't want them to beat me to the river so I put the trolling motor on high to get out where I could go with the big motor. On a fluke I got a 10.25" bass on the white Spro Frog as I was heading to the open water.

The guys throwing spinnerbaits were getting a few pike and only had gotten 1 bass, it turns out they weren't headed to the river. I stopped about 50 yards short of the river mouth and started fishing. The weeds looked good, but I didn't get any hits until I was actually into the river itself. Naturally I was highly disappointed that the river mouth didn't give me a few fish, seeing as what a good spot that has been in the past. I think the first hit I got in the river was a pike. I got a 11.25" bass right next to shore on the South side of the river on a watermelon/red Zoom Horny Toad. I was just around the first bend fishing the North shore when I missed what I'm pretty sure was either a big bass or dogfish on the Horny Toad. A little ways down I got a 11" bass on the Horny Toad.

Since I was to lazy and didn't want to lose the buzz tails of another Horny Toad to pike I started throwing the white Spro Frog. I got this nice 15.50" right along the North Shore.

Down a little ways I missed another good blow up. I was around the 2nd bend casting right up to North/West shore when I got a good 14". I ended up working all the way around the 4th bend and did have signs of about 3 more fish but I think 1 was a dogfish and 1 was probably a pike.

There is a tournament on Platte/Sullivan on Sunday and I think if a single team committed to the river and was able to land what bit, they could possibly have a good bag of fish, but then again they might not even get a 5 fish limit. I wonder if 1st thing in the morning the river mouth might be good. I didn't hit the river mouth on the way out because it had gotten a bit foggy and it was getting dark.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mostly Sullivan

Today I hit the water about 6:30AM and made my way to Lake Sullivan. But before getting into Sullivan I decided to fish the channel by the bridge connecting Platte and Sullivan aka the Grumpy Old Man Hole. This is a good area for me to try throwing the Zoom Ultra Vibe Speed Worm. I went with red shad today. Didn't get anything on the approach to the bridge, but I expected to get action in close to the bridge and I did. I got a couple of bites while I was reeling the worm in but it seemed like they were just pulling on the back of the worm. After a couple of casts with no more bites I decided I would let it sink to the bottom and hop it back. Sure enough a this 15" picked it up while it was on the bottom.
I didn't get any more hits until I was actually under the bridge and I didn't hook up, might have been a sunfish. I worked a little ways into Sullivan and did have a good hit, but I think it was a pike. Once I was past the pads. I cranked her up and moved quickly to East side of "the intersection". The intersection is the area where you can go into the main body of Sullivan, travel into the Platte River Outlet(PRO) in Sullivan, or go down the channel that goes into Platte Lake. I managed to get a 13" and 12.25" on a white Spro Bronzeye Frog. Both fish were in the rice out a ways from the reeds. Didn't get hit by anything in the reeds.

Next I went to hit docks in "Old Cabin Bay." Old Cabin Bay is where we had our cabin on Sullivan at one time and is the Eastern Most Bay of the lake. I elected not to start on the best section of docks but well before that along the point. On about the 3rd dock I got a 9" on the electric chicken Zoom Super Fluke. It was a long time before I finally got another bite. I was about 1/2 way through what has been my best stretch of docks on Sullivan when I had a hit at the corner of a boat lift from a 14.25" largie. About 5 more docks down I got a 12.5" and a little farther down the way got two 8.5" dinks. I put on a watermelon Zoom Ultra Vibe Speed Worm that had most of it's vibe tail bit off. I had a fish swirl on it out in open water I missed on the hookset with the fish taking the worm. I pitched a watermelon Picasso Jig with watermelon Zoom Speed Craw at a few docks and got a 12". I got one more 10.75" largie on the electric chicken fluke before I decided to give up on the docks.

Next I went out to the reed bed that is kind of in the middle of the bay and started throwing a white/silver Herb's Dilly buzzbait. I missed the first couple of hits, but managed to connect with an 11", 13.75", and 12.75". I worked the reed bed pretty good.

Next I was off to the NW corner of the lake, which was basically a bust until I got to the West side of the intersection. When I was first getting to know Sullivan this was my best spot on the lake. A lot has changed in the area since then and not for the better. I was pleased to see the area looking a bit better than it has for a few years and there were actually fish there. I smoked this 18" on the white Spro Bronzeye Frog up by the bullrushes in a little patch of rice.

I had another fish bite a couple of times in close to the bullrushes but it didn't hook up. I don't think it was a big fish. I started throwing out into the intersection and busted a 17.25" on the Spro in a spot where there was a small patch of pads at the outer edge of the rice. I worked the area hard and missed a few blow ups on the Spro and a Zoom Horny Toad.

It was coming up on 4PM, I was out of water and hungry so I called it quits after having fished across to the North West side of the intersection.

All totalled I got 15 bass, 10 of which were over 12", and surprisingly not a single pike.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Eddy's Launch with Dad

Today Dad and I went on the 8AM-Noon Eddy's Launch. Conditions were overcast with some sprinkles with a Nw wind about 4MPH diminishing to about 2MPH by the time we left. Upon leaving the harbor we took a 30+ minute ride to a feature they call Tom's. Our captain Brian said it isn't on any map. All 3 launches went to this spot.

About 3 minutes in my bobber went down, but when I set the hook my drag was too loose and the fish got away. It is bad luck to miss the first fish of the launch and just like the time that happened to me before I got skunked again. I did have one more fish play with my leech but not take it.

At our first stop Dad got the 19 inch walleye in the picture. Walleye's from 18" to 28" are protected so it had to go back. Our first spot only produced sporadic action but we stayed there until the last hour. We moved to a 2nd spot and Dad got a little perch. The second spot wasn't giving up anything and the other two launches had gotten into a good area and so we moved by them. In the last half hour I would say a dozen walleye's were caught on our launch with people missing several others. Neither Dad or I got a bite. We also watched numerous fish get caught on the other two launches. I did make a late switch to get rid of my beads but it didn't help. Our captain did keep us fishing the longest and we got in about 15 minutes after Noon.

First skunk for me on a launch this year. I suppose 75% success isn't bad.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Platte Again

Today was in the mid 80's and mostly sunny. I didn't get on the water until about 6:30PM and I started on docks on the North shore of the bay our cabin is in. There was a slight breeze out of the SW. I've had these docks give nothing, be good, and be very good at one time or another. Tonight they were off. I was in between docks where there is rice and pads plus matted curly leaf pond weed when I got my first pick up on the electric chicken Fluke and I missed it. Real close by I quickly landed a 11.75" and 14.25" on the Fluke. I had a blow up on the Horny Toad in close to shore, but that might have been a pike. I also had a pike stab at the Horny Toad on a cast to the deep edge of the slop. On the very last dock I got a hit at one of the Jet Ski lifts, but I missed it. I cast back in there and got a 10" bass.

Next I headed to the NW corner of the lake to fish reeds,rice, and pads. I got a 11.75" on a watermelon red Zoom Horny Toad, but the rice was such that a white Spro Bronzeye Frog was the better option and that is what I caught all the rest of the fish on. I got a 15" and 12" close to one another and had a fish hit at the frog kind of close to the boat several times. Finally the fish hit and seemed to get the frog, so I set the hook and the frog came flying back at me and the fish made a huge boil. My guess is that it was a big dogfish that pulled the frog down by the legs. I was working my way North when I got a 14.25", 13.25" and this thick 16.25" which was in the slop close to the shore.

As it was getting dark I proceeded to hit what has traditionally been the best stretch of water, but both the reeds and rice are more sparse then they have been and all I got was an 11 incher.

The mosquito's were getting bad and nothing was hitting so I headed out around 9:30PM.

I did get 1 pike on the NW end with the Spro.

Baxter Bass Snatchers Farm Island Tournament

Sunday June 20th was the 2nd Baxter Bass Snatcher tournament of the year and it was held on Farm Island Lake, north of Garrison Minnesota. The weather was mostly cloudy in the morning turning to mostly sunny in the afternoon. It was calm for a good part of the day and when there was wind it was under 5MPH.

Some days you got it and some days you don't. This tournament day I didn't.

Nate and I started the tournament day running to the South end of the lake to fish docks. Nate started catching fish immediately. I didn't get a bit until our 2nd stop of docks and when I set the hook my line broke at the knot and I'm pretty sure it wasn't a pike. The 2nd row of docks didn't produce any fish, so we went back to the 1st run only expanded a little.

My first bass of the day was a short from under a dock. Quickly after that one I got a 12.75" largie on the bubblegum Super Fluke from a dock. My next fish was 12.5 and came from the reeds right where my boater had pulled out a fish. I also missed another bite in that same spot after I had caught the 1st one.

Next we went to more reeds and I had a fish slap at my white Zoom Horny Toad. I cast back and it took it. Fish #3 was 13.75" and would be my biggest of the day.

Next we ran some docks and reeds on the East side of the lake, but that was unproductive, so we headed out to try what was a popular weedline area. Here I got a 13.5" and barely 12 inch squeaker on a watermelon blue fleck Strike King KVD Pro-Model Tube. My partner got his two best fish of the day here on a jig worm.

Next we ran some docks on the West side of the lake. We had a guy come out and harass us about fishing his dock. While we were fishing his dock I noticed what turned out to be a nice bass sitting out from his fishing boat lift in shallow water. At first I thought it was something on the bottom. I made a cast and the fish swam around and then to my Fluke and sucked it in. I set the hook and the lure came flying back at me. I quickly re-threaded the Fluke and cast back but the fish just swam away and disappeared. I think it was at least a 2 and a half pound fish, which would have been about a pound bigger than anything I caught.

Next we went back to the popular weedline area and I got my limit fish which was 12.75" and caught on the KVD tube. We worked the weedline for quite a while but it had gotten sunny and calm and things got real slow.

Eventually we went to the West side of the lake and worked some docks and reeds. I got a 13" and 13.75" cull in the reeds on the Super Fluke and I missed one good bite.

Next we went to some of the best looking, best fishing slop you could ever want to fish. I got a 12" that didn't help right away, but then it was nothing except one strike from a small pike. The slop bay had some size to it and with the hot sun it had warmed the water quite a bit and I ended up with 3 fish dying and my partner lost several as well.

We hit the weedline one more time without any luck and closed out in some deep reed with a bit of wind blowing on them. I got a bass that didn't help on a swim jig.

My weight came to 8lbs even and I had 6os in dead fish penalties, but that didn't cost me anything. I ended up in 23rd out of 26 anglers which pretty much equals my worst finishes of the previous 2 seasons. My boater Nate had 13lbs 7ozs with a 6oz dead fish penalty that didn't cost him either. He finished 5th. 1st Place was 15lbs 1oz and caught by the previous two years BBS "Mr. Bass," the mercurial Mr. Dennis Lothspeich.

Analysis: I wish I had this day to do over. Missed fish certainly hurt me as did a lack of preparation and imagination. In terms of preparation I really wish I would have brought a jig worm rod instead of the pitching rod that I didn't end up using. My lack of imagination has to do with my not trying to use rattlebaits, chatterjigs, and maybe trying a couple of other things on those weedline spots, also had I tried pitching a jig in the reeds, maybe I would have come out better.

Next Tournament: Cass Lake July 10th

Monday, June 21, 2010

In the Boat on Platte Lake.

Today I got my gear together, so I could start fishing out of the Trophy again. I headed to the lake around 5PM, but forgot the bag with the camera. Once there I got the boat loaded and messed around with my tackle for a little bit. A fish busted a long cast out front of Sherman's (neighbor to our East) in the rice. I was able to make the cast and it hit, but I came up empty. This incident lured me putting the trolling motor down and heading in that direction. I wasn't off in the boat until 6PM. There was quite a bit of activity in the slop but nothing was going after the white Spro Bronzeye Frog. I worked to the reed bed and then I started pitching a jig to holes in the curly leaf pond weed as I worked my way back West. Nothing was happening so I slided in and fished a couple of docks, getting a hit on a bubblegum Super Fluke from a little pike. A lab had been playing in the water at the next dock down the line, so I decided to head to the reed bed off of the end of the North point of Channel Inn Bay. I started out at the tip and worked my way towards shore.

My first fish was a 26" Pike that hit a brownish Lethal Weapon 2 Jig with watermelon Zoom Speed Craw. A few casts later I got hung on a reed and as I was trying to pull it free my line snapped about 15 feet out from the end of the rod. I went and retrieved the jig. I quickly re-tied and got back to casting. I had a hit and set the hook and once again my 30lb Power Pro snapped, this time about 5 feet off the end of the rod tip. I picked up my other swim jig rod that had a blue/pink Monsoor Swim Jig with Action Plastics 5" Super Mag Grub and cast back to the same area and got a hit but the fish got off. I headed to that area and I was able to find the tag end of the line and retrieve the jig again, no fish. I think I'm going to have to give those guides a thorough inspection with a cotton swab, as that I didn't see any trouble spots. It could be weak spots caused by backlashes. I through the Spro Bronzeye up by shore in the rice and reeds and had a hit but it didn't hook up.

After thoroughly fishing the area I started heading to the docks. I got a pike in very shallow on the rice inside weedline. I thought for sure it was going to be a bass. On the first dock I caught a 11.75" bass on a white Zoom Horny Toad. At the next dock I made a good cast and had a fish hit, but I missed it on the hookset and was unable to get it to bite again. Got nothing on the last dock.

It was about 8:30PM now so I decided to hit my best docks to the West of the Platte Lake public access. The first few docks didn't have fish. Finally I got a bite on the Fluke but the fish was swimming right towards me after it picked up the Fluke and I got a crappy hookset and missed the fish. On the next dock I got a bite and promptly broke my line, seemingly at the knot. I cast at the heart of the dock with a Zoom Horny Toad putting my line through part of the dock up off the water and backlashing a little bit. I got my line situation straightened out and there was a fish on the end of the line. I really didn't get a hook set, but the fish hooked up anyway. I tried to pull the fish up and over the part of the dock I had gone through, but that didn't work so I had to go over with the trolling motor and grab it. The bass was 15.25".

I got the Horny Toad re-rigged and decided to throw it out around a patch of weeds (cabbage with sparce rice and reeds) that was out towards the lake. I had what I believe to be a huge bass blow up on the Horny Toad but it missed it. I made repeat casts with the Toad, but it wouldn't hit again. As I fan casted the area I had a pike break me off. Next I started throwing the blue/pink Monsoor Swim Jig. I had a little bass follow it to the boat. I had a fish hit in the vicinity of where I got the blow up, but it didn't hook up. I retied a watermelon Horny Toad and electric chicken Super Fluke. I was throwing the Toad out towards those weeds when I had a pike bite off both legs. I kept using the Toad and got a 12.5" bass. I decided to throw in at the dock again with the Fluke and had a hit, but I missed the hook set. The sun was starting to get low and I wanted to get to where the slop starts so I decided to move on. I had several blow ups on the Toad and eventually coaxed a 15.25" bass to hit after it missed the first time. The Toad was wasted and I lost it while catching in a bunch of weeds.

Next I started throwing a clown Spro Bronzeye Frog. I went with the clown cause I was worried about pike and I have several clown Bronzeyes. I got to where the rice, reeds, and pads, get thicker and missed a fish that very well might have been a dogfish right next to the boat. I started working my way down the reed edge out towards the lake and was rewarded with a 15.25" and 15.75" both on the Spro. It was quite dark by the time I headed back in. The mosquito's really were not bad at all.

Quoted: Elite Pro Rick Morris

"I caught so many big fish it's unbelievable. I didn't get any big bites today but I'm not complaining. I had a great, awesome tournament. I caught them all on the RPM Custom rod, which is my own rod company which I started 5 years ago, American-made blanks, made by Americans, for Americans, no micro-eyes, no China, no Mexico, and no vegetable colors!"
This quote was in BassFan Dock Talk. I thought it was kind of funny. Not sure Boyd Duckett saw it that way.

Coming Soon...

Farm Island Baxter Bass Snatcher Tournament Report.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

10 More Bullheads

I decided to try my luck at the "Grumpy Old Man Hole" once again tonight. I arrived at about 8:30PM and I was delighted no one was there. I started out with bubblegum Zoom Super Fluke close to the bridge and I quickly reeled in 3 smallish jumpin bullheads. I made a cast out towards the channel buoy's and landed another jumpin bullhead. One more by the bridge and I had to go to the car to get a new fluke. This time I grabbed a pearl that was kind of dark instead of shiny white. I landed 3 more jumpin bullheads on the Fluke including this nice 3lber.

I also got a toothy bullhead.

I capped off the night with this 2lb+ frog fish.

Bass Snatchers Farm Island Tournament Preview

Tomorrow is the 2nd Baxter Bass Snatcher Tournament of the year on Farm Island Lake just North of Garrison, MN. This will be my 2nd Bass Snatcher tournament on Farm Island. Our 1st tournament of the year was on Farm Island 2 years ago. 2008 gave us a late Spring and we fished it June 7th, so lake conditions will be very different this year. My boater Nate Steinbauer has fished several tournaments on Farm Island and he tends to finish somewhere in the middle of the pack. Neither Nate or I got out to pre-fish, but I'm sure Nate got some good info about how things are setting up from his dad who was my partner at the first tournament this year.

In talking to Nate last week, he said we would be fishing docks, slop, inside weedlines, and some reeds. The weather is suppose to be partly cloudy with light wind, which I think will play to the docks and slop.

My first goal is to catch a limit and my second goal is to catch over 10lbs. At the previous Farm Island tournament I got a 6 fish limit for 9lbs 8ozs for 16th place. We have only 26 guys fishing, so I would also like to crack the top 13.

GOMH Quick 10

Seeing as how fishing was so good last night at the "Grumpy Old Man Hole", I decided to hit it up again first thing this morning. I went right to the NE side.

My first cast was with a bubblegum Zoom Super Fluke and it got nothing. On my second or third cast a bullhead took it pretty close to shore. I let the fish run a bit before setting the hook, but all I got back was the hook. That was my only Fluke, so I switched rods to a Northland Tackle Jungle Jig Loc Jig with dark smoke with green fleck Gander Mtn Tube. That was the ticket and I quickly proceeded to catch 10 jumpin bullheads. The smallest was around 10" and the biggest was about 15" with most being around 13.5." On average a little smaller than those I got last night.

After about 35 minutes of fishing, things slowed down and it started to sprinkle and nature called, so I dipped.

Bradley Roy Wins Elite Series Rookie of the Year

According to BassZone.com 19 year old Bradley Roy has won the 2010 Elite Series Rookie of Year honors.

You can give Bradley congratulations at his website/blog.

Friday, June 18, 2010


Due to the rain we have had lately I went to the lake place to check and see if I needed to pump water from the boat. I didn't. Naturally I make a few casts at the lake place but didn't have any luck. Next I went to Don W's but the wind was blowing there pretty good and all I got was 1 bite from a sunfish on my Strike King KVD Pro-Model Tube black with red fleck. So off I went to the GOMH and when I arrived no one was there. I started off on the SE side and didn't get any hits on the tube or a Snagproof Frog. I crossed the road to the NE side and it was game on.

My first couple of casts under the bridge didn't get me anything, so I cast across the channel towards the bridge rip rap. I felt some weight and waited until there was a couple of tugs at the rod tip before I set the hook. The fish jumped and I knew I had a good one, which I landed.


For once I didn't have a ruler or scale, but it was 18+ and had to be a 4lb fish. It was a brutus bullhead with big shoulders and fat belly. Very healthy fish.

I proceeded to whack 12 more on the tube with a single 12 incher and the rest being 13 to 15.5" with most around 14.5". The tube got so the screw in was no good anymore, so I just texas rigged it on the Northland Tackle Jungle Jig Loc Jig. I did lose 2 bullheads that spit the hook on jumps and 1 that spit it at the waters surface.

I now have lots of confidence in that Northland jig head.

Last Night Don's Dock Dogfish & My Experiment

Pete and I went to fish at Don W's after the days thunderstorms had moved through. My mission was simple. Try to catch a few fish on the Northland Tackle Jungle Jig Loc Jig. I had just bought these jigs at Reeds, to see how they would work with bass tubes.

The first fish of the night was this dogfish caught by Don

A little while later I felt a fish pick up the tube and set the hook into a 11 inch bass. About 15 minutes later I got another bite and caught a 13.5" bass. About 15 minutes after that I got another bite and caught this 14" bass.

I did get one more hit, but the fish jumped and threw the jig after I set the hook. 3 for 4 with fish on the jig made me happy.

Pete and Don did catch a few mostly small sunfish. Don was trying more for crappies or he might have caught more fish.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Eddy's Launch With Pete

Today Pete and I went out on the Eddy's Morning Fishing Launch. The original launch we were scheduled to be on was from 8AM-Noon, but Eddy's was over run with people wanting to go out and called in a 2nd Captain to go out from 8:30AM-12:30PM. Pete and I jumped on that ship hoping there would be less people and when all was said and done there were maybe 4 or 5 less people on this 2nd launch. Another reason we jumped ship was because we didn't get the back of the launch on the 1st boat.

We left the harbor right around 8:30AM and I was a bit surprised once we got out a ways from shore just how big the rollers on the lake were. We headed out to a spot SW of Indian Point near a rise that comes up to 25ft of water out of about 28 feet of water. We weren't there long and a guy close to me got a good bite, but didn't get a good hook set. A couple of minutes later a teenage kid caught what I thought was a keeper, but maybe not as I would have the only two keepers in the bucket at the end of the day.

I was the next person to strike with a 17+ inch keeper that hit when I dropped the leech on his head with a cast. About 3 seconds after the bobber stop reached the bobber the bobber then went down. A couple of more eyes got caught that were too big, including another fish for the kid that got the first fish. Pete got in on the action with a 12incher that he threw back. We were about 2 hours in and the action had slowed and we were being surrounded by other boats so the Captain decided to move us about 100 yards closer to Indian Point and out of the other boats. Problem was that with the wind and waves the anchor didn't hold on either of two tries. The Captain then decided to go to another spot closer to the western shoreline. When we started to move off, Pete got his line caught on the depth finder transducer, he was eventually able to get it free.

At the 2nd location a few perch came in the boat, then a walleye that was to big. I had a fish, presumably a perch, chew my leech pretty good so I got a new leech. My new leech wasn't out long when I connected with my 2nd keeper of the day, a 16+ inch eye. Pete had some nibbles and I had a good hit that stole my leech. Pete and I both got a few more nibbles before the Captain called it quits about 20 minutes early.

When we got back this was my haul:

While the fish were getting cleaned Pete decided to go for some Eddy's Jetty's Jumbo's.

Here you can see Rainbow Island in the background. Actually in the original pic you could see Indian Point to, but Blogger didn't accept how I had the picture cropped. Pete did catch a few small perch.

Colorado Bass Fishing Blog

Coloradocastersblog From his "About Me": Hello, my name is Matt and I’m a fishaholic. Fishing is more than a recreational sport for me it is an obsession. On the water or at its edge my quest is for the ultimate in the quality fishing experience. Sometimes that means an isolated puddle of water with big fish or those glorious days when the fish seem to just jump in the boat. Maybe it is how the sunlight sparkles off the water and makes this crazy world all fall back into perspective. At least for the moment it does. This journal will hopefully allow others to share in my fishing adventures, endless rants and shameless bragging.

Big Bass on the downsize This blog post is particularly good in that it gives play by play with illustrations of how he battled a big bass.

BP Fishing Report with Pictures from last night.

June Night Don's Dock... Over at Bass Pundit's Fishing Log Blog.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

2011 Bass Elite Series Season Schedule

March 10-13 -- Sunshine Showdown -- Harris Chain of Lakes -- Tavares, Fla.
March 17-20 -- Citrus Slam -- St. John’s River -- Palatka, Fla.
April 6-9 (Wednesday-Saturday event) -- Alabama Charge -- Pickwick Lake -- Florence, Ala.
April 14-17 -- Battle on the Bayou -- Toledo Bend Reservoir -- Many, La.
May 5-8 -- Pride of Georgia -- West Point Lake -- LaGrange, Ga.
May 12-15 -- Carolina Clash -- Lake Murray -- Columbia, S.C.
June 9-12 -- Diamond Drive -- Arkansas River -- Little Rock, Ark.
June 16-19 -- Dixie Duel -- Wheeler Lake -- Decatur, Ala.

As far as I can tell there is a lot of diversity to the venues even though they are concentrated in the SE US. It doesn't bother me that they are not going very far West or North. My guess is they will be back North in 2012.

Elite Series Breaking News!!!

Just learned from TBrinksFishing.com that the Elite Series Tournament for this week has been moved to Fort Gibson Lake due to unsafe conditions on the Arkansas River.

So does this give the Oklamhoma Boys an advantage?

From BassFan I learned that Fort Gibson hosted a Bassmaster Central Open in October 2001. The results of that tournament are here... I think it's hard to extrapolate to much from a tournament in October vs. June. OK boy Edwin Evers didn't do well in that tournament and OK boy Jeff Kriet came in 38th with just under 8lbs for 3 days.

It very well could be a tough tournament as the lake does not seem to be a bass factory. 6 or 7lbs or even less could win it.

I guess we will see if Rick Clunn can live up to his trash talk about how good he is on short notice with little practice.

Interesting Bass Zone claims the lake is right now a pretty good bass fishery where it takes 20lb stringers to win tournaments. OK boy Kenyon Hill says there will be several 20lb stringers caught.

Update: OK I have discovered that this was hardly breaking news. Had I been on Facebook earlier I would have found out 9 hours ago. Several of my FB friends did status updates throughout the day.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bowfin Grand Championship Entry Deadline...

...Tonight at midnight.

A Jig for 8 Bucks

The Zappu PD Chopper Swim Jig, it's suppose to be kind of like a chatterjig without the blade and a bit more subtle. I suppose the fact that it has a 100% tungsten head has everything to do with the price point.

Don't think you will be getting a review of this lure from the Bass Pundit anytime soon.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Another Big Fish For Holmer

Jason Holmer of Minnesota Bass Fishing blog had a very good day on the water. Among the fish caught was the 5.25lb bruiser. Jason also added a 4.87lb fish to his Bass Pundit Minnesocold Bass Bloggers Derby 2010.

Jason would probably be leading the Derby handily right now except for the fact that he seems to have a personal 4lb minimum for the fish he enters.

The Derby is kind of off to a slow start with no fish yet from MT Bucket Blog, Casey's Catch of the Day, Rich's Bassin Blog, Josh Douglas Blog, Art Simms Bass Fishing Blog, Ikeslayer's Outdoors Blog, Bob's Fishing Blog and Carl's "BassAckwards" Fishing Blog. Hopefully things will pick up before the 4th of July.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mille LACKS Again!

Tonight I hit up Eddy's Jetty and Cemetery Jetty from about 6:30PM until dark. I missed one hit at Eddy's. There was a guy fishing carp at Cemetery Jetty and he said he saw largemouth and smallmouth swimming by all day long, nothing huge, but good fish.

Quick Morning GOMH

I was awake at the crack of dawn so I decided to hit up the GOMH for a quick trip. When I got there another guy who was sucker fishing for pike had just set up on the SW side so I took the SE side.

Right away I got a little toothy bullhead on a red/black Terminator Top Secret Jig, but that would be my only bite on the SE side. Just as I was picking up my stuff to head to the NE side a car pulled up that happened to be John W. We both went to the NE side. He fished down on the rocks toward the bridge and I cast out from the concrete.

I managed this one 14.5" jumpin bullhead:
It took a "tweety" Bobby's Perfect Frog out in open water by the first channel buoys.

John ended up getting a jumpin bullhead that was a little bigger than mine.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Kevin Van Dam Wins at Kentucky Lake Again!

KVD was my man in Facebook Strike King Fantasy Fishing this week. I doubt I'm going to win however, cause I doubt I was the only person to go with KVD and I was off on the winning weight by about 10lbs and the big fish weight by 3lbs. Who knows, maybe I will be extremely lucky and get that sweet Strike King prize package again.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Ike Reality TV Show Opportunity

Mike Iaconelli Begins Casting For A New Reality Fishing Television Show!

June 1st, 2010 --- Hey there fellow fish heads! Do you have what it takes to become the next bass fishing superstar? Do you posses the skills necessary to win bass fishing tournaments? Would you like the chance to compete against other young aspiring pros from around the world for a chance to win a fully sponsored entry into one of the pro tournament series. You'll be provided with the boat, and all the goods to get the job done. Do you have what it takes?

If so, Mike Iaconelli is casting for a new reality fishing show. You could be on TV telling your story and showing off your fishing skills to the masses! If you're between 18 and 25 (male or female) and you think you have what it takes, then send us a video explaining why you should have a chance to compete to be the next bass fishing superstar. In three minutes or less, please tell us: your name, where your from, how you got into fishing. Then take us to your secret fishing spot and prove to us you have what it takes. We need to see your favorite lure bring a big old bass to the boat. You will need to know how to operate a bass boat to be able to compete on the show. And of course a little bit about yourself. Also don't forget to include an e-mail and phone number so we can get a hold of you.

Please send all videos by June 15th to:
Blinde Design
22 Howard St. 5A
New York, NY 10013

(videos will be accepted after this date but they will be reviewed after the first group has been considered)

For more information go to Mike Iaconelli's Website or for questions call (212) 925 -7208.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ruh Roh

That tournament on Saturday really zapped me. I went to the Chiropracter on Tues. cause my lower back was sore. I have yet to unpack my gear and I haven't been fishing once and to be honest I have not really even felt the urge to fish. But then again the weather hasn't been all that great.

Next tournament is a week from Sunday on Farm Island Lake and my boater is the son of my partner from the Whitefish Tournament. Nate has a history of consistant middle of the pack finishes on Farm Island going all the way back to 1989. Judging from previous Farm Island tournament finishes I think docks probably play big, which isn't necessarily the best thing for being in the back of the boat.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

June 5th Whitefish Tournament Report

Saturday June 5th 2010 was my first Baxter Bass Snatchers Club bass tournament of the year. This tournament was held on the Whitefish Chain, which is about a half hour North of Brainerd Minnesota. The weather was overcast most of the time and we did have a couple of light sprinkles. There was little wind in the morning, but by afternoon it was blowing pretty good out of the West.

My original drawn boater had boat trouble, so I was given a new partner, Chuck Steinbauer. Chuck is "Mr. Baxter Bass Snatchers". I believe he has been in the club since it started in 1977 and has been Club "Mr. Bass" 10 Times. He has finished in the State Tournament qualifying Top 6, 29 times and he has won 35 club tournaments, including 3 of them on the Whitefish Chain. I had no doubt I would be around fish all day, but on the other hand Chuck has a reputation for being hard to catch fish behind.

Like most Bass Snatcher tournaments we blasted off about 15-20 minutes before the scheduled 7AM start time. We headed North out of Lower Hay for a short run to Delta Bay where Chuck had some rice and docks he wanted to hit real quick. I didn't even have a cast made and Chuck had a bass in the boat. I think it was under 12" thus to small to keep. The rice didn't give up anything else, so we headed to the docks, which gave Chuck a keeper or two.

We were quickly off to go look at some smallmouth beds. Another Bass Snatcher boat was at our next stop and he claimed that he caught the fish that were there. So off we went to another smallmouth spot. The smallies were not here either, but we both caught a couple of rock bass. Our next stop was again for smallmouth's in Big Trout Lake. Another boat was on Chuck's best spot and they told us someone else had already fished and caught a few off of where we settled to fish. We both started catching a bunch of rock bass and I got a little pike as well. Chuck did get one small smallmouth blind casting a senko and I think maybe he picked up one smallmouth off a bed with a tube.

Next we went to fish some docks and I picked up a 14.5" smallie on a electric chicken Zoom Super Fluke and a 14.75 smallie on a watermelon red&black fleck Strike King Ocho (senko). Unfortunately another club boat was coming towards us and so we took off and out of Big Trout. We stopped in a nice little weedy area in Lower Whitefish and Chuck pulled a couple of keepers, which were to small for his liking so we took off. We headed to another weed area in Bertha Lake which looked awesome, but I think only gave Chuck 1 little keeper and me a couple of rock bass.

Next we went to one of Chuck's bedded smallmouth and it was still there and Chuck caught his biggest fish of the day. Next we made a run up to Arrowhead Lake to go fish some docks. I thought the stuff in between the docks looked pretty good, but Chuck was quickly hopping from one dock to another. I threw a bubblegum Zoom Super Fluke into one of the holes in the grass between docks and promptly got bit off, so I switched rods to the Ocho. Chuck caught a keeper off a dock and had me go to the front while he culled. This was my chance to work the stuff between the docks and it didn't take long until my best fish of the day a 16.5inch 2lb 14oz largie ate my Ocho. Chuck got back on the front of the boat and that would be my only fish out of Arrowhead.

Next we ran to one specific dock on Upper Whitefish but nothing was there, so we went to check a smallie bed. As Chuck was looking for a fish on a bed I made a cast and had the pearl 5" grub tail bit off my swim jig. There was another smallmouth bed and I had found it. I didn't really have anything handy to throw back at the fish, so Chuck worked it with his tube and eventually got the 2 and a half pound smallie to bite. That was a critical gain for him and a critical bit of bad luck for me.

Next we went back to the first smallmouth spot we had stopped in the morning and there was a good fish there, but it quickly spooked and didn't come back. We worked the area and Chuck did catch a little smallmouth which did cull a smaller largemouth.

Chuck made the decision to make the long run to Cross Lake and on our way there we made a couple of stops on what I think was Lower Whitefish at some docks with rocks. In one of the spots I pulled a smallie that was just over the 12 inch minimum length on a swim jig and off the next dock I picked off a chunky largie that I thought for sure would keep, but it was just under 12".

So we were off to fish docks in Cross and although the fishing was off and Chuck chaulked it up as a mistake; I managed to fill my limit with a 13" largie and 12.75" largie from the docks.

We made the run back up to Whitefish and by this time the wind was blowing pretty good, so we headed to a saddle with rocks with the wind blowing on it. I picked up my wht/chart Mille Lacs smallie killer 3/16oz Strike King Spinnerbait and was quickly rewarded with a solid hit, which turned out to be a 16.25" smallie. Unfortunately I was unable to pick up anymore fish on the spinnerbait.

We went back into Bertha, and I managed a small cull with a 13.25 largemouth caught on a smoke tube. Once again we went back to that first smallie spot, but no one was home. So we went to work at our starting spot in Delta Bay, where I got a few pike to show themselves but that was it and the day was up.

My 6 fish went for 11lbs 1oz, which put me in 10th Place. (29 guys fished) This is my 3rd best showing out of the 13 Bass Snatchers tournaments I've fished and definitely my best start to a year.

Chuck had 12lbs 1oz which put him in 5th. We were the 2nd best boat in terms of total weight.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Bass Snatchers Whitefish Tournament

I had a fair day on the water yesterday. I did a good job of catching fish behind a guy who is notoriously tough on his non-boaters.

Full report when I have the final standings, which should be Mon or Tues.

Friday, June 04, 2010

A Couple Mille Lacs Smallies

Since I put together a couple boxes of Smallmouth Tackle for the Bass Snatchers Whitefish Chain tournament tomorrow I figured I'd go and use some of the stuff tonight at Mille Lacs. These are the results:

The first and biggest bass is 17.25" and the smaller one is 13". They both hit on the spinnerbait in the first two pictures.

Just as I threw out a Rapala subwalk at least one big smallie and maybe more started busting baitfish right in front of me close in to the rocks. I quickly reeled in the Subwalk and cast it in the area, but the fish didn't want it and by the time I changed rods they were gone.

Getting Ready For Game Day

Tomorrow is my first Baxter Bass Snatchers Bass Club tournament of the year and it's going to be on the Whitefish Chain North of Brainerd. I've been on the lake 2 times and the 2nd time was a tournament where I got skunked; Yes skunked on a bass factory. I doubt that will happen again as my partner is Chuck Steinbauer who is one of the best bass fishermen in the whole state of Minnesota and has probably fished the Whitefish Chain a hundred days or more and has won several tournaments there.

This tournament is going to be my best opportunity yet in club competition to bring in some brown bass. Since joining the club 2 years ago we have fished 5 lakes with smallmouth, but on Serpent they were out of season (MN Fall C&R season), and on Gull, Pokegama, and Ida my boaters didn't make any attempt to fish for them. I will have tubes, senko's, and Flukes in case the smallies need to be finessed a little bit, but I'm really hoping they will go on more aggressive presentations like topwater, spinnerbaits, swim jigs, and jerkbaits. If it turns out to be a smallmouth bed fishing deal, I'm not sure how that will work. I have pretty much zero experience sight fishing for smallmouth.

If the smallmouth give us problems my partner says we should have no trouble catching largies.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Short Platte Trip

Tonight I got out for a little over an hour before it got dark. It was overcast with about a 3MPH wind out of the SE.

My first spot was to try the biggest reed bed in Platte's big center bay. In the reeds I got the picture fish (13" largie) on a brown (sparrow) Snagproof Bobby's Perfect Frog.; Not too much later a pike stole that frog, so I tied on on red/brown Bobby's Perfect. A bass was messing with the frog but didn't take it, so I pitched back to the spot with a swim jig and I got my second bass which was a 13.5". Next I caught a 20" pike on a "electric chicken" Zoom Super Fluke. While I was in the reeds I think most of the strikes I got came from pike.

On my way out of the reeds I threw the Fluke at a dock and got a 14.5" largie.

Next I headed to the reeds at the South side of the big Island hoping I could get something going there. Not long after I stopped a pike ripped the Zoom Horny Toad I was throwing to shreds and that was pretty much the extent of my action for the night.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Mille LACKs

Fished from 8PM until after 9PM, didn't get a sniff on anything.

Bro Bags Florida Bass

My brother Steve discovered a bass with a topwater frog in a canal near his condo in Coral Springs Florida.

Meanwhile, he set my niece Haley up with a hotdog for catfish. She didn't catch anything.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

June 1 Mille Lac-TION

I slept in today and had to pick up pills in Onamia, so I figured I would hit up Eddy's Jetty and Cemetery Jetty. I think I arrived at Eddy's at about 6:15PM and I went right to were I caught the smallies on Sunday, the corner of the North Jetty. The wind was blowing in again at about 8MPH out of the NW, pretty much the same as Sunday night. I started off throwing a wht/chart with wht&chart willow blade 3/16oz Strike King Spinnerbait. On about the 10th cast it was "Fish On!!!".

The fish went 18.5" and was the biggest of the night.

A few casts later I hooked up with a 15.25" smallie that was bleeding like crazy when I got it in even though the hook was in the side of it's mouth. I got it back in the water ASAP and didn't take any pictures of the fish. On the very next cast I brought in this 16" fish.

A few casts later I nailed this 18" fish.

The fish stopped biting and so I tried 2 different swim jigs, a blk/blue Strike King Pure Poison Chatterjig, a wht Rapala Subwalk which got a hit but it didn't hook up, a old school Berkley Frenzy Jerkbait, a wht Lucky Craft Pointer 100, a Storm Kickin' Stick Swimbait, and a Strike King Sexy Swimmer Swimbait and back to the spinnerbait without success, so I headed off to the South Jetty.

Went through a bunch of stuff at the South Jetty and didn't get a hit, so I went back to the North Jetty corner with the spinnerbait and got this 17.5"

It was after 7:30PM and the wind had picked up, so I decided to head off to the Cemetery Jetty. Much to my surprise I didn't get any wood ticks crawling on me on the walk out to the tip of the Jetty. I also didn't get a single bite. Didn't get any ticks on my trip back to the car.

I went back to Eddy's but the wind was blowing about 12MPH almost straight in out of the East. I tried a bunch of things but didn't get a hit. I decided to start trying for walleyes after the sun had set, but I started getting wet from the waves crashing in and so I called it quits.