Wednesday, March 11, 2009

FLW Fantasy Fishing: Changes Have Been Made.

Yesterday I did a fair amount of homework on Players Advantage and came up with my line up for Table Rock. Today I visited Rich's Bassin' Blog and today's blog was about Flw Fantasy Fishing at Table Rock. He clued me in on taking a look at BASS results for Table Rock. I didn't realise BASS had fished Table Rock so much in the last 10 years and there was some great information. I quickly came to realise that the pick of Luke Clausen, who I mentioned a couple of posts ago, was not a good bet because he has a dismal record at Table Rock. Thanks to that study I booted two guys from my roster and added a guy that is a no brainer. I then got my other replacement from Players Advantage info.

I think my roster is probably locked down now, but I will check for late breaking news out of Players Advantage tomorrow.

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