Sunday, March 22, 2009

Baxter Bass Snatchers Annual Liar's Meeting.

Yesterday was the last formal meeting of my bass club, The Baxter Bass Snatchers, before the tournament season begins. It also marked my 1 year anniversary with the club as it was the March meeting last year when I was accepted as a member in the club. The March meeting is called the "Liar's Meeting" because it is when the top 3 finishers in each of the previous summers tournaments is supposed to tell all about how they achieved their victory.

I learned a couple of interesting things. The first was that while the smallmouth beds on Big Birch that my partner had found in pre-fish were abandoned on tournament day, the same thing did not happen to all the beds on the lake. In fact, the winner won by going to beds he had made waypoints for in pre-fish. The other item of interest was to see just how far the top finishers traveled on the river to get their fish. My partner took us up the river a long ways in the morning and several of the top finishers went well beyond where we went. I also learned where on the map I fished at Serpent Lake when I came in 3rd and my partner came in 2nd. I wasn't totally sure exactly where we were but the others were able to point it out to me; My partner at Serpent Lake was not at the meeting and he was the one driving the boat, so he knew where we were and all I knew is we were somewhere toward the middle of the lake on the North end.

I don't remember if I have blogged about this before, but at the February meeting some of our lakes got changed. I blogged all about the original schedule, thinking that changes were unlikely. Apparently there were some conflicts that came up unfortunately, I really liked the lakes we were going to fish. They ended up switching dates on Gull Lake because of the Minnesota Fishing Challenge for Teen Challenge, and put Cedar (Aiken) on May 30th. I wish they would have switched dates instead because I would have liked to fish in that Minnesota Fishing Challenge. (I see that in addition to the $100 entry fee that teams must raise $500 more in sponsorship, Ouch! Maybe I don't want to fish it. I don't know if I could come up with that kind of sponsorship ging; I am not exactly the extroverted salesman type.)

They dropped Cullen on September 19th for Gull and also dropped Birch (Cass) for Ida (Alex) in July . It turns out the September 19th date for Gull conflicts with a big 2 day pike tournament. At this point it will now take a 90% vote of the club in favor of switching to Whitefish Chain, in order to stop the train wreck. Hopefully the voting will work out.

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