Friday, March 13, 2009

FLW Tour Table Rock Lake Day 2


Something to do if you have Players Advantage while your waiting for weigh in time is to go and watch the On Demand Video highlights of Day 1. I hadn't watched any of the highlights from Guntersville and it was good stuff. There was a really interesting interview with David Fritts and David Walker on the last morning of Guntersville where they were talking about the hole they had to dig out of. Of coarse, David Fritts managed to do just that and won the tournament when Canterburry stumbled.

I'm thinking about trying the video feed only to see if I can liveblog the weigh-in. Another thought I had was to try watching out of Mozilla Firefox to see if my computer doesn't get so stuffed up.

Oops I fell asleep and have missed about 45 minutes of the weigh in. I don't have it on FLW Live with the Players Advantage features but just the streaming video so I can blog it

David Dudley 5 for 13-00 This will make Hellabass happy.

George Cocheran 6-13 Oh oh

Guido Hibdon moves in to 5th for now.

Dion Hibdon weighs 17-1 for 30-12 and moves into 6th
however my computer froze up so live blogging may not work, I'll give it one more shot.

Ok not gonna work. Guess this is the end of the live blog.

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