Friday, March 13, 2009

Elite Series Battle on the Border Amistad Day 2 Part 2

Looks like the Live Leaderboard actually worked today, here are the Top 11

1 Gary Klein 5 25- 4 5 29- 3 10 54- 7
2 Boyd Duckett 5 21-10 5 25- 5 10 46-15
3 Alton Jones 5 24- 0 5 22- 4 10 46- 4
4 Michael Iaconelli 5 27- 9 5 15-15 10 43- 8
5 Todd Faircloth 5 17- 0 5 24- 3 10 41- 3
6 James Niggemeyer 5 21- 2 5 19-14 10 41- 0
7 Mark Tucker 5 12-10 5 28- 0 10 40-10
8 Matt Reed 5 23- 2 5 16-13 10 39-15
9 John Murray 5 22- 1 5 17- 9 10 39-10
10 Kelly Jordon 5 18-11 5 20- 5 10 39- 0
11 Kevin VanDam 5 19- 9 5 17-14 10 37- 7

Looks like Gary Klein is in command. I called Klein a bad deal as far as fantasy value goes, but I did say both he and Kelly Jordan could be factors at Amistad. It is cool to see that BassNblogger Boyd Duckett is catchin' em up pretty good.

My fantasy team improved ever so slightly with the jump Faircloth made, Evers was my biggest dropper. I am very disappointed that Matt Herren did not make the cut. I don't know who else among the low value anglers I could have picked but Herren I don't think is nearly as experienced at Amistad as a lot of the guys. Still I would really like all my fantasy picks to be in the top 50%.

BassZone Wide Open- Recap Show
4 out of the top 5 refined their pattern from Day 1 today.
No Rookies made the cut. Speculation that the rookies weren't able to make adjustments.
They have an interview tournament leader Gary Klien, but the video cuts out on me just like the one with Ike did yesterday.

They are gonna have Mark Tucker who caught 28lbs today and Boyd Duckett who is in 2nd.

"It was one of those days I could do no wrong"
Caught 2 4lbers on a single crank at one time and landed them. One of the fish got thrown back cause it wasn't big enough.
Saw a bass spit up a shad and it clued him in and the bass were just choking his bait.
Found the fish that he caught today on Tues.
Thinks his fish are pre-spawn.
On the Marshals: His guy came from WI and had a great day. Says it really helps him with boat positioning because he would always try and give co-anglers a shot at the fish sometimes to the detriment of optimal boat position.
Sounds like he was fishing a crank, but the fish that clued him in came on a jig.
Was saved on his big fish by a softer rod when he had to put the breaks on to keep a fish out of a tree.
"I turned back two 18lb bags of fish today"
Says tomorrow he will know quickly where his fish are because in his area they will be in one of two places.

Thinks there is good chance somebody will make the century mark but upcoming weather could make it tough.
Has 2 deals going: Drop Shot and hollow belly swimbait. Today was the swimbait.
Using about 5 area's in 2 creeks. Big area's.
Having to move around to catch fish, no magic tree.
You need cloud or wind or both for the swimbaits bite.
On a sunny day the fish will bite early on the swimbaits
Is fishing 17lb Berkley 100% Flouro which he considers light.
Thinks lots of fish will be spawning next week.
Talking about Ducketts superstition point, the shoes.
It will be cold tonight and cloudy tommorrow so water won't really warm up till Sunday at the earliest.
His expectation coming in was that it was gonna be a site pig fest, but the weather knocked it back. Thinks it will blow open next week.
Thinks tomorrow will be good for the swimbait.
Key for swimbait in clear water is a long cast.
Prefers 7:1 reel for pick up when the fish is on.

Wrapped up for the night.

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