Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Some New Blogs to Check Out

I am a bass fisherman Yes there is yet another BassNBlogger out there. The blogger goes by the alias BassFishingDem and is out of Shreveport, Louisiana; He is not a tournament angler. From the looks of it this site is dedicated to all manner of bass fishing from BassFishingDem's fishing reports to a plethora of tips and fishing info. The blog started in August of 2007 and garners quite a bit heavier traffic than the BP; Obviously someone that knows something about blogging that I have yet to figure out. I found this blog thanks too:

Penn's Outdoors This is a Hunt/Fish blog from Pennsylvania. He says his favorite fish is the Smallie, so we will put it in with BassNblogs. I found this blog because he commented here at BP. I found this blog through Hellabass. This guy is in Gopher Bassmasters with Hellabass.

Secret Weapon Another blog found thanks to Hellabass. This blog is for the lure company Secret Weapon Lures.

Boyd Duckett Blog This is the blog of the 2007 Bassmasters Classic Champion. Another blog found thanks to Hellabass.

ESPN Outdoors Blogs- Boyd Ducketts blog led me here. Here you can find access to bassin blogs by Alton Jones, Kevin Short, Ryan Coleman, and Brian&Gregg Watts Brothers.

Getting Reel This is a bass fisherman out of Virgina. Lots of bass topics. Found thanks to Hellabass.

Jeremy Starks Bassmaster This is the blog of another BASS Elite Series Pro. He has not blogged since last August. Also found thanks to Hellabass.

Sport's Outdoors Forum This new MN blog has a lot about Ice Fishing so far. We will probably have to wait to see if this qualifies as a BassNblog. Found thanks to Hellabass.

Monday, January 28, 2008

U2 3D

My older brother Jeff took me to see the U2 3D concert movie at the IMAX for my birthday. WOW!!! Amazing!!! Increadbile!!! Awesome!!! A must see for all U2 fans no matter how casual.

The promotional material claimed the experience was "better than a front row seat" and I would have to agree with that assesment. The 3D really puts you right there in a way a flat screen never could. It would be revolutionary to see a sporting event in this new high res 3D 3ality digital technology. I would love to watch a football or hockey game where you are so close, it's like the action is right in front of you and larger than life. I am sure watching on the big IMAX screen enhanced the experience quite a bit over what you would get in a regular theater. It really was amazing.

Also as a birthday gift Jeff gave me U2 the Joshua Tree (Remastered / Expanded) (Super Deluxe Edition) (2CD/DVD). The first CD is the Joshua Tree remastered, the second is the Joshua Tree B-sides plus Silver and Gold (Sun City) and 4 songs and a poetry reading that I've never heard before. The DVD is the Joshua Tree Tour Paris Concert, Outside it's America-Documentary and two music video's. Plus you get a small book/memior and some U2 prints. Thanks Jeff!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Packers Lose!!!

Congratulations to my sister-in-law Kristen's NY football Giants for their overtime victory over Favre and the Packer Nation in the Ice Bowl 2.

I will be rooting for Randy Moss and Lawrence Maroney in the Super Bowl. As I said before at 18-0 the Patriots have earned the mantle of being the best football team in history. It's doubtful that the Giants will get in the way of the Patriots and that NFL Championship.

The Weather: We are currently in what will probably be the coldest stretch of the winter. It was something like -17 last night. When it warms up I may do something about getting my ice fishing gear together.

Thursday, January 03, 2008


Two years from today I'll be 40. Will I make it? Will the blog make it? Will I go ice fishing between now and then?

My older brother Jeff turned 40 New Years Day. To celebrate he took a trip to Sunny and warm Puerto Rico. Actually it is just a really long distance law school field trip. I am sure he will have some fun in between studying. Have a good time bro, you deserve it!

College Bowl Games: Who cares!!!
I will probably watch the national Championship Game. Maybe Ohio State will getter done this year.