Friday, March 31, 2006

Is it Friday already?

The Weather: We didn't get the big warm rain I was hoping for. Today was cool and windy.

BP's Predicted Platte Ice Out Date (As of today): April 9th

Fantasy Bass Note: As of today BP'sObro assumed the lead position in the fishers of men league and 4 of the 6 posse members are in the top 50.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Ice Conditions Platte Lake: 10inches of honeycombed ice.

I went out fishing today and the ice was rotten from top to bottom. It never got below freezing last night and the wind worked the water on top of the ice through the ice column. The lake has even turned dark at this point. Open water could be here within a week if the correct conditions prevail, which they just might.

BTW-Didn't catch anything but saw a pike go by high in the water column.

Kevin Van Dam's DQ Full BassFan Story here.

BP's Take: One thing wrong with the current state of professional bass fishing is the state of rules in relation to violation enforcement. Often the time DOES NOT fit the crime. I don't understand why a disqualification is the default punishment for a rule infraction. A minor rule violation, such as Van Dam's oversight, should not in my mind rob a competitor of the chance to be competitive in a tournament; There are far more creative ways to mete out justice. What about weight penalties? fines? docking a person's blast off time? Instead of being creative and fair they hand out what amounts to a death sentence for a tournament. Hopefully this is something the PAA will be able to redress and get some positive action on.

Also frosting my cookies on this issue is this comment from Bass Forum.
Why is he such a class act? He was caught CHEATING, whats more damaging to the sport, a stuck up snob that follows rules or someone caught cheating? I like KVD dont get me wrong but he did something that he is not supposed to do period. friendly
KVD did not "CHEAT", he broke a rule or in basketball terminology he commited a foul.

Let us consider "CHEATING" vs. commiting a foul:
Putting lead weights in the belly of a fish, CHEATING! Putting fish in a box or on a Stringer to retrieve, CHEATING! Breaking lake restriction rules in pre-fishing, CHEATING! Culling in a no cull tournament, CHEATING. Blowing through a no wake zone, CHEATING

Forgetting to put your life jacket on, NOT CHEATING! Forgetting to wear the kill switch, NOT CHEATING! Failure to have a ratings plate on your boat, NOT CHEATING! Fishing in a restricted area, NOT CHEATING! provided you don't catch and keep a fish out of the area otherwise, CHEATING! Fishing without a licence, NOT CHEATING! Having a observer hold a branch, NOT CHEATING!

Updated: The KVD DQ cost him Angler of the Year, which he would have won going away. He nearly won it as it was finishing 2nd to Ike.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Weather: It was a little above normal today even though it was overcast. The forcast is for more of the same the next few days. Hooray. Took Patti and Lilah for a walk on the ice and it was slush city. Finally a good weather day for melting ice.

Reel Problem: Life is sweet when your baitcasting fishing reels are brand new; They are properly lubricated, smooth as a whistle, and everything works. I am hard on my baitcast reels and all of them have too many seasons under their belt. I have several reels that are broken down and all of my reels really could use being being professionally gone over. Most of the working reels have glitches or are in need of cleaning and lubrication, which is something that I don't have a knack for. I've been frustrated a couple of times having paid for service that was less than satisfactory in result, needless to say those places do not get any more business from me.

In addition to that, I have added one more rod to my arsenal than I have working reels. What to do, What to do?

Monday, March 27, 2006

Belated Tournament Report from Last Summer: Team Bass Guy /Gal Tournament Sylvia Twin July 23rd 2005

The Weather: It has turned warmer though still below normal. There is significant open water at the "Grumpy old man hole." It is supposed to be warmer with rain this week. I say, Bring it AAAAWWWWWWWWWWWNNNNN!

Grumpy Old Man Sighting: Last night I scratched that itch and went to the GOMH to do some fishing in above said open water while on my way to pick up dad at the new house. As expected I caught nothing. The water is very low right now. I then went to the East Access to see if anyone was ice fishing Sullivan. Lo and behold there was the grand pooh bah of GOM, Willard was at the access. Apparently he and Lee Ander had been out terrorizing little sunfish for the afternoon. He had a pale full of just big enough to clean one's. I had a good time listening to Willard talk; he had a story about a guy who he nearly saw drown last year and a story about almost getting wet getting off the Gull River.

Gar has been out fishing at a new Bass Hole

From BassFan: Show Me The Money:Veteran Pros Dispute Myth of Fishing Riches
BP comments: Frankly I am not surprized by the fact that all but a select few (KVD, Rick Clunn) have it tough when it comes to making ends meet as a Tour Pro

MN Tournament Fishing Schedule 2006

Friday, March 24, 2006

10,000 Hits for the BP- It's about time.

The Weather: Things are finally looking up as the past couple of days up here have still been below average but above predicted. It's supposed to be in the mid to high 40's on Sunday and in the 50's in the middle of next week.

The Blogging: The computer has been acting funny, probably mostly due to a fan that isn't working. I'm also having a problem logging in the my ESPN/Fantasy Bass Fishing information.

Another Big Bass story

Thursday, March 23, 2006

This from BassFan:
Kriet bushwacked 3/23/2006
At the recent Rayburn Bassmaster Elite Series event, Jeff Kriet was bushwacked by poachers – hole poachers. Granted he was fishing an area (known as the Deer Stand) that gets a lot of local pressure. But it sounds like courtesy was out the window.

"I slid in there the first day and caught 18 pounds real quick," Kriet said, so he was in a good spot (22nd) in the standings. Locals were watching, and on day 2 he went back and "had no less than 20" local boats with him, he said.

"I figured I'd have some pressure in there, but normally people will back off and give you a little leeway. This was unbelievable. These guys were catching big ones, holding them up and were keeping them all. There were times when I could flip to one guy's boat in the front of me and another guy's in the back of me."

Here's an illustrative anecdote: "This is no lie. I missed a fish, and turned around to get another Senko. I felt my line, and it was kind of frayed. Before I could retie and put another bait on, a guy slid in behind me, fished the same stump and caught that fish.

"It was so bad. I've never been so frustrated in my life. It was unbelievable.

"I had a mental breakdown," he added. "If I hadn't been running a wrapped boat with my name on it and all that, I would've self-destructed."

He said he felt it was pointless talking to the other boats, which apparently were not fishing a tournament. "They were local guys on spring break, and were saying things like, 'Maybe we ought to be in the tournament.'

"It was the most sickening thing I've ever seen in my life," Kriet said. "I should have just left. I shouldn't even have tried to go back in there (on day 2)."

He ended up 59th, less than a pound out of the money. "All I had to do was catch 10 pounds to make 10 grand, and I caught 9," he said.

Bummer Kriet was on my fantasy team.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Big Cali Bass:
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BassFan Coverage, ESPN, Hellabass, Ohio BassFishing Blog , Ezods, Fishing Jones,

BP's Thoughts: I don't think a snagged fish, whether intentional or not, should merit consideration as a world record. They did the right thing and let it go, so maybe it will be caught again. Big Bass gotta feed.

The Weather: We have gone into a slightly below normal weather pattern, which is frustrating as all get out to me. At this time of year every day of below normal temps means another day of Ice cover on the lakes. With this years mild winter we were on track for an earlier ice out than the last couple of years but that eventuality is slowly slipping away. When is it gonna be 50 again?

I won something! I just got an email from Bigfishtools and Spro, to let me know I won the Spro monthly lure give away. Hopefully it includes a Bronze Eye Frog or two. Yeah!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Global Warming: Bring it on, cause so far we are in a slow thaw here in the North Country and the extended forcast is for more of the same and that sucks.

Hack wins at Sam Rayburn!
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BASS Story
Bass Fan Story
Hackney Said:
"I learned that I am $100,000 richer."
Rayburn Lessons Learned.

BP Fishing Report for the last few days.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Culpepper thrilled to join Dolphins Well isn't that Special? The BP is NOT thrilled to see a second NFL Elite player leave the Purple for a pitance. Randy left because of the stupidity of Red and Tice, this one is the stupidity of Zygi and Childress. I cannot believe that we would give someone worth potentially so much for so little just because he wants to be traded. I thought this sports thing was supposed to be a "business" but the Vikings have been exercising the roster like it is some meaningless fantasy league. As a fan I am flummoxed and frustrated.

ON Culpepper...
I was a devoted fan of the guy and believed in him even when his performance was less than stellar. At this point I feel duped and don't wish the guy well. Unfortunatly I think he's got a lot of good football in him, with pass protection the guy is just scary good. He very easily could take Maimi to the Super Bowl, but I sure hope not. Keep throwing those pics and fumbling the ball Daunte, that would make me a happy fan.

Bass Pro's on the New Elite Series
"A different feel? No, not yet."
My Favorite responce: Edwin Evers who differs from everyone else.

Daily Pro Site-ING
See Steady Edwin Evers

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Weather Report: The Shores of Platte Lake Minnesocold are Sunny but Cool today, with a lack of wind.

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Congratulations! to veteran Bass Pro Zell Rowland who surpassed the B.A.S.S. Million dollar mark in Career earnings at the Amistad Elite Series Tournament.

Don't Forget: Fantasy Bass Fishing Roster Deadline for the "Lonestar Shootout."
The Pundit Picks are up now, too.

Fishing Report from Today: Mixed Bag

Monday, March 13, 2006

Lake Amistad Posse FBF Round UP is ready.

Don't miss Amistad Blogging from Hellabass.

Speaking of Amistad, the BassMaster Elite Series just concluded it's first tournament of the year there and it was a Toad Fest. The winner was
Posted by PicasaIshama Monroe with 104-08. Ish is the only African American angler in the Bassmaster Elite series and as far as I know is the first ever African American to win an event in one of the biggest two pro tours.

Ishama is a west coast pro and by all accounts seems to be a really good guy. Ish is also doing the two tour thing, never more difficult than this year, and he has started out very strong . You can send him congratulations at his Message Board.

Here is something Funny: BASSMASTER BLING!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

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FLW Kirby Tribute
Powerline Tribute
Game Six: The Stuff of Legend Jim Souhan, Star Tribune
Reusse Tribute

BP's Tribute:I may not have gotten to a lot of Twins games when Kirby was a player, but I went to enough of them to wintess Kirby at his Hall of Fame best. Robbing home runs, throwing guys out at the plate, driving in the game winning run, stealing a crucial base. On TV, and through the radio, I witnessed Kirby do all that and so much more. Kirby was a true hero to me and so many other Minnesocoldian's. I read Kirby's book, collected his baseball cards and loved to hear him interviewed because the guy was so funny to listen too.

I was plenty aware that Kirby loved to fish, whether it was pictures of him at Little Jim's Bait Shop in Annandale or the tales told by Spike at Gander Mountain. Hopefully Spike at Living the Dream will eventually share some of his favorite Puckett stories.

Godspeed Kirby.

On BassFan Radio: Minnesota Pro Mark Fisher of Bear Facts and Fish Tales and Rapala is inteviewed. He talks about development of new products (Rapala) for the bass fishing enthusiast and their pro staff.

I really like the look of those new flat sided baits, if they catch fish anywhere near as well as the X-Rap than I'll be a happy camper. I am quite partial to those flat siders in the early part of the season.

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There's a saying in bass fishing: "You can't win with the frog, but you can sure as heck lose with it." It's the mafia bait – first your friend, then your worst enemy. Why? Lost fish. Dump a 9-pounder on day 4 of an event and you'll remember it for the rest of your life. But today in Texas, at the Amistad Bassmaster Elite Series, Ish Monroe won with a lot of help from the frog.

Get the rest of the story on Ish Monroe and Fred Roumbanis who were Amistad Frogging Fools. Dean Rojas also said he was frogging it.

BTW-This year, I plan to throw frogs more than I ever have. Horny Toads, Sizmic's, Snag Proofs and Spro's; maybe I'll even pick up a Swamp Donkey if I see one.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Breaking FBF News: Posse Member BP's Mommy has taken 9th place in the FLW Fishing Challenge for Pickwick Lake. She wins an official FLW Outdoors t-shirt and FLW Outdoors hat. I am sure mom will be so thrilled that she will give the stuff to me. If it wasn't for that 118th place Dave Wolak pick, she could have been looking at the $5K.

West Rush Lake Report: The Cyberfish secret spot was only good for Cyberfish and that for about 5 minutes. The schools of Crappies really seemed to be on the move today and the action was there for sporadic bursts, the average crappie size left something to be desired too. Overall we had a good time and when the sun was out, and there was no wind, it was a heck of a nice morning and early afternoon. Thank goodness it wasn't a BP vs. Cyberfish competition day because he pretty much cleaned everyones clock. Maybe I'll have to challenge him to a big Crappie Contest at next weeks G.E.M. Outing.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Is it Friday already? Hmm it's March as well.

IKE Meltdown Eyewitness:
I was down in the cities for the monthly Fishers of Men meeting yesterday. Our speaker was Mark Schutz Fishing Guide and Midwest Director of the Fishers of Men National Tournament Trail. His wife Nacole is the Minnesota East Division Director. Mark was in Florida last week and was an on the water eyewitness to the Bassmasters Classic Meltdown of Mike Iaconelli; in fact he had a sound bite, as a witness, on Sportscenter and BassCenter. Mark says that he was edited to make his remarks seem more sympathetic to Ike than he really was. Apparently Ike carried on worse than what was shown and Mark totally agreed that the DQ was the right call. He said that up until that point Ike had really been pretty tame in his celebrations with one mini-yell after he caught one around 4lbs.

Anyway, it was interesting to hear about his experiences. He said that 2006 Bassmasters Classic Champion Luke Clausen was fishing agonizingly slowly with the worm. Mark claimed, "it was the most boring fishing I've ever watched in my life." They did see him land a couple and break off a couple of good fish.

FLW Pickwick: Day 3 FLW story, Quick Bites, and BassFan

BP Notes: Tommorrow I will be Ice Fishing on West Rush Lake with the Fishers of Men Club. Also we are getting to that time of year when the Tulibee come out to play.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Fantasy Bass Super 6 Pick'em Magician: Blogger Hellabass was tied for third overall in the ESPN/BASS Fantasy Bass game Super 6 Pick'em.

How did the Posse Do? Click Here!

Daily Bass Pro Site-ING:
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