Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bloggers test to see how fast your blog loads.

Numion Stopwatch is a site that you can use that will time your computer load up time is. It may be obvious but the faster your computer and connection speed, the faster a page will load. But not everybody on the internet has a blazing fast computer with connection speeds to match. I think people with Dial-Up are probably pretty much screwed when it comes to loading up Bass Pundit; It takes around 35 seconds with my underpowered computer and DSL. Half that time would be much better, but I like having a lot of posts on my first page because once they are loaded I can easily scroll through a bunch of stuff rather than having to go through the archives. Plus with my rather lengthy sidebar, I need a lot of blog content to match the sidebar length.

The truth is I have been staying away from a couple of BassNblogs that I like cause the load times were just to long, namely I am a bass fisherman and Rattletrap Ramblings.

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