Wednesday, May 30, 2007

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Hellabass Opener on Tonka...

Lakeview Eddy's Launch 5-29-07

On 4/29 I went with Dad and the people of Lakeview Community Church on an Eddy's Launch. Dad strikes first again with a nice eater. Pictured with Launch Captain Tom.

One of the guys with a fish that had to go back. All totaled the launch had 6-8 that were to big to keep.

Dad's 2nd fish, this one may have to have gone back, 20+.

Dad with a big smile as he racks up #3

Dad packs in with #4, a good eater.

Dad catches his 4 fish limit with this one.
The Nights haul 7 plus one from 1 from Don Weinmeister.

The Story: The people of Lakeviw decided to take out a launch, this was spearheaded by Dad. It was cloudy with gathering rain showers as we headed South from Eddy's down to Rocky Reef. Our launch parked in 13ft of water and Dad landed the 3rd fish of the trip. I missed my first one of the night in this spot. After about an hour and a half of pretty sporatic action and a rainstorm we headed out by one of the other launches in about 22ft of water. In this spot Dad had the hot hand landing 3 eaters 1 over and a rock bass. On the night I went 3 keepers from 10 hits and got 1 rock bass. Dad and I did the best of anyone on the launch. We fished off the back of the launch this time and I now will seek the back out because it's easier to fish from there. All in all our launch probably landed 20+ fish with 6-8 overs and 6-8 cigars with about a dozen keepers, 7 of which were caught by Dad and I.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Once again no work on the boat today due to the chief mechanic being sick. I would say there is a 0% chance I will be out in a boat for bass opener. On Sunday Shake (Cyberfish) and Bake are comming up, so I will fish with them Sunday and Monday.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wednesday May 23, No work done on the boat today. Not Good.

Hellabass Tournament #2...

Fantasy Bass Fishing Update

BASS-Pts High Rock, Overall place, MN Fantasy Bass League, Overall movement
BP1: 270,341,1 -120 places

BPboys: 223,2934,10,-705 places

FLW (the Posse)-Beaver Score,Beaver Place, Overall Place
Schmenzig 787,346,633
BP 1 698,1130,463
BP Dad 689,1221,1022
BPboys 661,1524,545
Bp Mommy 644,1707,564
BPObro 633,1805,296
Cyb's 606,2076,1142

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Big Question: Bass Opener is Saturday, will the boat be ready????????

Once again I did not fish today or yesterday even though both might have been good days at the Jetty. Tonight I elected to watch Idol and On the Lot instead.

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Day Final Beaver/Townsend

Didn't fish today, it was windy and cool. Worked on the boat getting the bilge hole drilled.

Pro Bass Fishing Notes:

Townsend: Congratulations Fred Roumbanis
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Beaver Lake: Congratulations Andy Morgan
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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Day 3 Beaver/Townsend

Fishing Report 5-19-07: I arrived at Eddy's Jetty around 7PM. When I arrived it was cool and windy from the SE. The wind however was more E than S unlike on opener where it was about even thus allowing me to cast well. With the SE wind I decided to throw the Purple Perch Husky Jerk off the North conrner, but I quickly discoved casting was difficult and it just wasn't working out unfortunatly. I elected to switch to leech and bobber off the center Jetty harbor mouth. The spray from the waves ruled out fishing from the rock outcropping and so I fished off the North Harbor center dock. Casting proved difficult and the bobber got blown about quite a bit. I did not dress warm enough and it was cool. The wind was blowing a steady 20MPH with higher gusts. Sometime around 8:15 I got a bite and missed it. About 15minutes later I nailed a 20"+ eye, so back in the drink it went. I went back to the car and got a glove for my left, rod holding, hand. At about 8:45 I missed a bite right close to where I was standing, lost the leech. About 10 minutes later my bobber went down again and I landed a 23" Walter who bit right at my feet. The wind got worse, I was cold and called it quits about 9:15PM

Pro Bass Fishing Notes:

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Friday, May 18, 2007

Day 2 Beaver/High Rock

Didn't fish tonight, worked on the boat instead. Hopefully the Trophy will be squared away by early next week. But will the motor run?

Pro Bass Fishing Notes:
High Rock Highlights-

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The FLW Beaver Lake-

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FLW Story...

Fantasy Bass Fishing Notes:
BASS High Rock-
Day 2 only made a bad situation worse. Ducket pitched a -10 for the skunk penalty. Remitz dropped hard and my best angler in a 51 boat field was KVD in 14th place. Skunked for Super 6 Pick'em

Beaver FLW Fishing Challenge-More mediocrity on the FLW side of things. Sure day 2 was an overall improvement in scores but it's all petty points pretty much.

1 Schmenzig Bassmen 787
2 Bass Pundit 1 697
3 BP's Dad 689
4 Minnesocold BP's Boys 661
5 Bp's Mommy 644
6 BPObro 633
7 Cyb'sBboys 606

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Day 1 Beaver/High Rock

BP Fishing Report: Eddy's Jetty...

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Fantasy Bass Fishing Notes:
BASS High Rock: Ouch and that's all I have to say. Hopefully Day 2 will bring drastic changes.

FLW Beaver Lake:
1 Schmenzig Bassmen 765
2 BP's Dad 673
3 Bass Pundit 1 637
4 Bp's Mommy 634
5 Cyb'sBboys 568
6 Minnesocold BP's Boys 555
7 BPObro 544

Overall not a great day here either but Day 1 don't mean jack squat!

5-16-07 Eddy's Launch Trip with Dad

Tonight Dad and I went out on an Eddy's LaunchDad draws first blood but it was only a Cigar.
Dad's first keeper of the night with our Eddy's Launch Captain Tom. Dad's second cigar goes back to the lake.
Our biggest fish. It was slightly to big to keep.
It wasn't shooting fish a barrel good, or maybe it was.
Dad with the nights haul.

The story:
The launch left the dock right around 6PM and it only took about 10minutes to reach our spot in Vineland Bay. We were sitting in about 10feet of water and we never moved from this spot until we left at quarter to 10PM. The night started quickly with a guy on the back of the launch landing a nice eye in the first couple of minutes, but after that it was a long lull. We brought our own rods but the stuff I gave Dad was having all kinds of problems so we switched him to an Eddy's rod with a red hook, no beed. I was set up with a longer rod, lighter bobber, white beed, and red hook. Finally after about an hour Dad's bobber started bobbing but all that happened was a lost leech. A little while later I landed a perch. We only got perch bites catching a couple in the first two hours. Sometime a little before 8 PM Dad reeled in our first Walter, but as the pic shows it was only a cigar. I caught a few more perch then tied into our first keeper eye of the night. Not to long after my catch Dad brought in another keeper (picture). Dad caught the next walleye as well, but it was another Cigar and it went back in the lake. I followed that up with a 14.5" keeper. Dad landed the next eye but it was just a bit over 20" and so it had to go back (picture). Shortly after that, Dad caught our forth keeper. I missed a good fish. Around 9:30PM I landed our 5th and final keeper. The launch as a whole caught a bunch of fish as the barrel of fish picture shows, about 6 fish had to go back for being to big and about 6 that I saw went back for being to small. It turned out to be a really nice night weather wise because the wind died down. Dad and I also missed lots of bites, sure some were probably perch, but some were most definitely eyes as well. I cleaned the fish when we got home.

The score: Dad 5 walleye (2keeps, 2 cigar, 1 over the slot) and a couple of perch
BP 4 walleye (3Keeps 1 cigar) and about 6 perch.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

BP Fishing Report 4-15-07Got to Eddy's around 8PM and the North and Center Harbor mouth's were covered with anglers. After thinking about it a bit, I elected to try the South Jetti corner. When I first arrived there was a pretty stiff wind out of the North and so I brought the jerkbait rod thinking that after dark I may be able to get some action. I made some preliminary casts to check for rock snagging. I was definitely hitting more rock than on the North corner. After a few casts I put on a leech under a bobber. My first several drifts produced nothing. Around 9pm I started to get bit, but it was little perch. I did see a couple of eyes get caught off Center and North Harbor mouths around this time and later. As it got dark the perch bite shut off. Around 9:40PM my bobber went down and I set into a 16" eye which was barely hooked, but I landed it. I got another bite right at 10PM, but it was a cigar and I threw it back.

The launches brought in a few fish, but nothing spectacular.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

4-13-07: It was a windy day out of the SE for most of the day, however by the time Dad and I hit the Eddy's Jetti it had calmed significantly. Arriving around 7:30PM I got us rigged up for bobber fishing and we headed to the center Jetti harbor mouth. Dad started with a leech and I tried a minnow. It wasn't long and Dad had something pull down his bobber, but he missed it. The night progressed with Dad missing 2 more bites. Some fisherman on the North Jetti harbor mouth caught a couple and were getting many more bites than we were. The minnow was worthless and I eventually switched to the Jumbo Leech. It was getting dark by now and we had the bobbers lighted up when my float went down and I landed a 16" eye. At 10PM the Eddy's launches came back and we moved to the North Jetti where I had been catching my fish. I threw the Purple Perch while Dad kept the leech. The wind was just to calm and my jerk bait bite died. Dad got a bite and missed it. And I decided to go back to bobber fishing. Dad got a bite and pulled in a 12inch bullhead which swallowed the hook; When I took the hook out the bullhead bled all over me. After a little while I think dad missed another bite and around 11:30 he called it quits. I went to the North harbor mouth cause the guys fishing there said they were biting. After 20minutes with no action I called it a night. 1 fish that's it. We might have done better fishing during the day when the winds were howling.

4-14-07 Another windy and hot day where for most of the day the winds were out of the W SW, but a front came threw around 5PM switching the wind the NW and cooling things down. Dad and I headed to the Eddy's Jetti at 7PM. After a little rigging at the car we were all set for more bobber fishing at the North Jetti harbor mouth. It didn't take long and we were getting bites... from perch. The little bait stealer's were going through our remaining leeches and minnows fast. Finally I caught a couple of the little bait stealer's. Dad got a nasty tangle which I had to cut, lots of line go by by. Dad went to the Eddy's marina to get bobber stops and more leeches. They didn't charge much for the bobber stops and gave around 2-3 dozen leeches of all sizes for $4. I put on a smaller leech and caught a couple more perch. The wind was blowing 10-15 out of the N shortening our casting distance and moving our floats S along the Jetti fairly rapidly. I let my bobber get to far to the S and a guy fishing the center Jetti harbor mouth casted over my line and we got all tangled up with him trying to do the untangle eventually he had to cut his line. His jig head was stuck through my Fireline and I had to crimp down the barb to get it free. Eventually it started getting dark and I had a good pick up and had what felt like a good fish on for a couple of seconds but it came off. Dad gave up about a quarter to 10 and I stuck it out till the bitter end. The people just to the north of us and the guy on the center Jetty got a small eye a piece. Disappointing trip.

Don't Forget FLW and BASS Fantasy Bass Fishing this week.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Different Night Same Story: I hit Eddy's Jetti last night about 10PM armed with my trusty 6'6" Fig Rig rod and Glass Purple Perch Husky Jerk. I landed a 16 incher on my very first cast. The action was quite hot for the next hour with me landing a fish about every 5-10 minutes in between trips back to the car. A couple of guys from St. Cloud moved in on where I was fishing on the N side of the Jetti but it didn't matter as I kept right on catching fish. I ended up giving these guys 3 fish putting them 1 short of their limit.
Around midnight my back started getting sore and I headed to the truck and took about an hours rest. At this point I had landed 8, missed one, and had a couple of hits that never hooked up. All fish were 15-19+ with a 19 and 3/4 being the biggest. As I sat in the car I watched some bobber fisherman catch 1 small eye and one nice one. I heard somebody say that a guy caught a 28.5" off the Jetti, but I didn't see that fish.
Round about 1AM I resumed shore casting and landed my 9th fish. The action stopped after that and my back got sore quick. Eventually I switched to a lighted bobber and minnow. I whiffed on my first 2 bites and then pulled in a cigar. At 3AM I called it quits.

Opener according to Cyberfish...

Saturday, May 12, 2007


The plan was Mille Lacs at Midnight from Eddy's Jetty and while the execution was not perfect. Still I had my limit by 1:30AM

The Story: I arrived at Eddy's about 5 minutes to midnight. By the time I was unloaded and ready to cast it was open season. I started off at the South end of the Jetty as that in the past I've done best from there. The wind was NOT out of the NE but the SE with pretty good size rollers coming in. I put on a size 12 Glass Purple Perch Husky Jerk. Casting into the wind proved difficult and I quickly realized this was not happening. The wind was set up perfect for casting from the North end of the Jetty, so I headed there.

Upon arriving on the North corner I started chucking long casts quartering the wind and within 10 minutes I was hooked up and landed a 15-16 incher. I took a walk to the truck to put him in the pail then headed back to the North corner. I had some spectators now and they were kind of in my back cast zone and so I couldn't fling the Husky Jerk as good. Fortunately they moved fairly quickly so I could get a full cast out. Within 5 minutes of getting my casting up to par I had a good fish on but it came off right at shore. I think I lost it due to a treble hook breaking. This was the biggest fish I had on for the night and it very well may have been in the protected slot (20+inches). I then had to chuck and wind for about another 15 minutes and I was rewarded with a 17" eye. I took him to the truck and then headed back to my spot. At this point visions of an Opener eye limit started dancing in my head.

It took another 10 to 15 minutes and I was hooked up again with another eater. As I went to lift him in it became unbuttoned and fell into the area where rock and water meet. I quickly turned on my headlamp and got after him; It was a close call but I got him before he could swim away. Once again I headed to the truck to put him in the pail.

Back to casting. After about 10 minutes I made a particularly good cast and got smacked right away by what felt to be another eater. Unfortunately it got off and my hopes of an Opener limit were back on hold. After another 10 to 15 minutes I got struck again with a 15-16 eater that got hooked along the head with all three trembles. And boom I had my limit within an hour and a half.

After putting the last dude in the bucket I headed to the North side harbor mouth where 4 guys were fishing. They had caught a couple of keepers and a couple of throw backs and 1 bullhead. I think they were all using leeches. After some small talk I headed home.

Shore Nuff: Tonight I headed out to do some shore fishin. First stop was at Jenni's to drop off fish and she gave me some fudge bars. I then fished from Jenni's launch missing one bite and catching a small bass. From there I headed to the Platte house and didn't get anything. I then headed to Rock and got a really small pike on my first cast from the ramp. I went out on the dock and got another small pike. I then checked out Bulldog but a guy was there fishing. Next stop was the GOMH. I gave Willard a fudge bar then headed down on the NE side and got a jumpin bullhead on my first cast. A couple of casts later I had a hit and miss. I fished the SE side and got nothing. On the SW side I caught a little jumper that had some nasty scars from a slime rocket. All fish were caught on a yellow Terminator Spinnerbait. I will soon be headed to the Eddy's Jetti, hopefully, for more walter action; the wind is about the same as last night so I am opptomistic. I will probably give the minnows a shot because my upper back is sore (bad sign).

Opener for Hellabass...

MN Gov. Pawlenty with wife whacks em...

Darin Roddick-Small's Tournament Journal from

Friday, May 11, 2007

Opener Eve

I have decided it's going to be Midnight at Mille Lacs. I will open the 2007 season from shore on the Eddy's Jetti. A East wind has been blowing the western shore line all day long, so the fish should be in shallow. Hopefully shallow enough and near those rocks.

Opener Eve at the GOMH...

Of interest at Fishing with your limit

Naturally being the liberal with Fish and Game laws that I am, I think it is OK to keep fishing after you have a limit of fish. There is no way that having a fish in hand for immediate release should constitute "possession." The wording of the law in no way specifically says that fishing with a limit is a no no. Fish sorting with a limit is specifically banned and therefore a no no.

From that thread Suzuki says:
Speaking of targeting out of season fish. The occasional accidental catch is fine but if you are reasonably sure your going to continue catching an out of season species while you supposedly pursue another then you are breaking the law. Unethical too. You know who you are.

If you know anything about the BP, you should know that I totally disagree with this ultra strict interpretation of the closed season law. I believe that as long as you are intenionally targeting an in season fish, that you are being legal and ethical no matter how many out of season fish you may be lucky enough to catch. Yes Suzuki I know who I am and I know I am right and you are wrong.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

"The Opener"

"The Opener"

In the state of Minnesocold the gamefish species (walleye, Pike, Bass, Trout) all have seasons in which they are closed for fishing. The 2nd weekend in May is the traditional "Minnesota Fishing Opener" for Walleye, the state fish, and Northern Pike; Bass don't open until Memorial Day weekend. Being that this is the 2nd week of May, it is the week of "the Opener." "The Opener" week is for many a time of hightened excitement in preparation for angling the preferred species in MN.

Obviously I haven't been blogging this week. That has not been because I have been diligently preparing my gear. Yesterday for instance I had a doctors appointment and ICD check after which I went and had a play day with niece Isabelle; I also got to see more of niece Mallory than I have before. I did however do some gear prep today.

So what will the BP be up to for "The Opener"? Well, I now know I will not be spending the weekend at Camp Lebanon with GEM and Teen Challenge. Without a boat, I would just be an extra wheel. There is a slight possibility that the Trophy might be useable by Saturday, but I think the chances of that are slim at this point. I would not haul the boat to Camp Lebanon without first having run the boat to make sure everything checks out and I just don't see that happening tommorrow. Thus I am left here maybe with a boat, but probably not.

I may head to the Eddy's Jetti tommorrow at midnight, but I am not firm on that yet. I have had success on the Eddy's Jetti on Openers past. However, I think the low water level at Mille Lacs could present a problem for shore casting husky jerks. As a solution I would maybe go with live bait and lighted bobbers.

If the boat is ready for Saturday I will probably hit Platte and Sullivan for a little Pike and Dogfish action. If not than I am stuck on shore, so Eddy's Jetti would be my best bet.

Cyberfish has been out fishing here, here, and here

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Fishing Report 5/2/07...

The Duffman Challenge:
Hey BP....
Let's have little contest this year. I'll send ya a pic of my biggest bass that I catch each week. You can post it on your blogs up against your fish of the week. Let's go with length. And I guess....the honor system LOL

Background: The Duffman is an old online nemisis of mine from and We annually debated the bass closed season question and bed fishing which he calls "bed raping." As noted earlier this month on Bass Pundit blog, the Duffman took a shot at me in this thread. I don't know how often Duffman stops by the Bass Pundit blog, apparently he must occasionally.

So Duffman if you can remember your challenge come bass season then email pics to and it will be AWWWWWWWN provided I have the energy and will to blog this summer. The Challenge will run Saturday through Friday all summer long. If you have a pic that is great, but if not just email me the length, I don't think pics are essential.