Saturday, April 29, 2023

Ice Off Platte, Sullivan, Rock, and The Dog

Slush and Candles at Platte Lake Access tonight

What it looked like this morning

Slush and Candles East of GOMH

With the way the wind blew today, I think Sully went first. The ice all got pushed to the South and East overnight and was about to get beat up once the wind picked up. 

Rock this morning was slush

Rock Open tonight

The Dog this morning

The Dog Tonight

Friday, April 28, 2023

1st Bullhead of Open Water 2023


There was a parade of floaters flowing in from Platte Lake today. So much so that I had to check things out at the cabin and see what was up there. Only saw a pike, sunfish, and bass there. Went back to the Grumpy Old Man Hole. Lost a toothy and, about 10 minutes later, snagged this jumper in the pelvic fin. A bullhead is a bullhead. The skunk streak is over. Stayed after dark and only saw a few baitfish.

Thursday, April 27, 2023

My Santee Cooper Fantasy Bass Rosters, Updated


I was going to go with Cobb, but Hack is quietly having a great year and has a good history on the lake, so I switched. I have a feeling Livesy and Chris Johnston are going to have a really good week, but I didn't have the courage to pull the trigger on either of them. I was going to go with Douglas in E, but I went with the Hellabass pick instead. A tip from Hellabass made a difference on my Drain The Lake team last week. Hopefully, Williams will work out for the both of us.

Updated: Apparently Poche is fishing this tournament, so I scratched Williams and went with the Cajun.

Day 1: I should have stuck with Cobb

Day 2: I definitely should have stuck with Cobb because 3 guys in the Top 10 in this one would have been huge.
Day 3: Lucky Kennedy didn't get bounced. Really hope Palmer wins so I can get the winners bonus in DTL.

Day 4: On to Lay. Palmer got the W and me big Bonus Points in DTL.

Postmortem: I should have stuck with Cobb. 

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Area Ice Report


I vacuumed out the Trophy today, then went down front. A big bulge in the ice in front of our place down to Jenny's had me thinking more ice was off in our bay than there actually was. Still would not surprise me if ice is off our bay by tomorrow. Ice pushed onto shore in the E corner of F Flat. I didn't see really any extended open water on Rock, and Bulldog looked about the same as it has. The South end of Long is open. Channel Inn Bay was Open, and there was open water past North Point Small Island.

Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Will The Ice Be Off Platte Lake By The Vikings First Round Pick?

My answer is: 

Here is the forecast:

It may be nip and tuck, but if the wind blows out of the south, I think that will do it, but my confidence level is not as high as I would like it to be.

Will I Get A Bullhead Before The Vikings 1st Round Pick?

 BP's GOMH Odds of getting a Bullhead: 

Tuesday 50%
Wednesday 50%
By Draft Time  Thursday, 50%
Overall odds of me getting a bullhead before their pick: 75% in the affirmative. 

The odds and weather are set. The exact time the Vikings pick on Thursday night is unknown. I've got minnows and like my chances.  C'mon bullheads, don't do me dirty!

Monday, April 24, 2023

Two Years, Really

 I was happy to see this press release from the DNR until I got to the bottom. Two years to get this implemented, really. Democrtic Party graft on display. I wonder if the system will work this time. MN Sure and the DMV overhauls were boondoggles, if my memory is correct, probably intentionally so. 

Cheers Viking Nation! A-a- Ron Is Gone

 The window for #12 bringing another Super Bowl to Title Town is now closed. It will be interesting to see if the Pack goes to another playoff game in my lifetime.

Ice Report & GOMH Skunk Report


Rock is super high

Checked around the area lakes. Platte and Rock are pulling away from the shore some, and the water level is really high. Still, 2 to 3 days away from ice-out, I think. A guy with 2 teenagers was at the bridge watching birds and taking pictures when I arrived. I started fishing, and they left soon after. Another guy stopped by for a little bit. He said a buddy told him he got a bunch of crappies here last week. Not! Had a few loons flying around and calling. No bites. Stayed until dark and didn't shine anything. I feel good about my chances of getting something by Thursday night.

Channel in Bay is 25% Open, and the Inlet on Platte from Rock is opening up pretty well, which means warming water is going to pull through the system with Tuesday's sunshine. I suspect the Platte River Outlet on Rock is open now and will be a fish magnet with the high water over the next few days. Need to get the Trophy ready to go.

Here is my after-action report from the car:

Friday, April 21, 2023

Elite Series Fantasy Rosters For Lake Murray, Updated:

 Oops, I never got back to completing this post

I switched out Gross for Kennedy and Mullins for New in the final couple of days leading in. Both guys have stellar records in the Carolina's.

I suck at Drain the Lake, straight up

Day 1 Results:
Day 2 Results:

Day 3 Results: I was shocked to discover that the cards fell just right for me in the BBC Fantasy Money League on Day 3, and I'm in 2nd Place. I had four or five guys that I shared 4 anglers with, and I beat every one of them. I have an outside shot at taking the top spot from the guy who is in first if Cobb has a big day scoring me bonus points or Cobb moves up some, I hit on the exact weight bonus points, which is the big remaining wild card that could leap from others over me; I am the only guy with two guys fishing in the Top 10 unless they share Cobb and Walters with me in which case I already have the superior roster. Cox is also a wild card that could grab bonus points for a guy that is currently beneath me and steal my lunch money if Walters and Cobb stumble, which isn't very likely. Cobb can only slip one place as it is.  

Day Final: Aaaaaagh! I got beat out by Benton winning and Arey's Big Bass Bonus Points. No payday for me.

Saturday, April 15, 2023

GOMH & More 4/14 & 4/15


4/14 Evening

4/14 Morning

4/15 Afternoon (Before the rain started)

4/14 Morning

4/14 Evening

5/15 Afternoon
4/14 Extras

4/15 Bonus