Sunday, March 15, 2009

FLW Tour Table Rock Day Final

Weigh-in Live blogged

I had to run an errand so I am coming to this a little late. It looks like 6 guys have weighed in and Dan Moorhead is up.

The only guy to weigh over 10lbs so far is Walker with 11-09

5 for 11-09
and he moves to first.

Walker interview
"I want to thank my sponsors...says his boat is the best tournament boat he ever has... caught his big stringer on the James river... culled a 4lber with a 6 knew he would be in the lead at that point...caught the big fish on a jig.

Gags is up
needs 9-12 to beat Moorhead
5 for 14-08
New Leader!
Interview with Gags family
"Good luck, I love you" from his wife.

Moorhead interview
"fishing today was tough... I saw a 15lb bag of fish follow my jerkbait and turn away"

Scott Suggs
needs 13-01
5 for 12-07 just short 10ozs
"That's a hard one to swallow...I owe my whole week to Berkely...I caught em on a hollow belly, caught them 30 feet down...could tell it would be a tough day by the way the fish were taking it."
Interview with family
"Scott gets emotional anytime he fishes...we are excited that he got another top 10"
"Put stripes in their swimming pool so he could test his lure"

Interview with Scott Canterbury's wife
"I told him not to be in the lead after day 3 again"
"She had a check up in Dec. and is cancer free"

Scott Canterbury
needs 12-15
has weighed over 12-15 each day
Gags interview
is OK with 2nd place thanks sponsors

Apparently they have a big crowd.
"I was fishing for the fish to win this tournament"
4 top 10's in 8 events
He is bringing out fish that get a cheer
Only has 3
Gagliardi Wins!!! $125,000
"Feels like it's been a really long time"

Final Standings

For some reason Fukae's weight's are zero for both days. I wonder if he was DQ'ed. If Fukae holds true in 10th then I have my second Exacta bonus and they have both been with Shin.

I was rooting for Canterbury, but Congratulations to Gagliardi!!!

You can send him Kudos through his website...

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