Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bass Pundit Blog Notes:

I have added a new blogroll to the sidebar entitled Bass Educational and it features links to some good bass fishing educational sites.

I have found some new BassNblogs recently:
Jon's East Tennessee Fishing Blog
Bass and Me Out of Cali
Fish3R/Bass This one is a bass fishing news and blog aggregator. The main site is Fish3R and it aggregates information from a bunch of different fishing websites. Apparently it is big on Bass Pundit and has picked up over 200 of my blogs. It's "Sources" contain's a pretty extensive array of fishing blogs. If you have a fishing blog you might want to check it out and make sure you are a "Source" that they highlight. For instance LunkerHunt and Rattletrap Ramblings are not listed. I don't know how much traffic this place will draw to a site, but if it's better than 0 you have gained something.

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