Friday, March 29, 2019

First Fishing Trip of 2019

I went and got my fishing license today and then went and threw a few casts at the GOMH from 4 to 4:30PM.  Not only was it my first fishing trip of the year, but also the first time using the selfie stick with the iPhone while out and about.  It didn't exactly go smoothly, but I got a couple pics I was happy with.  The water is really clear right now and right at the level I like with it slowly rising.  Provided we get an inch or two of rain in April I don't think we will have low water issues for the GOMH prime month of May.

I spent most of the evening beginning to get my tackle organized for the year.  I've still quite a bit to do yet.  It's a long time before the Fishing Opener gets here. Plenty of time to get my act together.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

And So It Begins!!! (Updated with GOMH Pic's)

The DNR has recorded our first ice-free lake of the year, Lake Pepin.  I suspect next week there will be an avalanche of them.  I believe Platte Lake will now be ice-free in two weeks on either April 10th or 11th. I will be dropping a line in very soon, just got to go and get that fishing license.

We are just about a full month ahead of where we were last year.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

I Can See The Driveway!

I can drive all the way out without touching snow, so I'm calling it today.

Looks like steady as she goes as far as the weather.  I now think we have a shot at ice off by April 15th on Platte.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

I Heard A Red Wing Blackbird...

... must be Spring.

There were also swans flying to the West over Sullivan.  With the way the forecast looks, I'm highly sure I'll be catching fish within a month.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

2019 When Will I See The Driveway? #2

The melt for this year is proceeding in an acceptable manner unlike for those poor souls in Nebraska.  I suspect the Driveway will be ice-free by Sunday or Monday.


Tuesday, March 19, 2019

That Day Is Inching Closer

It's a given that every day that goes by at this time of year is a day closer to when I will be able to start catching fish on the long rods.  But not every day at this time of year brings that closer if we get significant snow and cold.  The long term forecast has none of that.  I now think ice out on Platte will be sometime in the mid to low 20's of April.  I usually catch my first open water fish within a day or two of that day, sometimes before sometimes after.  There is no open water in MN yet.  I expect that changes sometime late next week. Here is what the Grumpy Old Man Hole looked like today:

Monday, March 18, 2019

2019 When Will I See The Driveway? (Bonus GOMH)

I would say by the end of next weekend.  Goodbye snow and ice.  Look like we are in for a water war.  Here is the condition of the driveway right now.

Looking at the turn around spot coming up the driveway

Looking up the driveway

Yeah, baby Spring s in sight!
And there was some open water at the GOMH yesterday as well.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Ott Defoe Is The 2019 Bassmaster Classic Champion!!!

Congratulations to Ott Defoe for winning the Big One, the Bassmaster Classic.  He was the favorite to win going in and managed to pull out the win on the strength of two really good days under tough fishing conditions.  Ott has been on my radar since the early days of his career at FLW.  A family friend that was a marketing partner with FLW told me Ott was one of her favorites and I have kept an eye on him ever since.  Ott is a now with Major League Fishing so this will be his last Classic in a while, maybe ever, but I kind of doubt that.

Great Job Ott!!!

Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Platte Lake Ice Out Prediction for 2019

I'm giving this years prediction a day late thanks to Facebook not showing Bass Pundit linked posts in my Memories for the time being.  Hopefully, that isn't a permanent change that Facebook made.

Anyway, I'm not liking the way this Spring has started, because it hasn't.  Temps have been below normal for a month with frequent nuisance snows and more of the same is on the way.  Because of that fact it going to take a significant swing in the weather for us to have ice off in April up here.  I wouldn't bet on it.  I think ice out will be later than last year and I could easily see it breaking the May 8th record set back in 2013.  My prediction is that we do indeed set a new record this year with ice going off Platte Lake on May 9th.  I really hope I'm wrong and it goes off at least a week earlier than that.


Monday, March 04, 2019

Fishing Goals for 2019

Fishing Buddies:  Once again last year the fishing buddies category was pretty much a flop as far as goals being achieved.  Seeing that I suck at inviting people to go fishing maybe expanding the list of people I want to fish with in 2019 isn't the smartest goal making strategy, but that is what I am doing.   I've got to do better this year!

1. Fish with Dad
2. Fish with Mike Thompson
3. Fish with Jim Bonin
4. Fish with  Mike "Spike" Miller
5. Fish with Jeff and Renee
6. Fish with Todd, Isabelle, and Mallory
7. Fish with Peter W.
8. Fish with Matt W.
9. Fish with Dave Lindmark
10. Fish with Steve and Devin
11. Take Corey Hicks frog fishing.
12. Fish with Kane Phongsavat
13. Fish with Rick Nichols
14. Fish with Pete
Dream Fishing Buddies:
1. Fish with Josh Douglas
2. Fish with Al Lindner
3. Fish With Nattie Up North

Bass Snatcher Goals: New for 2019 Goals is the Co-Angler Challenge, which was something the club started at the 3rd Tournament of 2018.

Bass Snatcher Goals:

1.  Get "Wood" in at least one tournament. (1st-3rd Place Finish or Lunker or Co-Angler Challenge)
2. Win my 1st tournament. (My best finish to date is 2nd Place.)
3. Get "Lunker" in a tournament.   (Preferably one over 5-8 to win the revolving big bass pot.)
4. Get paired with Chuck Fields.  (He usually only fishes a couple of tournaments a year so chances of it ever happening are not very good.  I may look into bribing Dennis)
5. Finish in the Top 10 at the end of the year.  
6. Catch a limit at every tournament of the year.  (I've done this twice, but in 2012 I only fished 4 out of the 6 tournaments due to a bad back.)
7. Pre-fish with at least 3 boaters.
8. List the Rods I'm bringing for each tournament before the tournament.
9.  Win the Co-Angler Challenge at least twice
10. Make the Challenge Cup Team

Technique & Tackle Goals:
1. Win something in Fantasy Fishing or Facebook giveaways/contests. (BBC Fantasy in May)
2. Catch a fish on % of Mystery Tackle Box Lures (Hold over from 2017)
    2a. 1st Box 100% (5 Lures, 2 Lures to go)
    2b. 2nd Box 60% (3 out of 5, only more lure and I've got this one)
3. Catch a fish on % of Lucky Tackle Box Lures (Hold over from 2017/18)
   3a. 1st Box 100%  (6 Lures, 3 Lures left to go.)
   3b. 2nd Box 100% (6 Lures)
   3c.  3rd Box 75% (4 Lures)
4. Catch a bass on the Salmo Bass Bug (Hold over from 2017)
5.  Officially Open the Tackle Warehouse this year.
6. Experiment with the Neko rig to see if it something for me.
7. Experiment with the Ned Rig to see if it's something for me. (Hold over from 2018)
8. Get the trolling motor fixed or replaced

1. Blog about anytime I reach a goal.
2. Record all fishing trips at Fish Swami
3. Fish at least 150 days and blog about them

Fish Goals:
1. Catch* 3,000 Fish (3,021 caught in 2018)
2. Average 5 fish caught per hour. (4.07 in 2018, 3.99 in 2017, 4.08 in 2016, 3.62 in 2015, 3.55 in 2014, 4.41 in 2013, 4.31 in 2012, 2.77 in 2011)
3. Have a 100 fish day.

1. Catch a new personal best. (Currently 14.25")
2. Catch* over 100 this year. (Caught 306 in 2018) (I almost put the goal down to 50 crappies due to the fact that I'm not getting out ice fishing anytime soon and the uncertainty of when the ice will get off the lakes.  I could see a situation developing where I catch very few this year.)

1. Win my 3rd Minnesota Bowfin Club Grand Championship
2. Catch a MN State Record fish. (11-4  or 35" x 20")
3. Catch a new personal best.

1. Catch* over 1,000 this year. (Caught 804 in 2018)
2. Catch a 38" or over/personal best.

1. Catch a 21plus inch or 6lb Largemouth
2. Catch a 21plus inch or 6lb Smallmouth
3. Catch* over 1,500 bass this year. (Caught 1,281 in 2018)
4. Catch* at least 25 smallies.  (I caught 0 last year)
5. Catch a 25lb 6 Fish Bag
6. Have a 50 bass day

1. Catch at least 50. (Caught 279 in 2018)
2. Catch 30" or new personal best. (28.5 is current PB)

* Catch is anything I deem it to be including follows by pike or smallmouth (while pre-fishing), a pike missing my lure, fish viewed on the Aqua View, and fish that get off before I have them in hand that I can positively identify.  And fish caught by people I am guiding or boater during pre-fish.

A goal that I reached is in bold.