Saturday, March 28, 2009

Smashed 2000!

Today was the day that my Sitemeter visits total for the month smashed the 2000 mark. That is a long way from Sept. 08 where I only had 453 visits that month. A Big Thank You!!! to everybody who has dropped by, expecially the regulars.

Update: The month is now over and I had a total of 2375 visits and just 4 short of 3000 page views. I closed out the month with 3 days at 100 visits or more. I am sure that was in no small part due to Rich Lindgren listing me in his Top 10 bass fishing blogs. Thanks Rich! To put the increase in traffic in perspective 2375 is more than 5 times my previous 12 month low which occured in Sept. 08 with 453 visits.

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