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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Congratulations Chris Lane Classic Champion!!!

It was great to see Chris Lane bring home the trophy

Bassmaster Classic Day Final: Liveblogging

Well I think Walker is a longshot at this point.  I am predicting that the Rooster Greg Vinson is gonna take it.  I guess we will see.

It's 2 O'clock and it looks like Vinson and Lane are about tied with Lane having the edge on Basstrakk.  The thing is Vinson is locking and Lane is fishing because he went back to Pool 5 early.  Timmy Horton has a good bag but needs a super kicker or two.

Well it looks like Chris Lane and Vinson left the door open, but it doesn't seem like anybody stepped up to walk through it.  It looks like nobody busted a huge bag, but then you never know.

Arkansas won the College Classic.

Once again they fail to show video clips and keep the camera on Zona and Sanders.

Must of just did the National Anthem, I was taking the dog out.

Intro: Awesome A-Mart getting whacked by a fish.

Weigh In Time:
Going to be interesting to see if Jamie Horton gets booed.  I think he deserves it for insulting the crowd yesterday.

Well he didn't get booed but he didn't get much cheering.  He kind of made amends by talking about how great the crowd and Louisiana is.

Kevin Wirth didn't get teary and he stuck up for his Merc.

Looks like Poche may in the Super 6

Dave Walker may be Super 6
Nope Walker just came out.
Nope Poche just came out.
Poche moves into 1st, maybe he should have been.

Doing Berkley Havoc cast for $100,000
He missed it, he chose to pitch it and it was a bit to far away I think

oh great Zona Sanders and Byron
interesting video of guys running into the backwaters

Go to commericials, switch looking at arena to on screen.  Once again after not doing it to show the fish catches, least they didn't have the camera's totally on Zona & Sanders

Dustin Wilks first intro'ed he hop's in his boat and they call Evers and he gets in his boat same for B.Lane then Alton, then Vinson, Then C Lane

Bring on Poche for the hot seat.

Wilks into 4th with 44-12
Evers  43-8 into 5th
B Lane 5-14 takes him down to 17th, OUCH!
Alton 14-3 and he takes 2nd place and the crowed roars for Poche
"I can see it in his eyes, he's gott'em" about Vinson
The Rooster 13-7 into 1st with 47-15
Points out his wife and new kid
I think Chris has got him

Chris Lane takes it with 51-6

Chris Lane Bassmaster Classic Champion!!!

He kneels down for raising the trophy, not quite a Tebow

And the Victory Lap.

Odd people on the Internet complaining there is no coverage.  Maybe they have dial up?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Classic Day 2: LIveblog

It sounds to me after reading the recaps that Bobby Lane, The  Rooster, and Poche are in a pretty solid position.  I think Ott, Wilks, anc Chris Lane are in a precarious position as that their areas seam to be crowded.  Chris Lane isn't even going to fish the same place today.  I am unsure about Evers and Walker.  But honestly I think it's entirely possible the winner will not even come from Day 1's top 8.  There are just to many good sticks down to about  27th Place with Van Dam that could conceivably put a couple of 20lb bags up.  This thing is still wide open

OK I'm up at 10AM trying to get caught up.

I must say I enjoyed the War Room stuff on Bassmasters.  I didn't catch much of Bass Zone Wide Open because of it.  It sucks that Bass Zone doesn't have their evening show.

Man, I hope Walker has more than 2 fish.

It looks like they are once again going to show Zona and Sanders instead of the action on the screen.  Oh my they went to the screens for once.  How hard is that producers?

Hmmm Havoc is Skeets Top Sponsor

Come on producers go to the SCREENS!!! Morons!!!

Finally the national anthem

The Weigh In Bits and Pieces:
Edwin is 1st up. Has a pig 14-4 with a 6-4 puts him up 2lbs on Basstrakk

Keith Combs pulls a toad, gets 15-1 which is a pound up on Basstrakk.  Has a couple guys in his area.

Swindle pulls out a slob 4 fish for 13-6.  He's hilarious as usual when he doesn't catch'em. Probably makes the cut.

Faircloth pulls a slug and he weighs 18-12, biggest bags so far.

Funny Brent Chapman didn't pull his big fish, guess it wasn't as big as they said.  He got 15-10

Fletcher Shyrock might not make the cut with just under 20lbs

Bobby Lane gets 14-8 takes the lead that is a pound above his Basstrakk

Denny disappoints with just 1 fish.

Tim Horton wears the jumpsuit and pulls two pigs out.  He's got a Hula Popper patch.  Does a tribute to the old Pro's.  "NFL's got the throw backs now we do too" He weighed 17-4 out of nowhere as he didn't have anything on Basstrakk.

Poche drops down the to 3rd and falling

Steve Kennedy "I suck"

Ott Defoe falls to 8th and falling

Matt McCoy brings in 17lbs.  "I got em in the boat" as to what he did different.

They aren't updating the Live Leaderboard as crisply as yesterday.

Ish took a late penalty due to I think what were KevinWirth's boat problems.  He was not happy about it and throws him under the bus because it is costing him the cut. It was because they held up the lock for him.
Nope it wasn't Wirth,
Update-Turns out is was Wirth

Randy Howell "I thank the Lord most for my smoking hot wife"

Rojas pulls out a tank, wow it only went 4-14 thought that was a 6

Walker does have a limit for 12-4 puts him into 3rd for now.  "The rumor's of my demise were greatly exaggerated"

Dustin Wilks put 2 pounds on his Basstrakk weight and moves into 3rd

The Rooster gets into first with  34-8 almost 4lbs on Bobby Lane

Alton has 17-14 for 31-11 and into 2nd just as Basstrakk said.

Wirth gets emotional about having one more day to fish.

Marty the Party does his dance. Thanks trip for helping him with his dancing at the end.

Chris pulls a toad out and he has 19-4 and he takes 1st, beat Basstrakk by 6lbs. Has a pound on The Rooster

Wow Mr. Horton rubs it in on the LSU fans.

Bill Lowen comes in 2lbs under Basstrakk

Hackney water fell out on him might not make the cut.

AMarts 15-10 is a lb up on Basstrakk. He is in 8th one ahead of Walker.

Ike gets 13 and makes the cut for now in 25th, but KVD is left

And KVD kicks out Ike.  Tak is last in and Hackney makes it as well.

Weigh In Over

Doing Hook'd Up with Chris Lane
and the feed cuts in mid interview.

So it's C. Lane, Vinson, Alton, B.. Lane, Evers, and Wilks in the Super 6

Press Conference to start soon:
Bobby we don't see each other

"Bobby it's a dream come true"

Chris Lane was helped by seeing Matt Reed catch fish, apparently Reed and Lowen are in the same area.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Classic Day 1: Liveblogging

It's now 11AM and I am up,  First thing was to check the live blog.  Unfortunately for some reason only the first page is showing up so I can't read up on what happened from the start. (they got that fixed)

Alright my boy Dave Walker is in the lead with 16lbs+

Got to take the dog out.

Now we find out Walkers marshal screwed up.  He has about 13lbs. Looks like he got himself up to 15lbs.

It's now 2:26PM and there is no sign of Mark Tucker on Basstrakk.  Hopefully his tracker is broken or his marshal didn't know how to use it.  Brandon Palanuik is also not on the the Basstrakk. No Denny Brauer either.

Hmmm they are giving different results on Hook'd Up than on Basstrakk.

Crap Liveblog on Tucker:

Mark Tucker, on a good day, would have five bass in his livewell with enough weight to keep him in contention after Day One of the Classic. But it has not been a good day so far.

Part of his problem was self-inflicted. Tucker has spent all day in Shaw Lake. He picked up a rod with a spinnerbait that he wasn't planning  to use today. It enticed a bite from a four-pounder that came unhooked right at the boat. That's when Tucker realized he'd left a hook cover on the spinnerbait from Wednesday's practice, when he wasn't trying to land a fish.

"Then I lost a three-pounder as I was lifting it in the boat," Tucker said. "It hasn't been a good day. I've got two fish and I should have five."

I see Denny is now on with 2 fish for 6lbs.  A good average size if he can get a limit.

HMMM Mercer is up on the Classic stage doing stuff and Hook'd Up is on with Skeet.

Huh, they have KJ with Zona and Sanders doing a Hook'd Up on the weigh in stage.

Singing National Anthem

The Weigh In Bits and Pieces:
Hack is u[ 1st.  13-15 Says he'll make his long run all week.

Mark Tucker Fantasy Bass Fail

Browning couldn't find any quality fish.

Jamie Horton gets 14-15 he is going to fish the Elites this year as Federation Champ

Martens thanks the soldiers 13lbs which is way past the 4lb he supposedly had.

Chris Lane had 16lbs will run all new water tomorrow

Wow it' John Crews 6th Classic 11-15 Crews will stay in the same spot he shared with Lane today

Marty Robinson does a dance

Scroggins comes in 2lbs heavier than Basstrakk, says he lost a couple of good fish.

Brandon Palanuik skunks

Kriet and Van Dam were fishing next to each other and KVD had a swirl right in front of Kriet.  Kriet did throw back.  Van Dam didn't catch it.

Matt Reed caught a big dogfish first thing

Fed angler Tom Jessop came in 5lbs below Basstrakk

The Rooster Greg Vinson catches 17lbs and takes the lead has area all to himself

Walker has 16-8lbs so he's a pound heavier than Basstrakk.  He's in 3rd.

Ike has 10-7 that's 2lb more than Basstrakk.  He hocks his new sport drink Ike'd Up

KVD caught 11 even but feels good about it

Hey camera man if your gonna show highlights, show them we don't wanna look at Zona and Sanders.  It was ridiculous!

Hite came in about 1/2 lb light but he's in the hunt with

Ish is making a run to Pool 3 tomorrow.   Not what Hack wants to hear.

Tak comes up with a pound plus over his Basstrakk

Ott with 16-6 and into 4th.  That's 2lbs plus above Basstrakk

Kennedy gets 3lbs up on his Basstrakk number

Grigsby ran all the way to Pool 3, just ran out of time

Keith Poche pulls out a tank 17-13 so he's in the lead big fish is 6-13

Bobby Lane 16-4 ties him up with Chris, throws in Havoc plug

Andy Upshaw comes in two pounds above Basstrakk with 12-8

Josh Polfer 4lbs less than Basstrak, ouch

Brent Chapman thinks he's got a shot in his area

Faircloth is in the area with Poche but got less than 10lbs

Swindle layers it on pretty good about how he's gonna get them tomorrow.

Sounds like Keith Combs ran down to Pool 3 as well.

Evers comes in with 16-3 out of nowhere, almost 10lbs above his Basstrakk

And Weigh In is over interviewing Poche

Has a bait no one else is throwing, has the area to himself other than Faircloth

Apparently they are not doing the post press conference with the Top 5 or 6

BassEast.com has some pretty good post weigh in interviews

Big Indiana Bass  has the rundown on Basstrakk accuracy 

Bassmaster Classic Fantasy Roster

This is my final roster for the Classic.  Went with KVD for obvious reasons.  I hoping Walker will be able to flip'em up.  I switched out Brandon Palanuik at the last moment.  I'm going with Tucker on a hunch.  Keith Combs hopefully will be solid.  And I'm hoping the college lad will be able to use his local knowledge and find his way into a top 15 finish.

Walker is 4th Very Good
Upshaw is 19th which is OK
Combs is 17th also OK
Van Dam is 27th but it sounds like he's confident
Tucker would be Fail except Palaniuk and Ashley did even worse and those were the others I considered in that bucket.

Update Day 2:
Walker fell to 9th
Combs moved up to 11th
KVD moved up to 18th
Upshaw dropped to 31st
Tucker 41st

Hopefully all three can move up tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

FLW Says: "Ten Bucks, Buddy"!!!

(And it Sucks, Buddy!!!!!)

That is right, it's going to cost you $10 to play FLW Fantasy Fishing this year.  I thought not such a big deal and signed up, but then I learned they only have Prizes to 10 Places and that is ONLY FOR THE END OF THE YEAR!  WHAT THE HECK!  Seriously had I known they would not be giving prizes for every tournament I would not have paid.  Turns out the money is not refundable.  I wrote FLW and told them I thought this is bullshit.  I would much prefer they split the $100,000 top prize into smaller amounts and have nothing for the end of the year.  I just can't believe it, Seriously 10 winner for the whole year, it's just sad.  B.A.S.S. now totally kicks FLW's ass in Fantasy Fishing.

I advise you save your money and go by scratch off or Powerball lottery tickets instead.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

One Rod, One Bait, and One Reel

A spoof of George Thorogood tune “One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer.”
Taken from Bass Parade

Monday, February 20, 2012

Major League Fishing Episode #2 Liveblogged

If you don't won't to be spoiled don't read.

The Anglers Today:

Period 1:
Start with Sasquatch farting.

Evers with first fish 2.25lber
Brauer 1.75lbs
Biffle 1.75lbs
Alton 3lber
Ike 1.75lbs
Ike swears trying to get back to fish.  He catches a short.
Omori catches a dink then gets a 1.5lbs
Biffles misses a couple on the frog
Grigsby gets a 2.5lbs can't see how big it is without his glasses
Ike fish spitting minnows.
Ike says conditions are perfect but the fish aren't going.
Evers is throwing blades up in the grass.
Ike lays an F Bomb on a little keeper
Biffle gets a good one on a frog 6lbs
Times up
Apparently Faircloth got 3 in the last 15 minutes he's in 4th place with 5.75lbs
Ike 8lbs 3rd
Evers 9.75 2nd
Biffle with 13lbs
Takahiro is in last with 2 for 2.75
Brauer says he's fishing some baits he'd never touch in a normal tourny

Period 2:
Starts showing Faircloth dropshotting
Biffle gets one on his Hard Head
Alton catches one that chokes it 3.75lbs into 2nd
catches a couple more real quick
Denny switched to a crank and gets a 3lber
Talking about how tough it's being today
Denny moves into 4th with 8.5lbs
Alton is up to his 7th of the period on a jerkbait, don't know what kind. He ties Biffle
Edwin gets one on a jerk.
Haven't heard from Ike at all.
Alton takes the lead
talking with Bobby Lane says he had good average of fish but he wasn't getting the numbers
says he got sick to his stomach being in last place
Faircloth gets one fish and goes from last to tie for 4th
End of period
Alton 14 for 21.50
Biffle 7 for 18lbs
Evers 8 for 13lbs
Takahiro 8 for 11.5lbs
Faircloth 4 for 10.25lbs
Ike 6 for 9.75lbs
Denny 5 for 8.5lbs
Grigsby 3 for 6.5lbs
Tak is junk fishing

If you don't want to be spoiled don't look.
Period 3:
Ike gets first fish, then another and he moves into 3rd
Briefly however as Tak gets one on the A-Rig and ties Ike
Evers gets a fish (not shown) and moves into 3rd
Ike moves into 3rd on a blade
Tak gets a 4.25 on the A-Rig moves him into 2nd
Ike catch's a good fish and proceeds to go Ike and dump two rods overboard, luckily they hung up on another rod. 4.25lb and he's into 2nd.  Ike also got lures caught on his wallet chain.and shirt.  His ref is trying  to free the lures up and Ike hooks a fish and goes into the lead.  Ike tells a story about getting a fish at the end of the period that didn't count because time ran out, but it clued him in the fish wind blown points with brush tops. Also they show a snippet from the last break wear Ike throws around a few expletives.
Biffle gets a 4.25lber to put him .25 behind Ike
Ike lands a 2lber
Biffle breaks off a big one gets the penalty
Ike is separating himself
Faircloth has been catching fish and gets a 3lber that puts him in 2nd
Ike goes over 20lbs for the period
Alton is catching shorts
Faircloth catches a 4.75lb out of a big mat of grass
Tak gets a 2.75 and passes Biffle for 4th
Faircloth pulls another 2.75 chunk from the hydrilla
Edwin is missing fish in the hydrilla
Ike with a "giant" flops over his official, He goes Ike "Game Over"
Biffle misses a bite in the last minute, so he's eliminated
Ike does a break dance.
Wow that Challenge Cup is a big ole ugly thing.

Ike with 17 for 34.5lbs
Faircloth 13 for 32lbs
Alton 15 for 23.25lbs
Tak  12 for 23lbs
Biffle 8 for 22.25lbs
Edwin  10 for 16.5lbs
Denny  8 for 15.25lbs
Shaw 5 for 12.25lbs

Well it wasn't near the weight we saw in the last one.  I thought for sure Tak was going to start whacking them on the A-Rig in the last period.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bass Snatcher Meeting Today

Today we will be finalizing the dates and lakes for this summer. Check in later to see where we'll be.

Update: Hear are the lakes:
June 2nd Bay Lake
June 30th Leech Lake
July 15th Whitefish
July 28th Pokegama
August 26th North Long
September 22nd Alexander

I will comment on the lakes sometime later in the year.  The only lake I haven't fished is Bay

Friday, February 17, 2012

B.A.S.S. Fantasy Fishing Allowing 10 Groups

B.A.S.S. Fantasy Fishing just opened it up so you can join 10 Groups instead of 3.

So far I'm in:
Tackle Warehouse
Bass Utopia
The Bass Zone
Fishing Minnesota

Thursday, February 16, 2012

New Minnesocold Bass Fishing Blog

Darin's Fishing Site- Enjoying Fishing In Minnesota is Bassin' Blog;  It started in August of last year and he has 10 Posts to date. Darin is a member of the Renegade Bassers all with Nick of Nick's Bassin Blog.  He reports on in his tournaments and other fishing he does.  Darin is fairly new to fishing tournaments; 2011 was his first season.  Check his blog out.  Hopefully he will participate in the Derby next year.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Major League Fishing Episode 1: Liveblogged

If you don't want to get spoiled stop reading:

Today we have
Mark Davis
Brent Ehrler
Bobby Lane
A Mart
Jason Quinn

What are penalties called for? They don't tell.

1st Period:
KVD first fish 3lber on 3rd Cast
2nd fish 2lber 15 minutes in.
A Mart gets 3rd fish of the day with 2lber
Davis got one.
Quinn got one
Bobby Lane has fish but isn't on camera.
Showing guys throwing A-Rigs: Quinn, Hack, Ehler with Quinn striking first.
Ehrler gets his 1st not on A-Rig
I'm kind of unhappy that aren't showing Lane as he said he would be throwing topwater.
They also are not showing  Klein, who has a fish.
No nets apparently as Ehrler gets a 5lber
KVD ends period with 11 fish for 23lbs
Ehrler unhappy about lost fish
So for it's KVD
Davis 7 fish for 15lbs
Quinn 5 for 12.25
Klein 4 for 9.75
Hack 5 for 9.25
A Mart 5 for 8.50
Ehler 3 for 8.25
Lane 3 for 6.50

2nd Period:
Mark catches 2 shorts at once.
Hack gets one on a frog and then another.
Klein starting to get fish
Still aren't covering Lane
Ohh Golly it's Grigsby. Lame.
Great more farting Sasquatch
guys are struggling this period, in calm bluebird sky's.
Quinn just had a school come up went to it and started catching them on the A-Rig.
Ehrler sounding frustrated.
KVD still catching them.
Ehrler breaks his line on 4lber gets a 1 minute penalty.

Period ends
KVD 19 fish for 36lbs
Quinn 12 for 30.75
Klein 16 for 25.75
Davis 9 for 18.25
A Mart 10 for 16.50
Hackney 8 for 15.75
Ehrler 7 for 15.75
Lane 5 for 11.50

Bagging on KVD for catching them
Finally they show Lane, and he talks about Jack's Links Beef Jerky.

If you don't want to be Spoiled stop reading:
3rd Period:
Hack gets 1st fish and into the 4th place cut spot.
Then Davis catches one and gets it back.
Quinn starts catching fish.
Quinn catches Van Dam and then goes up
A Mart takes 4th with 23
showing Lane catch a fish, and mentions Jack Links
Quinn gets a 5.75lber
A Mart missing fish, then gets one and goes up on Davis by 4lbs
A Mart gets another drop shotting
Davis gets a 4lber, Martens up by 4lbs
Klein is catching up to KVD on the drop shot.
Klein breaks is line and sits in the penalty box.
Davis gets a little on A Mart
Ehrler starting to scooch up
Ehrler catches a 5lber and jumps A Mart with 2 minutes left
Ehrler misses one and A-Mart lands  one 1/4 short as time runs out.
It's Quinn 58.25lbs
KVD 42lbs
Klein 41lbs
Ehrler 35.25lbs

That was really good, I recommend watching it.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Chapman IS Champion!

James Overstreet/B.A.S.S.
Today Brent Chapman caught a single 6-5  largemouth to win to the Central Open at Lake Lewisville.  Hopefully it will give him some momentum for the Classic.  We would love to see Brent win it all this year!

It's been 7 years since Brent won with B.A.S.S.

A Little Fantasy Fishing Info

I didn't realize there was a Triton Boat to the season winner.  Go and sign up today!

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Speeding Up Tomorrow

We are getting our upgrade to Fiber Optics tomorrow.  Should speed me up around 10 times!

HMMM- Bass Pundit still takes 25 seconds to load, it wasn't that much faster before.  Still video's are way quicker and I'm assuming Bass Talk Live will be an uninterrupted feed.

Update- Bass Talk Live was uninterrupted which is nice.  And it kind of looks like it's my computer that is holding back my page loading speed.  I can load Bass Pundit in under 7 seconds on my mom's computer.

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Puppy Bowl VIII

Ah yes Puppy Bowl Day, unfortunately I wasn't able to blog about it previously. Looks like the kickoff is at 2PM Central Time.

Later I will be back with my MVP Pick.

Update: I agree with the consensus  pick , Fumble as MVP

Saturday, February 04, 2012

More Fantasy Bass

Update: Some changes I didn't read about at first.

The smaller buckets will include the season’s superstars, while incorporating those with a home-field advantage. The rational is simple: In order to win, you will have to give some thought to each contest, making sure you’re keeping up with what’s taking place on the water and strategically looking at who has the hot hand.
Each week of every event you will receive an email reminder to set your lineup. While you may think you already have the perfect team, there will be times when that won’t be the case.
After the Bassmaster Classic and following every other event on the Elite Series, the lineups will be wiped clean. The buckets will adjust, switching anglers around to account for home-field advantages and who has the hot hand at the moment.
That will require you to change almost every player, with new strategies instituted and a whole new set of hopes.
Other tweaks for 2012 are bonus points for the Carhartt Big Bass and for the heaviest stringer caught in each tournament.

Friday, February 03, 2012

On the Fantasy Bass Fishing Front

B.A.S.S. has rolled out there Fantasy Game for 2012 and as you can see it looks and plays the same as last year.  You pick one angler from each of the five different presorted groups of anglers and that's all their is to it. One thing that
is nice is they have decent prizes this year with $5000 plus an Anglers cap and jersey 1st Place.  2nd through 10th get $200 worth of Stuff and 11th through 25th get a shirt and hat.

Meanwhile FLW isn't going to have their game ready until the 2nd Tournament at Lake Hartwell.  So they are skipping the Big O tournament next week.

And as far as I can tell Advanced Angler isn't doing Fantasy again this year.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

New to the Blog I've got Pages

If you look up you can see I've added an About me page and Classic Bass Pundit Page, which replaces that blogroll on the sidebar.  I'm thinking I'm gonna add Livewell Page for fish Pics.

2011 Derby Results

Yes I know this is way way late, but now I get it on the new Blogger interface.
Jason Holmer 2011 Champion!!!

Now of Bass Utopia Blog

Well it was another huge year for Jason Holmer bringing a massive 32.24Lbs. Shattering the 6lbs average barrier.  This is his 3rd Derby Championship in a row!

He also had Big Bass with a 6.87Lbs Fish, which is also his third in a row.

Congratulations Holmer!

2nd Place Josh Douglas

Josh had is best year yet with 27.30Lbs

Congratulations Josh!

3rd Place Andy Nitchals

This was Andy's first year in the Derby and he jumped out to a fast start with all his fish caught by June 7th.  He predicted he would have a rough time culling up from there and was right.

Congratulations Andy!

Personally it was my best Derby year so far with 23.90lbs, which put me over Cyberfish for the 2nd straight Year.  Overall it was a very good year with a record 4 bags topping 25lbs.

Great Job Everyone!!!

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

HMMM Can't Get Major League Fishing to Load

I want to do a screen capture but the page isn't loading on IE. Loads up fine on Google Chrome, problem is my Screem Capture is here on Explorer. I'd know understand it.

Oops Just Loaded UP
Advance Cast Pay Per View went on sale today

The ADVANCE CAST total-event BassPass, a package of seven broadcasts, will cost $17.94, with individual episodes available for $2.99 each. (The seven-event BassPass package features a “free” week.)

The ADVANCE CAST that begins on February 13 will feature the first day of competition. Each subsequent week will offer the next consecutive day of competition. The seventh ADVANCE CAST broadcast will be a wrap-up show that features in-depth, on-the-water segment with the winners from each round and the Challenge Cup champion.

I assume they are going to run the first show on a loop and then switch to the second show the next week or maybe you will be able to watch it on demand.  It does say anything about how long the episode will be.

So who's in? I probably will be.