Sunday, March 22, 2009

First Day in the Tackle Warehouse

Today is was cloudy windy and in the mid to high 50's. Great for melting snow, but just OK for melting lake ice. Today was my first venture into my own personal tackle warehouse this Spring. I call it a tackle warehouse because it is where I keep the largest share of my tackle. It has everything from lures new in the package to my rusty hook collection. Today I put some more nails in the wall so I could hang many of the lures I have collected over the winter. I pretty much used up the remaining wall space and so what didn't fit on the wall either went into ziplock bags or straight to tackle boxes. Some of the stuff I put on the wall will be in a tackle box pretty soon.

I sorted through my rusty treble hook collection and to my surprise actually found quite a few hooks that are still good. I don't think I have any lures that are in urgent need of hook replacements, but if I do find some I will be ready.

I spent time chipping the paint out of the eyelets of the glow Cubby Mini-Mites I just bought. I was a little concerned for a moment because I couldn't find my main panfish box where I thought it would be, but I found it soon enough in one of my tackle bins.

I love spending time in the tackle warehouse. I will be in there many times this Spring and Summer.


Unknown said...

should post some pics of the TW

Basspastor said...

The Tackle Warehouse is like the Bat Cave, it's location is a closely guarded secret. Maybe I can get some pics of the insides some time..

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