Friday, March 13, 2009

FLW Table Rock Day 2 Results and Fantasy Fishing

Here is the all important FLW Top 10 for Table Rock

1 DAVID WALKER SEVIERVILLE, TN 5 26-11 5 13-12 10 40-07
2 MICHAEL BENNETT LINCOLN, CA 5 20-02 5 19-00 10 39-02
3 SCOTT SUGGS BRYANT, AR 5 17-10 5 17-12 10 35-06
4 CHAD MORGENTHALER COULTERVILLE, IL 5 17-00 5 17-10 10 34-10
5 SHINICHI FUKAE MINEOLA, TX 5 22-05 5 11-15 10 34-04
6 BRENT EHRLER REDLANDS, CA 5 17-11 5 16-08 10 34-03
7 DAN MOREHEAD PADUCAH, KY 5 14-05 5 19-03 10 33-08
8 ANTHONY GAGLIARDI PROSPERITY, SC 5 15-04 5 17-15 10 33-03
9 GREG BOHANNAN ROGERS, AR 5 15-08 5 17-11 10 33-03
10 SCOTT CANTERBURY SPRINGVILLE, AL 5 18-06 5 14-08 10 32-14

I've got Suggs, Fukae, and Bohanan. I did have Morehead on my team but switched him for Jay Yelas which any way I slice it except for what actually happened comes out as a good bet that Yelas should finish higher than Moorehead. Also Luke Clausen who I dumped at the last minute choked today and is in the 11 spot so I actually did make the right move in dumping him for Suggs.

Ehler was on the radar screen and was on my Dad's team but he got switched out due to his negative report on the BassFan Scouting Report. What are you gonna do when a guy says he is struggling? You gotta drop him. Dad's team came out better than yesterday but doesn't have a single angler in the Top 10, which is a total buzz kill for any asperations of end of the year prizes.

I am a little disgusted that I am missing out on Canterbury and Bennett who I think are among the top fishermen in FLW. FLW guys that always are a good bet as far as I'm concerned: Andy Morgan, Scott Canterbury, Michael Bennett, Jay Yelas, David Dudley, Brent Ehler, Shin Fukae, and Brian Thrift. If I just go with this all star line up there are 4 guys in this top 10.

Well if I lock in a couple of Exacta's I'll be well into the prizes. I have Bohanan in 3rd, Suggs in 9th, and Fukae in 10th. I think Bohanan is the most likely candidate but you never know.

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Anonymous said...

I got 4 guys in the Top 10, so I think I got a pretty good shot to get prizes! Just need an exacta or two...