Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Son of a ******

Even though it was after 8PM and fast getting dark I made the decision to try going fishing in the snow.  I turned onto the Grumpy Old Man Hole road at Richardson Corners.  About a 1/4 mile down I had to brake really hard to avoid hitting a deer. The back seat that is up and supposed to prevent the minnows from tipping over wasn't locked in place and gave way.  The minnow bucket spilled over with such force that the latch gave way and the top of the bucket came completely off.  So basically I had a catastrophic failure of the two things that are supposed to prevent this from happening.  When I looked back and saw minnows flitting around I reached back, got the minnow bucket upright and proceeded immediately to the GOMH.  There I discovered only 2 minnows and very little water left in the minnow bucket.  I spent over half an hour trying to get all the minnows.  Not an easy task under the passenger side front seat of the Kia.  I decided fishing was out and headed home.

I managed to find 2 more minnows when I got home.  Hopefully I got them all.

Well that sucked!  

Monday, April 17, 2017


(This video is must watch)
KVD & Zona went out an absolutely smoked the pre-spawn giants last week, because the state of Michigan came to it's senses two years ago and did away with a totally closed season for largemouth and smallmouth bass.  Now Michigan anglers are free to immediately catch and release fish to their hearts content during the whole pre-spawn period.  The state of MN gave us two extra weeks of catch and release fishing.  I really hope that within the next couple of years this state revisits it's closed season for bass and once and for all goes catch and release just like Michigan did.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

No Trophy Today

2" Storm Swim Shad will catch almost everything
I was planning to take the Trophy out on Rock Lake today, but it's been cloudy out all day and there is a cool wind blowing pretty good again today out of the East.  I am punting and will just shore fish instead.

Follow my latest trips on the Fishing Log Blog.  I've been catching a good mix of fish including another bowfin last night.

Saturday, April 08, 2017

I Reached My Crappie Total Goal For 2017

12.9" Glow Demon & Minnow
My Crappie total goal for the year was set on the low side at 300, same as last year.  I think I only needed like 27 to hit 300 going into open water.  I achieved 300 caught on April 6th with a good night at the GOMH.  I added to the total last night as well. Right now I am up to 308 crappies caught this year with another whole month of trying for them.

Friday, April 07, 2017

Trophy Is On the Water And Working

In the water, lousy picture
4:00-7:15PM Rock Lake (Rock Platte Outlet Bay)
Conditions: 54-48℉, Mostly Sunny, Windy out of the NW, (Water Temp 54-47℉)

So I remembered I forgot the camera I prefer to use when I was half way to the lake.  Then on the drive in to access the bolt that was holding the back of the fender on the driver side broke. Fortunately it didn't touch the tire.  I duct taped it up.  Then I put the trolling motor wires on backwards, Doh!  I was like great the trolling motor doesn't work, but then I noticed my bonehead move.  Put them on the right way and it works.

The motor started just fine and ran great.  I marked a point that comes out on the NW side then went into the RPO Bay.  As I worked my way back I started seeing baitfish.  Some pads were half way to the surface already.  I started seeing some sunfish and a few bass.  It was tough to see in the wind and there is only about 2 and a half feet of visibility as it is. Finally I caught a sunny.

7" T.H.E. Jig
You can see in the top picture how shallow I was fishing in the hay.  Another 6 inches would really help things out.  Baitfish were all over the place.  Fish in the wind and the hay proved difficult.  I got a bass and a 17" pike on the Cubby & minnow.
14.25" Cubby & Minnow.
I saw a big snapper and a spawning pike.  I got a few more sunfish down by the beaver dam and that is where I got the pike and the bass as well..
7" THE Jig
On my way out I spotted one small crappie.

4 Sunfish
1 Pike
1 Bass

Saturday, April 01, 2017

Platte Lake Is Open

I could launch a boat through that, so I'm calling the Platte Lake Open today. There was a guy fishing out of a boat at the the Grumpy Old Man Hole.

I didn't get skunked today thanks to Bulldog Lake.  I was pretty surprised fish didn't move into the GOMH today.