Sunday, April 25, 2021

One More Week Of April

 After the warm end of March, April just couldn't get its act together weather-wise to make for good fishing.  It was just about ready to start popping one week ago, and then that major cool-down happened. It looks like things are gonna change this week. I thought for sure we would be full-on post-spawn by Opener on the 15th, but the Full moon is tomorrow, and there is very few bass in shallow right now. It looks like the fish are set up to go gangbusters in May. Sucks that Opener doesn't happen this year until the month will be half gone. 

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Got the Garmin 7sv on the Trophy Today

I finally got my act together, got the Garmin 7sv mounted on my carrier, and discovered that the Brocraft Transducer Arm and Scotty Mounts are compatible. If I had known that, I would have had the Garmin 7 ready right after I got the transducer arm a couple of weeks ago.  Now I've got to learn side imaging. Clear View is pretty self-explanatory.  

Friday, April 23, 2021

 Yep, my team had a solid Day 1. I can see Cox getting and Clark getting better on Day 2. I think Felix and Zaldain are the wild cards I need to be worried about. Zaldaingerous is a fitting nickname for that guy. 

Thursday, April 22, 2021

My Lake Fork Fantasy Bass Fishing Squads


Drain The Lake Roster
Day 1 weigh-in is going on right now.  Feeling good about my main squad. If Felix has a solid Day 2, I may be headed somewhere. Drain the Lake not so much.

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Rock Dock In

 The Rock Dock was in today. I think it may have been in the lake yesterday, but I absent-mindedly forgot to check yesterday. I had two bites tonight but didn't hook either one.  There was quite a bit of baitfish activity on the surface. I didn't get a fish at the GOMH either.  

Monday, April 19, 2021

The Cool Weather Snag Continues


For the next three days, we will be 10plus degrees under the average for high temps. Some bullheads had moved up on Saturday and Sunday apparently (Silver numbers were same ole same old). Will they stay? I am going to test that out this Monday morning.  I didn't get the Garmin side-imager in the boat this weekend. The second Covid shot messed with my energy levels. I've felt anywhere from 10% to 100% with most of the time being 60% and under. Hopefully, I'll be over the after-effects by Thursday when it warms up. 

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

We Have Hit A Snag In the Weather Dept.

 Looks like we are in for a slightly below-average stretch in the weather for the foreseeable future. As of today, the average high temp should be 54℉. We are still more than a month away from Opener, which isn't until May 15th this year. I am catching fish and am OK with struggling for a couple of weeks. I didn't start really getting fish last year until the 27th, though I did have a couple of double-digit days previous to that on April 19th (14 fish) and April 21st (11 fish). By this upcoming weekend, I hope to have my Garmin Side-Imager in the water. That could possibly be a gamechanger for me in locating schools of crappie. I should probably start looking at Youtube videos to get me started on the learning curve. Better fishing lays ahead. I am confident of that.

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Congrats to David Pecháček BFL Champion


David Pecháček is a young guy from MN that moved to Florida to pursue his bass fishing dreams. This weekend he won the Gator Division Phenoix Big 5 BFL on Lake Okeechobee.

Congrats Dave on the big win!

Josh Douglas And Pat Schlapper Giving SCHEELS Online Seminar On Tues. April 13th at 7PM


They will be giving good info and giving away prizes. Sign up here.

Friday, April 09, 2021

Top Review Geek


Top Review Geek is a website with the beginning fisherman and hunter in mind. From my short review of the site; It has a wealth of information available.

Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Some Silver On the 7th


12" THE Jig/Minnow (G/Pink)
Had my crap in order tonight, and Bear Trax got minnows. I got a couple silvers to pull my bobber under.

Tuesday, April 06, 2021

1st Bullhead of 2021 Is A Golden


After a few misfires, I finally landed something at the Grumpy Old Man Hole tonight. Very first cast and this golden beauty was all over the Swim Shad. I also got a jumper as it was getting dark on THE Jig. First time ever the first bullhead of the year for me is a golden bullhead. 

Friday, April 02, 2021

1st Open Water Fish of 2021 Comes From Rock!

13" THE Jig (Glow/Pink)

License On the Trophy today

Went down front after working on the boat.

 I fished 3 different times today. First was at the GOMH on my way to the Lake Place. Didn't get anything and had my hat blown off. I got the boat ready to go in the water tomorrow. I stopped at Rock Lake to see if the Rock Dock was in; it wasn't. I only had a few minutes before I had to get the car home. On my very last cast a bass took the jig and made 2021 fishing history being my first landed fish out of open water in 2021. Turns out when I got home that the rents decided not to go to Good Friday. I ate pancakes for dinner then headed back out after 7:00PM. I stopped at Bulldog, Rock, and GOMH. Nobody else out fishing surprisingly enough. It had calmed down enough that I was able to hear swans taking off on the other side of Rock Lake. I didn't get a bite, but I did get some clipping done at the GOMH.  

Thursday, April 01, 2021

Trophy Prep Today

 Went and got Steve his birthday present, his 2021 Fishing Licence. Then I got to work vacuuming out the boat. Steve got stuff out of the way and by the time I was done with the near side, it was ready to be pulled out so we did that. I finished up at about 6:45PM. I didn't bring any fishing equipment with me and was driving the Expedition so I just ran by Bulldog and the GOMH to see if anyone was fishing. No one was. By the time mom and dad got home, it was getting dark and I wasn't interested in fishing. Hope to have the Trophy in the lake tomorrow.