Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Vikings Season Coming Soon!


I love me some Vikings Football, but I think our chances of going to the Super Bowl this year are slim. Losing Cook was huge, but it had to happen with that contract. Our O-Line and D will have to improve significantly if we are going to have any shot at making the playoffs or a Division title. Also, when it comes to playoff victories, I'll believe it when I see it. KOC's 0-1 playoff record is miles different in my mind from Zim's fluke 0-1 loss to the SeaChickens on a missed chip shot field goal. KOC clearly got outcoached, while Zim was just unlucky. 

I hope Flores is a significant upgrade at D.C.. If he can bring that side of the ball to the middle of the pack on yards allowed and keep the turnovers-forced numbers around last year's at a minimum, we should be a wild-card contender if Kirko stays healthy. 

 I'll also be rooting for J-E-T-S! this season. I'm hoping A-a-a Ron leads them to the Super Bowl for the schadenfreude, plus they have Cookie who I wish nothing but success. He gave his all as a Vike and earned my respect.

Monday, August 21, 2023

St. Lawrence Elite Fantasy Line Ups, Updated

The new buckets just dropped.  Here are my lineups barring a guy who pulls out. 

My Drain the Lake lineup I've been holding all year, minus Bernie for Cowboy switch I made when Bernie tapped out.

Two guys not making the cut equals the season being a failure for me in Fantasy Fishing.

The Final Score:

Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Lake Champlain Elite Fantasy Fishing Line Ups

 Douglas: I originally had Foutz in E, but Josh is overdue for a good showing and needs to make hay while the sun still shines. He needs to finish strong in these last two if he is going to make the Elite Series next year.

Taku: Originally, I had Combs, but not picking Ito killed me at St. Clair. This probably means he is gonna bomb again.

Felix: He owns this lake.

Coop: He owns the state of New York.

The Cheesehead Prodigy: He has proven he is one of the best.

My Drain The Lake Champlain Hammer Squad:

  Update: Day 1 Results

Douglas was late to check in, and it looks like once again I am one guy away from being a contender.

Update: Day 2 Results

Foutz currently sits in 9th. That last-minute switch looks like it will cost me cash and prizes in a few groups Dagh! (It cost me 191 points as of today's scoring.)

Day Final Results: So basically, switching out Foutz who finished in 8th cost me big time. I would have had a 99% line up with him in it.
I do really like my St. Lawrence squad. One more to go for some dough.

Saturday, August 12, 2023

The Plan and Rods For Serpent Lake (Blind)

The Plan: Serpent Lake it is for the 2023 Bass Snatcher Blind Tournament. My boater's and my own history on the lake is a mixed bag, with one good 4th Place finish a piece. The lake has largemouth and smallmouth. I've never fished the lake in July or August. My boater reported he does not really care for this lake. We did get some intel from the previous Snatcher Champ, who apparently fished here in early July, but can't make this tournament. I don't think I have a prayer of beating Tuma on this fishery. If I can get a limit, 12lbs, and finish in the Top 9 I'll be happy; Only 13 guys fishing this one.

Rods I'm Bringing:
7'4" H Tatula (Buzzbait, Swim Worm)
7'4" H Glass Tatula (Chatters, Topwater, Wakebait, Traps)
7'4" H Tatula (Frog)
7' H Avid (Craw Tube,Rage Bug)
6'10" MH Tatula (Chatter,Spinnerbait, Jerkbait, Topwater, Ned)
6'9" H Tatula Elite (Jig, Dark Sleeper)
6'9" H Tatula (Punching, Jig)
6'8" M Avid (Topwater, Jerkbait)

6'6" MH Abu Veritas (Neko, Fluke)

Tuesday, August 08, 2023

About Fantasy Fishing At St. Claire Last Week

Oops, forgot to finish and publish this blog.

 Yes, there was an Elite Series Event on St. Claire last week. I don't know why I am only blogging on it now after the fact. It's not like I didn't have the time last week. I really had high hopes for my line-up. I thought the Whitaker pick was an Ace in the hole for me. I have now learned that the fishing on that lake is insanely good; what a beatdown. It sounded like the pros were shocked as well. I traded out Austin Felix and Cory Johnston in the final days. Downey and Christie were upgrading, but not major ones.  Ito in Bucket D was the value pick of a lifetime. Not only did he finish in 3rd, but got 85 Bonus Points. I think Ito burned me twice this season already. Taku no like Bass Pundit!

There are only two more Elite Series Tournaments left; Back to back at Champlain and then at the St. Lawrence River in a few weeks.

 My Drain the Lake Squad was a disappointment, but not a major one. Not sure what happened to Redwine, who was in the Top 10 the first two days, then dropped like a rock.

Friday, August 04, 2023

How Bout Those Steinbauer, Kids

Snatcher Chuck on Gull Lake Last Summer

Al and I when he took 1st at Little Boy/Wabedo

The man, the myth, the legend, Mr. Charles Steinbauer, on the strength of a solid Day 2 catch on Leech Lake, qualified for the 25-boat Day 3 cut at the Minnesota B.A.S.S. Nation Tournament of Champions. Chuck's younger brother Alan made the cut in 9th on the Co-Angler side. I'm pretty bummed that circumstances worked against me, so I couldn't be there to congratulate them in person and possibly be fishing with them today. I was planning to fish the T.O.C. this year, but things didn't work out for me to make it.

The Top 6 at tournaments end punch their ticket to the National Championship, and the Top 16 qualify to go to the Regional with another chance to make the National Championship, where a birth in the Bassmaster Classic is the prize.

Snatch 'em up today, boys!