Saturday, March 07, 2009

Wake Baits and the Strike King Wake Shad

I was watching Strike King Journal on TV last night and Mark Davis and the President of Strike King Lures were absolutely slaying the fish on the new Strike King Wake Shad and it really perked me up. Several years ago there was an article in either In-Fisherman or Bassmaster that focused on waking hardbaits. I remember being impressed with the potential of the technique which lead me to an attempt to modify a big Jointed Rebel Minnow in the hopes that it would wake; My modification really didn't work and I kind of forgot about it. However from time to time waking was mentioned as a technique in tournament results and my ears would perk up a little but I really didn't pursue the technique.

After watching the show I really think I want to give waking another shot. However the Strike King Wake Shad costs over $20 bucks a bait. I know the Strike King King Shad's which are similar have had durability issues with the joints. I don't know about paying $20 for a bait where the durability is questionable. On the other hand I am sure Strike King would stand behind their bait if I were to buy one and then have a problem. The issue of Pike and Muskies stealing the lure is less of an issue because it floats; Lots of times the toothers won't get hooked up and you can go and retrieve the lure. You only have to worry if they really choke it which is something the average hammer handle doesn't do very well with a moving surface bait.

The Wake Shad is not the only alternative. In the last couple of years several lure manufacturers have come out with lures specifically designed for waking.

Among them are: (All Prices Tackle Warehouse)

The Bagley Bulgin' B's $5.99-$6.99
The Ima Rumba $15.39
The Deps Buzzjet $25.99

The Jackall Cherry Zero Footer $14.99
The Lucky Craft Bull Fish $24.99
Lucky Craft Rick Clunn Wake Action Crankbait $17.99
Mann's Waker Elite $4.49
River2Sea V-Crank Wake $11.99
XCaliber XW6 Wake Bait $9.99

I think I like the idea of a jointed bait best but picking up a couple of Mann's Waker Elites is affordable, although I have several Mann's Minus One's and they wake as long as you don't burn them too fast. There is something about that Strike King Wake Shad that I like, but the Rick Clunn Lucky Craft is cheaper. I am going to have to put some more thought into these wake baits before the season starts. It doesn't help that probably the best time to fish them is before the weeds get up in the Spring and for the most part our bass season in Minnesocold is closed during this time frame.

Hmmmm, to be continued...


Anonymous said...

I haven't had too much success with wake baits here in Central Florida. it seems like the bass prefer the frogs for whatever reason although there's a bunch of shad here. These new Strike King baits remind of the jointed Rapala that's been around for a while. I've always preferred the original floater.

Anonymous said...

That RC Wakecrank kills the smallies in rivers and creeks.