Sunday, June 24, 2007

Kevin Van Damage Grand Day Final/Fishin with bro Jeff.

Grand Lake Elite: Congrats to the Van Daminator! This is KVD's second win in 2007.

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Sullivan Lake with Jeff:
Jeff's first fish, a Larry.
Finally a pike.
Last fish of the day, a foul hooked Pumpkinseed.

The Story: Jeff arrived a little after 3PM and we were on the water right around 4PM. We headed to the South end of Sullivan to try for some Pike. We started out fishing in the wind and weeds and had no luck. Finally as we got out of the wind I brought in a little Pike. A lot of the water on the SE side was barren of weeds. When we finally hit a patch of good green weeds Jeff brought in a 13" bass on a spinnerbait. We fished this area for a while but didn't get anymore bites. I missed a bass off of the last dock we went bye.

At a quarter to 6PM we headed to the North end of Sullivan to try some reeds in the wind. We did one drift through and Jeff caught a small pike and the pumpkin seed. We called it a day right about 6:20PM. Not a great trip but not a skunking either. Where have all the Pike gone?

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Grand Lake Day 3

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Fantasy Bass Fishing Notes: Another rough tournament for the BP boys. BP1 really needs Van Dam to close it out.

BP/Duffman Wk4/ Grand Day 2/ Dogfish Champ

BP vs. The Duffman Challenge
I have not heard from the Duffman and am assuming that he did not fish once again this week. I got out tonight and caught a 18incher, so once again the week goes to BP.

Week #4
Basspastor 1
Duffman 0

Summer 2007
Basspastor 4
Duffman 0

BASS Elite Grand Lake:
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BP Fishing Report: Platte Lake 6/22/07

The Story: I put in at the E Sullivan access around 7PM and headed into Platte to fish Loon Sex Point. I only managed a single 12" fish on the Spro Bronze Eye. The wind was out of the SE, so I decided to fish the S shore of the big Western bay in Platte. I decided to hit a few docks before getting into the slop. This paid off with a 18.25" and 13" both on Bubblegum Zoom Super Flukes. Once I got to the slop I started throwing a black Zoom Horny Toad. I lost the legs off of 2 different toads, probably to small pike. I fished with a toad with stump legs and caught a nice 17.5". I also missed a bite from a smaller bass on this frog.

To end the night I elected to go to the North end of Platte rather than the Sullivan PRO. I managed a single 13" on the North End. I called it a night around 9:35PM.

Congratulations to 2007 Minnesota Bowfin Club Grand Champion Chuck Steinbauer!
He won the title with a 26 incher but the lake wasn't specified. The BP managed to make the article that appeared in the June 22 Brainerd Dispatch. As for me I did not manage to catch a single Doggie this year yet. Google "A Bowfin Champion at last Brainerd Dispatch" Registration required to read the article.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

BASS Grand Lake Day 1

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Cyberfish with GEM week 1 pics...

Cyberfish catches yet another hawg...

Hellabass is back in the USA and doing some fishing...

Fantasy Bass Fishing Notes:
Both Teams have anglers in the top 5 (KVD & IKE) and both teams have McClelland in 11th. BP1 is once again better than the BPboys. Actually the BP Boys are hurting. But Day 1 don't mean Jack Squat!

Friday, June 15, 2007

BP/Duffman-FLW Potomac Day 2

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Jay Yelas BassFan Big Sticks...

Fantasy Bass Notes: Well the Potomac has been the best tournament of the year so far. Lots of movement on Day 2.

1 Schmenzig Bassmen 859 +86
2 Cyb'sBboys 828 +282
3 BPObro Todd Maas 811 +73
4 Minnesocold BP's Boys 790 -78
5 Bp's Mommy 690 +8
6 Bass Pundit 1 664 +88
7 BP's Dad 603 -135

BP Fishing Report: Mille Lacs 6/15/07...

I nearly forgot it's Friday and that means BP vs. Duffman challenge day. I haven't heard if Duffman got out. Actually I think he is injured and unable to fish therefore my 18.5" smallie is big fish of the week.

Week #3
BassPastor 1
Duffman 0

Summer 2007
Basspastor 3
Duffman 0

Today is also the day that the MN Bowfin Club Contest ends. This year I did not catch a single dogfish for the contest. Ohh well, there's always next year.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

FLW Potomac Day 1

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Fantasy Bass Notes: Was a banner day for the BPboys, but can it last?

1 Minnesocold BP's Boys 868
2 Schmenzig Bassmen 773
3 BP's Dad 738
3 BPObro 738
5 Bp's Mommy 682
6 Bass Pundit 1 576
7 Cyb'sBboys 546
Fishing Report: Fishing with Todd 6/13/07...

BassFan Big Stick Jay Yelas at the Potomac...

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hellabass cashes a check at Le Homme Dieu Chain - Bassmasters Weekend Series...

BASS announces 2008 Elite Series Schedule (BassFan)...
> March 6-9 -- "Sunshine Showdown" -- Harris Chain of Lakes -- Leesburg, Fla.
> March 13-16 -- "Citrus Slam" -- Kissimmee Chain -- Lake Wales, Fla.
> April 3-6 -- "Lone Star Shootout" -- Falcon Lake -- Zapata, Texas
> April 10-13 -- "Battle on the Border" -- Lake Amistad -- Del Rio, Texas
> May 1-4 -- "Pride of Georgia" -- Clarks Hill Lake -- Evans, Ga.
> May 15-18 -- "Carolina Clash" -- Lake Murray -- Irmo, S.C.
> June 5-8 -- "Southern Challenge" -- Wheeler Lake -- Decatur, Ala.
> June 12-15 -- "Bluegrass Brawl" -- Kentucky Lake -- Gilbertsville, Ky.
> June 26-29 -- "River Rumble" -- Mississippi River -- Fort Madison, Iowa
> July 31- Aug. 3 -- "Empire Chase" -- Lake Erie/Niagara River -- Buffalo, N.Y.
> Aug. 7-10 -- "Champion's Choice" -- Oneida Lake -- Syracuse, N.Y.


Monday, June 11, 2007

Smith Mountain Day Final & Platte/Sullivan Report

Congratulations to rookie Casey Ashley on his victory at Smith Mountain Lake!

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BassFan Big Stick John Murray...

Fantasy Bass Fishing Notes: Well John Crews managed to move up to 8th which helped out BP 1 considerably. This tournament hopefully will be the low point of the season for the BP boys. Thanks Morris ya shmuck.

BPboys Score 193, overall place 4201 drop of 1,267places!! In MN Fantasy Bass league dropped from 10th to 18th.

BP1: Score 297, overall place 377 drop of 36 places. MN Fantasy Bass League still #1.

My Sunday Morning on Platte/Sullivan: Not the biggest guy in the world but I decided to take his picture anyway.
Once again my big fish of the day is a 17incher

The Story: I got up at 4:40am and was on the water by 5:20. I forgot to tie the rope off on the trailer, so I sent the boat off into the lake. I ended up wading in to get it, thankfully the area around this access is shallow and sandy. If it would have come to it there was a boat putting in after me. It was a sunny and clear morning with a light SE breeze, but mostly it was perfectly calm.

I first hit the Crossroads reed point, didn't get a bite. Next stop was the PRO river mouth. I got a 16", 15", and 12" (picture 1) on the Spro Bronze Eye Frog. Instead of following the river in, I decided to run to Platte. My first stop was just North of the GOMH fishing the Western shore. I managed to pick up a 15" there, then headed on to the North shore of Platte. The North end of Platte looked extremely fishy but all I caught were the 17" and a 11". Around 8am I headed back to the launch.

Had the GPS out in the boat today and the trophy did manage to hit 20mph, but mostly top end was 19mph.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Smith Mtn Day 3

BassFan Day 3 story...

Bass Fishing the Rock Lake PRO:
This was the first fish of the night. He gave his position away by hitting something. I moved in and capitalized. This was the only fish I got by that method tonight, though I had several tries at others.
This was my last fish on the night and the biggest by an inch.

The Story: I was up and fishing by about 6:40PM and stayed out till about 9:20PM. There was a slight SW breeze when I started which dwindled to calm. Temps in the mid 70's and the skies were mostly sunny/clear. I worked my way from East to West staying more to the North.

The action was far from fast and furious. I only caught 4 bass and these were the only serious blow ups I had. Maybe 2 other times fished swatted at the frog. Most of the time I was throwing the Bronze Eye Frog pictured; I threw the white swim jig too. All fish were caught on Kermit. The first fish was 16.5" and the last fish was the biggest at 17.5". All in all I don't think the Rock Lake PRO is holding the quality fish anymore, they have moved back into the lake.

Friday, June 08, 2007

BPvDuffman Week 2/Smith Mtn Day 2

It's Friday and here at the Bass Pundit blog for the summer of 2007 that means BP vs Duffman Challenge results day.

Week #2
Basspastor 1
Duffan 0

Summer 2007
BP 2
Duffman 0

Challenge Notes: It was a weak week where it only took a 17inch bass for the BP to win. Apparently Duffman slipped and separated his shoulder at the ramp today, Ouch. Hopefully he will be up and fishing again soon. Once again the wisdom of locking out Cyberfish was apparent as Cyb caught at least 3 fish over 17" this week.

It was Day 2 at the Elite Series Smith Mountain Lake:

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Rick Morris Day 1 DQ...
DQ My take: I think Rick Morris is in all probability lying about how the incident went down. He says he had a hand in the boat at all times yet he freed the fish from his topwater lure to get it in the boat. How would one do that one handed? Obviously you can't. As much as I hate to say it, I think the DQ had to have been the right call.

Fantasy Bass Notes: The Morris DQ will hit the BP boys hard during an already bad tournament. Day 2 was an improvement especially for BP 1, but the score is still well below the average score. BP 1 has 4 in the cut so hopefully more ground will be gained tommorrow.

BASS Smith Mountain Lake Day 1

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BassFan Day 1 story...

BassFan Big Stick John Murray...

Fantasy Bass Fishing Notes: Please let day 1 not mean Jack Squat. It's ugly for BP 1 with the best angler on the roster in 40th place. BP boys have Rick Morris in 6th, but that's it with 3 of the 5 below 50th.

Rock Lake Fishing Report 6/7/07

The main lure of the night a swim jig either white on white or white gold w/rootbeer. This particular swim jig was soon lost to a pike or dogfish.
Big fish of the night 17.25" caught on white/white swim jig in the pads.

The Story: After a warm and thundery afternoon a cool front swept through. I got tricked into thinking the winds were going to let up, but by the time I was in the Rock Lake Pro it was gusting 15-20mph out of the SW. It was partly cloudy when I started and overcast with light sprinkles when I left with the temp falling from near 70 to the lower 60's. I fished from about 7:30pm to 9:30PM.

Things started off quickly with a first five cast 13" bass. I then missed a couple of hits by the Beaver Lodge. I slowly made my way against the wind back into the river. I missed a couple of small fish in the river then turned around and headed out. I decided to drift with the wind as I left the river. I missed a strike on the Zoom Horny Toad but I was mainly throwing a white gold swim jig with rootbeer grub. On my first drift I got a few strikes and probably caught 1 bass. I had the tail of the grub bitten off a couple of times.

I decided I would use an all white swim jig on my second drift. I quickly got hit by a 14" bass by the Beaver Lodge. I then caught a dink. As I drifted out I got a solid hit and then my line broke. I retied with another white/white swim jig. I missed a few bites, had a tail bit off and caught 2 bass including the 17" (pictured) on my second pass.

I tried a third pass but don't think I got anymore fish, though I missed a strike or two. It was getting dark and the wind was a bear so I called it quits. On my way out of the PRO I stopped to fish the South side mouth along the bullrushes and weeds I managed to get a 16" on a Spro Bronze Eye Frog.

So I got about 6-7 fish total with the 17.25" being the biggest.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Fishers Of Men Club Beebe Lake Tournament 6/2/07

Fishing Report: Sullivan Lake 4/6/07...

Fishers of Men Fishing Club Twin Cities
Beebe Lake Tournament 6/2/07
I left for the tournament before 5AM which gave me plenty of time to make it to "Land of Promise" and Beebe Lake by 8am. With the extra time I decided to hit the Crow River outside of St. Michael to see if I could get a little topwater smallie action. I must have hit the rip rap around 6:45 and started working my way down. I thought I got a hit from something small and kept right on going. A little while later I did get a hit from an 8" smallie that managed to get the whole back treble in it's mouth. Without pliars it was tough to get out, but I did, hopefully with no damage done to the fish. A little ways farther down I got a harder hit and the fight was on. The fish got caught up in some debree, but it did not come off. As it turns out the fish was hooked on the front of the dorsal fin. Once again this was a pain to get out without pliars, but I managed to do it and release the fish. Not a bad start to the day, two smallies on the Clown Frenzy Popper.

My 5th fish of the day. Was 15" or 16"
My limit fish and last bass of the day. I think it went 16.5" and tied for my big fish.
Partner Wayne Jacobson staves off the skunk with a 15.5"=2.3lb Keeper.
Thompson scores a Beebe Lake Toad. 20"=5lbs
Mike with a chuncky 18.5=3.9lbs.

The Story: The scheduled start of the tournament was 9am but we got started a little late. The weather went from fairly sunny to increasing clouds. The wind was probably 5-10mph out of the south. I think we had 7 boats with 13 participants. The lake was bursting at the seems with Curly Leaf Pond Weed. I only found millfoil in "telephone pole bay."

The day started quite slow for Wayne and I. First we hit the whole Eastern and Southern Shore of the big island hitting both the inside and outside weed edge. Not a sign of a fish. So then we tried around the reed Islands, I did get something, probably a small pike, to slash at my Zoom Horny Toad. From the reed Islands we progressed to the SW side of the lake just below the Southern notch/bay. While working that weedline we ran into Mike Cummins who told us there were lots of bass that were not biting on the inside weedline in the NE bay by "Land of Promise." After working down the SW weedline quite a ways we elected to pull up and hit the NE bay.

Finally there were signs of life. The inside weedline was full of sunfish and the occasional bass. I switched to a Senko knock off and tried to hit the holes in the weeds and around the docks. I was seeing an occasional bass but wasn't getting anything. I started throwing the white Zoom Horny Toad and got a blow up and caught a 15" largemouth from a hole in the weeds. We kept working our way around the inside weedline and I got another fish on the white Horny Toad. I had a couple of fish either boil on the toad or follow it to the boat. When we got to the Land of Promise East dock, Wayne decided to take a trip to Mcdonald's to get us some lunch. I threw some casts with the Horny Toad off the dock but didn't get anything. I then switched to a purple Frenzy Popper and was rewarded when a 16.5" bass annihilated it. This bass was barely hooked but I managed to fight it through the weeds and land it. After a while Wayne came back with some snack wraps for me to snack on.

We elected to go back and re-trace our steps in the NE bay. I set Wayne up with a Horny Toad. In the general area where I got my 1st fish I had a good take, but I missed it. This tried to hit through the matted weeds and I didn't give it long enough to take the bait down. We kept working our way W and I started mixing in the Frenzy Popper as the weedline would allow. After throwing it for quite a bit and almost giving up on it, I got a hit and landed my 4th bass of the day. We ended up giving the NE bay one more run through but didn't garner any fish.

We then headed to the North Point of the Island and worked our way down the Western side this time. The west side was full of activity and I saw a really nice bass and a few small one's but we just couldn't get anything to go. With about an hour to go we hit the "telephone pole bay." As we worked our way toward the telephone pole in the water I got a hit and missed it. Shortly after that Wayne had a solid strike on the Horny Toad but missed it. A little bit later I got a good blow up on the Horny Toad and landed my 5th fish (pictured). Just a little ways farther down as we were exiting the telephone pole area, I got another blow up and landed my second 16.5" fish (pictured). That fish was my limit fish. We worked our way out of the telephone pole bay onto the sunkin penninsula where I had a good blow up but missed it. Shortly after that Wayne got a 15.5" bass off of the outside weedline of the sunken penninsula. That was to be our last fish of the day and it wasn't long till we had to be in anyways.

When we got to the Western dock at land of Promise everyone was waiting. It had been a rough day on most boats with most of the anglers bringing in Skunks as far as I can tell. Before the weights were calculated I found out Cyberfish jacked a 20incher (pictured) and I knew it was over. Mike ended up winning with 6fish for 19.6lbs. I took 2nd with 14.2lbs. Mike Cummins had 6 fish for 10.4 lbs and 3rd. Wayne's lone fish was good enough for 4th place.

As it turns out Mike got 2 fish in the last half hour including the 20inch Toad. I thought that mike would have caught the snot out of them, but he only got 6 keepers, but they were all nice fish.

Mike and I headed to Angeno's in Maple Grove after the Tournament for some Pizza. Yum Yum. It stormed something fierce while we were at Angeno's.
A big thanks to my partner Wayne Jacobson for turning us on to land of promise and for sharing his day in the boat with me.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Trophy In The Water

We finished the transom repairs yesterday and so today was the inaugural voyage of the Trophy for 2007. The motor didn't start on the first pull but it did start and soon I was off for a couple of hours fishing at Rock lake.

16incher takes on Kermit.

Fishing Report 6/5/2007: I arrived at the landing sometime after 7PM and put the motor through it's paces. Had a little issue with the fuel line becoming unbuttoned at the motor, but eventually got that fixed. Once I was satisfied with the condition of the motor I headed to the Rock lake Platte River Outlet (PRO). The entrance to the bay was already significantly weeded up with Rice and other weeds so the motor got bogged down pretty quick. I started at the Eastern edge of the pads and worked my way west. I was set to throw a Spro Bronze Eye, a Zoom Horny Toad, and a swim jig; I never did get around to throwing the swim jig. I fished from about 7:30 to 9:30 getting about 8-10 bass from 13" to 16". All but 1 of the bass came on the Bronze Eye (pictured), the other one came on the White Horny Toad.

During a cast, I had the reel handle come off the reel I was throwing the Bronze Eye with. Fortunately the handle landed in the boat, but I could not find the nut
I decided to do a rod and reel switch and kept right on fishing, although my distance was significantly cut back on the replacement reel.

The action on the fish was spread out with the action improving as it got darker out. I fished a fair distance West, but about 120 yards short of the beaver dam. There was a big beaver swimming around.

Hellabass hits the St. Croix...

Don't forget those fantasy line ups for BASS Smith Mountain!!!

Friday, June 01, 2007

BP vs Duffman Challenge Week 1

It's Friday and here at the Bass Pundit blog for the summer of 2007 that means BP vs Duffman Challenge results day.

Week #1
Basspastor 1
Duffman 0

No super hawgs were caught this week and Duffman's largest went 17inches. Apparently Duffman lost a toad boatside, so sad. With my 3 bass (2 Sally's, 1 Larry) that were 18"+ the BP takes week #1. I have a feeling if I don't get that boat of mine fixed quick, that this lead won't last very long. However tommorrow I will be in a boat at Beebe Lake with a Fishers of Men Club Twin Cities bass tournament.

Note: Sorry Cyberfish but I am not allowing you to compete in the Challenge. The fact that you would have won week #1 is reason enough. You can have your revenge tommorrow @ Beebe.