Monday, January 31, 2005

It was a good yesterday in the life of the world.

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Artist: U2
Song: Freedom For My People
Album: Rattle And Hum
I need some freedom
Freedom for my people
I want some freedom
Freedom, freedom for my people
I'd like some freedom
I need some freedom for my people
Freedom, freedom for my people

Sunday, January 30, 2005


We have a tie for 1st
1 BP'sObro Team IDA, Todd Maas 390
1 Wallace Worm Burners, Chris Wallace 390 (both at 125th of all players. Good Job!)
3. Who Knows?, Jeffrey Solomon 355
4 Minnesocold BpBoys, Dave Maas 319
5 Nuttin' Like Worms, Kevin O'Brien 311
6. Z-Pundit

7. Cyberfish toadbusters, Michael Thompson 204
8. Bass Shakes, Rob Gleason 183
9.BP's Dad Catcherman.c, Charles Maas 180
10. New Hampshir TheBazzholes, Nicholas Martino 173
11. Bemidji krazykat, kristin haley 158
Full Results @ the HQ.

Takahiro Wins!

His 2nd Consecutive BASS tournament over 2 season's. Very Impressive! David Walker plays the bridesmade yet again inspite of having the best bag and only limit on Day 4. Had it been FLW cut rules than Walker would have won.

1 Takahiro Omori. 50-11 lb
2 David Walker. 48-07 lb
3 Jeff Reynolds. 42-01 lb
4 Ron Shuffield. 37-08 lb
5 Terry Scroggins.36-06 lb
6 Gerald Swindle. 35-15 lb


Well it took a day longer than I thought it would but the Site Meter has recorded my 2000 visit.

I will update on the ice contest and Fantasy Bass Fishing later. I was just wiped out yesterday and I've got Bass Saturday shows to watch. I'm going to grill some cheese right now.

Final thought for this morning. Go David Walker! It would be great to see him get his first Tour Win. However it would be better for the Minnesocold BP boys if Scroggins pulls er out from 3rd.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Ice Tournament Day

Ahh the first tournament of the year. I will be fishing the Aitken Jaycees annual Ice Fishing Contest on Mille Lacs out of Barnacles on the North End. I've never fished this one before, and it's not nearly as big as the Brainerd Jaycees event, but I bet they get a good crowd with such a a fair list of Prizes.

1st Place is an ATV and Trailer and 25th Place is a Chainsaw with various values of prizes inbetween.

Unfortunatly I got nothing to link to cause does not appear to be publicizing the event like they were supposed to do. Meanwhile FM is getting radio and print adds out of the deal. Pretty lame Rick.

The tourny goes from Noon to 3Pm and rumor has it that you don't have to get a huge fish to place usually. At around 10AM we will head over and start checking around with the Vex. I hope to either get into a jumbo Perch or Tulibee. Should be a good time. Pic's and report later.

Friday, January 28, 2005

In the Cut at Toho from BassFan.

1. Takahiro Omori -- Emory, Texas -- 9, 31-05 310
Day 1: 4, 13-06 -- Day 2: 5, 17-15
2. David Walker -- Sevierville, Tenn. -- 10, 25-08 295
Day 1: 5, 11-12 -- Day 2: 5, 13-12
3. Terry Scroggins -- Palatka, Fla. -- 9, 24-15 290
Day 1: 5, 11-08 -- Day 2: 4, 13-07
4. Jeff Kriet -- Ardmore, Okla. -- 10, 24-13 285
Day 1: 5, 13-03 -- Day 2: 5, 11-10
5. Ron Shuffield -- Bismarck, Ark. -- 10, 24-07 280
Day 1: 5, 6-12 -- Day 2: 5, 17-11
6. Scott Rook -- Little Rock, Ark. -- 8, 22-11 276
Day 1: 3, 4-15 -- Day 2: 5, 17-12
7. Woo Daves -- Spring Grove, Va. -- 10, 22-06 272
Day 1: 5, 12-15 -- Day 2: 5, 9-07
8. Kevin Wirth -- Crestwood, Ky. -- 7, 22-00 268
Day 1: 5, 15-05 -- Day 2: 2, 6-11
9. Gerald Swindle -- Hayden, Ala. -- 10, 21-06 264
Day 1: 5, 10-04 -- Day 2: 5, 11-02
10. Jay Yelas -- Tyler, Texas -- 9, 21-02 260
Day 1: 4, 4-08 -- Day 2: 5, 16-10
11. Jeff Reynolds -- Platter, Okla. -- 9, 21-01 257
Day 1: 4, 9-05 -- Day 2: 5, 11-12
12. Kevin VanDam -- Kalamazoo, Mich. -- 10, 20-07 254
Day 1: 5, 11-06 -- Day 2: 5, 9-01

Big Bass Mike Ike, Big Bass Tak Omori
Rook and Yelas with Super Jumps into the cut.
The full 2nd day standings here.

Bass Pundit Championship Toho Top 10 after Day 2
1 BP'sObro Team IDA, Todd Maas 370 (Wirth & Walker in the Cut)
2 Wallace Worm Burners, Chris Wallace 365 (Omori & Walker in the Cut)
3 Minnesocold BpBoys, Dave Maas 329 (Walker & Scroggins in the Cut)
4 Nuttin' Like Worms, Kevin O'Brien 306 (Omori in the Cut)
5 Who Knows?, Jeffrey Solomon 275 (KVD still fishing. Great line up with 4 in the top 20 would be an amazing FLW Fishing Challenge Score.)
6 Cyberfish toadbusters, Michael Thompson 234 (Scroggins in the Cut)
7 New Hampshir TheBazzholes, Nicholas Martino 203 (Scroggins in the Cut)
8 BP's Dad Catcherman.c, Charles Maas 180 (KVD in the Cut)
9 Bass Shakes, Rob Gleason 178 (Yelas 10th & KVD 12th Look Out Above!)
10 Bemidji krazykat, kristin haley 158 (KVD in the cut for the Kat)

Bp's FBF Notes: Those with Van Dam got nowhere to go but up. Those with Omori got nowhere to go but down. Good Luck!

Full BPC results at HQ.
Bass fishing is as much a state of being as it is an activity for most fans and participants. You hear all this stuff about the Red and the Blue states and think there's some passion there? Come spend some time in the Greenfish nation.
The "Greenfish nation" I like that.
The exceprt is from BassFan's Scot Laney commenting on the changes with BASS, one of the two major national Pro Bass Fishing Tour's. Worth a read for Bassfan's.

Go Condi, Go Condi, Go Condi, Go!

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This is not a poli-blog but in this case I don't care.

Congratulations to Miss Condoleezza Rice on her confirmation as Secretary of State of the United States of America. In addition to being the first African-American woman Sec. State, she will also be the first competent woman to hold the Sec. State position.

I am ashamed to say that my Senator Mark Dayton made common cause with ex-KKK member Sen. Robert Byrd in voting against this qualified individual. There is no doubt in my mind she will do a better job than Colin Powell and Madeleine Not-so-bright. Give Em Hell Condi!

Condoleezza, if you ever wanna try Ice Fishing, I'm your guy.

Ice Fishing Rage

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... on the mean sheets of Minnesocold Ice!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Bass Pundit Championship Day 1 Standings

(Don't mean Jack Squat)
1 BP'sObro Team IDA, Todd Maas 397 (Once again Large and in charge)
This Score is the 12th Best Of all Players on Day 1 and I expect this score has shot at stability or even rising.
2 Who Knows?, Jeffrey Solomon 228
2 Nuttin' Like Worms, Kevin O'Brien 228
4 Wallace Worm Burners, Chris Wallace 222
5 BP's Dad Catcherman.c, Charles Maas 217
6 Minnesocold BpBoys, Dave Maas 201
7 New Hampshir TheBazzholes, Nicholas Martino 198
8 BP's Mommy, Sue Maas 182
9 Minnesota jiggin, Patrick Corrigan 153
10 Bemidji krazykat, kristin haley 150

(Looks like 4 out a six Posse members in the Top 10 but that don't mean jack squat, it's only day 1)

What you DO NOT want to hear from a top fantasy team performers on day one that is on your roster:

"I don't know how I did it, but I caught them,"
Woo Daves currently in 6th

That is bad juju!
Surprize Woo did OK on the 2nd day and made the Cut.

Get the full Day 1 don't mean Jack squat results at the HQ

Breaking News

Snow Ball Rage on the mean streets of Minnesocold'

Ice Fishing Rage on the mean sheets of Minnesocold Ice!!! Developing...

BASS Toho Day 1 Standings

Here's the Official Day 1 Top 25
1 Kevin Wirth. 5 15-05 lb (That's 15 Bonus Points for BP'sObro)
My Guess???? BP'sObro is gonna start out in 1st Place and has a great shot at winning for a second consecutive week.
2 Lee Bailey. 5 15-03 lb 5 (Bp's Mommy's Sleeper)
3 Takahiro Omori. 4 13-06 lb

4 Jeff Kriet. 5 13-03 lb
5 Dean Rojas. 5 13-02 lb
6 Woo Daves. 5 12-15 lb
7 John Murray. 4 11-12 lb
7 David Walker. 5 11-12 lb
9 Terry Scroggins. 5 11-08 lb
10 Tim Loper. 5 11-06 lb
10 Norio Tanabe. 5 11-06 lb
10 Kevin VanDam. 5 11-06 lb
13 David Dudley. 5 10-14 lb
13 Gary Klein. 5 10-14 lb
15 Chad Brauer. 4 10-10 lb
16 George Cochran. 5 10-05 lb
17 Gerald Swindle. 5 10-04 lb
18 Skeet Reese. 5 10-02 lb
19 Andre Moore. 5 9-15 lb
20 David Wolak. 5 9-14 lb
21 John Crews. 4 9-11 lb
22 Curt Lytle. 5 9-10 lb
23 Ben Matsubu. 5 9-09 lb
24 Marty Stone. 5 9-08 lb
25 Jay Kendrick. 5 9-05 lb

Big Bass
DAY 1 : David Mansue 9-04 lb

Just remember: Except for the bonus points, the first days scores don't mean squat.

Bass Pundit Championship Results will be posted when available.

And so it begins...

Today is the start of the BASS Tour and ESPN/BASS Fantasy Bass Fishing and the New Super6pick'em game.

If you don't have your registration in than you will have missed the first BASS tournament that counts for the Bass Pundit Championship (got ya covered Spike).

Here is the Top 10 Anglers Picked Overall out of all E/B Fantasy Teams.
Angler--%of Teams w/this Pro--- Raw#of teams with this Pro.
1 Shaw Grigsby 30.66% (3002)
2 Kevin VanDam 19.73% (1932)
3 Woo Daves 17.8% (1743)
4 Charlie Youngers 13.86% (1357)
5 Timmy Horton 13.33% (1305)
6 Terry Scroggins 12.16% (1191)
7 Michael J. Iaconelli 10.28% (1007)
8 Dion Hibdon 9.29% (910)
9 Greg Hackney 9.28% (909)
10 Jason Reyes 8.95% (876)

Notice if Grigsby has 3000 people picking him and that is 30% of all voters than the E/B game only has about 10,000 Fantasy Bass players total at this point. That is about 20,000 less than the total of last year. I winder if it is the lousy prize structure or the late registration that is making the difference? Probably Both.

Bass Pundit Championship Players:
Put Your Cards on the Table and your TOHO rosters in the comments section:

#1 Bass Angler in the World

in the STATE FARM® World Rankings
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That's right none other than the winner of 2004 BP's "BEST!" for Professional Bass Fisherman: Mark Davis. Way to go Mark!

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

2005 FBF organizing

Last year it was quite easy to put together a private group of 50. Even though I have put out lots of feelers this year I've had a lot less responce. Ohh well, it will be fun whether or not I reach the goal of 100 players or not, right now we are almost a quarter of the way there.

The one good thing is that in the Bass Pundit Championship someone can show up late and still have a shot at being the Champion because not all tournaments count towards the Championship score.

So get those entries in even if it's to late. You don't even have to know anything about Bass Fishing to try. The Bass Pundit will fill you in on how to be Fantasy Bass Fishing Pundit in no time flat.

Be sure to visit

My bass and I blog and blogroll him if you are a fish blogger or any kind of blogger.

Ice fishings true believers from Alaska (Hat Tip Fishing Jones).

The BP Bump Board

"The Bump Board" is a feature on the new ESPN Show Loudmouth Bass where the hosts Jay Kumar and Mark Zona* do a Top 5 list of some sort. This past show was: Top 5 people you don't want fishing in the back of the boat. I thought the best choice was Zona's #2 pick of Charlie Manson, now that was haylarious! Anywhere I thought I'd start doing my own BP Bump Board on the weekly topic they choose.

BP Bump Board
Top 5 People the BP does not want fishing in the back of his boat.

5. Jaque Chirac (The only thing a frog is good for is bait)
4. Madonna (No thanks! not even a young Madonna)
3. Survivor Richard Hatch (Can't take the chance of him gettin buck naked)
2. Marylin Manson (Would you want him in your boat?)
1. Jabba the Hut. (No room for me and would probably sink it.)

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(*Mark Zona has complemented the Bass Pundit Blog and is playing for the Bass Pundit Championship with the Team Z-Pundit. Currently Z-Pundit is in 8th.)

All kinds of FBF Updates.

The Bass Pundit Championship Roster update

The Post FLW Big O BPC BBWebleague Standings

The BPC State Team League Standings

The current Bass Pundit Championship Standings which also double for the FLW Toho Standings. Once again congratulations to BP'sObro for that amazing score and 1st Place.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Monday, January 24, 2005

A new bass blog discovery

The Bassholes: Weapons of Bass Destruction
We are a couple average shmucks from Southern New Hampshire who love tocatch bass. The main place that we fish is Big Island Pond in Hampstead, NH. You can see our voyages by using the voyages panel to the left, which shows our blunders and even sometimes our fish. Make no mistake, we are bass hunters and this site generally pertains to only bass. Visit our forums and post if u think u got what it takes. All challenges accepted.

This kind of a bass blog that has been around, but they just don't post often therefore I haven't found it until now. The Site has it's own mini-message board as well. Looks like some real characters. I challenged em to try and take in "The Posse" in FBF. Now that would be interesting.

Also be sure to hit fellow Minnesocold Bass Blogger My Bass and I and sign his new guestbook.

Another New discovery FisherMom.
My name is Susan, a.k.a. FisherMOM. I have an addiction shared by millions of people all over the globe. That addiction is the need to fish. Some people fish once or twice in their life and that is enough. You know the kind, "social fishers". Well, I am as hardcore as my life will allow me to be. I am a wife and a stay at home Mom of two. My passion for fishing was revealed on a camping trip in 2002 when I watched a man flyfishing in the Ischua Creek in the Southern tier of New York State. More than a few trout were hooked that day...

Her site is not exactly a blog but I'm gonna throw it on the blogroll in hopes that she will see the light and attach a blog eventually. Check out her article The Beginning of My Bass Fishing Addiction as well as the rest of her site.

Why do I care? (Site Meter Counts)

I have a confession. I am obsessed with the Bass Pundit Site Meter and Bass Fishing Top 100 hit counters. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I am not out fishing much. It's like the higher the daily count the bigger the bass.

Or maybe it's because I'm just vain and/or need to get a life.

Whatever the reason, I, today Monday January 24th, am having my most productive day ever on the Bass Fishing Top 100 and may exceed 100 unique visit's today and will for the second time break into the Top 100.

So those who are stopping by please do so often, even if you don't even read anything and stay for a split second it counts once a day, because it makes my day in some small heavily neurotic way.

FYI- I haven't put any kind of measuring device on any other Bass Pundit Blog Franchise Empire blog. Can't explain that one at all.

Breaking News...
I was short of 100 unique visitors by 4 today, but there is no doubt if the Lord so tarries (and so do I) that I will achieve the century mark. However I have moved in the Bass Fishing Top 100 for the second time. Woohoo!

Someones been diss'n the BP blog.

On the Bass Fishing Home Page TM-Other Bass Fishing Topics message board on topic "# 41707: Well Crap!! Congrats to Philadelphia!, by Triton Mike." That guy Triton goes off his own topic to rip into my blogon the message board and he didn't even have the decency to leave the comment here.

Here is what TritonMike had to say:

I have to admit your website has to be the WORST layout I have ever seen on any website. Clean that damn thing up will ya.. You got crap everywhere.
Now at once I found this comment ironic because the Bass Fishing Home Page TM-Other Bass Fishing Topics and pretty much everywhere other than the Websites main page has a layout that is far worse than anything on my blog. The BFHPTM also has an antiquated Message Board layout that I labled the Uglo Klunkasaurus. Any message board that forces you to cut and paste to link needs to be seriously updated. I find it hard to comprehend how that site is so popular even though it is such a carp of a message board.

Then of coarse BlackRanger, this Bubba doofis of a nemisis of mine, has to chime in with this:

I'm with you. I looked at that thing for 30 secods and had to snort 3 Goody's to get over the headache!
He's from Alabama and didn't even know what a blog was, nuff said.

Anyway I did give a responce that included this:

However, I agree with you that it can use some serious clean up, but the blog is a work in progress. I'm not an IT guy so I don't know how to make several of the changes I would like to make that would clean things up. However, the layout will always be such that it is an artistic statement that says "SLOP FISHING." Your criticism actually confirms the effectiveness of why I chose that particular layout. (BTW-I'm not kidding, check out this blog entry from 12/12/04: )
It's bad enough having to link in long form, but when you put it there it isn't even hyperlinked, but left as plain text that you have to cut and paste, puhlease!

Anyway the rest of what I said is here starting at comment #3 if you haint already saw it. (that's written so BR will understand)

My suggestion to anyone who thinks this blog contains:
"the WORST layout I have ever seen on any website" to hit that "Next Blog" button up on the top right hand corner of this page. You will be sent to another blog that also has the button and so forth. You will not have to click many buttons to find blogs with layouts worse than this. In terms of layout, Bass Pundit blog follows the lead of Instapundit which probably gets 3X the number of unique hits all bass fishing sites on the web get put together. You can bet that if I knew how to put a link bar between the blog title and content like Instapundit that this blog would be less messy than it is now.

If you have suggestions and know how I can clean it up, I'm willing to listen. I am slowly learning how to work the template. I wish I knew more cause I have idea's how to make the place look better but just don't know how to achieve all that yet.

And Next time, if you are gonna rip the BP than that is what the comment section is for (at least in part). And I won't erase a post just cause it's critical either. The BP comment section is a true free speech zone.


Sunday, January 23, 2005

Farwell Tribute to Johnny Carson

Over at the The Bass Hole that is well done. Goodnight Johnny Indeed.

FLW FBF Top 10 and Team Results

The Top 10 is set in stone the Team Results are tentative

Top 10 Finishers
10. Fishing Bemidji-655
9. HanSolo-675
8. Z-Pundit-708
7. Bass Pundit 1-716
6. Worm Burners-720
5. Krazy Kat-761
4. Senko in the Weeds-768
3. BP's Mommy-793
2. Triton Up-841
1. BP'sObro-904

Team =17
Team =13
Team =9
Team =6
Team =5
Team =0
Team =0

State Championship.
Team Minnesocold=26
Team Hooshiers=9
Team Key Stone State=8
Team Cheesehead=7
Team Lake Michigan=3

I do not have BBWebleague affiliations for 2 of the top 10 and 1 of the State Top 10. (only the top 10 get Team Championship points)

Full results will be at the BP Fantasy Bass Fishing HQ but are not ready yet.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

And the Winner Is...

Kelly Jordan, BP'sObro, Team Minnesocold & Team In-Depthangling

These are all the big winners with today's result at "The Big O" now in.

The Big O Story from BassFan, the FLW Version and FLW Quick Bites
“I had a 30-minute streak today where I caught almost all of my fish. It was the most amazing 30 minutes of my life. It was just one of those deals where everything lined up.”
Guess it did!

FBF Developing... Results tommorrow.

Grand Openning!

The newest blog of the Bass Pundit Blog Franchise Empire is:
Bass Pundit Preach.

Now open for Preachunditry
(that's Preachin' & Punditry rolled into one and a word I just invented.)
"This Bass Pundit Blog Franchise Empire is dedicated to the pursuits of theological reflection, meditation, speculation, and blood sport.

I was the Bass Pastor, maybe I still am
Check it!

My Bass and I

A worthy read into Minnesocold's declining sized Pike, aka "The hammer handle scandal." (the BP came up with that, thank you very much)

Besides fishing bass, I really enjoy fishing for northern pike. I'll have to say that I've been noticing this for quite some time now. I'm also sure that everyone else that has any sort of interest in fishing pike has as well. Last year we went up to Pelican Lake northern fishing and about 8 pounds was the best we could do. The year before that I went up to Leech Lake and the pike were nothing more then hammer handles, although a few were ok, in the 3-4 pound range.

Platte Lake has been hammer handle central for the last few years but I did catch some many 3-5lb one's this year. And that Scuzz Bucket CyberToad got a 38" mid to high teener out of Sullivan, which is connected by a channel to Platte. He got it on a Snagproof Frog in either July or August in like 2 feet of water. What is with that. Naturally it was caught and released, unfortunatly no camera in the boat, Doe! The Pike was nowhere to be found a couple of weeks later in the Big Jaycees Platte/Sullivan Pike Tournament.

Friday, January 21, 2005

Updated Bass Pundit Championship Teams...

Over at the Fantasy Bass Fishing HQ.

Sign Up a ESPN/BASS Fantasy team and go to the Group: Bass Pundit Championship; then sign up a team at FLW Fishing Challenge and you will be eligible for the Bass Pundit Championship. Register NOW!
(the ESPN/BASS 1st tournament deadline is Thurs at 9AM Eastern)

Been Fishing...

For the 1st time in 2005. Nothing special went to Mille Lackofaction! Report here.

Overheard at the Big O

"You know how they’re catching them back home? With a drill.”

– FLW pro Jim Moynagh of Carver, Minn., finding the silver lining in his 137th-place finish at Florida's Lake Okeechobee this week. Obviously, ice-fishing is about the only fishing that’s currently going on in Minnesocold..

NOW OPEN w/glitches and dissappointments.

The ESPN/BASS FBF game is open for registration.

Hey, BPC leaguers you will have to re-register/re-do your team name. The process is easy if you remember your user name and password. If you've never registered before it's easy. There have been some glitches as I've been trying things out, but hopefully by the time others get to it, they will have most of that stuff worked out.

A huge dissappointment! ESPN/BASS has cut corners big time on the prizes. I

It's bogus. In regular tournaments they only have prizes for the top 3 places, for the Classic it jumps to 9 places, and is 10 places for the end of the year. The regular prizes pretty much suck; A whole $20 Gas card for a first place team??????????????? That is is drop of $280 from 1st place last year. I suppose I shouldn't complain, cause it's free to play, but what a lame thing for em to do.

Don't even get me started on the re-adjustment of Angler values. Greg Hackney is worth basically double what he was last season. But hey no one is starting over 16pts either. The BP is jury is out on whether or not the change in values is a good thing. It sucks that I can't have "the Hack" for the level I had him frozen at last year.

I've been looking some more and there sure are a lot of what I would consider seriously overpriced Pro's, but there are a few steals as well. Playing FLW will help you with the BASS/ESPN game for shure.

Remember the Group Name Is:
Bass Pundit Championship
(since it is a public league no password needed)

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Bass Pundit Championship 2nd Day Rank

Like I said the Day 1 ranks means squat. In FLW after Day 2 only 10 Pro's can improve a Fantasy Teams position. And Right now only 5 of our teams have a Pro in play and no team has more than one. Therefore the Day 2 Rank in the FLW is pretty close to the final standings at this point. An asterik * indicates which teams still have a Pro in play and there score is the minimum amount of points they can now receive, chances are their final number will be slightly higher.

Team Name/Points

  1. BPObro/895* (Great score, Kelly Jordan in Top 10, this score would be a contender for $5,000)
  2. Tritonup/841 (Very Good Score)
  3. BP's Mommy/793
  4. Senko in the Weeds/768
  5. Krazy Kat/761 (Only Mike Surman's position improved, not a great day 2)
  6. Worm Burners/713* (Dean Rojas still fishin)
  7. Bass Pundit 1/709* (Dean Rojas still fishin but stuck in 7th, not a bad debut for BP1)
  8. Z-Pundit/708 (The "Loudmouth" Pundit shows he can pick, Wendlandt came through)
  9. Hann Solo/675
  10. Fishin Bemidji/655
  11. Schmenzig Bassmen/653
  12. BP's Dad/653
  13. Bass Shakes/649* (with Rojas still fishing can get BBWebleague points, look out F.F.)
  14. Minnesocold BPboys/640 (Hey at least I'm above Cyb)
  15. Cyberfish's Toadbusters/582
  16. Spike's Netboys/572
  17. Sinking Minnow/525* (Rojas still fishing so this minnow is still swimmin but not going anywhere)
  18. Senko Brothers/481 (Ike, Shin, Alton, and Hack all were below par)
BP's Commentary: Overall no one had a terrible day two, it's just that some of the teams had a pretty good day two had the tournament ended yesterday we would have seen some pathic scores. Hack came back, so did Wendlandt. Nobody played him but Rick Clunn jumped from zero to hero and made the cut. So far it looks like we have some very solid teams. Just remeber you will be able to drop your two worst FLW scores in the Bass Pundit Championship and FLW League.

BP's FLW Scoring Grade Curve:
The Golden Roster Scores 990
850+= A
725+= B
625+= C
500+= D
Below 500 is a Bad Score: F (Sorry Senko, but the normally reliable Ike just killed your team. Zero Pts)

Wendlandt Found

Egads! Clark Wendlandt a choice about as close as it gets to a sure thing in FLW Fantasy Bass Fishing got skunked. Proof is here. I wonder if he had boat troubles?

Hmmm I think I'll check his Co-Angler from yesterday. The Co-Angler did weigh to fish. Ouch!

He needs a 30lb stringer today. Go Clark!

Nykola Found.

The blogosphere is like a box a choclates, you never know What? your gonna get.

Today for some reason I found this blog (bothering people since 1981) and it's really good. Bio here.

Check out her post on...

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Get down with Todd

The 2005 version of "On Tour With The BassFan Army" includes Alabama FLW Tour Pro Todd Ary. Todd is an up and comer as are many of the guys from Alabama right now.

Anyway "On Tour With The BassFan Army" is basically a form of a blog where a pro recounts what they are up to and onto for a given tournament, but Todd is looking to expand on that.

Just to clue everyone in, I'm looking forward to turning this column into a unique opportunity for all anglers to learn the "down low" on professional tournaments and tactics. I'll go ahead and apologize up front if I offend anyone in the process, but I fully intend on taking you with me through every aspect involved in my tournament career. The Good, Bad AND the Ugly!

I think this will be quite interesting if he follows through I loved his first entry. He seems to have a knack for writing. So click dat link and check it out and get down with Todd.

He didn't have such a good day at the Big O
Do I need a check real bad? You better believe it! Do I understand why all those good sacks came from around me and mine stunk? Nope! Am I worried? Nah. "…seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." Mat 6:33

Bass Pundit Championship 1st Day Ranking

(Doesn't mean anything)
I never did track down what happened to Wendlandt and so here is what I believe to be the order of things post day 1:

Team Name
  1. BPObro (If this was the final would have a great score with 47th as the lowest Place and 3 in the Top 12; Would of had a serious shot for the prizes with this team)
  2. Krazy Kat (What a surprize!)
  3. Tritonup
  4. BP's Mommy
  5. Fishin Bemidji
  6. Worm Burners
  7. Senko in the Weeds
  8. Hann Solo
  9. Bass Pundit 1
  10. Bass Shakes
  11. Minnesocold BPboys
  12. Cyberfish's Toadbusters
  13. Schmenzig Bassmen
  14. Z-Pundit
  15. Spike's Netboys
  16. BP's Dad
  17. Sinking Minnow
  18. Senko Brothers

Like I said these don't matter cause nobody gets points on day 1 and things will probably change mucho today.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Where's Wendlandt??

I would have the FBF day 1 tentative standings up but there is no score for Clark on the FLW Live; So we have to wait until the official release to get the first days league standings up. It was a rough day for many of the favorites, but weights were fairly low so just about everybody in the field could make the cut tomorrow.

FBF maximum: The first day don't mean squat (especially in the FLW game.)

Still waiting on word of Wendlandt, BassFan and Quick bites had nothing and FLW still doesn't have the results out yet. Bah!

Fantasy Bass Fishing News

Line Ups for the FLW tournament at Okeechobee need to be emailed to today by 3PM.

For help with a line up check out today's Bass Fan.

Private Message for...

Pastor Todd "Cheesehead" Harder and any other Cheesehead in the blogosphere.

2005 FLW Fishing Challenge

Now Open for Registration
Mucho Better Prizes this year!

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

FLW Fishing Challenge open for viewing not registration.

All the game info is up, registration soon....

The FLW Fishing Challenge Big News:

$5,000 for 1st Place

$1 Million for the Golden Roster!
(all 5 Top finishers in order)

New Bassin Blog

The BP wants to welcome a new Bassin Blog to the intenet. The blog is called
My Bass and I and is done by a fellow resident of LakeState land known as Minnesocold and he obviously is an anti-Cheesehead Vikes fan as well.

I think his blog actually looks better than this one and he is off to a great start. Welcome to the club Greg.

Hey if you are Bass Fisherman and on the net, blogging is easy and the more the merrier when it comes to blogging networks and aliances.


Yes Urgent! Urgent!
See the Bass Pundit Fantasy Bass Fishing HQ because the rules are up.

You need to get signed up cause the FLW Tour starts Wed!
Over at the HQ I have a good list of anglers, for now just pick five and email me at and we will go from there.

The BP

Monday, January 17, 2005

Why is it called "Minnesocold?"

Minnesota Town Hits 54 Below Zero

By The Associated Press

Temperatures plummeted across the eastern half of the nation Monday, approaching an all-time record in northern Minnesota and freezing the Gulf Coast as a river of Arctic air pushed southward.

Thermometers registered a low of 54 degrees below zero at Embarrass, Minn.

"You keep living, but it gets old after a while," said Christine Mackai, the town clerk for the community of 691 people in northeast Minnesota.

Apparently here on the shores of Platte Lake it got down to around -35Farenheit but we don't know for sure cause we bottomed out the thermometer. BRRRRRRRRRR!

MinneSOCOLD! indeed!

FBF info

I know I know. I need to get my Fantasy Bass Fishing act together.

I have at least a few details down at the FBF HQ. Hopefully by tommorrow I will have everything down.

Keep in mind that ESPN/BASS and FLW Fishing Challenge will open for registration this week. Neither is open as of the moment I am writing this, however. I will update the instant I know they are open.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Via the Bass Hole Blog

BP advisory content warning: The BH site is not for kids.

Here is an excerpt from a hilarious true story.

Why You Don't Want to go Fishing with Me...
I was in my boat with with two good friends, Brian and Ed, fishing along the barrier to a power plant's cooling channel. The buoys were tied together to keep folks like us from getting too close. Of course, all the fish knew this was the safest spot for them and seemed to congregate there. Seeing how it was my boat, I had the bow all to myself. Brian and Ed had to share the back. Of course I positioned to where I could just barely reach the school of largemouth feeding on threadfin shad. Brian and Ed couldn't quite reach and I thought that was funny. After my 3rd fish, Brian moves up to the front. I ask, "Brian, what are you doing?" He replies "fishing" and casts into the frenzy. I tell him, "I wouldn't fish up here, there isn't enough room." He says, "It'll be okay." Did I mention we are throwing big rattle-traps? Anyway, now I'm trying not to hook Brian who's crowding me, and fishing just behind me on my right (did I mention I'm right-handed). The bass are just about out of reach, and I have to cast hard....

Can you guess where that story is going? View the rest of it here.

Also the ole lucky fishing hat tip to Bass Hole Blog on this one via My Fishy Site. via Kill

Posted by Hello
Click here to watch

Friday, January 14, 2005

FLW "Pundit Picks" are out.

For FLW Tour Tournaments the FLW web page helps out us fanstasy bass players by having a feature called "Pundit's Picks". The FLW Pundits are made up of Tour Anglers and FLW Staffers who generally have some pretty good insight into who to pick. Bass has a similar feature but their "Pundits" are not bound by the same rules as E/B fantasy players.

Check it out.

If you want to play a team for the Big O tournament in the Bass Pundit Chamionship and Bass Pundit FLW League than pick a 5 angler line up and email it to along with your name, team name, state and internet message board or website you want to represent.

The Pundit's Revenge

I was over at the message boards of one of the more popular bass fishing sites on the net called Bass Fishing Home PageTM (Other Topics)

Some dude name Jack said this about ESPN/BASS and FLW Tours:

"Both organizations cut the pot about 40% of the entry fees and pocket the sponsorship money as well."

I was a bit shocked to hear this and wanted to know if it was true and so I investigated. I discovered that this guy Jack was dead wrong and spewing total BS. People who talk trash and have no factual basis judge bug the Pundit beyond measure. Here is my reply to Jackass Jack that I left on the Fishing Home Page board.

I'm sorry but the numbers just don't add up to what Jack is saying. I checked the FLW's Pro entry fees this year for the regular tournaments which=$2,750 x 200Pro's=$550,000 vs total payout to the Pro's which is $765,000. That means $215,000 more is going out than coming in entry fees; that is not a 40% cut for FLW but a 18% increase on fees paid in. I didn't run the numbers on the higher paying tournments or figure in the championship payout which has no entry fee, but undoubtly the % goes up not down.

For Co-Anglers the entry fee is 600x200=$120,000 for a payout of 134,500. Payout for the Pro and Co is over 100% in FLW and I would be willing to bet it's the same on the BASS tour.

I think it's pretty clear that those who are around here saying things like Jack are badly in error and don't know Jack about what they speak.

I'm not affiliated with FLW or BASS and just am an avid fan of Pro Bass Fishing with a passion for finding the facts. It is a pet peeve of mine when people take cheap shots based on ignorance.

The BP

Right Now

Right Now it is -18 below zero Farenheit outside and dropping.

That's Fr-Fr-Fr-Fr-FRIGGEN COLD!

Still trying to get my Fantasy Bass Fishing Ducks in a row. Keep checking here and at the BP FBF HQ for more fantasy bass news.

The big thing with FBF right now is that FLW will not have the Fishing Challenge up in time for Okeechobee tourny starting next Wednesday. I however will start the Bass Pundit leagues then anyway. Put together a roster of the 5 FLW Pro's you want and email it to the BP at I along with BassFan and FLW should have some hints about who to be looking at. JT and The Hack for instance.

Be sure to take a look over at the Tourny HQ where I am reviewing my tournaments of last year. Maybe you will find it interesting, maybe you will find it boring, just find it.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

FLW Fantasy Bass Fishing News

Leading up to the second tour stop of the 2005 season at Lake Toho, visitors to will be able to participate in the latest and greatest version of the FLW Outdoors Fantasy Fishing Challenge. Beginning with the Jan. 19 kickoff date, participants will able to sign up for the challenge and learn about all of the exciting new details.

Apparently the FLW Game will not be ready for the Big O. I will however, set up a game for the Big O at the Bp Fantasy Bass Fishing HQ that will be eligible to be counted towards a persons year end totals for the Bass Pundit Blog League Championship and Bass Pundit FLW League Championship as well as counting for State Team and BBWebLeague Team Championships.

FLW is claiming their prizes will be better this year with "cash payouts" hmmm, that sounds good to the BP. Start thinking of who you want on your FLW Okeechobee Team! Any FLW angler fishing the event can go on your team.

For further full FLW info at this point check here.

The BP made the BassFan Army Posts

Scroll down till you hit that guy from Hillman, MN because that would be the BP.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

More Breaking News

From ESPN/BASS Fantasy BASS Fishing:

The Fantasy Fishing game will open the week of Jan. 17. At that time, you will be able to register for the 2005 season and select anglers to your team.

Answers to Your Fantasy Questions

Jan. 12 — The 2005 BASS Fantasy Fishing season is set to start Jan. 27! Our new and improved fantasy fishing website, complete with original articles dedicated to helping you select a winning roster, will launch the week of Jan. 17.
Also it looks like FLW Fishing Challenge is about to open up. I better start figuring out how in the heck how the Bass Pundit Leagues will work. That info will be up at the Fantasy Bass Fishing HQ when I have it ready. I will most likely have it up today or tommorrow.

Breaking News

BassFan has just added several new things to the website including BassFan TV. Cool! I'll have a review shortly.

They allow RealPlayer and Windows Media Player along with selection for low and high bandwith; plus you can pick whether to watch in their window or on your player, a feature I appreciate; Also as it loads it lets you know the buffer progress, which is good. For us dial up people the wait is gonna be a few minutes most likely.

The Video's at least the first one with Gerald Swindle talking jigs have good resolution and production value. The BP gives it a thumbs up. Check out BassFan TV here.

Although I ain't so enthusiastic about watching Jimmy Houston try and sell me something.

Listen Here

Bass Fan Radio just released a couple of great interviews.

One is with Chad Morgenthaler of IL taking about the FLW at the Big O.

The second is Alton Jones talking about a variety of subjects including being ranked ed #4 in the world currently. Click here and give a listen

BassFan also has the 2nd part on tour rookies, this time focusing on FLW.

BP FBF tip: On the FLW Tour it's probably not a good idea to go with a Rookie if they formatt things the same as last year. Shinaki Fukae was an aberation to this rule last year. On BASS/ESPN a rookie will have a low value and because of that can really help your roster and points.

A Winter Wonderland

First comes the snow so I can't drive on the lake with my truck, then comes the subzero temps that make me want to ice fish even less. Bah Humbug!

At least it's pretty out. (click picks to enlarge)

snow days Posted by Hello

view from Platte Posted by Hello

snowy Posted by Hello

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Short Casts

BassFan has the 1st of a two part article on BASS and FLW rookies. Great Fantasy Bass Info, usually at least one rookie makes an impact or maybe somebody will be fishing their area of expertice and should be kept in mind for your Fantasy roster.

FLW Fantasy Fishing Challenge should be openning up any day now. Here are the three things I wanna know.

Will they allow leagues?
Will they change the format?
Will they have better prizes?

The Vikes get a rematch in Philly on Sunday. To talk about it and find out what people are saying hit the KFAN Rube chat. The BP posts under the moniker of Al Lindner Guy.

Although I have openned Franchise Blogs I don't have anything in em yet other than intro posts. Don't expect me to go ice fishing anytime soon as that we are in the deep freeze yet again. There is ZERO chance of me going out ice fishing when the temp is below zero.

All 4 Now!

Monday, January 10, 2005

"Yeah, I loved that one"

This today from the AP.

"These video games are certainly helpful but they're not going to solve the obesity epidemic because it's simply too overwhelming," said Frank Hu, a professor of nutrition and epidemiology at Harvard.

Hu authored a study published last month of 116,500 women, finding that people who were physically active but obese were almost twice as likely to die as those who were both active and lean.

Hmmm, if you are fat your gonna die, but if you are thin, it's the ticket to eternal life at least if you are a women. How does a quack like that become a prof. at Harvard?
(Actually, just typical poor AP editing/reporting)

Breaking News...

Bass Pundit Blog has now gone over 1000 Hits on the trusty ole Site Meter.

Hercules! Hercules! WooHoo ding dang shaZooom!

Next Celebration at 10,000! Hopefully that will be achieved before the MN fishing openner.

Also the B.P.B.F.E. is coming together, check em out and get em all bookmarked even though there really ain't anything to em yet.
Bass Pundit Fantasy Bass Fishing HQ
Bass Pundit Fishing Log Blog
Bass Pundit Tourny HQ
More coming soon.
Yeah it is! Posted by Hello

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Moss Moons Packers

Posted by Hello
Yeah Baby!
Moss Moons Packer Crackers as Vikes Undress Pack in Lambert.

Can you say redemption? Sure we lost twice in the regular season to the Green and Gold but that only made this one that much sweeter. So let the other Pundits rant and rave about how Randy Moss is so immature and uncouth, I loved it!

31-17 Vikes Win! Vikes Win!

Bits and Bites

Spent yesterday with the fam for a triple B-day celebration. The tot Isabelle is cute as ever, sorry no pics. We played this great game called Apples to Apples.

For my B-day I got $50 in Gander Gift Certificates, now if Gander will just carry the stuff I want. Also got the U2 How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb Limited Edition Book, CD, and DVD. Very Cool! I will do a review of the CD at some point, I like the album a lot so far. U2 rocks! Anyway U2 fans, check out this U2 dedicated blog
U2 Sermons Blog

If you didn't know; Today the Green Bay Packers will face the Minnesota Vikings for the first time ever in the NFL Play-offs. The game is at "Lambert" field. The Pack and their Cheesy head wearin, beer swilling, paint thinner sniffing fans are the arch-enemies of us Purple People. It would be an upset for the Vikes to win, but the teams are fairly even. The Vikes lost both regular season match ups by last second field goals. I think if there are competent and fair refs than the Vikes have a real shot at it. Hopefully they won't get blown out as was the typical playoff scenario when Dennis Green was the coach. If the Vikes don't win, I think they should fire their head coach Mike "Pencil Head" Tice.

I didn't get to see Bass Center yesterday.

My guess is that FLW will open up its Fantasy Bass Fishing this week with only two weeks before the first tourny of the season. Look for updates here at the BP Blog.

I will probably start building the Bass Pundit Blog Franchise Empire today or tommorrow. How exciting huh!

Quite a few houses out on Platte at this point and they are driving here and on Bulldog. I'm not so sure about the other lakes. I will probably try to ice fish this week maybe if the weather doesn't turn wicked cold again. But I need to get some maggots. Which will mean a run up to Sportland (see bait link). I also need a new reel thanks to my Pinnacle's bail spring breaking, LOSER!.

I think I will be done for now, thanks for stopping by, here's a pic ;)

Pic by Mike Davis. Posted by Hello
Mike Davis and I were sitting out a storm on Whitefish Lake on July 3rd of last summer. We were there pre-fishing a tournament and we found a ton of fish and had a pretty good time despite the rain delay. The scenery in this part of the lake was really something. Anyway, Tournament Day I just could not find em or any keepers; I didn't weigh a single fish. My worst tourny of the year by far.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Short Casts.

Go to
BassFan has spawned!

Check out the all New Skeeter BassFan Army

Tis the Question?????
Will I or won't I get to see:
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Friday, January 07, 2005

Bass Pundit Blog Franchis Empire

Posted by Hello
Tah Dah!
Brilliant! (I love this commercial)
I'm on a roll today. I was laying in bed thinking about how in the world I can keep this blog uncluttered while still including all the stuff, I plan on putting into it. The problem is that blogging at least as I know is a single web page operation which means major clutter and difficulty in indexing topics. Now there are some blogging formats out there that make indexing easy, but I don't think basic Blogger is one of them.

Then it hit me. Through the magic of linking and the generosity of Blogger, the BP can have a Blog Franchise Empire or (B.P.B.F.E.). I can keep this blog uncluttered by starting up multiple BP blogs to handle various subject matter, and then use this as the "home page" or main directory, index, or whatever.

Thus The BP will soon be adding blogs for: Fantasy Bass Fishing, A BP 2005 Fishing Log, Tracking the BP's tournament fishing, family stuff, etc. You show up here, where you get a synopsis and link to the new stuff and if you are interested than you go there. Brilliant!, I tell you Brilliant!
(of coarse setting it up will take some time but in the end this should save me some hassle and make the blog much better. Or so I think)

"Let's hear a laugh for the man of the world Who thinks he can make things work Tried to build the New Jerusalem And ended up with New York. Ha Ha Ha."
Laughter by Bruce Cockburn
The BP now has a new email for blog related e-correspondence:

This just in...

Breaking Fantasy Bass Fishing News from ESPN/BASS:
Check back in mid-January to learn more about registering a fantasy team for the 2005 Fantasy Fishing season! Registration ends:
9 a.m. PT, July 30, 2004-->

Countdown to Team Toho!
Jan. 6 — Get ready fantasy fanatics, the official countdown to the launch of the Fantasy Fishing season has started! Last year saw Gerald Swindle dominate the regular season and win Angler of the Year, only to zero on Day Two of the Classic and be eliminated. The year held another surprise as Takahiro Omori, the first non-American angler, won the Super Bowl of bass fishing — the Bassmaster Classic. Who's going to be the dominant stud this year? What veteran will fail to make the Classic? More importantly, who are you going to select to lead your team to a league victory?

Who's gonna be the #1 Pundit in the BP FBF Leagues this year?

Posted by Hello

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Well the BP has not started out the New Year Fishin or bloggin. Lately we have been seeing the reason for the "cold" in Minnesocold. I still have yet to fire up the power auger.

Anyway, hope everyone had a happy holiday. Cyberfish and I did fish a bit on New Years eve, but all we got was one hammerhandle that Cyb snatched. It was cold and windy and we spent most of the time talking about how unenthusiatic we were about ice fishing this year. Davis came up later on New Years eve and we hung out for the weekend.

Lets see:
The Vikes are in the playoffs and will play the Pack on Sunday.

Neither FLW or BASS has openned up fantasy fishing yet.

I bought a Lucky Craft "Sammy" 85 Chart/Shad at Reeds Brainerd and looked over the New St. Croix Legend Tournament Bass Rods. Very Nice! Cyb didn't like the bright blue finish.

I turned 35 on 1/3/05, I celebrated by sleeping all day. Woohoo!

Team Bass has unveiled the Tournament Season well sort of: I am not sure if this is official or just tentative at the moment. More info will surely be forthcomming from Team Bass or maybe not. It seems that for some reason a decision has been made to restrict access to their website.

Also on your right you will notice that the BP now has a "blogroll" of Bassin Blogs. Be sure to check em all out. I find it amazing that two of the blogs are from a couple of guys in South Korea. Pretty Cool.