Monday, February 26, 2007

Bassmaster Classic Fantasy Bass Recap

Team Bass Pundit 1 gave a respectable performance amassing 636 Points which is in the 96t% and in place 448 overall. 3rd Place in MN Fantasy Bass League.

The Bass Pundit 1 line up:
Boyd Duckett-1st
Mike McClelland-12
Tim Horton-16
Russ Lane-24

The Minnesocold BP Boys didn't fair nearly as well.
Line Up:
Steve Kennedy-8th
Russ Lane-24th
Aaron Martins-25th
Jeff Reynolds- 27th
John Crews-35th

This was only good enough for the 20%, 8989th place overall and 28th place in the MN Fantasy Bass League. The BP Boys have some ground to make up.

In Super 6 Pick em both teams scored 16 points missing KVD's spot by one short and one long. This put the teams in the 53%, 2845 overall and tied for 8th in the Minnesota Elite Venue League.

Next Fantasy opportunity is the Lake Amistad Battle on the Border lock down 03/08/07 08:59:59 AM PST. Good Luck!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Classic Day Final

Well the 2007 Bassmasters Classic is in the books and the winner is Alambama native Boyd Duckett. He won on the strength of a 6-9 kicker that gave him a 6oz margin over Skeet Reese.

Congratulations Big Bass Boyd!

A little liveblogging of the Classic weigh in:
Note: I do NOT have live streaming of the weigh in and even if I did I'm on dial up so it would be all hacked up anyway. I can blog because of the real-time leaderboard.

So here are the unofficial Top 10 on the day
1. Kevin VanDam 45-6
2. Gary Klein 44-3
3. Terry McWilliams 43-9 45-3
4. Skeet Reese 43-5
5. Boyd Duckett 42-5
6. Dean Rojas 38-9 37-13
7. Todd Faircloth 37-7 35-11 (Not in Top 10)
8. Randy Howell 36-14 36-15
9. Kevin Wirth 36-6 41-4
10. Jason Quinn 36-3 38-1
10. Mike McClelland 36-3 37-5

Once again we will watch to see if it holds true to form.
Jason Quinn has 38-1. Mike McClelland has 37-5. Faircloth has 35-11. Kevin Wirth has 41-4. Randy Howell 36-15. Dean Rojas with 37-13.

Terry McWilliams knocks it out of the park 17-6 for 45-3!

The Super 6 are: Klein, Horton, Duckett, Scroggins, Reese, KVD!

LONG DELAY for the Super 6 hoopla!

Oops that Unofficial Top 10 wasn't the Final Unofficial Top 10.

Here it is:
1. Kevin VanDam 45-6 45-4
2. Skeet Reese 45-5 48-4
3.Gary Klein 44-3 44-5
4. Terry McWilliams 43-9 45-3
5. Boyd Duckett 42-5 48-10
6. Dean Rojas 38-9 37-13
7.Mike Wurm 38-1 37-9
8. Todd Faircloth 37-7 35-11(Not in Top 10)
8. Terry Scroggins 37-7 39-9
10. Randy Howell 37-6 36-15

Gary Klien comes up short.
Boyd Duckett knocks it out of the Park 17-13 for 48-10
Scroggins 39-9
Skeeter 15-14 for 48-4 just short.

Van Dam vs. Duckett and the winner is: BOYD DUCKETT! breaks the home state jinx!

KVD comes in 3rd with
Snowed In Last night we got about 14 inches of blowing and drifting snow. Major drifts in the drive way; Big enough to make Lilah disappear entirely.

Keep up with going's on at The Bassmaster Blog and Unofficial Top 5

Vam Damage has his limit already and is ready to rock. According to the Bass Trakker Rojas is making a surge but has a lot of ground to make up.

BassFan Bigstick John Murray recounts his sub-par Classic performance.

Rotico's talking big bass in Texas.

Classic Quotes from Bass Zone

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Bassmaster Classic Day 2

The big news today other than Van Damage and Pamela Martin-Wells is the DQ that G-Man Gerald Swindle received for unsafe boating. It was all caught on tape. Shame Shame G-boy. He got exactly what he deserved. The DQ cost him a fair shot at the Classic.

Well Day 2 is in the Books and Van Damage is in the Cat-birds seat. Will he be able to do it? I wouldn't bet against it. But I think anyone in the top 13 could take it.

The Day 2 weigh in has started here is an unofficial Top 15. with the actual
1. Tommy Biffle 33-5 28-6 #8
2. Ishama Monroe 31-5 27-5 #11
3. Kevin VanDam 30-3 32-15 #1
4. Boyd Duckett 29-6 30-13 #4
5. Skeet Reese 29-5 32-6 #2
6. Terry Scroggins 29-4 30-15 #3
7. Steve Kennedy 28-14 28-9 #7
8. Gary Klein 28-10 28-11 #6
9. Randy Howell 27-13 27-8 #10
10. Kevin Wirth 27-7 27-1
11. Terry McWilliams 27-3 27-13 #9
12. Michael Iaconelli 26-1 24-15 (In the 15 Spot)
13. Mike Wurm 25-8 24-8 (Not in Top 15)
14. Royce Dennington 25-2 23-12 (Not in Top 15)
15. James Charlesworth 24-7 21-10 (Not in Top 15)

It will be interesting to see how this corresponds to reality. Skeet Reese has weighed in and officially has 32-6. KVDamage weighed 19-14 and has 32-15. Wurm only weighs 10-8 for 24-8. Howell fizzles 9-9 for 27-8. James Charlesworth bombs with 9-3 for 21-10. Kevin Wirth 12-8 for 27-1. Terry McWilliams 12-4 for 27-13. Gary Klien 17-5 for 28-11. Steve Kennedy 16-7 for 28-9. Ish 12-5 for 27-5. Ike 11-6 for 24-15. Tim Horton 12-6 for 29-11. Boyd Duckett 10-15 for 30-13. Terry Scroggins 13-15 for 30-15. Royce Dennington 13-13 for 23-12. Tommy Biffle only 11-11 for 28-6.

People also in Top 15:Mike McCelland, Kevin Wirth, Aaron Martins, Tim Horton
Looks to me like anyone in the top 13 have a shot. GO KVD!

Congratulations Pam Martin-Wells!
Apparently Pam Martin-Wells has gone wire to wire at the inaugural Woman's Bassmaster Tour Championship at Lake Mitchell. She sacked a tournament best 15-8 bag on day 3 and beat out Sherri Glasgow by a solid 7-2.
>Story Here
>Results Here

BP Notes: So I wake up early this morning to catch the Bassmaster Coverage on ESPN 2. I thought the deal was that they would be showing an hour or two of Day 1 and then an hour or so of Day 2 coverage. I was quite disappointed when they only did a little on Day 2 and just immediately re-ran the same stuff from day 1. Boo!

Day 2 Classic Blog
Day 2 Unofficial Top 5

BassFan Day 1 Notes from the rest of the field.

Blog of a Classic Volunteer

Friday, February 23, 2007

BassMaster Classic Day 1

BassFan has it's intial recap up.

BassFan Big Stick John Murray on Day 1

Team Evinrude has the Day 1 story for Mike Wurm and Denny Brauer.

Just Call him Big Bass Boyd Boyd Duckett has weighed a 8lb2oz Toad and has just a scrape under 20 with a total weight of 19-14.

Well the Day 1 Results are in and Duckett is in the lead by almost 2lbs. The ten spot is at 14-9, the 25 (Cut) spot is at 12-2, and the 38 spot is just 2-1 from there; This all adds up to a pretty congested field going into Day 2. I feel like day 2 will make it or break it for the front runners. My guess is they are going to need to have 17lb plus bags at this point to make a run for it.

Alabama anglers aquitted themselves well on day 1 taking 3 of the top 5 slots and 4 of the top 10.

Some WBT Championship results are in and Pam Martin-Wells leads by 4-08 over Sheri Glasgow going into the final day.
Day 2 Story
Day 2 Standings

Weigh starts at 4:45CT: Real Time Leaderboard

Check out: the Classic Blog for the latest scuttlebutt.
Also Check Out: the unofficial "Top Five"

It's about time the major bass fishing organizations break out some new technology to cover the fishing competition. It's been a complaint of mine that the tournaments are not blogged. Now at least the Bassmaster Classic is being blogged as it should be. Hopefully FLW will take a clue and due something to expand their tournament coverage as well. I just hope BASS keeps this up for the Elite's.

Hellabass on The Classic Media Blitz.

Will Kermit Play? Kermit, of coarse, is the nickname for the Spro Bronzeye Frog that Dean Rojas throws. According to BassFan, Rojas plans to throw Kermit during the BassMaster's Classic this weekend. I think the frog bite is a bit iffy due to the water temps being in the low to mid 50's. It will be interesting to see what happens.

My first day of practice was unbelievable. It was rainy, warm, the fish were biting, and I had about 25 bites. A few were good ones, and one was about 4 pounds. I was pretty confident.

Then the big freeze happened and I hardly fished the second day.

On the third day, I went upriver and got only a couple of bites.

A week later, on the final practice day, it was warm again and I got quite a few bites. A lot of them were little ones – 1 1/4-pound fish. I also caught a couple of drum.

So right now, I've got a deep-water pattern where I can get 10 to 20 bites. It's a main-river, current-driven pattern for a good limit. I've also got a shallow pattern for later in the day. I'm really not sure of the size on that shallow pattern.

If I could catch 13 to 15 pounds the first day, I'd be highly pleased.

BassFan Big Stick John Murray on his Classic Practice

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

BassFan Army is offering FREE lifetime memberships, sign up here

WBT Amistad Story from the 7th Place Finisher

Be sure to visit the Classic Blog

Zona on Fantasy Bass Fishing for Birmingham Alabama. Looks like the weather is gonna warm up which may turn the Classic into a pre-spawn largemouth whack fest. If that's the case look for Brauer, Biffle, and Hackney to do well.

Classic Media Info. BP's Thoughts: I am probably going to follow the weigh ins on the Real Time Leaderboard and then watch them on TV. I would prefer that they carry the weigh in's live but ESPN has elected not to do that, probably so the coverage will look a little more slick.

Tim Johnson gives his FLW Lake Travis recap

Bish on Fish on fishing photograph cheating

Monday, February 19, 2007

Pro Site-ING
Aaron Hastings who just won the FLW Lake Travis.

Here's how the Posse faired at Lake Travis in the FLW Fishing Challenge

1 BPObro Todd Maas 855
2 Bass Pundit 1 Jeff Sutter-Maas 836
3 BP's Dad Chuck Maas 814
4 Minnesocold BP's Boys Dave Maas 785
5 Cyb'sBboys Mike Thompson 735
6 Bp's Mommy Sue Maas 676
7 Schmenzig Bassmen Steve Maas 620

BPObro was 39th best of all players
Bass Pundit 1 was 78th overall
Bp's Dad was 177th overall
Minnesocold BP's Boys are 376th overall
Cyb's are 882 Overall
Bp's Mommy is 1691 overall
Schmenzig is 2432 overall
I am unsure how many are playing FLW this year because only the top 500 scores are listed.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

The winner of the Lake Travis Flw tour stop is Aaron Hastings of Middletown, MD with 9-10 bag and 19-9 Total weight. He won by 1-11 over Bryan Thrift of Shelby N.C..

Clark Wendlandt only brought in 2 fish for 5-15 and ended up in 4th place.

The days heaviest bag belonged to Bryan Thrift with 10-9.

BassFan Story

FLW Story

Quick Bites

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Sean Hoernke blogs about Lake Travis and fishing in a 200 boat field.

Liveblogging today's Day 3 FLW Weigh in (Starts 4PM CT)

Today was obviously the toughest of the tournament so far with only 4 of the top 10 pro's bringing in limits. Aaron Hastings will take a 2-4 lead into day 4.

Dave Lefebre -- Union City, Pa sacks a limit but only for 6-8. Which pretty much leaves the door wide open for most of the anglers for Day 4. One kicker fish is about all the distance between 1 and 10.

Will Lefebre knock it out of the park or will it be a nip and tuck day 4?

Clark "Clean Shoes" Wendlandt -- Leander, Tx the home town hero does get a limit for 7-12.

Jerry Green -- Del Rio, Tx with only 2 for 3-8. He caught 13-2 and 11-1 on the previous days. Ouch!

Craig Dowling -- Madison, Al with 4 for 5-8. Wow today is looking tougher and tougher.

Ron Shuffield -- Bismarck, Ar with 2bass for 5-5.

Ott Defoe -- Knoxville, Tn with 4 fish for 4-12. Looks like it was a tough day. Note in an amazing twist on Thur. and Fri. Ott and Robertson caught exactly the same weight both days. Amazing!

Darrel Robertson -- Jay, Ok fumbles with only 1 fish for 1-7

Bryan Thrift -- Shelby, Nc bags 7-6 with a 5 bass limit. His two previous days were 10lb bags.

Aaron Hastings -- Middletown, Md bags 9-15, that's a little better.

Tracy Adams -- Wilkesboro, Nc weighs 1 fish for a scant 1-6. I don't think that is gonna get the job done.

And we are under way first up is a Co-Angler. I will not be liveblogging for them. I only am going by the results screen as that I can't get the live video feed to work. It looks like they are weighing all the Co-Anglers first.

Lake Travis Co-Angler Champion is Frank Divis SR with 8-11

Friday, February 16, 2007

BASSMASTER.COM has a Classic Blog in the run up to "The Classic"

Full Classic Coverage from BASSMASTER.COM

More News on Bassmaster the movie.

Rojas takes on Winni:
When his guides complimented Rojas on the sheer fact that he was not whining about the cold, Rojas wanted none of it. "Dude," he told them, "I'm a professional fisherman. I deal with stuff like this all the time."
Sure Dean fishes in 20 below wind chills all the time in Arizona. Right

Jay Yelas on Lake Travis:
Jay Yelas – Competition 2/16/2007
It was a pretty poor tournament for me – I thought I would do a lot better. I had several good jig bites in practice and a lot of good dropshot bites, but I only hooked one good fish in 2 days during the tournament and that one broke me off under a big metal dock.

I thought I was dialed in pretty good, but as it turned out I didn't have the fish to do much better than I did. It just goes to show you that sometimes things don't go the way you think they're going to.

On a new lake, it's easy to get fooled into thinking you're on a good pattern when you're really not. If I had it to do over again, I'd probably fish a jig a lot more in practice.

Fantasy Notes:
Jim Moynagh had a good day at Lake Travis catching 11-15 to jump 100pts in the standings. Overall Day 2 was on balance a good one for the Posse fantasy picks. BPObro will be the top team

5 Best Plays: Wendlandt(cut), Robertson(cut), Stacy King (19), Chip Harrison (21), Moynagh (23)

5 Worst Plays: Chris McCall(164), Alvin Shaw(159), Mike Hawkes(147), Sean Hoernke(95), Gagliardi (82)

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Today was the start of the 2007 FLW Tour Season. The first tournament is being held at Lake Travis near Austin Texas. This is Clark Wendlandt's home lake and he did not dissappoint bagging 17-03 which is 3-13 in front of the nearest competitior.
BassFan Story Here
FLW Story
FLW Quick Bites

Fantasy Bass Fishing Notes:
I have the full 7 team posse playing the 2007 FLW Fantasy Fishing Challenge After Day 1 there are a couple of teams doing OK but nothing to get too excited about. On a possitive note I did put Clark Wendledt on every team.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Steve!

If your looking for fantasy bass fishing help for the FLW event at Lake Travis the Pundit Picks are in. Better hurry though the roster deadline: Feb 14, 2007 11:59 p.m. ET.

About the ladies:
Conny Jenkins* presents: Profiles of the 24 women who will be competing
in the first Women's Bassmaster Tour Championship...a series starting in
reverse order of ranking.....
(Scroll down the page for these interesting articles)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A Remarkble Fisherman

Today in my online pursuits I came across Flw Tour Pro Clay Dyer's website. As you can see from the picture, Clay doesn't have legs or hands yet he is still able to drive a bass boat and fish competitively at the highest level. I was pleased to discover that Clay is also a Bassin Blogger.

Very soon Clay will be releasing a book entitiled The View From Down Here Is Just Fine with biographer and outdoor writer Scot Laney. Check out those links to find out about this remarkable fisherman.

The SMG site has a blog for all SMG Pro's .

Also through the SMG site, I found FLW Pro Sean with blog.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Changes, who needs them?

Today I have discovered that the way that I import pictures into the blog is no longer available because the new updated Blogger (which I don't use anyway, at least not yet) is not compatible with the Hello BloggerBot.

So now I've got to try a new way of adding pictures. Here it goes:

And there it is! A huge bass from Lake Nacogdoches via FLW Catch of the Week

All well and good but what about multiple pictures?

Well I'll be a blogging bear in a river, it's easy to do. Thanks for bearing with me!

What is with FLW?
The 2007 FLW tour debut at Lake Travis, Texas starts in two days yet their website doesn't have any articles about it. Where are the pundit picks? Someone throw BP a bone cause that Fantasy Bass Fishing lock down deadline is looming in quickly.

Blog Note: Not only have I learned a new way to import pictures today, but I also, thanks to Hellabass, learned the secrect of getting links to open in a new window. You're never to young to learn especially when your computer IQ is as low as mine. Now all my links on right column will open a new window; It was quite the project to change that up, so I hope BP users enjoy. No more hitting the back button to get back here.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Wanna take a fishing trip?
Check out Fishing Traveler: the blog that helps you plan your next fishing trip. This blog has information on trips in the Continental USA, Canada, Alaska, Mexico, and looks to be adding more info all the time. As of now they have 7 articles on Minnesocold Fishing. It's easy to find the articles on the destinations where you want to go.

Blog for Cyberfish to Check out:
These are the Generations of...

Global Warming
Global Warming? Where Have You Been The Past 60+ Hours? from Sportsman's Blog

Find out about:
The FISHHER Sisters (Hat tipUltimate blog and ebassfish) and ladies don't miss the FISHHER website.

Minnesota bass anglers crowned top Federation for 2006 via Hellabass

New products for 2007 (via Ultimate blog)

Saturday, February 10, 2007

WBT Amistad Results
And the winner is Juanita Robinson of Highlands Texas. She sacked the day and tournaments biggest bag at a respectable 26-00lbs to bring her three day weight to 56lbs-08ozs. Both weights set WBT records.
Bassmaster Story Here
Final Standings Here

Bass in Blogs:

As American Dream stories go, this one had me hook, line, and sinker.

Non-bassfishing-endemic blogger Steve Krause of Steve Krause: Blog has blogged about Takihiro Omori titled Bassmaster and the American Dream

Bass Fishing Hits the Big Screen ... Again blogged by Cinematical. Movie Blog has a related opinion: A Movie About Bass Fishing - Kill Me

Kentucky takes its bass fishing seriously blogged by PigIronMalt

Random Facts About Bass Fishing Don't believe everything you read on the internet or hear at the Waffle House. blogged by Nick Gray dot net.

Pro Bass Fisherman Explains Life To Son Through Complicated Bass-Fishing Metaphors from The Onion Sports.

And this could have come from The Onion Sports; Bass Fishing with Famous People from The Ebb and Flow Institute.

Thanks to a entry over at the Hellabass Bassin Blog I found out about this cool fishing web community called Angling Masters International. AMI is basically a My Space type online community specfic to fishermen and women. It is a neat idea and I signed up straightaway. I think the page layouts are much cleaner than the typical My Space page.

An individual's page is called a "Cabin." The Cabin holds some basic personal information, a blog, photo gallery, "Livewell" (place to record catches and accrue points to compare against others from your state and presumably all AMI members), and "Fishing Buddies" listing. Fishing related businesses can have a part of the action as a "Marina."

So to make a short story longer; I have now openned up another franchise in the Bass Pundit Blog Franchise Empire:

Introducing BP's Cabin

Hellabass Cabin Here

Cyberfish Cabin Here (Apparently Cyb found AMI, but he didn't say anything to me about it)

I have taken to adding some new Bass Fishing Blogs to the Blogroll-O-BassNblog. They are:

Rick Morris Blog - An Elite Series BASS Pro gave blogging a try, but it looks like he stopped.

Rotico’s Bass Fishing Blog- About Rotico: I’m a long-time freelance writer, specializing in fishing, conservation, environment, and travel. I’m a Senior Writer for ESPN/BASS Publications and a Contributing Editor for Stratos, an in-flight publication for private and corporate owners of planes. I’ve fished all over most of this country, as well as in Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and South Africa. Also, I’ve fished with many of the best tournament anglers and guides. I’ve caught my share of big fish, including ten bass of 10 pounds or more. I’ve also been skunked more than a few times.

Bass Fishing Center Blog- I am not really sure what the deal is with this blog. It looks to be dormant as well.

Cyberville Bass Fishing- A blog about fishing for Sally and Larry.

Flyfishing, Bassfishing and all about fishing- This blog is crazy and I'm not sure what it's deal is.

Gone Fishing bass fishing tips locations- Looks like a respectable bass fishing blog that is current. This blog has been around for quite awhile. Where has it been that I couldn't find it?

Apparently Fishing Jones has a new site. I wonder if they got to big for Blogger?

Friday, February 09, 2007

The Ladies of the Women's Bassmaster Tour are fishing the 1st event of the 2007 tour this weekend. The Ladies are fishing "HAWG factory" Lake Amistad in Texas.

The Top weight for Thursday was only 19lbs-13ozs and was brought in by Texas Angler Karla Bullard. She is from Del Rio Texas thus Amistad is her home body of water. Marcia "Reelady" Rubin ,who I blogged about on Wednesday, only caught 2 fish and is sitting in 57th place.

Day 1 Story Here
Day 1 Results Here
Day 2 Story Here
Day 2 Results Here

Cool Article on the life of Bass Pro Ish Monroe
Through society's often-stereotypical eyes, Monroe, 32, might seem out of place in the sport he loves. Not long ago, competitive fishing was an almost-closed fraternity, with both subtle and visible barriers. It was a sport rooted in deep traditions that conjured images of the "good ol' boy" South.

But Monroe is perhaps the biggest example of how it's changed: He is the only black to have made it on the Bassmaster Elite Series and one of the hottest anglers on the circuit. Monroe is part of a new breed of stars, along with Mike Iaconelli, Skeet Reese and Jason Quinn.
Read it all Here

Check it out:
Team Evinrude website is a new feature out of BassFan that is similiar to the On The Water with Team Lucky Craft and BassFan big sticks. I consider online journaling like this to be a form of blogging. They have entries from a couple of 2007 tournaments already, the latest being Gary Dobyns on the FLW Western Series at Havasu.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

One of the unique things about Bass Pundit blog is that it has the most comprehensive listing of Professional Bass Fishermen and women websites on all of the internet.

Here are the new one's I've added to the Bass Pro Site-ING blogroll for 2007.

Alton Jones
Charlie Youngers
Chris McCall
Dearal Rodgers
Gary Howell
Robert Karbas
Kim Striker
Mike Wurm
Preston Clark
Zack Thompson
Tim Carroll
Jason "Hardware" Quinn My Space Page
Denese Freeman My Space Page
"IKE" My Space Page
"Ish" My Space Page
Kurt Dove My Space Page
Sondra Rankin My Space Page

I'm counting ebassfish as a BassN blog even though it is more of a full-website than blog. It's a great site to learn about the ladies.

Update: I have decided that this site ebassfish is the of the Women's Professional Bass Fishing world therefore I will reposition it under Pro Bass Info as I will also do with the two other women's site's that I have under BassNblogs, but really aren't.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Of interest:

I'm back from my first "official" tournament as a new Bass Pro. Although I did
not finish quite as high as I had hoped, (Motor troubles the day before the
tournament) I will tell you that my experience on Neely Henry is not one that I
will be soon to forget. I've never fished a "river system" before, so this whole
"current" thing
was a brand new dimension.

from Marcia Rubin's 2006 WOMEN'S BASSMASTER TOUR Diary

She has a website and My Space page with blog.

What have I stumbled into...
Answer: The world of My Space Bassfishing which appears to be rather extensive. So this is where bassfishermen and women have gone to be a part of the blogosphere. What a huge disappointment. IMHO MySpace is designed for 8-16year olds with high speed Internet connections. I just flat out don't like the way My Space pages are laid out especially since I'm on dial up. I consider sites like My Space or Xanga to be the gated communities of the blogosphere. Sure you can navigate them without being a member, but it's obvious that they are designed for community membership and not a wider world wide web appeal. I guess I am prejudiced in favor of blogs which are more free floating.

My Space is it's own world in the blogosphere and I'm a little unsure how or if I want to integrate it with my blog. I foresee a lot of time expanding blogrolls if I want to incorporate the My Space world into the B.P.B.F.E.. I suppose the best way to do it would be to (God forbid) start up a Bass Pundit My Space page and add it to the Franchise Empire and go from there. I'm gonna need some time to think about this.

BP Blog Note:
I have decided to get rid of the Guest Book because the thing wasn't working anymore. Thus visitors can only now make their presence known by leaving a comment. Thanks BP

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Fishers of Men Club Meeting with Travis Frank

My fishing club is the Fishers of Men (Twin Cities). We meet the first Thursday of every month. Last Thursday, February 1st at the club meeting our speaker was Travis Frank of Trophy Encounters Guide Service (His website is basically a jazzed up blog-check it out). Travis is a young guy (23) but a hardcore fisherman who spends lots of time on the water. He guides mostly on Tonka, Waconia, and Mille Lacs for Muskies and Walleyes. He gave a very interesting presentation on shallow water weed walleyes. He says he fishes walleyes in 4 to 10ft of water for most of the year (open water), catching some real brutes. I was impressed and will give his methods a try.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Congratulations Colts
the BP was rooting for them all the way.

Favorite Commercial: The Blockbuster mouse

Best diversion of the day: Puppy Bowl III on Animal Planet

As promised ESPN/BASS Fantasy Bass Fishing is ready to rumble. Prizes seem to be a little better than last year.
(BP is FBFing in the group: MN Fantasy Bass)